Posted by: Administrator | 12 September, 2010

“Musharraf open to alliance with Imran Khan” – to IBN Live

15 Jan 2012 Musharraf open to alliance with Imran Khan, but says won’t serve under him – IBN Live

New Delhi: Former Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf revealed on Friday that he was open to an alliance with Pakistan Tehreek-i Insaaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan, however, adding that he would not “work under him”. Musharraf was speaking to Karan Thapar on Devil’s Advocate when he made the comments. Speaking from Dubai, he said Pakistan needed a third political option when asked whether alliance with Imran Khan was a possibility.

“I believe in setting a vision and a strategy. My vision is that we have to, for the sake of Pakistan, we have to break the political status quo. We have to come with a third political option because otherwise, the two political options presently and in the past that have been tried, have failed.

“So where do we go? If we go to the same people, it will be the same thing again, you keep down. So in that context, I said we have to break the political status quo. If anyone can do it individually, well and good. Otherwise there is a need of coalition of forces which can bring about that third political option which can deliver to Pakistan.”

When probed further on the issue, he added, “You clap with two hands… What you said (about the alliance with Imran Khan being a possibility) is correct. There are people in his party who do not want an alliance with me. Those who say that, they don’t understand what they are talking.”

“If they don’t want alliance, certainly I would not like to have an alliance,” he said.

If Imran won and became the prime minister, was the retired General prepared to serve under him?

“No. These are later issues. If he wins, certainly he will be the prime minister. In a coalition, there are other things. Certainly I cannot serve under him. No. That is not a possibility.”

The General further said that he was aware of the danger to his life in Pakistan and was prepared to face arrest upon his return from exile.

“Well, the danger is there, of arrest, and I have considered that and one has to take that danger,” he said.

“The other thing is, (the possibility that) I will not return to power – that is a question mark. I am going back to contribute to the political situation and hopefully will do well in the election,” he said.



  1. By the look of it Imran Khan is going to be a popular man in coming weeks
    Some eyes are on his success Many are joining PTI but disagree with Gen Musharraf that he will not work under him. What is under and above Its not army life. You had your time but its the time of Imran Khan He is a shinning star in politics and do have a very high rating in opinion poles.

  2. I want to know what if anything Mr.Pervez M has done for Pakistan with all the money that he has now,since leaving the presidency,

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