Posted by: Administrator | 16 March, 2012

General Musharraf on ‘Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Saath’ – 16th March 2012

 16 March 2012

General Musharraf’s interview to Kamran Khan, on GEO, versus, traitors Bramdagh Bugti and one of his accomplice anti-Pakistani Mehran Baloch, both of whom are sitting comfortably in Geneva. In this interview General Musharraf provides valuable insights on Balochistan, ones worth pondering over, additionally questioning the common sense of these media men, when they offer their national platforms to traitors like Bramdagh. This exposure allows these anti-State elements to propagate their anti-Pakistan stance. One one hand, we have Pakistan’s former Army Chief pleading Balochistan’s case and on the other, double agents of RAW etc gibbering anti-Pakistan non-sense. You choose! Traitors should be condemned and not glorified!Plus, an economic comparison between 2008 and 2012 – an undeniable deterioration !



  1. Even tho I hate Mr. Mush from the bottom of my heart but what is fair is fair. No matter under what circumstances he became the COAS, he still was our Chief. He has destroyed and sold the country and deserves no respect but must not be compared parallel to terrorists either.

    I posted the following comments to rebuttal Aaj Khan key sath show on

    ” Re: Aaj Kamran Khan ke Sath – 16th March 2012 – Gen Pervez Musharaf

    stupid kamran

    Interviewed Mush and then immediately interviewed the two terrorists. kamran is nut. He equated Mush with the terrorists.

    Mush is right why bring those idiots on TV, thats exactly what they want.

    This is what $50million investments from Hilary Clinton to Geo/Express does. Geo had to air the interview of the terrorists to pay back to the US.

  2. Dear Gazoo Martian, I’m glad you took the courage to speak the truth! Musharraf as COAS and President, had to face and counter these same US funded media and terrorist-supporting-politicians. Way back in August 2007, the USA and Senator Barack Obama blamed General Musharraf of DOUBLE CROSSING them. USA knew it had to kick Musharraf out of Presidency & as Army Chief, to secure their interests in Afghanistan and PAK. In January 2008, Musharraf shunned rebuffed CIA demand to operate inside Pakistan. With Musharraf in power, they knew it was not possible, since Musharraf knew how to protect Pakistan’s National Interest without offending the Great Serpent-Satan America – without being dragged into a NATO war imposed upon Pakistan alongwith Afghanistan. It was General Kiyani who initiated the NRO deal with Benazir, he took Musharraf to Dubai twice and meet with BB. The end result, BB has been killed and Musharraf kicked out of Presidency and General Kiyani promoted as COAS. Please read the links below, especially the article by Dr Santhanathan. This was just a fast response. Regards,

    Senator Obama accuses Musharraf of deadly double-crossing (August 2007)

    Pakistan Shuns C.I.A. Buildup Sought by U.S. (January 2008)
    But in the unannounced meetings on Jan. 9 with the two American officials — Mike McConnell, the director of national intelligence, and Gen. Michael V. Hayden, the C.I.A. director — Mr. Musharraf rebuffed proposals to expand any American combat presence in Pakistan, either through unilateral covert C.I.A. missions or by joint operations with Pakistani security forces.

    President Obama pledged $50 million for Pakistani Media (March 2010)

    The Great Game Continues (Sept 2008) – written by Dr S. Sathananthan
    (he explains how the USA took out General Musharraf with help of funded Lawyers Movement and funded Media, and the corrupt politicians who were just wiaiting for their opportunity)

  3. All above may be true but is pale compared to the fact you DID ALLOW Americans to come in Pakistan on just one phone call. And the result is quiet obvious. Anybody can see it.

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