Saudi King Abdullah confers the King Abdul Aziz Medallion, the Kingdom’s top honor, on Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf in 2007


“The greatness of a leader is measured by the achievements of the led.  This is the ultimate test of his effectiveness.”                  — Gen. Omar Bradley

We created this website to HONOR and CHERISH an honest Leader who has actually delivered for Pakistan – President Musharraf! The only Leader who had the guts to counter the international negative perception and he successfully projected a positive, moderate and progressing picture of Pakistan around the world!

President Musharraf led a great team of economists and professionals with ex-PM Shaukat Aziz, to mark their achievements. Their achievements caused Pakistan to emerge as a geo-strategic important country with a 100% better economy! His effectiveness shall be measured by the results produced by the led! In 2006, Pakistan was the 3rd fastest growing economy of the world and world’s preferred destination for Investment! In President Musharraf’s era:

Pakistan’s economy grew by 100% — to become $ 160 billion
Revenue grew by 100% — to become $ 11.4 billion

Per Capita Income grew by 100% — to become $ 925

Foreign Reserves grew by 500% — to become $ 17 billion
Exports grew by 100% — to become $ 18.5 billion
Textile exports grew by 100% — to become $ 11.2 billion
Karachi Stock Exchange grew by 500% — to become $ 75 billion
Foreign Direct Investment grew by 500% — to become $ 8 billion
Annual Debt servicing decreased by 35% — to become 26%
Poverty decreased by 10% — to become 24%
literacy rate grew by 10% — to become 54%
Public development Funds grew by 100% — to become Rs 520 billion


President Musharraf’s Vision and Policies helped Pakistan come out of the list of Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) while setting it on path of prosperity, growth and economic reforms. While the world institutions like the World Bank (source) & (source), IMF (source) and ADB (source) have been praising Pakistan for its reforms, fiscal policies and macro-economic policies – the biased & wicked TV channels GEO, ARY & AAJ – have been projecting a negative, bleak and a hopeless picture on purpose to serve their isolated vested interest. These SOLD-OUT channels are creating despondency to drive away the foreign investment and depress over-seas Pakistanis. The contribution by these over-seas Pakistanis is instrumental in heaping and accumulating Foreign Reserves to stabilize Pakistan’s economy. Recent rumor-mongering (source) by these channels, that President Musharraf has been confined by the Army Chief and will resign soon, crashed our Stock markets (source) by 500 points TWICE! KSE was the best performing Stock market of Asia. GEO, ARY and AAJ are benchmarks of ingratitude – for the leader who actually gave the freedom to come on air and express their views, and towards their own country!

Moreover, for those those consider President Musharraf as an unconstitutional President,

Chronological record of events, that validates President Musharraf’s election as President and subsequent endorsements by Supreme Court

1-      On 13 May 2000, Pakistan’s 12 member Supreme Court unanimously validated the October 1999 coup and granted Musharraf executive and legislative authority for 3 years from the coup date. Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry was one of the judges that validated. (Link)

2-      On 7 October 2002, the 5 member bench of Supreme Court validated LFO and amendments to constitution. Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry was one of the judges that validated. (Link)

3-      On 29 Dec 2004, PML-Q government passed the 17th constitutional amendment bill in National Assembly, with 2/3 majority, also approved by Senate that allowed President Musharraf to hold dual offices. (Link)

4-      Constitution of Pakistan – Article 63 clause (1) paragraph (d), read with proviso to Article 41 clause (7) paragraph (b), allows the President to hold dual office.

5-      On 13 April 2005, the 5 member bench of Supreme Court gave judgment in favor of 17th amendment and President’s uniform. Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry was one of the judges that validated. (Link)

6-      On 28 September 2007, the Supreme Court cleared the way for President Pervez Musharraf to seek another five-year term, and stand for Presidential elections, when six of the nine judges, rejected a tangle of petitions against him and threw out a major legal challenge to his re-election plans. Presided by Justice Rana Bhagwandas. (Link)

7-      President Musharraf was elected President of Pakistan, on 6th October 2007, by a combined electoral of the Senate, National Assembly and the FOUR Provincial Assembles.

8-      President of Pakistan declared emergency on 3rd November 2007, as per Article 232 of the constitution.

9-      The 10 member bench of Supreme Court (SC) on 24 November 2007 directed the chief election commissioner and the government to declare Pervez Musharraf president for a second term. (Link)

10-  On 24 November 2007, the Pakistan Election Commission confirmed Musharraf’s re-election as President. (Link)

11-  President Musharraf won by 58% votes, declared in November 2007, as the constitutional President of Pakistan!

12-   On 28 November 2007, Musharraf relinquished the office of Chief of Armed Staff, as per November 2007 verdict of the Supreme Court.

13-   On 15 Feb 2008, the Supreme Court validated the proclamation of emergency of 3rd Nov 2007, PCO 2007 and oath of the judges. This full court judgment was written by Chief Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar. (Link)

Therefore, he may still be considered an unconstitutional President (unrealistic) by those that have no regard for the Constitution of Pakistan, the 2/3 majority of National Assembly that elected him as the President and the Supreme Court decision (under PCO ex-CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry) that allowed him to take part in the Presidential elections.


For us – President Musharraf is our HERO – Our Leader!


There are three kinds of people: Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who ask, ‘What happened?'”               –Casey Stengel 

President Musharraf made things happen for Pakistan!!!

The spirit who has seen the spectre of death cannot be scared by the faces of thieves; the soldier who has seen the swords glittering over his head and streams of blood under his feet, does not care about the rocks thrown at him by the children on streets      — Khalil Jibran


* * * This website is maintained by: Mirza Rohail B and Afreen Baig * * *



  1. Excellent Website for support!! He is truly the nation’s best leader so far..but I feel pity for the people of Pakistan whose minds are covered with the smoke of negative propoganda issued by media and corrupt political parties. They are unable to see the differences, and I am glad this website makes it so clear.

  2. Assalam Alaikum folks. Wonderful blog and a superb collection of articles. I wish you two all the very best and success. With our powers combined, we will, Inshallah, teach a lesson to all who are busy spreading lies against President Musharraf! Ameen.

  3. Good work guys – keep it up. Its great to see this many articles and figures based on fact and backed up by sources. The excellent work done by Mr Musharaff and like of S Aziz in transforming Pak should be highlighted.

  4. History will judge you for the visionary steps you took with Pakistan. You got the Pakistani technocrats to come turn the economy around from shambles, gave freedom of press, and exercised good judgment after 9/11 and agreed to hold fair and free elections. Most importantly, you did all this selflessly with little desire for your own personal gain. Pakistan has not had somebody like you in the last 30 years. I will continue to pray for your continued active role in Pakistan. And my fellow countrymen will soon do so.

  5. Thank u for giving us this channel to express our sincere gratitude to the president.The president has given us the meaning of true islam as per the vision of Iqbal ,Quaidi Azam ,Liaquat Ali khan.He has showed us how progress is possible by following the path of enlightened moderation.Though these words are inadequate we thank you for saving Pakistan time and again

  6. A great piece of effort. My compliments to all of you to initiate that forum. may Allh bless the efforts and sacrifices of our hero-President Pervez Musharraf.

    Long live Pakistan
    Long live pakistan Army
    Long live President Musharraf

  7. One line that just got stuck in my mind from your eyeopening and very patriotic article is ;”PRESIDENT MUSHARRAF MADE THINGS HAPPEN FOR PAKISTAN.He has swallowed the bitter pill many times,he is still in pakistan and has not fled,despite tremendous pressure both internal and external,public scorn and criticism,threath to his life?Why??BECAUSE he is a visionary who forsees things to come under thse democratic leaders and also the game being played.May god keep our president safe to lead this country back to light .ameen

  8. Salam. Please spread the words of support for President Pervez Musharraf, by forwarding the poetic tribute, which I have composed to show my love for Pakistan and for Mr. President.
    Its link is,

  9. The only three entities standing in the way of Pakistan being strategically compromised are:
    • Musharraf
    • Pakistan Army
    • ISI
    No wonder Musharraf attributed ISI as the 1st line of defence for Pakistan. It is the troika of RAW / Mossad & CIA at work, backed by the western media, in consonance, presently demonising all 3.

    I ask all the Musharraf detractors to think: how come the western media started mauling Musharraf, in concert, almost immediately after Cheney left Pakistan early last year? Was it that Musharraf did not go along with his ‘attack Iran’ plan?

    I sincerely hope that Musharraf and General Kayani show the courage to take a stand, and not leave Pakistan’s vital interests and possibly her future integrity to be sold to the highest bidder by these political thugs.

  10. Excellent website. I’ve downloaded 269 speeches in pdf format that you can include in this webiste.

  11. hey guys i am posting a link of the website ov mam marvi memon…..jz go on thr n post ur comments in favor ov general musharraf n let her feel tht thr r really huge number ov fans of general musharraf and in dis way she will b able to help us…plz guys if u really suppoort general musharraf then plz go on thr
    hrz da link

  12. at 10:35pm
    Added: Wednesday, 20 August, 2008, 13:27 GMT 14:27 UK

    What more he can do now? I am sick & tired of Nawaz Sharif comments. Now he wants Musharraf to be trial. Mr. Sharif should be the one who needs to explain his action of hijacking a plane. Leave the man alone now. He has done everything for the sake of nation. He left his army post. He held elections. He accepted defeat of his party. He resigned just to make his people happy. A true soldier in my view. If it wasn’t for Musharraf, Dr. Qadeer Khan would well have been handed over to USA. GROW UP!

    Robinson Jacob, Stamford, United States

    Taken from BBC NEWS have ur say.Even those who r not Pakistanis can see how foolish the awam is ?

  13. Hats off to the creators of this website. You are truly representing the silent majority of this country which is still in a shock after the resignation of General mUsharraf and is in a state of depression after the election of the new president.

  14. Why MUSHARRAF resigned?
    Please read this story…..

    Two women demanded custody of an infant in a King’s court. Both claimed being its mother. The King ordered his swordsman to cut the baby in two equal pieces and give a piece to each woman. On hearing this, the real mother became horrified and cried. “No, No…please do not kill the baby. I do not want him. Give her (another claimant) the baby. At least he would be saved.” The same happened with Pakistan this time. Musharraf proved to be a real father of the nation.

  15. I enjoyed reading the above story and would like to add that sincere and loving leaders always lose in any power struggle that could affect the nation. Others don’t care what happens to the country in consequence of their actions. Now it is their baby. Musharraf has handed over Pakistan to his opponents in an attempt to protect it from harm. Let us see what they accomplish. Though deeply disappointed, I call upon all Pakistanis to join hands and continue their struggle for their homeland. Lift the green flag higher and higher with the vision – “Pakistan First.” I salute the former President Pervez Musharraf who would be remembered in the hearts of Arab and Muslim world followers, as probably the best President of Pakistan!

  16. President Pervez Musharraf is a man of dignity, honesty and perseverance. After great leaders like Quaid-e-Azam, Liaquat Ali Khan and Allama Iqbal, Pakistan and the nation was once again blessed with a leader in a shape of Pervez Musharraf. He said many things which are practical like “Courage needed to reconcile is far greater than confrontation”.

    For those who used all their resoucres to defame and maline Presdient Prevex Musharraf’s personality and leadership are like “Perple drink sand because they are not thirsty, they drink sad because they don’t know the difference.

    Pakistan Zinda Baad.

  17. i love Gr. Pervez Musharraf, he is the best, i respect him and i pray that God gives him long and happy life with his family …. i dont care about Pakistan n e more …. i just love Gr.Shb he has done more than his share for this country and we misused him so now whatever is happening to us we deserve … Long live Gr. Shb …. Salam to all.

  18. You can try uploading a hi-res pic of Musharraf on front page! That would look better

  19. Afreen and Mirza

    I applaud you both for this web page and the NEW Name that you have rightly given it. I commend you for the elaborate details that you have collected and penned together for the benefit of people like us. There are many more out there who don’t know the details that we have come to know through your hard work and dedication to Pakistan and President Musharraf.

    And today the result: we are able to discuss the burning Issues on the world stage with confidence and with a sense of pride in our Country, under the strong Leadership of the Man we call ‘Our Leader’ and his response to the nine of the most turbulent years in Pakistan’s history and the World.

  20. President Musharraf was forced into resignation and a convicted money-launderer installed as the President. President Pervez Musharraf has led Pakistan through nine of the most difficult years in its history. During which He faced challenges both Domestically and Internationally. Despite these challenges His Government’s Policies allowed Pakistan to catch up to the 21st century. Via the Freedom of Electronic and Print Media.

    The Educated silent majority is despondent today as they have been side-lined by the induction of an infamous regime voted – to power by the illiterate Masses. The masses of Pakistan: Live in the shadows of an embedded feudal Culture whereby: They Do not read nor write — nor do they pay taxes —- nor do they pay 25% of their income into utility bills —- yet they end-up deciding:- “who will be Leader” through an orchestrated Election by their Local feudal. Somehow it makes no sense. We cannot vote like the WEST [ where everyone is literate and pays his/her taxes] we must work with our ground reality and evolve a system that best suits our Country.

  21. Salam. I don’t know if I ever wrote on your page and compliment you on how wonderful it is. It is a privilege to know, that there is someone like you, who is looking out for the interest of Pakistan and the truth. Thank you for this blog and the updates. Without it I would be lost.
    with best wishes in all your endeavors

  22. If we make a list of Musharraf “assassins”, it will be something like this :

    Irshad Haqqani, Irfan Siddiqui, Nazir Naji, Ataul Haq Qasmi, Masood Khan, Shafqat Mahmood, Dr. Safdar Mahmood, Manoo Bhai, Azim Sarwar, Rauf Klasra, Salim Qureshi, Bushra, all from Urdu print media; Hamid Mir, Dr. Shahid Masood, Javed Chaudhry, Ch. Ghulam Hussain from Urdu electronic media; Iftikhar Chaudhry, Aitizaz Ahsan, Kurd etc. from legal side; coterie of retired Generals and Ex-foreign service men. The bias of the last mentioned category is simple to analyze as it essentially ensues from their failure to secure a cushy job in the diplomatic corps. The legal forces indiscreetly landed themselves in the political territory and got the taste of the blood. Now it was (and is) impossible for them to retreat to their original positions. And this the most serious damage ever caused to this country. When Churchill asked about the functioning of judiciary, he had no doubt about the role of this non-political institution. The politicization of our judiciary is yet to unleash its full destructive power. Now the media. A mere view of the list will reveal the parochial bias heavily loaded against Musharraf. In plain terms, he was victimized by the elite forces of the largest province in league with the feudals. Hardly few in the list have economic or financial vision. There forte is the use of character assassination techniques essentially associated with the yellow journalism. A bit of digression won’t be out of context. Mr. Irshad Haqqani, most probably in his seventies has developed a serious blemish of bombarding every new setup with his perceived solutions to certain national problems. He is happy with the setup so long as his suggestions are taken heed of. Once ignored, he starts showing his chagrin, finally becoming a bit too harsh. Nevertheless, I have a sort of respect for him. M/s Ataul Haq Qasmi, Irfan Qureshi and Nazir Naji are the evictees of the Presedent / Prime Minister House which they occupied during the Nawaz era. Their hatred for Musharraf stands fully explained. Irfan Siddiqui’s venomous diatribes happen to be couched in the cheapest of literary styles. Mr. Nazir Naji is the shrewdest of the lot. He is the master of changing positions. Hassan Nisar, besides being incisive on common-man issues, maintains some sort of dignity while addressing someone critically. I have not included Mr. Mahmood Shaam in any list. He is the one modern day journalism can be proud of.

    Let all the country’s economists club together and assist the standing committee. The prowess of a younger PML-Q parliamentarian with the name Marvi Memon would be more than enough to put to rest the hollow cross examining of the loaded opposition. Those who say that a banker should not be the finance minister or the PM, know little about banking and the influence of bankers on world economy. One Shaukat provided a sound footing to the economy, the other one will rebuild it, if allowed to work.

  23. Love President Musharraf and hope he comes back and save our country from these current losers.

  24. Dear moderator please arrange some space to reply notorious anti state/ anti musharraf pseudo intellectuals like this bastard pig Irfan Suiddiqi who write such garbagee like
    please reply them properly and put a dot or barrier to stop these pie dogs barking.
    letus tell them how much we love our leader Pervaiz Musharraf.

  25. President Musharraf was the greatest leader Pakistan has had to-date. He was an honest, thoughtful, and dedicated leader who came from a middle class, educated family (unlike most of our so-called leaders, who hail from feudal families). Under President Musharraf, Pakistan was on the path to success – the progress the country made during his tenure is testament to that. It’s a shame that the majority of Pakistanis failed to acknowledge that, and have brought deceitful, murderous crooks like Zardari into power. Zardari’s only qualification is that he is a career criminal. I guess if we put people like him in power, then only we are responsible for what he is delivering.

    Perhaps President Musharraf’s greatest flaw was that he was not a politician, and did not get involved in the dirty politics of Pakistan, which resulted in his ouster.

    I admire Mr. Musharraf for his honesty, dedication, and contribution to Pakistan. For me, he will always be my President.

    I wish there was some way to persuade him to return to politics, renewed and reloaded, and retake power for the good people of Pakistan.

  26. I salute the knowledge and skills of Pervez Musharraf. May God bless him. He can still do alot for the nation no matter if not in power. I wish I could contact him.
    Thank you for this blog and WordPress.com

  27. The article “Why i miss Musharraf” took me down the memory lane back to 1999 when Musharraf took over. I remembered NYTimes called him “Just another Dictator” after his first speech to the UN. I agreed big time. Never mind the promises, we had heard them before and seen each one broken.

  28. Must Read:

    “Watch out for a change in Islamabad” By Mr. Zaid Hamid.


    Whether, we agree or disagree with Zaid Hamid, the American plans are shaping up rapidly. The centuries old “Great Game” is unfolding its Twenty-First century plan.

  29. well, first of all really i cannot explain my joyousness
    in words, that the people of Pakistan have sense and they know who is right and who is wrong

    i really give the a loud applause to whom which had made this site…

    he is a man of dignity,
    man of words,
    a dauntless speaker,
    unflustered person,
    a man which have nuts,
    a vision,
    a dream,
    a courage and tenacity,
    but unfortunately he also fell victim of conspiracy,

    we are missing him so much

    MUSH we love u so much……..

  30. Salute to Mr. Musharraf. If someone threat to Mr. Musharraf so INSHALLAH I will also protest for it and I also request to all of you.

    Pakistan first, Pakistan Zindabad, all losers murdabad.

  31. I want an honest reply from Mr.Musharraf for this question.

    Had Pakistan NOT been created, what would have happened to India?

    Total population = 1.55 billion.
    Muslims = 600 million
    Dalits = 400 million
    Hindus = 400 million
    Christians, Sikhs and Others = 150 million


  32. Heh great website! We love Musharraf and always will stand up for him. On 14th April we are planning to show support for him in karachi. Musharraf zindabad !

  33. R.Alamsha Karnan The upper class Hindus although not allowing Dalits into their temples but for academic purposes not only include Dalits but also Jain and Sikhs into Hindu population. They don’t allow Dalits to convert to any other religion. The IN and the west are keeping their eyes shut towards the crime against minorities in India.And also in Israel. These are the fundamental root causes of all the restlessness in the world and terrorism from The certain Muslim fanatics can be traced from this. The Muslims didn’t made Pakistan but those were the Hindu fundamentalists who were backed by Britishers made that happen. Please listen carefully the various speeches and addresses of Pres. Musharraf in UN and in the western media actually pointing out these issues. If still India at least make an independent Kashmir then all the enmities between two countries would be vanished within few years. Still there would be problem in tackling extremists in both countries locally.
    I wish if Musharraf had given some more time the things would have been lot better.

  34. Hello Friends.
    I am getting more and more concerned about the safety of our beloved leader.
    Nawaz Khabees, the gang leader of Nafrat (N) League is trying to push his single point agenda of “revenge” very actively. Now that he has managed to have his own judges installed, the danger has increased.
    Is there anything that we, the fair-minded people of Pakistan, can and should do?
    Your discreet comments will be much appreciated.

  35. I would agree with Hamid Mirza. Not only Nawaz Sharif but Jamat-e- Islami and many from the journalists want to take the revenge. The things beocme quite grave when one see Iftikhar Chaudhary is heading the the judiciary. He is now a days having all the evil forces helping him. While all these have fooled and misguided the people and we know that they themselves cannot do anything better but worse and worse so they will try to remove the anticipated hurdle. All of these people have no standard of morality but their only and only aim is to get the power and money. So I advise Pres. Musharraf to stay away and wait for a suitable time to come back.

  36. Dear both: Hamid Mirza and Tariq M Khan,
    Thanks for joining and your comments/conversation are highly appreciated!

    I also agree with both of you and I’m sure you must have gone through the news on 5 May 2009, that CJP is more than willing to examine or review the 17th Amendment – which is protected under Article 270-AA of the Constitution – if the need arises. Means they want to impeach Musharraf somehow.

    270-AA: “If needed, the Supreme Court can review Article 270-AA of the Constitution under which the 17th Amendment is protected,” observed Iftikhar. Article 270-AA protects the October 12,1999, military coup. According to its language, the article cannot be called into question in any court or forum of the country on any ground whatsoever. Various political parties have been calling for the 17th Amendment to be withdrawn, and several have also framed drafts for this purpose.

    Regarding the journalists, their conscienceless souls are evident from this fact that they are trying to supress this news where a girl child was gang raped and killed by PML-N MPA/MNA.

    6th May 2009 – The Lucman Show aired with Muhammad Amjad, the blind father of the deceased Kiran Amjad, his brother Muhammed Hanif and a female MPA from PML Samina Khawar Hayat as the guests on the show who go on to reveal the following:

    A 7th grade student Kiran Amjad was kidnapped; gang raped on 31st March 2009 and murdered two days later in the hospital by being injected with poison. The person who had kidnapped her and gang raped her was a MNA/MPA of PML-N – Malik Usman and his 2 other accomplices. He is being backed and supported by other MNA/MPA of PML-N Rana Zahid and Dr. Farooq Javed.

    Govt order in Arifwala’s murder after rape
    Saturday, April 25, 2009 – THE NEWS
    Search in The News Archives: http://www.thenews.com.pk/arc_news.asp?id=5

  37. Thank for highlighting these tragic cases.we need to keep atrack and make sure the media or the us do not forget these cases and see that justice is done to these families,although god knows how the grieving blind father and the arifwala case mother can be consoled?What i want to ask is how can these animals be allowed to rule or be MNAS OR MPAS of our country.Should not a thorough investigation be done before handing out a party ticket?Should not PMLleadership come out and answer these allegations if they are innocent?or the brutal murder of any poor women not important enough to be accounted for?where are the various human rights activicts.please come out of ur airconditioned rooms .The bottomline is fuedal system has to be answerable to law if we dont want more incidents like these to take place.

  38. My comments have already been published in Newyork times,actually my artile is published and i praised Mr. Musshraf ,He has done a lot for our country.I should try to bring him back in to the office if we really want to get succeed in the world.please Mr, Musshraf do read my article in the nytimes the story of two brothers you may search by the name of our company AQTH.

    Can some body send me the email of President Musharraf

  39. MRB , the cat has come out of the bag. The people have forgotten the criminal activities of 70ies, 80 ies and 90ies. Musharraf have shown a great character to the nation which was never seen in the history of Pakistan. We have never seen his brothers and son and daughter coming on media or wandering like princes in the cities nor his friends. Now not only the royal families of Nawaz Sharif and Gillani are creating havoc in Pakistan. Their sons and daughters are getting PM protocol. The MNAs and MPAs and their relatives are reminding us the Sikh regime. The things will become worse in the coming days. What we have been watching is just the trailer.

  40. # Imran Khan sitting in various channel studios talking and commenting about the Taliban USA etc. But practically he didn’t give any positive suggestion what to do next. Talibaans are killing Innocent people and not Americans and Imran Khan has never spoken against them. Now the country is at war. Only the traitors can talk against the country’s army during these conditions. If they have any their personal opinion go to PM and President and talk in the parliament. These types of people must be court marshaled. When thousands of lives of army personals are at stake these types of remarks are totally unacceptable in any country in any civilization in any time.

  41. To all our current politicians,media anchors, self proclaimes expertswho have sold their souls to the devil,have u heard of the saying empty vessels make the most noise.Well you certainly are doing just that.Hope you are listening Imran khan.
    why is it that we always complain and go on a self destructive mode instead of finding solutions.
    Gen.Musharraf taught us to be positive and his confidence made us believe that we can come out of the worst.His words Subsey Pehley Pakistan or Pakistan First ,made us want to achieve not just for ourselves but for Pakistan.

  42. Completely agree with you, Tariq Sahib.
    Imran Khan has proven himself as yet again an immature person with no direction of sense and priorities. When has he ever praised the Pak Army and its efforts against insurgency? Insurgency that has been stimulated by RAW, Mossad and Afghan intelligence. This is what appeared in the DailyTimes, the Taliban Imran praises so much.

    Nineteen-year-old Naib Zada decided to leave Buner, along with several other villagers, hours after the Taliban beheaded his neighbour for being a police officer. “The Taliban are quite intelligent. They initially presented a soft image to endear themselves to the population. However, once they take control of an area, you get to see their full cruelty on display,” 38-year-old Mian Zarin said. Forty-five-year-old Ibrahim, meanwhile, said he ran away from Buner to protect the honour of his family’s women. He said the Taliban were expected to “dishonour our women as they did to the women in Swat”.

  43. Musharraf Destroyed My Beautiful Country. When you judge a ruler you should look at the country before and after him. Before Musharraf there were no Bomb blasts, Suicide attacks, killings, no civil war in Balochistan and NWFP, our own army was not killing Pakistanis; and there were no major electricity (power) problem and food shortages (flour-Aata etc.), the inflation was under control and security and safety was satisfactory.

    He killed Bugti which was a conspiracy to ignite civil war in Balochistan. He killed Benazir, which was conspiracy too to start a civil war in Sindh and to weaken the democracy. The whole country is burning now. He strengthened killers of HAKIM SAEED (friends of India) so that they can start a civil war in Karachi to break Pakistan. He created Swat militants with intent to kill them later to make money from US. He killed thousands innocent Pakistanis in NWFP to upset “Pushtuns” so that they can start a civil war in that province. He is a Ghadar (Traitor) and he was doing that for purpose, he was assigned a job to break Pakistan. Indian airplane lifted this Ghadar from Pakistan to India for lectures. The killers of HAKIM SAEED attacked on 12th May in Karachi and Musharraf proudly supported them on media. His killers attacked in October’07 on Benazir’s arrival and 150 people were killed. How can anybody forget killings of 150 innocent children and girls in LAL MASJID? He used white phosphorus on innocent children. He sold AAFIA SIDDIQUE and 4000 Pakistanis for million dollars (that’s why he is so rich now). He should be brought to justice for all those crimes. He fired Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan twice (along with 60 judges). The CJ was humiliated and was in prison for many months with his children. He broke the constitution twice which is a very big crime. The whole Pakistan hates him. No ruler in the whole world did that many crimes. Pakistan is on the edge because of him, only idiots can like a criminal like him?

  44. In response to Mr.everybodyhatemusharraf,

    Musharraf Developed Our Beautiful Country! Look at the country before him and after him. An economy stagnated at $75 billion and now its worth $170 billion, the per capita income of our nation going up by 100% and with the world praising Pakistan’s transformation.





    Pls check your figures related to Safety and Security. Here is a detailed report that details sectarian killings, bomb blasts and killings of 1990’s. http://www.karachipage.com/news/sectDAWN.html

    Zulfikar Bhutto crushed the Baloch insurgents, in a large operation, way back in 1973 and 1974. Balochistan situation has been going on since 1973 and not since Musharraf took over.

    Power shortages? We remember how students had to give their Matric and Inter papers in blackouts during the 1990’s. The official MW Pakistan was producing 15,860 MW and by 2005 Pakistan produced 20,400 MW. Power MW produced has been increased during Musharraf.

    The flour shortage was produced by these PML-N manipulators: http://musharrafsupporters.wordpress.com/2007/12/13/pml-n-wheat-smuggling/

    He rightly killed off Bughti, a traitor and agent of India. Grandson of Nawab Akbar Bugti, Barahamdagh Bugti, has said that he would accept any help from India, Afghanistan and Iran to defend Balochistan. http://thenews.com.pk/top_story_detail.asp?Id=16172 and http://www.balochvoice.com/

    PPP with all its government and BB’s husband as the President of Pakistan hasn’t accused Musharraf of killing BB. Do you have evidence to support your assumed allegations?

    Lal Masjid students were not innocent as you purport. They were suicide bombers, stacking weapons in a Masjid, imprisoning female students against their will, killing innocents all over Pakistan. Maulana Aziz himself accepted his links to Baitullah Mehsud and threatened to suicide bomb the country. http://www.dawn.com/2007/04/07/top1.htm Phosphorus was never used anywhere in Pakistan.

    Dr Afia Siddiqui was not so innocent. Read her 1st husband’s version on how she was always had links to extremists and her 2nd marriage to Sheikh Khalid Mohammad’s nephew proves it.


    Reality of Afia Siddiqui:


    Musharraf was the President of Pakistan and had constitutional rights to hire or fire the CJP. The CJP had also earlier taken oath on LFO/PCO in 2000, justified the army takeover of 1999 as one of the signatories, hence he was not innocent. Musharraf was truly a leader and one of the best!

    Oh by the way, everybody LOVES Musharraf!

  45. Musharraf was the worse dictator among all the earlier dictators of Pakistan because he is a traitor and has given so bad name to this country by his illegal acts of putting all honest judges in house arrest along with their families and playing Lal Masjid Drama for dollars.
    He killed innocent girls and boys in LAL Mosque and Jamia Hifza by using chemical weapons against them.
    He breoke constitution of Pakistan twice. He deserves capital punishment. He killed 1000’s of innocent people in Baluchistan and NWFP. He handed over innocent citizens of Pak to America for dollars. GHADAR-E-AZAM MUSHARRAF. SHAME ON YOU MUSHARRAF. YOUR ARE CRIMINAL YOU BROKE THE CONSTITUTION

  46. The biggest clown of the history of Pakistani judiciary is on the job: TASSADAQ HUSSAIN JILLANI has few days completed his review petition of Nawaz Sharif. And created a history not only in Pakistani judiciary but perhaps in the world. By first giving provisional relief on the second day to the accused. And straight forward writing off all the decisions made by High court and full supreme court bench. Now hearing Plane Hijack case. The case on which 10 members supreme court bench have already given verdict agianst Nawaz Sharif is re-opening again. No hearing or calling the concern parties flying a solo flight, hearing on daily basis is freeing Nawaz Sharif case on extreme emergency case, And the probable decision is 100% evident. No tears is shed. No column is written. No word has been spoken on the TV talk show. What is this? Total collapse of Judicial system. No Judges no Lawyers no law? This was the freedom of judiciary whole nation had wasted billion of rupess. Are we as nation are no more than crowd of hypocrites. we have lost all the standards of morality, And the result will be very near be shown on the face of history. Man this is total collapse not less than that. Wake up or we all be gone for ever.

  47. I completely agree with Tariq above! Tassadaq Hussein Jillani favored the CJP and hence was made the head of the five member bench reviwing petition against Nawaz in hijacking case. Out of these five judges, the three judges that refused PCO oath of 3rd Nov included Tassadaq Hussein Jillani, Nasrul Mulk and Ghulam Rabbani. Two justices took PCO oath of 3rd Nov: Mohammad Moosa Leghari and Sheikh Hakim Ali.

    Decision in hijacking case is very clear – the ratio being 3 : 2

  48. To Musharraf-is-ghadar above,

    Your messages earlier as everybodyhatemusharraf, do not contain any factual figures and they are marred by ignoring actual history. Musharraf was the 1st leader who did NOT impose martial law after the army’s 1999 coup. The President Rafiq Tarar remained. Musharraf respected the Supreme Courts decision of 2000 to hold elections in 2002. The current CJP Iftikhar chaudhry got promoted to Supreme Court aftre he took oath on LFO, filling in one of vacated seats by judges who did not take oath on LFO. Iftikhar Chaudhry was signatory to this Supreme Court (SC) decison supporting the 1999 coup. This is what SC observed:

    1. On 12th October, 1999 a situation arose for which the Constitution provided no solution and the intervention by the Armed Forces through an extra constitutional measure became inevitable, which is hereby validated on the basis of the doctrine of State necessity and the principle of salus populi suprema lex as embodied in Begum Nusrat Bhutto’s case. The doctrine of State necessity is recognized not only in Islam and other religions of the world but also accepted by the eminent international jurists including Hugo Grotius, Chitty and De Smith and some Superior Courts from foreign jurisdiction to fill a political vacuum and bridge the gap.
    2. All past and closed transactions, as well as such executive actions as were required for the orderly running of the State and all acts, which tended to advance or promote the good of the people, are also validated.
    3. That the 1973 Constitution still remains the supreme law of the land subject to the condition that certain parts thereof have been held in abeyance on account of State necessity.
    4. That the cases of learned former Chief Justice and Judges of the Supreme Court, who had not taken oath under the Oath of Office (Judges) Order, 2000 (Order 1 of 2000), and those Judges of the Lahore High Court, High Court of Sindh and Peshawar High Court, who were not given oath, cannot be re-opened being hit by the doctrine of past and closed transaction.

    This news related to Maulana of Lal Masjid says it all – his non Islamic views – promoting killings of innocents Muslims of PAK: http://www.dawn.com/2007/04/07/top1.htm

    The CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry breaks the ‘constitution of pakistan’ every time he takes a Sou Moto Notice, as Sou Moto has no standing in the constitution. Whereas, the constitution can only be modified by the signature of the President of Pakistan, which Musharraf was entitled to.

    CJP iftikhar set free the terrorist Maulana Aziz, which was against constitution of PAK. Has CJP even read the constitution?

    Constitution of PAK : Article 256. Private armies forbidden: No private organization capable of functioning as a military organization shall be formed, and any such organization shall be illegal

    Lastly, when you talk of ‘Capital Punishment Article 6’ – do you know what it says?

    Article 6 (2) Any person aiding or abetting the acts mentioned in clause (1) shall likewise be guilty of high treason.

    All those SC judges that approved Army takeover of 1999, and political parties supporting Musharraf will all be guilty of treason. The CJP you consider innocent shall be hanged too.

    The constitution was broken was Nawaz when he introduced 13th and 14th amendment, stormed the SC, kicked out Chief Justice Sajjad Shah on 2 Dec 1997 , and appointed acting Chief Justice Ajmal Mian. Read this article: http://thenews.com.pk/daily_detail.asp?id=166379

    Lastly, your plain hate massages contain no new arguments. I’ll be forced to delete your messages if there’s nothing new. Thanks!

  49. what a detailed ,informative and well written answers,from the administrator and from the other writers.Thank u for this.
    To someone who has no knowledge of the constitution what you have explained in such simple terms is very helpful.I hope the critic writing the hate msgs understands as well. If he doesnt then it just shows that we as a nation have been so blinded by hate and prejudice that we will destroy our country but not admit that we made a mistake.Look at what has happened to Pakistan in one year and yet these people just go on with the blame game while a few of us desperately look for solutions to save our country.its heartbreaking to say this but Pakistan cannot come out of this mess unless people realise we have to rise above petty poltics but when will the people wake up? At the rate things are getting bad ,im scared for my country becoming another Beruit,another Iraq,another Afghanistan.Tell me it wont happen please.

  50. Everything is fair in Love and War: While the plane hijack case is again opened in SC. For the first time we have seen a MAFINAMA presented to the court by Nawaz Sharif and family. (But not liked by SC judges). ANd Nawaz Sharif lawyers accepted of diverting the plane but said it is the privilege of PM to do so! As evident by court remarks the judges are also of the view. It is happy moment the at least facts have been opened. But What will be the decision. Everything is fair in LOVE and WAR. These judges are in love with Nawaz Sharif and at war with Musharraf and also all the so called intellectuals etc. They are well settled with that sort of judiciary. This judiciary is one of the worse in the age of civilization.

  51. I cant beleive the Pakistani Judiciary,well I can I guess ,they are doing what they are best at doing being their corrupt best selves.The CJ,oh CJ for all the lives lost in the fallout of getting you back to power ,at least keep some semblance of justice which you have sworn to uphold.Sir how are you going to answer in the here after ?Is your duty ONLY towards the shariff family to wash out all their crimes.
    we watch and see how far you go .we watch and see the silence of all those who protested for the supremacy of law,how all have been silenced.
    Shame on you Pakistan .

  52. Nawaz Sharif was very right to support CJ as we see how out of law these corrupt judges are washing his crimes. But what to do with Tehrik-e- Insaf’s Imran Khan. He must now shoot himself in the head. And Qazi. Is that Islamic sharia standards? Shame on Imran Khan’s Insaf and Qazi’s Sharia

  53. Imran Khan’s insaf ‘movement for justice’ is one unique one. It took Imran some 13 years to provide justice to his own daughter Tyrian born to Sita White. While the California court had declared Imran father to Tyrian long ago. If it took Imran some 13 years to provide justice to his own daugther – the nation can continue to rot – that is if they believe him.

  54. Allegation of Ansar Abbasi regarding farmhouse proved false

    Sunday, June 21, 2009: According to recent stories in your paper regarding Chak Shahzad farmhouses, a list of 34 persons charged with some sort of default or wrong tariff has been released by IESCO. Former president Pervez Musharraf’s name is conspicuous by its absence from this list. What happened to the ‘unearthing’ of a scandal about the former president’s farmhouse that was given extensive coverage in your columns? There were stories about free transformers, wrong tariffs and the most laughable of all, the installation of FATA meter at the ex-president’s farmhouse. All these allegations of your reporter seemed nothing more than his fantastical opinions portrayed as facts as not a single allegation in this series of stories has held ground. When one allegation is refuted, your ‘investigative’ journalist, instead of defending the first one, as someone who has done his research should be able to do, cooks up another allegation which is proved wrong the next day. Is this the understanding of investigative journalism of The News? It is expected of the largest media group in Pakistan to at least be able to differentiate between hearsay journalism and investigative journalism.

    Hammad Husain
    Architect of Pervez Musharraf’s farmhouse, Chak Shahzad,
    source : http://thenews.com.pk/daily_detail.asp?id=184179

  55. According to a white paper
    Facts related to raiwand palace
    1-Nawaz shareef opened an account in MCB with just 15000 Rs and very next day borrow 15 crore loan bypassing all rules and regulations
    2-got 2000 acres of 6 villages in raiwand and spent 25 crore Rs immidiately from national treasury for construction of Palace
    3-Declare this Palace as Prime minister camp office and bound PWD to bear all develpment charges
    4-according to constitution of Pakistan there may be no perminent development work in any camp office but nawaz shareef govt cruised all laws
    5-Rs 80 million were spent on renovation of this Palace which were approved in just 24 hrs from Prime minster secreteriat
    6-Rs 70 million were spent to provide Raiwand palace gas connection.
    7-Rs 320 million were spent for carpetting roads all the way to raiwand palace.
    8-Rs 50 million for electricity.
    9-Rs 20 million for telephone exchange.
    Readers all this was money of poor tax payers of Pakistan, w we expect Iftikhar chaudhry to take suo moto action and enquire the whole issue, we also expect Mr Ansar Abbasi to do some investigative journalism and write an article on it.

  56. I wish Sir Musharraf may come back to save PakistaN!!

  57. We really really need him back…..especially under the current circumstances. Long live Mushiii 🙂

  58. The anti-Musharraf morons who criticise him do not have the depth, perception or vision to understand his greatness. You know, you cannot measure the depth of the sea by using a dip-stick and that’s exactly what these people are. They are only influenced by the lies fed to them by the corrupt media sold out to the corrupt politicians. They are so deaf, dumb and blinded by prejudice that they cannot see the vast improvement and development done by him in every field. So, we should leave them to their miserable hatred and abuse and foul language and just ignore them. “summun bukmun umyun fahum la-yarja’oon”.

  59. We should send this list of favors taken by the sharifs to the CJ .who is a naive man and needs to be shown some real investigative journalism and its finds.
    Want to see what the PML n has to say in reply to all this?



  62. Musharraf must not appear before the Kangaroo court. The judges’ integrity itself at stake. They have not only publicly spoken against Musharraf. They are biased.
    Their many decisions in last few months have proved that they don’t follow any law but the wishes of Iftikhar Chaudhary and his friends.

  63. I would request mod. to include Irfan Siddiqui in the funny journalist of Pakistan along with Ansar Abbasi.
    That person is a regular columnist in Jang. And his columns have one motto to write filthy language and insult against Musharraf. It is custom in Pakistan that rival chaudhries hire low class “KAMINS” to insult their opponents. So Nawaz and co have hired few person to do that job.
    That wise journalist who was a primary school teacher before becoming the think tank of Pakistan is speaking so much about Kargil planning. He perhaps never enter into the gates of any army unit and his IQ especially about military warfare challenges Musharraf and not only Musharraf but the top Command of Pakistan army in their planning. It is really very sad Pakistan army has been degraded so much that a semi-literate street person challenge their war strategy. What to talk about other matters. It is not shameful to Musharraf but shameful to Pakistan as a country to go though these army persons in ISSB and worse those were made Generals in Pakistan army. Bad or mad was Nawaz Sharif who didn’t get to know that his country is at war at northern front. And after the worse planning of that war Musharraf was not removed from army but promoted as Joint chief!
    The present government must appoint Irfan Siddiqui is DG of Military operations or ISI if not Chief of Army Staff. Perhaps Pakistan now needs these types of people to rule us and dictate us. It is sad that Musharraf didn’t stop these people to speak publicly regarding the most sensitive defence issues publicly. They spoke against Pakistan army and still speak about against Pakistan army while it is engaged in war against militants. When we are at stake of so many most valuable lives These people favour militants and nobody cares. These person must be arrested and must be put into trial for treason.

  64. And so the final decision has been written. Many media thinkers and all politicians as well Iftikhar Chaudhary declared that they have buried the Doctine of necessity. But if you read and re-read and think that this decision is mother of Doctrine of all Necessities. The 3rd Nov emergency was unlawful but all the ordinances are still valid and as usual waiting for the parliament to approve. The Elections and formation of government all lawful! NRO is lawful! All the new judges sent home and the decision writing judges making their own decision.
    In Urdu this called “Meeta meeta wah, Karwa karwa thoo”.
    The decssion was that that was already telcastedby Ifikhar Chaudhary on Public speeches and much more than what the petitioners actually wanted.
    I don’t know how this decision can stop future martial law. But I think this decision will result a future martial law which could be bloody and ruthless without any mercy and no chance of stepping down of the future martial law administrator.

  65. The way Nawaz Sharif & Co behaving. They wanna destabilize Pakistan and making the same tactics which they used to do in 90ies. So obviously this time they’re caught no mercy for them. They are jumping like monkeys along with Iftikhar Chaudhary.

  66. Video clip-Adultry declared Legal for PML-N MPAs ? Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaulah


  67. He is a leader of vision and that is the most important thing. And thanks to Arfan to cmile all the data. we should hour our heros and Musharraf is one of tham.

  68. Now a days Mr Nawaz Sharif and his party is quite vocal against Ex President of Pakistan for doing UNCONSTITUTIONAL acts and demanding a trial under article 6 for Ex President Musharraf for violating the constitution of Pakistan

    Nawaz Sharif and his party is now holding the torch of Free Judiciary even though Nawaz and his party attacked the Supreme court of Pakistan.

    I really feel pitty for Nawaz and his party as they are the one who should be hanged for taking UNCONSTITUTIONAL decisions.

    In 1998 Nawaz Sharif then Prime Minister of Pakistan made Military Courts in Sindh Province in the name of controlling Law and Order situation but the real motives were to crush MQM the Second Largest Political Party of Sindh and Third Largest of Pakistan for not supporting the 15th Amendment that makes Mr Nawaz Sharif Ameer ul Momineen.

    On 17th of Feburary 1999 a Bench of NON PCO JUDGES comprises of

    Chief Justice Ajmal Mian,

    Justice Saiduzzaman Siddiqui,

    Justice Irshad Hasan Khan,

    Justice Raja Afrasiab Khan,

    Justice Mohammad Bashir Jehangiri,

    Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid,

    Justice Munawar Ahmed Mirza,

    Justice Mamoon Kazi and

    Justice Abdur Rehman Khan.

    Unanimously declared the setting up of military courts

    for the trial of civilians as unconstitutional and without lawful


    The Honorable Bench give the following Decision.

    “We are of the view that Ordinance No XII of 1998 as amended up-to-

    date in so far as it allows the establishment of military courts

    for trial of civilian charged with the offences mentioned in

    Section 6 and the schedule to the above ordinance are declared

    Unconstitutional, without lawful authority and of no legal effect,”

    According to this judgment by the 9 member NON PCO Bench, it is crystal clear that the then Prime Minister (Nawaz Sharif) and President Rafiq Tarar did conduct an Unconstitutional Act, which is declared by the Supreme Court of Pakistan as Unconstitutional and Un Lawful.( It is worth noting that Nawaz Sharif is asking for Musharraf Trial as Supreme Court of Pakistan termed 3 Nov 2007 Actions Un Constitutional and Illegal, the same Supreme Court cited on 17 Feb 1999).

    So if Mr Nawaz Sharif asked the Government to try Musharraf under article 6 for doing Unconstitutional and Un Lawful Act then Mr Nawaz Sharif Did the same in 1998 and the Supreme Court comprises of NON PCO Judges gave the same Verdict against Him as well, then He Should be Try under article 6 and should be hang for doing un constitutional Act as well.

    Now it is the duty of Civil Society and Lawyers Community and People of Pakistan to ask for the trial of Mr Nawaz Sharif, then Prime Minister who advised the then President Rafiq Tarar to issue an ordinance for setting up Military Courts, which was termed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan as Un Constitutional and Unlawful, Under article 6 for doing an UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACT.

    Lets see the so called Civil Society and Lawyers would comes out and ask for Mr Nawaz trial under Article 6 or not.

    This post is a big Question Mark on the people who wants trial of Musharraf under Article 6 for doing Unconstitutional Act but not asking trial of Mr Nawaz Sharif for the same.

    by Mr. Khalid Farooqi
    his blog is

  69. very well learned and patriotic people!i salute u all for providing us the facts and figures about sir musharraf’s govt. people r blind and short-sighted.they don’t understand and appreciate the right leaders…we need jaswant singh to tell us how great our quaid was.our sold out media people r only concerned about musharraf’s trial. shame on them.keep up the gud work guys

  70. I cant express my feelings after reading this article and all the commentsss..am overwhelmed..Great job guyss!!!may the Almighty bless you all,this country and our leader Mr.Musharraf!!…miss himm soo mcuh ..the feeling of being a proud Pakistani was at its peak during his time…he made things happen for this Country and Nation..!!I salute himm!!! and hope to see hm back sooonnnnnn!!!

    Long Live Pakistan and Mr.Musharraf..!

  71. Actually Musharaf did a great job which is not usually acceptable to enemies of Pakistan including politicians business men or land lords. Musharaf has delivered street level democracy through district system and empowered our nation to think and judge.

    generation next should concentrate on real time democracy because we do not want to be ruled by army or any civil dictators in future and unfortunatly we been ruled by army or civil dictators through out 62 years

    Sub sa Pahla Pakistan

  72. Salam Musharraf! Please come back we are waiting for u.Really your are our best leader “Please come back” we are with u.

    Love President Musharraf and hope he comes back and save our country from these current losers.

  73. Love President Musharraf and hope he comes back and save our country from these current losers.

  74. A true Pakistani leader whose heart beats for Pakistan. Its seems without Mushraff the current bastid politians will eat the nation and destroy Pakistan.

    Simply they do have the potential and capability to run a country.

    Allah bring Mushraff back and make him agian our leader other wise million of Pakistanis will keep weeping on seeing there nation going down and down and its economy eaten due to corruption which is happening fast that is why our Rs has no value.

    During President Mushraff time our Rs and dollor was static around 60 and now it is 84 no body know when it will beomce 184 beacuase the current corrupt rulers are making all appointment on the basis of their relationship.

    Just for example ANP a party which is anti Pakistan (because they never accept our Quid our flag our Pakistan resolution) is ruling NWFP and it had two ajendas one full opposition in making of Kalabag dam (which must have solved our electricty problem) and the Paktoonkhwa name.

    Now let me tell you anti kalabag was only bacuase of jalously with Punjab. They do now ant to see Punjab more stroger and in real term Punjub is Pakistan real heart.

    In NWFP there are million of people whose mother tounge is HINKDO , Kohistani and Chirtrali and this anti Pakistan party wants a name Pakhtoonkwa which is full of hatrated and infact there heart beats with afganistan (which has eaten of our Pakistan resourses)
    Allah please clean these shit parties like ANP from Pakistan. I am really worried. and Mushraff coming back seems to be only cure for My love My Pakistan.

  75. Administrator, your efforts are highly commendable.

  76. Pakistan was in the blinding darkness when he took over the charge 10 years ago, he gave this country a hope to live again, to live with honor and confidence of proceeding towards the right direction, towards the direction of brightness, the ray of hopes, but political stupidity and establishment came in between, and those who wanted nothing but power, nothing but “hell-firing-money”. I support Musharraf for the actions he did, for the direction which he proceeded to.
    I support him for his vision.
    And i support and love this website.

  77. Always remember you for what u did for Pakistan.

    But Mr. Musharraf U cant fight with will of God. Leaders who are in control today are best for the people because this is what they deserve.

    Again we have seen that PML-N won election of NA-55. Now this is what the people want. So you did good when u ruled. U cant changed with people who are silent Majority. Because they were, are and will remain silent. You better understand what is the percentage of Voters in Pakistan.

    These are realities. I hope that Im right but God never help those who never even try to help themselves. Mr. Musharraf God be with U.

  78. hey. how much of the GDP growth is because of foriegn aid increases?

    bonus point: aid increases debt



  80. Hey, Raheel if that’s your real name. I’ve the moral courage to let everyone read this message of yours…. and let them know the background you come from. Difference of opinion is always appreciated and that’s democratic. However, one should never fall below graciousness and TAHZEEB. This is one stark difference between those that hate Musharraf and people like me who LOVE Musharraf. We adopted our broadmindedness from this great leader. Go and view his FaceBook page to witness how liberal he is and allows everyone to express their view point. You won’t be the last one to despise him. And, there always shall be ones that love him!

    Now that I’ve allowed your comments – atleast, you’ll accept that Musharraf Supporters are brave soldiers.

  81. excellent work administrator… let me thank you for being honest THIS time… though i guess that you forgot to show up the same spirit when you deleted my comments times…..

    anyways.. i am surprised that you moral and ethical values only apply on comments about musharaf.. you never happen to have call them when you see people using the same sort of words for Musharaf Oppenents (Pakistanis)…

    is facebook enough to prove his musharaf’s liberalism… i suggest rather go to Pakistan and see people dying every moment – everywhere because of hunger & terrorism that he left as the result of his SOCALLED liberalism (beghairti in punjabi)

    I give you my words, dear administrator… the number of graves added to the pakistani land is far greater than the number of FANS purvezh musharaf gets on facebook…


  82. Raheel,
    I never delete comments nor conversations. Yes, I may have deleted your abusive & derogatory words. They call it GAALIAN in urdu. Kindly, scroll up a little and see that I have allowed comments by ‘Musharrafisghaddar’. I do not mind constructive criticism or conversation. Musharraf supporters convince through facts and figures and through courtesy. No, moral ethics apply on everyone – be it Musharraf fans or otherwise. I think Musharraf’s own personal account on FB, allowing all sorts of discussions is testimony to the fact that the General was the most liberal of men. My own logical conversation on Imran Khan’s Justice Movement have been deleted several times.

    As to your point that number of graves in PAK increased. I request you to put forward statistics. Otherwise, it would be called nothing other than an ’emotional speech’. Also, when did people not die in Pakistan due to sectarian violence or terrorism faced in 1990s? Do you know the average lives that were lost due to that violence? Do you know how many lives are killed by the feudals of our country?

    Long Live Musharraf!

  83. Dear Surfers,

    Following are answers related to Afia’s case.

    First of all, what was the policy of government under Musharraf?

    1- 31 Dec 2009: Former president Gen Pervez Musharraf had also turned down a US request for extradition of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, who was wanted in the murder of journalist Daniel Pearl.


    2- In his address, Musharraf refused to hand over Pakistanis wanted by the Indian side.

    “We have been sent a list of 20 people wanted by India. If we are given evidence against those people, we will take action against them in Pakistan under our own laws,” he said, adding “there is no question of handing over any Pakistani.”


    Now regarding Afia Siddiqui a US citizen. The media is responsible for contemplating on an issue they were simply unaware of. Their sole objective at that moment was to target General Musharraf’s personalilty. This led to creation of rumors and distortion of reality.

    1- The US admitted she was ARRESTED in Ghazi in July 2008. Means she was NOT ‘handed over by Pakistani intelligence’!


    2- On July 17, 2008, SIDDIQUI was detained by Afghan authorities in Afghanistan. She was arrested by Afghan authorities. This is the FBI website.


    3- According to her former husband, as per The Guardian report, “Most strikingly, Khan claimed to have seen his ex-wife with his own eyes. In April 2003, he said, the ISI asked him to identify his ex-wife as she got off a flight from Islamabad, accompanied by her son. TWO YEARS later he spotted her again in a Karachi traffic jam. But he never went public with the information. “I wanted to protect her, for the sake of my children,” he said.


    4- “I am sure they are around Karachi and in contact with their maternal family as both Aafia and the children were seen around their house here and in Islamabad on multiple occasions since their alleged disappearance in 2003. They may be living under an assumed identity just like Aafia and Ahmed had been living [as Saliha and Ali Ahsan] for five years before they got arrested,” believes the father.


    5- Khan’s explanation is bolstered by the one person who claims to have met the missing neuroscientist between 2003 and 2008 – Afia’s uncle, Shams ul-Hassan Faruqi. Back in Islamabad. Over tea and biscuits he described a strange encounter with his niece in January 2008, six months before she was captured in Afghanistan.


    6- The former husband Dr Amjad Khan speaks after six years.

    7- On GEO Capital Talk program, listen to what Afia Siddiqui’s sister said. She clearly says, that she does NOT know where Afia was arrested from, confirming that Afia is in Ghazni arrested.

    Afia’s sister testimony contradict those reports that say the she was on her way to ISB and disappeared. If she had disappeared, the sister would have said so.

    It’s clear from all the above references, her former husband Dr Amjad Khan, her Uncle Shams Faruqi and her sister – Afia was hiding in Pakistan, probably underground, till January 2008, as FBI had issued a global alert for her.

    8- FBI soon issued the first global “wanted for questioning” alert for the couple in March 2003. “At that time, the agencies did not know we were divorced and I was also unaware of Aafia’s involvement with two other terror suspects, Majid Khan and Ammar Al-Baluchi. They wanted me to persuade Aafia to appear for the interview with them and clear the charges leveled against her just as I had done. That is when she went underground and it later became apparent why she chose to ‘disappear’,” disclosed Dr Amjad.


    9- Dr Aafia’s eldest son Ahmed who was arrested in July 2008 in Ghazni, Afghanistan, along with his mother had told the Afghan investigators that they had arrived by road from Quetta two days before.

    10- This is what the PPP Deputy Attorney General Shahid Iqbal Qureshi told the Islamabad High Court, on 16 October 2008.

    “Since Dr Aafia was not arrested from Pakistani soil, Pakistani laws are not applicable to her,” he said.

    Lastly, we would like to publicly express our sincere regrets for what a woman had to go through. We feel sorry for her. We condemn US policies in this region and worldwide. However, no one should put the Security and National Interest of Pakistan at stake, to cross over into any other regional country, without legal documents.

    I hope your queries are answered.


  84. http://www.medilinksint.com/gdp.html

  85. I am intrested to join your political party. Please provide Terms & Conditions for joining to your party.

  86. i would not have come back to this forum however, all thanks go to Mr. Tabassum & Waqqar who are willing to bet on a dead horse…

    wish u the bst gentlemen



  87. Dear Raheel,

    Dead horse? Musharraf raised Rs. 250 million for the flood-hit in 3-4 hours. I think you need to think deeply, when the elected Prime Minister says on media that their government managed to collect 1.5 crore and on the other hand, Musharraf managed to outshine them all.


  88. Dear Adhmoinrse
    you let me Run this country with guns
    you let me sell my country’s sons & daughters to my masters
    you let me sell our national interstest and securities and peace to our enemies for 10 years…

    and i can give 500 million in one hour with the help of my foreign masters…


  89. Dear Raheel,
    One must talk with proper facts, sources and figures. Musharraf held elections in 2002. Local government elections gave power on grass root levels and Musharraf was merely the President of country. So, the country was NOT run with guns, but through Parliament. Pakistan never sold its daughters and sons to anyone. These sons & daughters crossed over the borders through illegal ways without passport and got arrested. They are responsible for their own state. Musharraf build the National Interest through supporting and accumulating Al-Khalid tanks, Agosta Submarines, Ballistic Missiles, and Thunder Jf-17. He built 47 universities all over Pakistan. He built 3 Motorways and several under construction. He built Mirani Dam, Gomal Zam Dam and Subakzai Dam. This above is what I say.


  90. i am glad to hear that Gen.Musharaf has Launches a new political party in Pakistan.from the leaving of Musharaf and up till now we are in the hands of evils i we can hope that a person Musharaf will save Pakistan with the blessings of ALLAH.
    Tell me sir how can i hell you i am veterinary surgeon studing specialization here in LOndon.

  91. now you can see all ghadars under one flag and that will Musharif flag……

  92. Ali,
    Unethical comments shall not be approved. Kindly, talk on issues and matters of governance or politics – if you wish to participate in meaningful debates. Thanks,

  93. A wonderful project! Good to see that there are people still supporting the great leader!

  94. What will you do to end corruption,Rishwatt’s scrouge,
    Rishwatt at development projects at many times Kills the projects,

    Do you really have to be in power to do good for the country,
    Can you do something,anything for Pakistan from now on which will help the country in a positive way,For example start to make happen one small Hydel Project of say 10- 15 MW

  95. i love him and want id of musharraf

  96. musharraf sahab aap ko pora pakistan passand karta hy laiken nechli satha par logo ko mutaid karna hy
    main bi apml k leye kam krana chata hon laiken support ki kami hy operi satha par sharp mind log raky taky party mazbot ho shukria
    nadarkhan charsadda

  97. musharraf sahab wapis aye pora pakistan aap ki amad ka muntazir hy auor nechli sata k log ap k sat hy operi sata k logo nahe chaty k ap ayen app zaror ayen taky ap ki party aur mulk mazbot ho

  98. i like musharaf policies and hope he will come back before elections from zeeshan dogar

  99. please send me Gen Musharaf’s direct email address on my mail.
    Maj (R) Shiraz Khan.

  100. thoes who are still anti musharraf are actually illeterate and fool. even in current situation they should compare thoes years of musharraf rul. they can easily judge the difference by themselve..

  101. We as Muslims must spread the messagr of peace and not accepted misguided people to lead us to the way of destruction. Muhammad صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ
    . Is our best example to follow

  102. plz guyzz pray for musharraf…….

  103. Please be very firm that this great son of the soil is a patriot, courageous and logical thinker. Most of mafia elites including media, politicians,,judiciary, bureaucracy, few Army people and mullahs desire that Musshharraf should be sent out of Pakistan , Yes for an instant accepted for his own safety but before leaving he should get all allegations washed or proven false come-what-may. If a person of his stature cant speak the truth to the nation and moves away under pressure, the next News would be BUZDIL COMMANDO BHIK MANG KAR JAN CHURRE GyA. THIS A MATTER OF RESISTING AGAINST EVIL and GETTING THIS NATION AWARE OF THE ILL WISHER OF THE NATION INTEGRITY.

  104. we want pervez musharaf as a leader

  105. May lord both of u live long

  106. Gen Msuharaf was a weak sense who offered support for the US after Nine/Eleven. Death keeps a calandar and keeping of faith on this that every death is on risk of US and ALMIGHTY GOD can not interfer with them and if GOD can not do some things than US would die all world at once. Gen Musharraf think that if we don’t offer support to US than they will eat even man of pakistan. We can not believe on this.

    Thanks Fida

  107. General musharraf is best than all the corrupt politician lik nawaz shareef

  108. The one who all say him Gaddar are totally wrong, He is the real lion of Pakistan Army. We salute his deed and nothing he has done agaist Pakistan but he has done agaist the looters interest.Looters could not make money during his presidency
    Looters are daring to keep real lion in Pakistan. Why there is no action agaist the looted money kept abroad and still being looted poor Pakistanis due share. Looters are Mili Bhagat!
    During his time crime, BHATTAGHORI and target killing was not much heard of, and Karachi was never #1 as crime city in the eye of the world. There was much peace and economy and employment rate was better than neibouring countries.
    He maintained great foreign policy and all Muslim countries respected Pakistan and used to honored him as true Muslim Army leader.
    Look, where did Musarraf financially raised pakistan economy verses others have eaten up all those savings and further borrowed more loan and done nothing or even if they have done very insignificant ,it does exist in paper but not physically. Who were named Mr. X% and xx% to got signed the contact.
    Only cowards do not acknowledge the truth and
    Let people speak the truth for the progress by Pakistan during his time.
    Musarraf is a great Hero of Pakistan and will remain as Hero of Pakistan all the time.
    Say, on road Musarraf Zindabad – Pak Fauj Zindabad. Respect his deed as President of Pakistan.

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