Posted by: Administrator | 25 August, 2010

General Musharraf in New York July 2011 – Interview Collection

July 2011

Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars

The State of the U.S.-Pakistan Relationship: A Discussion with Pervez Musharraf 

Pervez Musharraf talking to the media in New York

Pervez Musharraf Addresses APML New York



  1. How is our coward, ignorant General and Ghaddar-e-Azam Mr P. Musharraf tonight?

    Pakistan is burning while you made millions($) by ‘importing’ the US troops and living comfortably in United Kafereen.

    Time is coming soon that the 68 year old ghaddar genearl will lie in bed and death will be stuck in throat ‘ fa lao la iza balaghat-il-hulqoom, Surah Waqya)

    Tum gir giraogey tumhari rooh nahi nikleigi. Tumhara aqa US paas mein nahi ayega bachaney key lyey. Tumharey saameny sirf sirf Izraeel (as) hongey tumharey peeth mein mukkey mareingey rooh ko zabardast nikalney key lyaya

    Tum jaisey ghaddaron ka inshaAllah yehi anjam hoga

  2. Dear Gazoo Martian,
    Good to see you back, despite your dislike for General Musharraf. You do yourself good by following him, however, ignorance on your good behalf is something I do not understand 🙂 Someone like PM, who has the guts to face and challenge the international media worldover, can never be a coward, mind you. Cowards were those (ruling politicians) that did not have the guts to face and favor Pakistan after the OBL episode. Musharraf called Obama arrogant.

    Hear General Musharraf DEFENDING Pakistan on international channels. Which other leader did the same? I challenge you to show me!
    Musharraf on International Media

    You should be objective in your criticism, Instead of throwing allegations like typical politicians, who have nothing credible to say, hence utter nonsense like ‘living comfortably in UK’ or ‘calling him an Ahmedi falsely’.

    How do YOU know that Surah Waqya will be applicable on him and not on those ruling elite politicians? Don’t act Lord.

    I’m letting your curses go online as it is, which only disgraces your good self. By the way, your Imran Khan has decided to strike peace with Musharraf, MQM and Clean Party. They will stand together in the next elections.

    May ALLAH Almighty (swt) protect and save General Musharraf and continue to bless him and his family, and award him for his righteous intentions for Pakistan First! Amen!

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