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Pervez Musharraf and his Wife in Reema Show

13 March 2011

Pervez Musharraf and Wife in Reema Show Part 01/03

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Chris Cuomo’s Interview with Pervez Musharraf on ABC News

11 May 2011 – ABC NEWS

CUOMO: So let’s get right to it. Intelligence now suggests that OBL had been in this compound for at least 5 to 6 years. That would put him in the compound while you were president. So I ask you, how could you not have known that OBL was somewhere so easy to find?

MUSHARRAF: Well, it is indeed a big, uh, blunder. It’s a big slip up for the intelligence, but I really doubt (inaudible) is clear. It doesn’t appeal to my logic. And you say, I mean how come so many people around the house who all recognize OBL, it’s a household name everywhere in most of the world, how come they didn’t know OBL was there? So this is a very nagging doubt in my mind. That this isn’t logically possible.

CUOMO: Well, two things. On the logic of it Mr. President, two things for you to put into your thinking. One, they have video excerpts of OBL making tapes, practicing for tapes, that put him in the same room over that period, that helps develop the understanding that he was there, and why do you assume that people would have said anything if they knew he were there? That’s the big doubt whether the Pakistani people and intelligence were willing to out OBL

MUSHARRAF: Well, let me tell you where he was. This city, Abbattabad, I know very well. People there are not at all pro-Taliban or pro-al Qaeda. They are not the religious extremist kind. I am very sure that people would have indicated that he was there. Uh, this is not the tribal agency(??) of Pakistan. And the people here, I know, are very very different. But ethnically, they distinguish themselves from the Pashtoons very, very much.

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General Musharraf on KAL TAK Express News

26 April 2011

Former military ruler Pervez Musharraf denied he had cut an overt or covert deal with the United States, allowing CIA drone attacks against so-called Taliban sanctuaries in Pakistan’s tribal regions. Read below….

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“Pervez Musharraf’s return” by Aizaz Syed at Dawn News

17 April 2011 – Former President General Musharraf says that he would definitely return to Pakistan and did not fear going to jail, but “I am waiting for the proper time”.

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BBC Ex-Pakistan President Musharraf on Middle East Democracy

28 March 2011


Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf claims “good dictatorship is better than bad democracy” as he discussed uprisings across the Middle East. The London-based politician told Anita Anand of democracy in his home country, and the warrant out for his arrest there – and also the allied action in Libya, where he said “the endgame is not clear”.

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TIME: 10 Questions for Musharraf

24 March 2011

You are planning a return to Pakistan to run again for President, a job you left in 2008. Why?
For the sake of Pakistan. I am very comfortable. I go around the world lecturing, and they pay me well. But there is a cause bigger than the self. I governed the country for nine years — successfully. So I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. And I know Pakistan is suffering. I know there is a vacuum of leadership. Therefore the cause of Pakistan pulls me toward my destiny. Maybe it’s a call of destiny much more for the nation than for myself.

You stepped down at the behest of the people. We’ve also seen Tunisia’s Zine el Abidine Ben Ali and Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak step down at the people’s demand. How would you advise Muammar Gaddafi?
I would like to seriously object to the comparison. I left peacefully through my own volition. So please don’t compare me to those two. However, you have spoken about Gaddafi. The will of the people should reign supreme. It’s almost a civil war there. A political situation must be found.

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President Musharraf in an interview to Al-Aan TV

23 Jan 2011

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16 Jan 2011 (Reuters) – Former president Pervez Musharraf said on Sunday that Pakistan‘s blasphemy laws could not  be changed, but that the man who killed the governor of Punjab province over his opposition to them must be punished. Musharraf, who is planning to return to Pakistan to fight elections due by 2013, also said he was open to any coalition partners who wanted to join him, and described the MQM as “a good party” with whom he had no differences of opinion. He said blasphemy was an extremely sensitive issue for the people of Pakistan. “Therefore doing away with the blasphemy law is not at all possible and must not be done,” he told Reuters. Read More…
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Pervez Musharraf APML UK Team Notification

15 Jan 2011

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President Musharraf with ‘Ikhtilaf’ AAJ News (Both Parts)

14 Jan 2011

 Former President Pervez Musharraf has said that he firmly believes that country’s army will support him once he returns to the country because he has served that institution for over 35 years. Talking to Wajahat Khan at “Ikhtalaf”, an Aaj News programme, on Friday, he reiterated his plan about his return to the country, saying that he would definitely go to Pakistan and try to win next elections there as he was wants to play his role in the country’s politics and take the country out of challenges it is facing today.

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President Musharraf’s interview to One-on-One Al-Jazeera

8 January 2011

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Security before Democracy

by Pervez Musharraf on Saturday, 01 January 2011

DEMOCRACY is an obsession with the West. Perhaps, rightly so because after the failure of communism and socialism, democracy has emerged as the only successful form of government.

 However, when one looks around in the Third World which is experimenting with democracy, one sees an unacceptable manifestation of the same — a democratically elected government is in place but taking the country towards disaster. Therefore, clearly, politics/democracy needs to be reconciled with national security — progress/development of the state and welfare/wellbeing of its people.

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President Musharraf with Salim Safi on JIRGA

20 December 2010

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President Musharraf on NEWS 24 India in Aamne Samne

Watch Anurradha Prasad in Aamne Samne on NEWS 24 with General Pervez Musharraf

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‘What should be done in Afghanistan’ by President Musharraf

Written by former President of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf

15 December 2010

Historical background: Events in Afghanistan took a turn in 1979 with the invasion of the country by the Soviet  Union. The Soviets were challenged through a jihad, launched by the Afghans supported by America and Pakistan. The jihad was strongly reinforced by mujahideen, encouraged and brought from all over the Muslim world and also by the Taliban from the madrassas of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. It was spearheaded by various religious militant groups and, thus, we saw the introduction of religious militancy in the region which continued for ten long years. The year 1989 saw the defeat of the Soviet Union and its eviction from Afghanistan.

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Pervez Musharraf speaks exclusively to NDTV’s Barkha Dutt

9 October 2010
London:  Speaking exclusively to NDTV’s Group Editor Barkha Dutt, former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf has  said that there is great public support in Pakistan for groups like the Laskhar-e-Toiba, but these groups were not raised during his tenure.

Barkha Dutt: General Musharraf, one thing, I think, that your fiercest critics will grant you, is that you have always been someone who has been willing to take chances, who has been willing to think unconventionally. Do we take your decision to launch a political party at this stage, when many believe that you cannot ever return to Pakistan – to be one such example of President Musharraf, old style, taking chances?

Pervez Musharraf: No. I would say I believe in the Napoleonic theory of decision-making, which is, two-third of any decision is calculation, and analysis, and data inputs, one third is always a leap in the dark. So any leader – anyone who tries to increase the two third, is not a leader. He suffers from paralysis through analysis. And anyone who will try to increase the one third is impulsive. I am not impulsive. I calculate, analyse, get all the inputs, but I am prepared to take the risks in the leap in the dark of the one-third. People who don’t take all the risks are no leaders. So I would say that I have made all the calculations, and I personally think that there is a fair chance of doing something good for Pakistan. I am not doing anything for myself. I am very happy. I am doing my lecture tours, I go all over the world, I am coming very soon to Delhi. Yes, indeed. Just now I am coming from Hong Kong, Stockholm, and then back here. I am now going to United States, and the Canada, and then to Nigeria. So I have no problems. But I am doing something from Pakistan. But then I analyse, can I do something for Pakistan? Is the environment right? I think the environment is right, and I think I can. The two-thirds calculation tells me that. But the one-third is a chance and it’s a gut reaction, it’s my sixth sense, and it’s better to try and fail rather than not try at all.

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General Musharraf launches All Pakistan Muslim League (APML)

1st October 2010

Launching Ceremony of All Pakistan Muslim League

LONDON: Former President General (rtd) Pervez Musharraf on Friday formally announced his new political party “All Pakistan Muslim League” (APML). Musharraf told hundreds of cheering supporters in London and in Karachi, that the best way to deal with Pakistan’s political and economic troubles is to bring his party to power. He said that there is a need to “bring all patriotic people under one flag — that flag should be All Pakistan Muslim League.”  Musharraf admitted that mistakes were committed during his government and sought apology from the nation for the same. “All Pakistan Muslim League to wage jihad against poverty and illiteracy,” he vowed, adding that the time for talks is over and now it is time to act. He invited all Pakistanis to come forward and join hands with APML and strengthen it. He said that his party manifesto will be governed by the Holy Quran, Quaid-e- Azam’s 11 August 1947 Constituent Assembly address and 12 April 1949 Objective Resolution by Liaquat Ali Khan. He described nepotism and corruption as the biggest curse for any society and vowed to rid the country of the same. “Internal and external threats will be dealt with strongly and the fight against terrorism will continue till the elimination of this scourge.” He said that annual GDP growth will be increased to over 6 percent and recalled that 8 percent growth rate was achieved during his government. “I believe in freedom of media and will support it thoroughly…only those are afraid of media who have got dirty laundry to hide,” Musharraf stated. ”Today I announce starting my political career and joining All Pakistan Muslim League. I want to begin my political career with clean slate.”

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Membership for All Pakistan Muslim League (APML)

Support General President Pervex Musharraf by joining  APML by submitting the APML form below or by signing up on the APML website itself.

Become APML Member

APML stands for a united “All Pakistan Muslim League”. If you are committed to the progress of Pakistan and wish to see our country head in the direction Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah would have wanted it to move towards, APML is the platform for you. Don’t stand on the sidelines of history, come forward and be counted amongst the “Shaheens” of “All Pakistan Muslim League”.

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President Musharraf at Elon University

Former Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf gives Convocation speech

As he explored the misconceptions that exist between the West and the Islamic world, Pervez Musharraf, the former president of Pakistan who was a key U.S. ally in its fight against the Taliban, shared his observations with students, faculty and the community on Tuesday afternoon as the keynote speaker for Fall Convocation inside Alumni Gym.

E-net! image (see caption if available) “Terrorism is a symptom,” said former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. “The issues are the cause (of that violence).”

The Oct. 12, 2010, talk included a brief history lesson on the rise of Islam, the geopolitical events of the past two centuries that have created deep tensions toward the West, and what can be done to help heal some of those rifts. “As far as I’m concerned, there’s never been a dull moment over the past 10 years,” Musharraf said of events since Sept. 11, 2001.

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President Musharraf interview to SPIEGEL

4 October 2010

Pakistan trained militant underground groups to fight against India in Kashmir, former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf admitted in an interview with SPIEGEL. In addition, the 67-year-old explains why he wants to leave his exile in London and return to his country.

SPIEGEL: Pakistanis have been left bewildered by the incompetence of the government led by President Asif Ali Zardari in dealing with the consequences of the disastrous floods. Do you expect another military coup soon?

Musharraf: Whenever the country is in turmoil, everybody looks to the army. But I would suggest that the times of military coups in Pakistan are over. The latest political developments have shown that the Supreme Court has set a bar on itself not to validate a military takeover.

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29 September 2010

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President Musharraf’s JALSA in Birmingham

 2 October 2010

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President speaks to RFE/RL’s in London

4 October 2010
Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf spoke to RFE/RL’s Akbar Ayazi in London following his announcement that he was forming a new party, the All Pakistan Muslim League: Pervez Musharraf

Pervez Musharraf:
Well, I am forming this new party because on the political landscape of Pakistan I don’t see any other party which can deliver Pakistan from the darkness in which it is at present finding itself. And that is the reason why I am making this party. And I am trying to introduce — I will try to a new political culture in Pakistan, a new democratic culture, a democratic political culture in Pakistan, through this party. This is the main reason.

But, as far as your point, that I, something that I could not achieve. I achieved a lot for Pakistan in all fields, all socio-economic fields. Not one of them was left unattended, and not in one of them did I not make progress; major progress. The failure was in the political field, so therefore now, when I come with political authority, political legitimacy of the support of the people of Pakistan, I feel that the situation would be much better.

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President Musharraf in Manchester 2010

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President Musharraf’s interview to Sohail Waraich on GEO

7 October 2010: Former President of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf in a brilliant interview on GEO to Sohail Waraich, where he clarifies on several topics and misperceptions propagated against him.

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Cherish President Musharraf

View the Grass -Root deliverance, a difference between Musharraf Era and others … his governance delivered where others failed !

Economic Comparison 1999 – 2007 and beyond 

Today we present few observations detailing the impact of General Musharraf’s tenure, which modernized the lifestyle of our ordinary public, trying to give them a changed Pakistan. Observe how President Musharraf’s era transformed an ordinary man’s life to bring about a change easing the daily routine, interaction and business. This is a special contribution, by an ordinary patriotic Pakistani who saw a great change in Pakistan up to the years 2007-08.

We request the ordinary Pakistanis to come forward and register few lines in favor of General Musharraf’s led government, sharing their experiences related to the difference they evidently felt!

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Achievements of President Pervez Musharraf and his Government

Pervez Musharraf’s Notes


This document lists some of the achievements of the former President of Pakistan, General (Retd.) Pervez Musharraf. It is, probably the longest single statement of feats of  developments, repairs and enhancements in one of the “most difficult countries to govern” (Time Magazine).

  • The Situation on 12th October 1999, when Mr. Musharraf took over was that Pakistan faced:
    • Economic bankruptcy.
    • International isolation.
    • The Country was referred to as a ‘failed state’.
    • Political instability and chequered political history of previous governments. Opposition never allowed an elected government to complete term and derailed the process / institutions.

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The APML Manifesto – Our Covenant

The APML Manifesto-Our Covenant-Pervez Musharraf-1st Oct 2010

by Pervez Musharraf on Wednesday, 13 October 2010 at 13:19

This, our Covenant is more than a hypocritical political party manifesto. It is very precious to us for we regard it as our Covenant with God and the people hablum minallah wa hablum min alnass “hold on to the rope of God and to the rope of the people “(Surah Aal e Imran). If you do you will not know failure. This is God’s Covenant with Man and Man’s Covenant with God and with his greatest creation, humanity or Al Naas.

We have been taking our country for granted. We forget that Pakistan is the most precious country in the world because it is the only country we have. We don’t realize that without it we would be international orphans, bereft of identity, without hope, shunned by all. It is our motherland and our stamp of identity. That is why Pakistan must come first.  Read More…

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Our Leader on FaceBook

We are pleased to inform all Fans and well wishers that Our Leader – General Musharraf has joined  Facebook. The membership is growing with each passing day. We’ll be updating this page, whenever our leader responses to new questions on Facebook. Watch Video of his personal introduction to his FB account.

Join him on Face-Book to demonstrate Support and Encouragement!

Answering Your Top 3 Questions – IV

Question: Which political organization supports your vision? Pasdar-e-Pakistan is a grassroots organization of my supporters. The Pasdars have been holding seminars, conventions, press conferences and public demonstrations on issues of national concern. They are engaged in building support all over Pakistan and beyond. As this organization expands its membership of registered supporters, I urge you to offer your support to it.


For further information, please contact:
Phone: +92 51 2814270
Or visit:

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Musharraf’s validity and endorsements by Supreme Court

5June07   Supreme Court 2




 Chronological record of events, that validates President Musharraf’s election as President and  subsequent endorsements by Supreme Court

Written by: Afreen Baig

1-      On 13 May 2000, Pakistan’s 12 member Supreme Court unanimously validated the October 1999 coup and granted Musharraf executive and legislative authority for 3 years from the coup date. Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry was one of the judges that validated. (Link)

Further on 27 April 2002, the Supreme Court reaffirmed their judgment regarding 1999 Emergency, PCO No.1 of 1999 and Referundum – on basis of doctrine of state necessity. Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry was one of the nine judges that validated. (Link)

2-      On 7 October 2002, the 5 member bench of Supreme Court validated LFO and amendments to constitution. Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry was one of the judges that validated. (Link)

3-      On 29 Dec 2004, PML-Q government passed the 17th constitutional amendment bill in National Assembly, with 2/3 majority, also approved by Senate that allowed President Musharraf to hold dual offices. (Link)

4-      Constitution of Pakistan – Article 63 clause (1) paragraph (d), read with proviso to Article 41 clause (7) paragraph (b), allows the President to hold dual office.

5-      On 13 April 2005, the 5 member bench of Supreme Court gave judgment in favor of 17th amendment and President’s uniform. Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry was one of the judges that validated. (Link)

6-      On 28 September 2007, the Supreme Court cleared the way for President Pervez Musharraf to seek another five-year term, and stand for Presidential elections, when six of the nine judges, rejected a tangle of petitions against him and threw out a major legal challenge to his re-election plans. Presided by Justice Rana Bhagwandas. (Link)

7-      President Musharraf was elected President of Pakistan, on 6th October 2007, by a combined electoral of the Senate, National Assembly and the FOUR Provincial Assembles.

8-      President of Pakistan declared emergency on 3rd November 2007, as per Article 232 of the constitution.

9-      The 10 member bench of Supreme Court (SC) on 24 November 2007 directed the chief election commissioner and the government to declare Pervez Musharraf president for a second term. (Link)

10-  On 24 November 2007, the Pakistan Election Commission confirmed Musharraf’s re-election as President. (Link)

11-  President Musharraf won by 58% votes, declared in November 2007, as the constitutional President of Pakistan!

12-   On 28 November 2007, Musharraf relinquished the office of Chief of Armed Staff, as per November 2007 verdict of the Supreme Court.

13-   On 15 Feb 2008, a detailed Supreme Court judgement came, following its earlier short pronouncement of 24 November 2007, validating the proclamation of emergency of 3rd Nov 2007, PCO 2007 and oath of the judges. This full court judgment was written by Chief Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar. (Link)

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CNN The Situation Room with WOLF BLITZER

Now the former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf tells me he will return to Pakistan soon for a possible political  comeback — my one-on-one interview coming up. We want to welcome our viewers in the United States and around the world. I’m Wolf Blitzer.


BLITZER: And joining us now, the former president of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf.

Mr. President, thanks very much for coming in.


BLITZER: All right, what are your plans personally? Because I have been hearing a lot of rumors about what you’re planning on doing. Are you planning on going back to Pakistan to run for president?

MUSHARRAF: Well, I certainly am planning to go back to Pakistan and also join politics. The question of whether I’m running for president or prime minister will be seen later.

BLITZER: When — when does that mean, later?

MUSHARRAF: Well, I have to — I have to launch myself politically, formally, which I haven’t done. So, I am interacting with a lot of politicians and with the people of Pakistan, with the Pakistani Diaspora here in the United States and in U.K.  And I have taken a decision in principle to join politics and go back to Pakistan, but I will…

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Musharraf with Becky Anderson on CNN

20 May 2010 – Welcome to the show. This is CONNECT THE WORLD. I’m Becky Anderson.

Watch Video 

Last time we spoke, you told me that you liked being an army man but that you weren’t very good, nor did you like diplomacy nor politics. So why are you returning to Pakistani politics as a civilian?


Yes, indeed, I prefer being an army man. But, seeing, as I said in my closing speech, Pakistan comes first. So I think the security of Pakistan, the progress and development of the state, the welfare, well- being of its people – I worry for Pakistan, therefore I’ve decided to return to Pakistan through – through politics by election process.

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President with The Oregonian

News Q&A: Ex-Pakistan leader Pervez Musharraf knocks U.S. timetable for Afghan war

By Richard Read, The Oregonian

March 07, 2010

musharraf.dec.16.2009.JPGPervez MusharrafFormer Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, who will speak in Portland on March 15, says U.S. forces should withdraw from Afghanistan in July 2011 only if the war has been won.  In a phone interview Saturday, Musharraf criticized the Obama administration for announcing a withdrawal date.

“In Afghanistan we must defeat al-Qaida,” he said. “We must dominate the Taliban.”

Musharraf — who took power in a 1999 coup and served as Pakistan’s president until he was forced to resign in 2008 — lives in London. On Saturday, speaking after 15 holes of golf in California, the 66-year-old former army chief said he wouldn’t rule out a bid to run for president.

Here are his comments, edited for brevity.

Q: How do you evaluate President Barack Obama’s handling of the war in Afghanistan?

A: They are taking good decisions as far as increasing the level of forces is concerned. This idea of withdrawing by July 2011 and saying it in no uncertain terms has its negative implications.

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Musharraf’s candid interview in New York

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Ayesha Siddiqa’s MILITARY INC: A Deflective and Derogatory Book

Written By: Afreen Baig

Dr Ayesha Siddiqa’s ‘The Military Inc.’ is a book deflective of reality, highly derogatory and against the very notion of sovereignty.

Dr Ayesha Siddiqa launches the book by giving the impression that her intention is to cover the entrepreneurial activities of military worldwide. However, in depth reading reaffirms suspicions that her book massively targets the Pakistan Military and the top echelons of the Armed Forces, most of which are based upon self serving assumptions and intentional hoodwinking. A labyrinth of financial figures is presented to further obscure the ordinary reader’s intelligence.

The book sets forward four arguments. First, that MILBUS (Military Business) is military capital that perpetuates the military’s political predatory style; and is kept concealed and includes questionable transfer of resources from public sector to individuals connected with armed Forces. Second, the military’s economic greed increases in totalitarian systems. Third, Military convinces the citizens to bear additional costs for security on basis of conceived threats to the State. Fourth, the book considers the Pakistan Military the cause of all ills, social disparity and democratic fiasco.

Let’s start by setting the record straight. MILBUS in Pakistan – is the result of honest intentions and visionary policies – to raise independent resources, to self-finance the on-going national technological development, to modernize strategic assets, and most importantly, the determination to rely less on Foreign Aid. While at the same time, build facilities for retired military personnel and their families; and slowly withdrawing from National Defense budget allocation as a percentage of GDP.

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