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Ayesha Siddiqa’s MILITARY INC: A Deflective and Derogatory Book

Written By: Afreen Baig

Dr Ayesha Siddiqa’s ‘The Military Inc.’ is a book deflective of reality, highly derogatory and against the very notion of sovereignty.

Dr Ayesha Siddiqa launches the book by giving the impression that her intention is to cover the entrepreneurial activities of military worldwide. However, in depth reading reaffirms suspicions that her book massively targets the Pakistan Military and the top echelons of the Armed Forces, most of which are based upon self serving assumptions and intentional hoodwinking. A labyrinth of financial figures is presented to further obscure the ordinary reader’s intelligence.

The book sets forward four arguments. First, that MILBUS (Military Business) is military capital that perpetuates the military’s political predatory style; and is kept concealed and includes questionable transfer of resources from public sector to individuals connected with armed Forces. Second, the military’s economic greed increases in totalitarian systems. Third, Military convinces the citizens to bear additional costs for security on basis of conceived threats to the State. Fourth, the book considers the Pakistan Military the cause of all ills, social disparity and democratic fiasco.

Let’s start by setting the record straight. MILBUS in Pakistan – is the result of honest intentions and visionary policies – to raise independent resources, to self-finance the on-going national technological development, to modernize strategic assets, and most importantly, the determination to rely less on Foreign Aid. While at the same time, build facilities for retired military personnel and their families; and slowly withdrawing from National Defense budget allocation as a percentage of GDP.

MILBUS also exists in well developed countries like the USA, UK, France, China, Israel or even Turkey. The Milbus or the PMEs (Private Military Enterprises) are generally known as the Private Military Industry. Famous US PMEs include Halliburton, Black-water worldwide, Defensecurity, Titan Corporations, Kellogg Brown & Root, Air Scan, DynCorp’s, CACI International, etc. Famous UK PMEs include Black-Op’s and Aegis Defense Services. Most of these are active beneficiaries of the Iraq War. The worldwide PME industry is now worth over $100 billion a year. Thus, this is not just a Pakistan specific industry.

MILBUS in Pakistan is being criticized unnecessarily, with the sole intention to malign the Armed Forces. The Pakistan military has never intended to deliberately conceal their economic activities and they do not cause injustice by weighing heavily on civilian corporate sector or individual leaders.

The book ‘Military Inc’ is based upon a series of presumptions and false accusations. Throughout her book, the author obstinately insists that the growth of Military economy is the case of self interest and predatory acquisition by senior officers, in which it allow the Generals to seek benefit for themselves and their clients.

The author fails to provide, any concrete evidence that could confirm her allegations, that questionable transfer of wealth is made to individuals connected with armed forces. All she could give in example were the 500 sq yard official plots given to the Generals at the end of their service, as part of their benefits, and hence her assumption that a retired general is worth from Rs.150 million to Rs.400 million.

Rarely do critics mention, that nominal deduction from the pay of all military officers are made during their service, in return for a small apartment or a small housing, which is handed over at the time of their retirement. However, this facility is still not available to all retiring servicemen.

Next, the book alleges that the military’s economic greed increases in totalitarian systems, where the general public, private businessmen, civilian corporate sector and national business units are all oppressed to encourage and endorse military business units. Her book focuses largely on the four welfare projects managed by the Pakistan Military i.e. The Fauji Foundation (FF), the Army Welfare Trust (AWT), Shaheen Foundation (SF) and Bahria Foundation (BF), and in some places the Frontier Works Organization (FWO).

The author believes that “the profit earned by military is directly proportional to power and gives the armed forces a sense of being independent of the incompetent civilians” – which can only be considered as an extremely reckless comment.

There was great wisdom behind establishing these welfare projects. The visionary minds knew that “the profit earned by the military will be directly proportional to Sovereignty of the Country and the Institution”.

The Military established its first welfare foundation in 1954, with funds received from the British as part of Pakistan’s share of the Post War Services Reconstruction Fund. In India, those funds were distributed immediately amongst those who fought the Second World War. Unlike India, Pakistan’s wise military opted to use those funds to establish projects that would ensure the overall well-being, availability of jobs, and a decent pension for their armed forces.

The initial purpose of these welfare projects was to create employment opportunities for the honorable retired or disabled military personnel.  Servicemen – whose only obligation is defending the borders of Pakistan.

This one wise decision, not only raised the morals of the serving military men, but also gave the ordinary citizens a reason to join the Armed Forces of Pakistan and serve their country. Assured that their future is protected, the servicemen live their lives in testing times on borders, remote locations and a life away from family.

The Fauji Foundation, Shaheen Foundation and Bahria Foundation were all established under the Charitable Endowments Act 1890. The Army Welfare Trust was established under the Societies Registration Act 1860.

Then all these entities are registered Tax-paying Companies. The Army Welfare Trust and the Fauji Foundation pays tax at 20% of their profits. Shaheen Foundation and Bahria Foundation pay Taxes at 30% of their profits. Fair enough!

This limited industrial base that evolved over years added to the military’s credibility and resolves to contribute towards the Nation’s socio-economic development and Pakistan’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Like any ordinary successful businessmen or multi-national corporations (MNCs), the Pakistan Military utilized their available structure, nominal budget and dedicated their human resources for the welfare of the uniformed men and civilians working in those companies. While also pioneering technology, developing expertise and establishing quality control.

The book ‘Military Inc’ accuses the Pakistan Armed forces of running business (MILBUS) that are diverse in nature, ranging from small scale to large scale corporate enterprises. As examples, it quotes Schools, Banks, Insurance Company, Radio and TV, a Fertilizer company, Hospitals and Clinics, Cement plant, Universities and institutes, etc.

Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa left no opportunity to magnify and exaggerate the limited and partial presence of MILBUS competing in Pakistan’s broad based expanding economy.

Let’s analyze the limited magnitude and negligible worth of these Military run ventures, compared to similar mega business entities currently present in Pakistan.

According to State Bank of Pakistan, there are total 73 Banks in Pakistan. From which, there are 24 Limited banks, 11 Foreign Banks, 8 Financial Banks, 4 Specialized Banks, 13 Investment Banks, 7 Micro-finance Banks and 6 Islamic banks. Out of these total 73 banks – Dr Ayesha Siddiqa tends to be intolerable towards ONE ‘Askari Bank’ run by Military? In 2007, Askari Bank paid a Tax of Rs. 743 million.

According to Federal Bureau of Statistics, there are 24 Cement plants in Pakistan, and only ONE owned by ‘Fauji Cement Company Ltd’. A Tax-paying company listed on the Stock Exchange.

According to State Bank of Pakistan, there are total 59 Insurance companies in Pakistan. There are 4 in the Public sector, 50 companies in the private sector and 5 are incorporated abroad. Why should anyone be narrow-minded towards ONE owned by military – ‘Askari General Insurance Ltd’, which is listed on the Stock Exchange and pays Tax?

According to the Health Division and the P.M.D.C, there are around 924 Hospitals, 12,726 Medical Institutions, 560 Rural Health Centers and 4712 Dispensaries all over Pakistan. Out of these, if 10 Hospitals and 20 Medical Centers are being run by Fauji Foundation, what’s the hue & cry about? These Medical services are offered to the military and civilians alike. Even the prestigious Aga Khan Health Services (AGHS) own 7 Hospitals and 164 Medical Centers.

According to State Bank Pakistan, there are above 10 Fertilizer Plants in Pakistan from which 6 are State owned and the rest are private. Out of these, only ONE is military owned, the ‘Fauji Fertilizer Company Ltd’, which is listed on the Stock Exchange and audited by KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co, and pays Tax annually.

According to Higher Education Commission, there are 122 Universities in Pakistan. Out of which, 65 are in the Public sector and 57 in the private sector. Foundation University and Bahria University are the only two affiliated with Armed Forces providing quality education to all citizens alike.

Foundation Schools have 90 branches all over Pakistan; compared to the City School which has more than 150 branches and the Beacon-house School which has around 130 branches. We as a Nation should triumph the quality education being promoted by the Foundation schools and the model paradigm implemented.

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has 50,125 companies registered with it. From these only 9 are MILBUS projects. Why can’t Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa accept these 9 MILBUS projects out of the 50,125 projects broadmindedly?

The author also alleges that Military’s Internal Economy is hampering the growth of Pakistan’s free market economy – which of course is not true. For her information, under this same system and era, and under the leadership of General Musharraf, Pakistan’s free market economy boomed from $75 billion in 1999 to become $160 billion in 2007.

In the last 6 years, the free market economy of Pakistan expanded by $85 billion. The expansion and growth the Civilian Corporate sector, National Business Units and Multi-National Corporations witnessed in these last 6 years remain unprecedented in Pakistan’s Economic History. Hence proven, that Military’s Internal Economy did not hamper Pakistan’s free market economy!

According to Dr Ayesha Siddiqa’s book, the worth of Fauji Foundation is $169m, the worth of Army Welfare trust is $862m, the worth of Shaheen Foundation is $34.4m and the worth of Bahria Foundation is $69m. Total worth of MILBUS entities in Pakistan arise to ONLY $1.135 billion.  

Hence, the presence of MILBUS companies, in Pakistan’s free economy of $160 billion, amongst these other sectors and enterprises arises to a negligible maximum 0.8%.

The Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) Market Capitalization in January 2008 stood at $75 billion. MILBUS worth as compared to KSE again arises to only 1.5%.

It’s amusing to note that Dr Ayesha Siddiqa wrote a whole book, to malign a system (MILBUS) whose worth does not exceed 0.8% of Pakistan’s free market economy.

Dr Ayesha Siddiqa’s desire to portray the Pakistan Military as a coercive and self serving breed aiming to consolidate their economic power at the expense of Pakistan, not only erodes her neutrality into bias, but the above economic comparisons also contradict all her presumptuous and sham claims. As MILBUS in Pakistan has been competing fairly in free market and contributing to today’s knowledge-based economy. It has played an active role to generate revenue for Pakistan and in contributing to overall GDP.

One of the greatest wisdom foreseen, behind establishing MILBUS was to liberate the Pakistan Armed Forces of international aid assistance and interference. Classified financial autonomy gives the Armed Forces a sense of self-respect and confidence of being independent of the dominating ‘International Coalition of the willing’ and their foreign aid.

The Pakistan Army has received a total of around $17 billion from the United States for arms, equipment and compensation since 1954, the year the United States entered into defense pacts with Pakistan. Much of it was uselessly spend during the 1980’s Afghan war and the wars Pakistan fought with India. After 9/11, the famous foreign assistance of $10 billion comprises 60% reimbursement costs for expenditure incurred by the Pakistani Military while patrolling on PAK-Afghan border, recorded in the ‘Coalition Support Funds’. These worthless assistances have not helped the Pakistan Army contrary to perception propagated in media reports.

Because, with these insignificant and worthless assistance, follows a series of humiliating articles and editorials composed in American print media. The clueless and prejudice Pakistani media ignorantly picks up the chanting and further plays an important role in distorting and altering the actual facts and figures. No relevant person is approached to clarify and set facts straight. Authors like Dr Ayesha Siddiqa bank on such distortion to further slander the admirable Pakistan Military.

After year 2000, the $85 billion expansion of Pakistan’s economy, decreased the ratio of US aid & assistance to Pakistan’s economy by around 100%. Now the U.S aid & assistance account to only 6.25% of Pakistan’s expanding economy. Pakistan is successfully wriggling out of foreign influence. Visionary MILBUS was the right step in the right direction at the right time!

Pakistan Military requires a proper platform utilized to clear the misperceptions being propagated against them and counter the sham allegations. In short, Pakistan military lacks the exposure to enhance their PR with the Public. Pakistani GHQ and ISPR should take up an active role similar to Pentagon and make their interactions more effective.

Next, the book ‘Military Inc’ considers Pakistan Military the root cause of social disparity and democratic fiasco. It alleges that socio-political fragmentation would result in strengthening the army’s control over politics. Throughout her book, Dr Ayesha Siddiqa lambasts and scoffs at the concept of MILBUS accusing the military of building assets and calling them as the ‘new land barons’.

In her desperation to smear the Army, she even fails to condemn the corruption practiced and coercive measures exercised by the inept political leaders. How these redundant leaders influence the bureaucracy, alter the constitution, plunder national institutions, stagnated the trade & exports, multiplied the foreign debts for the country, rob the country of the foreign reserves and accumulate their wealth in developed countries – is all together ignored by her conveniently.  

The truth is that the Armed forces are forced to intervene reluctantly and take control of the state to save it from the irresponsible and hopeless politicians, who drag the country towards brink of collapse, every time they come to power.

In short, Pakistan’s external debt rose from $18 billion in 1988 to become $38 billion by end of 1999. In 1999, Pakistan’s total debt (internal & external) was almost 90% of its GDP. External debt in ratio to foreign exchange earnings were 347%. Debt servicing allocated in 1999 budget was 61% of total revenue resources. According to the World Bank, in 1999-2000 Pakistan was amongst the highly indebted countries.

Despite the above mentioned debacle for Pakistan – the substantial expansion in the personal wealth, land and business interests of Mr. Zardari and Mr. Nawaz Sharif has earned them a place in the ‘Top 5 richest people’ of Pakistan in 2007. Not a single General or military servicemen made it to the list of ‘Top 40 Richest Pakistani’. Who should we consider a peril to Pakistan’s existence – these fraudulent politicians or the reserved military?

The Raiwind complex of Nawaz Sharif, build on an area of around 2000 acre, consist of palatial  residences, 300 acre farm, 500 bed hospital, a school, 200 acre dairy farm, etc – constructed at a cost of above Rs. 800 million. He personally owns Ittefaq foundries, three Sugar mills, numerous Textile mills, Steel Mills, Paper Mills, Spinning mills, Engineering companies, and numerous other business units. He owns several residential properties in Lahore and Muree. He owns vast acres of lands in Sheikhapura, Chunian, Raiwind, Multan and Bhopattian. These feudal turned politicians can easily be labeled as the ‘old Pakistani barons’.

Dr Ayesha Siddiqa also alleges that the military convinces the citizens to bear additional costs for security on basis of conceived threats to the State. She wants the public to believe that their taxes are being exploited at the expense of the notion ‘National Security’. This statement of hers is an attempt to ignore and snub the volatile situation Pakistan faces at its borders.

She also remains oblivious to the fact, that India allocates 5 times that of Pakistan’s defense spending.

However, under President Musharraf, the military spending DECREASED as percentage of GDP and National budget. It now stands at 3% of GDP and 15% of National budget. It strikes out though, how Dr Ayesha Siddiqa veils and ignores the bulk of the National budget of 85% that lies at the disposal of the manipulative hands of our shady politicians. The public has the right to know, what proper utilization has been brought about with that unaccountable 85% in the 1990’s?

This derogatory book ‘Military Inc’ intends to sow seeds of disenchantment amongst the general public against the modest and patriotic institution of the Armed forces of Pakistan, and lower its grace.  Those Armed Forces of Pakistan that run to protect and deliver relief, to ordinary Pakistanis in times of calamities, natural disasters, floods, train accidents, and earthquakes. Does Pakistan have any other force or institution which is as disciplined and effective in providing speedy help immediately? Shouldn’t we strengthen this only institution that we have?

The publication of Dr Ayesha Siddiqa’s own book ‘Military Inc’ in 2007, in President Musharraf’s era, repudiates her claims to term the military rule as manipulative and suppressive. It’s evident that no subtle or coercive measures were taken against her or any arm-twisting to curb the publication of this highly controversial book! Where would she find such boundless and gracious freedom? The book ‘Military Inc’ has become a checker of the chessboard being maneuvered by the unknown and ambiguous foreign powers interested in Balkanization of Pakistan.

The ultimate objective of the book ‘Military Inc’ is to perpetrate friction and cause dissent amongst the ranks of the disciplined Armed Forces. By deliberately triggering upheaval within the lower ranks, the intention appears to encourage internal revolt. As a consequence, the unity, discipline and allegiance of the Armed Forces of Pakistan can be destroyed.  

Thus, to protect the allegiance of the Armed Forces, the whole concept of visionary MILBUS is justified, as a set of activities for the development of Pakistan’s military might, meant to counter the rising regional threat convergence and decreasing dependence upon foreign aid – ultimately protecting the sovereignty of Pakistan and its savior Armed Forces!

Glory and Triumph to Pakistan Armed Forces!

Afreen Baig is an independent analyst majoring in International Relations and Economics. She can be reached at



  1. Afreen: great article thanks

    I have taken the following para from your article….. as I feel this is where it all starts … these anti-Pakistan agencies based individuals or plants … use and mislead the public at home and in the world in general. I am going to be sharing my views again as this topic is of utmost import for us. You wrote:
    “he book sets forward four arguments. First, that MILBUS (Military Business) is military capital ……

  2. Assalam Alaikum

    Another excellent essay by Afreen Baig. Well done indeed! Just one suggestion: it would be good if you mention the page numbers when quoting Ayesha Siddiqa and also if you provide references when you cite others and/or present data. Apart from this, this is a superb, informative and a well thoughtout rebuttal to Siqqiqa’s deceptive polemic.

    Looking forward to more of your writings

  3. Afreen
    once again brilliance personified through your writings and subject matter. A very clear read and on a very imp t subject. I enjoyed it.

    I think shahedah did the right thing by taking a para out of the above and high-lighting it, as that would make it easier for some to pick up the thread if they are in a hurry. I have done the same. From the Article: “Because, with these insignificant and worthless assistance, follows a series of humiliating articles and editorials composed in American print media……

  4. great article. She is a fraud as she ran away with state secrets . So why doesn’t Pakistan run a trial against her and convict her of treason?

  5. Areen & mirza
    thank you for your updates and this blog via which I an able to write with confident the truth about the Musharraf era.

    This article clearly tells us how deep the conspiracy to destabilize Pakistan really is!
    I agree with zehra fatima why is the govt not chasing this absconder and putting her on trial for treason.

    She was a Raw plant which leads us to ask! how many more still exist?! Maybe it is time to revamp our security agencies.

  6. Afreen

    As re: the Americans claiming they have given 17 billions in aid … you have cleared that mis-perception for the ordinary in this article by proving beyond any further doubts how USA & the WEST has been spinning the truth to discredit Pakistan.. It all goes to prove the legitimacy of President Musharraf’s remark at his presidential oath ceremony 2008 … that there is a Conspiracy brewing” He said this for the western audience. I have taken another para from your article to prove the same.

    you wrote: insignificant and worthless assistance, follows a series of humiliating articles and editorials composed in American print media……

  7. Ayesha Siddaqa the latest Raw Plant in Pakistan and its agencies: the security breech that must never be allowed again:

    It is clear that it was intended to malign Pakistan. So it is clear aysha bibi was a plant of Raw : as Raw has left no stone unturned to destabilize the region. India has meddled in all its neighbors affairs: Namely: Pakistan/ Srilanka/Bangladesh /Afghanistan/Tibet/Nepal China: I say all for what!? …. the only answer that comes to my mind is: India wants to take the attention off its terrible Human-Rights record.

    Let this be a lesson to Pakistanis for their indifference and apathy towards Pakistan…Which enabled our enemies to cash in on it. While we are apathetic to Pakistan ….. Indian Hindus are having a field day in India….. it the Christians this time.

    The conspiracy to destabilize Pakistan by CIA/RAW is so deep rooted …. that we can try to prove it …. for another 100 years and still will not be able to prove anything…. X-CJ and company gave the useless Elitists the chance to do what they are best at…Apathy towards Pakistan …no matter who is in Power…they will do it … remember freedom of speech is very dangerous in the hands of cowards… that’s what the politicians/elitists are in Pakistan…always on a free ride as cowards are. CIA/RAW used them as always to Teach President Musharraf a lesson.

    Eventually loosing hope He wanted to let the people decide for themselves.

  8. Hi

    I manage a site called LEGSLIP which has a popular POLITICS section that normally receives in excess of 300 hits a day. The site can be accessed at

    I have added your site on my blogroll. Like you, I am a Musharraf supporter but I need people to comment on my site and support Musharraf because I am facing opposition from Nawaz Sharif supporters. So please help me out. Thanks

  9. What i dont understand it that if the Book is pointing fingers at a “Noble” enterprise then why is there such a problem. The main point of the book is that if the army is running businesses then what is the army doing. There is an inherent flaw in that. The army should be focussing on being the army and not gather resources for themselves. Also what i find strange is that how is the book going to create dissent in the army ranks. Does it point out that the army top brass eats everything and leaves nothing for others…. isnt that a fact.

  10. Adnan,

    Thanks for reading! The problem is that the book ‘Military Inc’ is pointing fingers at OUR defence capability, rather it should be propagating against Indian or Israelis. The Indian army spends millions of $$$ to promote their PR against PAK Army.

    The army’s sole intention to run these enterprises is to ensure smooth flow of funds (that our national budget cannot endure) to self-finance the National technological development (JF-17 Thunder Jets, Agosta Submarine, Al-Khalid Tanks, Ballistic missiles, Nuclear bombs, etc) and to modernize & PROTECT our strategic assets.

    India spends $26 billion and Iran spends $6.5 billion on defence spending. Whereas, PAK spends only $4.5 billion. Our National Interests are covered by these MILBUS projects – that do NOT come under the dictation of IMF.

    The book wants to create dissent in Army ranks by mis-guiding the Jawans into believing that their Generals are self-oreinted, which ofcourse is NOT true. Regards! Mirza Rohail B

  11. My point of the above comment being; the interfaith dialogue is long over. But more importantly filling the vacuum with truth; rather then with the ignorant lobbies in Pakistan
    These vacuum cavities are then filled with ignorance; Which causes terror.
    In my opinion Ayseha siddiqa is the product of just such a vacuum and a rotten filling.

  12. Can i ask something ??
    there is Atta , Bijli , Pani , Gas, Edible oil ,food , meat , milk crises for everybody in Pakistan but NO ARMY man from a Solider to a general is Making Hue & Cry for these essential they are not STANDING up in the QUES with us— The Civilians … its Clearly mean they are LIVING HAPPILY & we are STARVING to death . They Should be “AHSAAN MUND ” of PAKISTANIs CIVILIANS who Gave them from ROTI to ATOM BOMB & now at this Stage They should Request the Govr. to CUTT the Defence Budjet to 0 & let the People of the Country …. the REAL ASSET of PAkistan, have some SPACE to Breath in.

  13. Dear Sana,
    Soldiers are trained and groomed to face adversity, hardships and harsh conditions. Their status and repute does not allow them to publicly display their grief or anguish, no matter how much they are affected. Soldiers must continue to emit an aura of confidence, strength and power. They are Pakistan’s fort! It is now the duty of the elected democratic government to provide for these essentials you mentioned – to both the civilians and army men alike! Thanks!

  14. Which brings me to my point … Hindsight is always 20/20 ………… So it is our duty to draw distinctions from it. Corruption is so deeply embedded in our culture, that the youth of today don’t know the difference anymore. To them: nepotism is family loyalty, hand-outs are Zakat or Sadkah, helping friends out of turn; is duty to friendship etc ..etc … . We cant blame them! as to them its just Tradition or duty. It is no wonder that many are talking of a revolution and making Quran the Sharia

  15. he was, the best , and he will remain best till pakistan live’s!
    his biggest fault was , he trusted west & usa to much till he got kicked off.
    but for now he can come up , with more political maturness, i wish him very good luck.

  16. Dear Afreen,
    I couldn’t agree more! Your assessment of Dr. Ayesha’s book is indeed very accurate and the facts related by you very apt.
    It is sad that educated people like her so easily assume without looking at the other side. Personally for me, where would we be if it was not for the Armed Forces, the only organized institution in Pakistan!
    Just wanted to say well done! Wish there were more people like you who took a broader, realistic and objective perspective.

  17. Hi, cool site, good writing 🙂

  18. Beautiful work, indeed. Great research based on real and deep analysis of the facts. We must stand together to support and defend Pakistan Army and Intelligence services.

  19. i think ms. afreen effort is commendable. especially the approch was logical and suppoerted with facts and figure. though such qualities are rare in pakistani bloggers……… lols

    i have been on the statutory audit of askari bank 2 years back. the organisation is being run in a very professsional manner, with the minimal involvement of on job and retired army men. the major role of a army personnel can be seen on the BOD there are many generals on behalf of the AWT(the parent entity). the BOD has a supervisory role only, otherwise the working and operating environment of Askari bank is like a typical listed company……….

  20. Dear Afreen Baig,
    You have written as powerful an article as ‘soldiers of fortune’ . your reply is really great. you have consistently accused dr ayesha siddiqua of being biased towards the armed forces of pakistan. if she has not equally criticized the politicians as she did the generals that makes one feel that she is indeed biased. however after reading your reply ‘Ayesha Siddiqa’s MILITARY INC: A Deflective and Derogatory Book

    ‘ i am convinced that you are equally biased towards the politicians. i dont support these parasites (politicians). they are responsible for the misfortunes of our country but how can u convince someone that the top brass of our armed forces are not their direct competators in destroying our country. both the politicians and the generals prey on pakistanis. didnt we lose our geographical territory during the army rule for example losing territory to china during ayub’s era, east pakistan during general yahya khan’s era, siachan glacier during zia’s era plus radicalization of population, and kargil during musharraf’s era plus our sovereinity and he gifted us the walking bombs(suicide bombers) and the worst law and order situation, sold pakistanis like dr afia siddiue to US for money, and broke the constitution of pakistan twice.

  21. Assalamo Alaikum,

    I had the opportunity to read your article about Ayesha Siddiqa’s MILITARY INC article on Fabulous research on your part and I really admire the way you took apart her argument on the influence of MILBUS in Pakistan.

    Again, superb work sister and I hope and pray that “Allah karay zor-e-qalam aur ziyada”.

    Jawed Iqbal

  22. Dear Afreen,

    I just read your article on Military Inc and the lies perpetuated in the book. When it came out, it caused me a lot of grief and to see the joyous faces of my peers at the apparent ‘unveiling’ of the military was unnerving. It was mob mentality at its best.

    Your article has reinforced my hope that there are alteast some people in this country that might actually care about it. The facts and figure you’ve presented and contrasted are exactly what we need to fend off the negative media campaign.

    God Bless You! Keep writing good things like this!


  23. Dear

    I read a review on your book written in response to Dr Ayesha Siddiqa’s book on and noted that you have befittingly responded to the malicious campaign of Dr Ayesha against Pakistani armed forces. Thank you very much for the job.


  24. Asalam O Alekum

    Thank you very much for writing an excellent commentary on Ayesha’s book [Siddiqa means who is truthful beyond any doubt]. Our failures — dismemberment, social and economic morass, and insecurity — are only and only due to our failed political system. Many patiortic Pakistanis know who the enemies of our dear country are and what they are upto. If they are silent, it is because they feel helpless in face of of our corrupt and inept political system. But then we have among us people like you who can show the real faces of Pakistan’s enemies, both inside and outside the country.

    Please keep writing.

    Dr. Ali Mohammad

  25. Thanks for good servics by having critical approach of Ayesha Siddiqua Book.the question is not how much is truth in book ,and how much is anger and frustration in book refllected by disr=tortions in book ,the question is when freedom of speech and freedom writting is shrouded in false presumption of security and integrity at name of defence and idealogy .All those sacred cows should be exposed by impartial ,professional institutions of country ,and only way to do is let Democracy thrive in country

  26. Fauji Cement posts PAT of Rs 701 million

    KARACHI: Fauji Cement has posted a profit after tax of Rs 701.208 million for the nine months of 2008-09. According to financial results of the company dispatched to Karachi Stock Exchange on Tuesday, the profit before tax has improved to Rs 976.597 million for the period ending March 2009. The earning per share has improved to Rs 0.945 during the period under review

  27. We heartily thank Miss Afreen Baig very much for writing a wonderful & academic response against the Hindu book of Ayesha Siddiqa and proving this fact that our Great Pak military is there to help our brave servicemen, who lay down their lives to protect the sovereignty of Golden Pakistan.

    Dr. Parvez Khan
    Germany & Switzerland

  28. plz keep writing as truth as it. i like it very much

  29. “The truth”, “the whole truth”, and “nothing but the truth” are three different things? Ayesha Siddiqa is a perpetual victim of injustice? Raffish firebrands are all inherently good, sensitive, creative, and inoffensive? These are all claims made recently by Ayesha Siddiqa. But before I continue, allow me to explain that I’ve managed to come up with a way in which Ayesha’s essays could be made useful. Her essays could be used by the instructors of college courses as a final examination of sorts. Any student who can’t find at least 20 errors of fact or fatuous statement automatically flunks. Extra credit goes to students who realize that some people I know say that I can’t possibly be alone in my view that Ayesha has abandoned ethics altogether. Others argue that she considers our independence to be the most formidable obstacle in the path of her ambitions and business pursuits. At this point the distinction is largely academic given that many people respond to Ayesha’s ignominious inveracities in the same way that they respond to television dramas. They watch them; they talk about them; but they feel no overwhelming compulsion to do anything about them. That’s why I insist we replace today’s chaos and lack of vision with order and a supreme sense of purpose. As a closing statement, let me emphasize that we have no choice but to preserve the peace. The time to act is now.

  30. hi.
    i am your fan . you write very well.

  31. Dear Shahjahan Baloch,
    Thank you very much and in all humbleness!
    Afreen Baig

  32. I am a former student of electronics engg from NUST, I hope you people don’t feel bad if your perceived RAW agents do get admission in one universities doing good at international level from Pakistan.
    Anyways, I wont disturb your beautiful patriotic debate and 5star column, because after studying for 14 years with army officer’s children, i have bitterly understood that this pro-Action group can never even raise their mental level beyond an F.A. student, so why get yourself down to their level and be defeated with their experience.

    For somebody who can bear some truth, here are a few things that I understood by experience,
    – Applied for military college jhelum in my 7th class, only to know that 90 percent seats are reserved for military officer’s children. My beloved Army rejected me since civilians had only 10 seats to compete for and even though i performed better than my army class fellows who were admitted. These khakis even discriminate against when you are just a child. Okay, keep recruiting 90% army and 10% civilians who simply don’t disagree in simplest of matters.

    I hate Army’s approach for one thing, If you cannot allow people who have smallest disagreement with you in your ranks for suggesting a different approach to solve the same matter, you will never improve. You will soon be an outdated bunch.

  33. I second Qamar Nawaz. The problem generally civilians have with military is their attitude and not MILBUS.

  34. very much true , our military is very very corrupt. that is why we r going wrest . if u don’t believe then see all project of army. they r making a state in state. after retirement they get a lot of benefits and new job too. once a ceremony was held in 2001. an award given ceremony ,a french ambassador ask a Pakistani person, why they r giving them Madel. Pakistan military has done any thing for the past few years. a Pakistani person laugh and said , no sir this Madel is for not to doing any war . and not for war.

  35. Only a ‘boot’-licker can defend military take-overs or glorify those who lost it in 1971. Just watch General Niazi’s surrender video and feel the pain of the ‘bloody civilians’. None of those scoundrels were punished, none died fighting! All 90,000 were captured while quite alive.
    Anybody who exposes corruption in UNIFORM is branded a RAW agent or a traitor. Why? Even Justice Hamood-ur-Rahman was called ‘biased’ because he was from East Pakistan.
    When the ‘bad Indians’ released the Hamood-ur-Rahman Commission Report, suddenly ‘good old Mushy’ decided to ‘kindly allow’ it to be printed in the newspapers. And then some of us read it and felt disgusted.
    Every organ of the state is accountable to the people. God’s Law does NOT allow for any institution to be placed above justifiable criticism and scrutiny.
    Enjopy your Fauji corn flakes…

  36. Why should the court say that all eyes are on the government or why should it instruct the government to expedite the investigation. The decision to prosecute the dictator or not is the decision of the government.

  37. […] just the latest conspirators against Pakistan to be exposed. When Musharraf was in power, there was Dr Ayesha Siddiqa who dared to write a book claiming that military officers engage in self-serving economic […]

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