This page shall contain all the VIDEOS that are a direct testimony to the greatness of General Musharraf as a visionary leader, and shall help highlight the progress, development and achievements of his era.

View Videos related to Pervez Musharraf on his Facebook Page (Link)


From Desk of  President Musharraf


President Musharraf ‘s Message to All his Supporters (watch all 8 parts)


Desk of Pervez Musharraf – Power Generation


Desk of Pervez Musharraf – Facts on Balochistan


Desk of Pervez Musharraf – Role of Youth in Pakistan


President Musharraf announces return to Pakistani Politics


Videos Clarifying Hot Topics and Issues


PIA, Steels Mills, Railways and Public Sector Enterprises in Corruption under democratic PPP


Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry Petrol Chor – Proven by PPP Faisal Raza Abidi


Faisal Raza Abidi blames Nawaz Sharif corruption of Rs.6146 million


Corruption of Punjab Government Exposed 2010


King of Corruption Nawaz Sharif (who spends Rs.35 Lakh daily and pays no Tax)


Maj. Gen Nadeem Ejaz (Ex DG-MI) is not a relative of Gen (R) Pervez Musharraf


Barrister Saif on BB murder and UNO report


General Rashid Qureshi on BB murder and UN report


CPO Saud Aziz denied Ex DG-MI Interference


(Ex DG-IB & PPP CEC Member) Masood Sharif on Benazir Bhutto’s Assassination


Khalid Shahenshah suspicious actions on stage, next to BB


Pervez Musharraf speaks on BB murder


Pervez Musharraf on BB murder – part 1


Pervez Musharraf on BB murder – part 2


Barrister Saif exposing the real face of so-called independent Judiciary of Pakistan


PPP Senator Faisal Raza Abidi proves ‘Judges for Sale’


Faisal Raza Abidi exposes LHC Judge  Khawaja Shareef & PML-N Saad Rafiq



Lt.Gen(R) Hameed Gul earlier praised Sir Musharraf  – why oppose him now?


People joining APML and Barrister Sahib says ‘We love Generals of Army’


Lal Masjid Truth


Lal Masjid Extremism & its confessions – Eye Opener



Who forced AQKhan to confess his Nuclear Proliferation crimes on TV?



Nawaz Sharif PML-N doing BHATTA KHORI in Punjab


Steels Mills a Profitable Organization in Sir Musharraf era, worthless now


Presidential Reference to 3rd Nov Emergency – Facts



Media and Journalists praising Musharraf


Kamran Khan praising the family of General Pervez Musharraf


President Musharraf’s Economic Achievement – Statistics on Javed Chaudhry program


Freedom of Media goes to Musharraf – Imran Khan


Hasan Nisar admits the height of Musharraf’s personality


Mubashir Lucman praises Musharraf


Videos Enumerating Economic Success



President Musharraf’s achievements for Pakistan 1999 to 2007


Musharraf Economic Achievements


Musharraf Mega Projects


Pakistan Military versus Pakistan Democratic governments – US dollar status



  1. Hey you’ve got great collection! Thanks for these videos. They make our support for Musharraf sahab more strong. Upload more videos plssssss.

  2. Why are these sick media now started to realize what Musharraf kept telling them years back? Were they blind when these statistics were published? Have they measured the performance today?

    Supreme court should sue the media for misguiding public to vote for these bastards !!!!

    We love and stand with Musharraf – true leader!

  3. The way the condition of pakistan is getting worst day by day wd musharaf be able to get controle or to get them down on the normal pitch if these wd be the conditions of Pakistan then i think it wd be a rather difficult and wd require more time to get stable.

  4. gr8 job

  5. A O A SIR,

  6. Dear Muhammad Zeeshan,
    We are very sorry that searching cost your precious time. Musharraf’s interview in Transcript and Video link were given in the post,

    Alternatively you may view the video directly here:

    In order to help you search sucessfully for any interview, it is requested that you search for the interview’s LINK, in the CHRONICLE page, as all interviews, speeches and addresses of General Musharraf are listed there. Alternatively, you may also type in the search box, given at th etop right hand side of the webpage.

    Thank you for visiting President Musharraf WordPress and supporting Our Leader!
    Kind Regards!

  7. admin there was a dr.affia sidquee page here i cant find it plz help me a little

  8. Dear Anwaar Malik,
    I’m not too sure, if we had dedicated a full page on Dr Afia Siddiqui here, but yes, she has been mentioned in several of the comments and counter-comments. If there’s any particular information you re searching for, kindly let us know. For your convenience we’ll share some information below,

    1- Afia Siddiqui was a US national and held US passport.

    2- USA admitted she was ARRESTED in Ghazi in July 2008. Means she was NOT ‘handed over by Pakistani intelligence’

    3- She divorced her earlier husband and married a so-called Jihadist “Ammar Al Baluchi” – the nephew of 911 mastermind ‘Khalid Shekh Mohammad.

    4- Afia’s former husband breaks silence after 6 years

    5- Deputy Attorney General Shahid Iqbal Qureshi told the court, ““Since Dr Aafia was not arrested from Pakistani soil, Pakistani laws are not applicable to her,” he said.

    6- According to her former husband, as per The Guardian report, “Most strikingly, Khan claimed to have seen his ex-wife with his own eyes. In April 2003, he said, the ISI asked him to identify his ex-wife as she got off a flight from Islamabad, accompanied by her son. TWO YEARS later he spotted her again in a Karachi traffic jam. But he never went public with the information. “I wanted to protect her, for the sake of my children,” he said.

    7- Siddiqui says she was picked up outside the governor’s compound in the eastern Afghan city of Ghazni on July 17 by the Afghan police who became suspicious of her inability to speak either of Afghanistan’s main languages, Pashtu or Darri.

    8- Afia Siddiqui involved in Liberian Diamond Deal:

    If there is any other information required, please let us know.

    Thank You for visiting ‘President Musharraf WordPress’

    Kind Regards,

  9. assalam o alykom me aap sy milna chahta houn
    shah riaz khan nowshera

  10. parvez mushraf is legend leader and brave he is a very kindfull for minorties

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