Posted by: Administrator | 9 August, 2010

BBC Ex-Pakistan President Musharraf on Middle East Democracy

28 March 2011


Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf claims “good dictatorship is better than bad democracy” as he discussed uprisings across the Middle East. The London-based politician told Anita Anand of democracy in his home country, and the warrant out for his arrest there – and also the allied action in Libya, where he said “the endgame is not clear”.



  1. I do go along with the version of Ex-President Pervez Musharraf. A democracy in Pakistan is not worth calling a democracy where President is corrupt and all his team has empties the treasury. There is no democracy in Pakistan Its a family bhutto dynasty. ZAB gone BB gone and Zardari cam to power on the sympathy votes. All promises made to the nation, Roti, Kapra and Makan were false Price hikes and poverty is at its peak. Only a military man can handle this worsen situation of Pakistan not Zardari or PM. They are both unfit to govern the country and be replaced with iron fist.

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