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High Commission Petition London 2014

All Pakistan Muslim League – UK

11 January 2014

Thanks to the vindictive and politicised nature of the Pakistani Judiciary and PML-N regime’s never ending thirst for revenge, the international community is laughing and ridiculing the Pakistani Judicial system. British Pakistanis, along with the international community, are deeply troubled by the unfair and unjust treatment being meted out to the former President of Pakistan, the honourable Pervez Musharraf, by the Sharif regime and the overly biased Pakistani Judiciary.


What is so shocking and ironic for Pakistanis is the fact that Pakistan’s most patriotic leader – the honourable Pervez Musharraf – is being accused of having committed “treason.” Having not learnt any lessons from his past blunders, Mr Sharif does not realise how the false allegation of “treason” against the former Chief of the Army is hurting the morale of the latter and causing rightful anger within its ranks. Let the record be set straight: the former President Musharraf fought for Pakistan throughout his life – both in actual battles and as the Head of State; the Pakistani economy revived and flourished during the Musharraf era; Pakistan became a respectable and proud country internationally under the leadership of Musharraf; quality of life and education of Pakistanis in general tremendously improved under Musharraf; under Musharraf we witnessed unprecedented media freedom, freedom of expression and genuine democracy through the local government system. It is, therefore, simply outrageous to even suggest that such an undeniably patriotic leader allegedly committed “treason.”

Imposing the much needed Emergency Rule in 2007, as a result of which a few sections of the Constitution were temporarily suspended, is by no stretch of the imagination akin to “treason.”  Neither does it make sense to accuse former President Musharraf of having supposedly committed “treason” when we know that it was only in 2010 through the 18th Amendment when it was written in the text of Article 6 that holding the Constitution in abeyance was an act of “treason.” In the version of the text in 2007, however, suspending or holding the Constitution in “abeyance” was not said to be equivalent to “treason.”

By pursuing such a ridiculous case, the Sharif regime, along with the politicised Pakistani Judiciary, has once again amply demonstrated to the International Community that it is eager to have a Banana system in the country where the rule of the jungle prevails and where commonsense, justice, fairness and decency have no place whatsoever.

Pakistan’s image is tarnished internationally when we have an outrageously hatefilled prosecutor issue ridiculous statements against Musharraf in the public. Pakistan’s image is tarnished even more when judges eagerly hear Mr Musharraf’s case despite being publically vocal against Mr Musharraf, having close ties with Sharif/Iftikhar Chaudhry, having a clear conflict of interest and with an obvious axe to grind against Mr Musharraf.

Mr Sharif has also demonstrated his hypocrisy very consistently. Recall that Sharif was among the closest confidant and supporter of the vilest dictator in Pakistan’s history, the late Zia-ul-Haq. Sharif was Zia’s Finance Minister and swore to continue pursuing Zia’s mission with all his heart and soul. Indeed, he tried his level best to crown himself as the Amir-ul-Mumineen of Pakistan towards the end of his second bleak regime. Besides accepting a bribe to help rig the elections in the 90s, Sharif, it should be noted, began his political career from the lap of the most evil and despotic dictator Pakistan has ever produced.

As if being a vindictive hypocrite was not enough, Sharif – in cahoots with the compromised Judges of the Supreme Court – is also more than happy to once again violate the Constitution of Pakistan by disregarding the requirements of Article 6.


  • Article 6 is not applicable upon a single individual. Everyone involved in the conspiracy – be it directly or indirectly – is to be tried. There can be no picking and choosing
  • Article 6 cannot be restricted to a regime/time period. If Musharraf is to be tried, then not only are you required to try all aiders and abettors, you are also to try every single person alive who aided and abetted and supported the worst dictatorship in Pakistan’s history – the Zia regime. Being selective, however, is a violation of Articles 6 and 25 of the Pakistani Constitution
  • It is absurd to accuse the former President of committing “treason” on account of holding the Constitution in abeyance (suspension) in 2007 after the imposition of temporary Emergency Rule when it is known that the term “abeyance” was only inserted in the text of Article 6 in 2010.
  • Article 232 of the Constitution gives the President the right to impose Emergency Rule if he/she deems that the situation warrants this
  • The 2007 Emergency Rule is a comparatively very minor issue – minor compared to the rightful 1999 counter coup of the Army and Zia’s coup. In light of the High Treason Act, from 1958 onwards, every instance of a military coup is to be considered and all involved – directly and indirectly – are to be tried and punished
  • Either all are tried or none are tried. Either all regimes are considered or none are considered. There must be across the board justice to ensure fairness and transparency. Picking and choosing should not be allowed
  • Many who were with Mr. Musharraf and remained close to him even when the 2007 temporary Emergency Rule was imposed are today members of the PML-N. These lotas discussed the need of the Temporary Emergency Rule, planned it, approved it and implemented it. They too are to be tried and brought before the court
  • Corrupt and biased Judges such as Iftikhar Chaudhry, who legitimised the Army’s rightful counter coup of 1999, are to tried
  • The current Prime Minister should immediately resign – along with all of his colleagues who aided and abetted the dictator Zia – and present himself before the law for violating the Pakistani constitution multiple times

The unconstitutional act of picking and choosing and isolating the honourable Mr. Musharraf is proof that Sharif is attempting to extract personal revenge from his old nemesis.  Given his known incompetency when it comes to Governance, it is clear that Sharif is attempting to desperately draw attention away from the actual challenges facing Pakistan today: economy, terrorism and extremism, education and poverty.

By personally selecting politicised judges – judges known to be vocal in their anti-Musharraf diatribe –  to manage this kangaroo proceeding, Iftikhar Chaudhry has brought more shame to the Pakistani Judiciary. A known and vocal enemy of the honourable Pervez Musharraf – Iftikhar Chaudhry – has selected three judges who are also well known publically for failing to keep to themselves their intense animosity towards Mr Musharraf and who are known to have unusually cosy relationships with the Sharif and Chaudhry families.

Sharif is also provoking the Army and lowering its morale even though the latter wants democracy to continue. History tells us that Sharif has the uncanny ability of not getting along with anyone and it seems he is at it again.

The world is watching Pakistan in amazement as the honourable Mr. Musharraf has already been put before a host of kangaroo trials by openly vindictive judges. And now we have a Prime Minister who has spewed poisonous diatribe against Mr. Musharraf in the Parliament and who will also act as the investigator in the fabricated treason trial!

We British Pakistanis demand the Sharif regime to stop violating the Constitution of Pakistan, to stop pulling wool over the eyes of ordinary Pakistanis and to put an end to their policy of revenge towards the honourable Pervez Musharraf. For a change, the Sharif government should attempt to consider the welfare of the people of Pakistan.

We will continue to bring this matter to the attention of the United Nations, Amnesty International, International Commission of Jurists, International Criminal Court, European Union Election Observation Mission, The International Human Rights Commission and many other organisations.


All Pakistan Muslim League


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