Posted by: Administrator | 10 September, 2010

APML successful Jalsa in Karachi on 8 January 2012

8 January 2012

President Musharraf WordPress CONGRATULATES APML on its Successful Jalsa in Karachi !




  1. now that Mush has buttered the US about acceptance of Israel, the US is paving Mush way to become president. This crowd is all solicited by the US/CIA nexus

    He is right, its not tsunami, it IS an earthquake – tabahi hi tabahi

    یاد کرتا ہے زمانہ انہی غداروں کو
    بیچ دیکھیں ہیں جو دیش کو اغیاروں کو

  2. Dear Gazoo Martian, Welcome back! When does Tsunami not cause Tabahi? Thanks, atleast you don’t differ, blaming there was no crowd at all or that there were empty chairs only. Not one single politician was able to dismiss it as unsucessful. These were efforts of APMLians in Karachi. Kindly, read the interview again. Musharraf said, “Israel is a fait accompli. A lot of the Muslim world have understood that and I know many Muslim countries have relations with Israel, whether above board or covertly. So this is the change in reality I am talking about. Pakistan has to keep demanding the resolution of the Palestinian dispute … [but] Pakistan also needs to keep re-adjusting its diplomatic stand toward Israel based on the mere fact that it exists and is not going away” – so no, Musharraf has not said Israel needs to be accepted! Regards,

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