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General Musharraf launches All Pakistan Muslim League (APML)

1st October 2010

Launching Ceremony of All Pakistan Muslim League

LONDON: Former President General (rtd) Pervez Musharraf on Friday formally announced his new political party “All Pakistan Muslim League” (APML). Musharraf told hundreds of cheering supporters in London and in Karachi, that the best way to deal with Pakistan’s political and economic troubles is to bring his party to power. He said that there is a need to “bring all patriotic people under one flag — that flag should be All Pakistan Muslim League.”  Musharraf admitted that mistakes were committed during his government and sought apology from the nation for the same. “All Pakistan Muslim League to wage jihad against poverty and illiteracy,” he vowed, adding that the time for talks is over and now it is time to act. He invited all Pakistanis to come forward and join hands with APML and strengthen it. He said that his party manifesto will be governed by the Holy Quran, Quaid-e- Azam’s 11 August 1947 Constituent Assembly address and 12 April 1949 Objective Resolution by Liaquat Ali Khan. He described nepotism and corruption as the biggest curse for any society and vowed to rid the country of the same. “Internal and external threats will be dealt with strongly and the fight against terrorism will continue till the elimination of this scourge.” He said that annual GDP growth will be increased to over 6 percent and recalled that 8 percent growth rate was achieved during his government. “I believe in freedom of media and will support it thoroughly…only those are afraid of media who have got dirty laundry to hide,” Musharraf stated. ”Today I announce starting my political career and joining All Pakistan Muslim League. I want to begin my political career with clean slate.”

Pervez Musharraf launches the All Pakistan Muslim League

Former president of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf has launched the All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) that plans to enter the political arena for the next general elections. He also issued an apology to the nation for “past mistakes which hurt Pakistan”.

Musharraf told cheering supporters that the best way to deal with Pakistan’s political and economic troubles is to bring his party to power.

He said there is need to “bring all patriotic people under one flag – and that flag should be the All Pakistan Muslim League.”

Musharraf said the only way to tackle Pakistan’s problems was to bolster the army’s role.

Minutes from the Event:


Recitation of verses from the Holy Quran.

The cermemony starts with the national anthem of Pakistan.

The proceeding for former President Pervez Musharraf’s party have started

People chant slogans for the Pervez Musharraf.

Bad mein ho ga har insaan,

Sab se pehlay Pakistan!

Chaaron soobon ki pehchaan,

Sab se pehlay Pakistan!


Naeem Bukhari, host of the ceremony talks about the achievements of Pervez Musharraf.

Bukhrai says “since leaving office General Musharraf is the only politician who has risen in stature.”

He says “ Musharraf above all, moved Pakistanis out of despondency. Brought economic uplift to the country. Why has Musharraf chosen to enter the murky world of Pakistani politics? Because of his love for Pakistan, its people and to address the drift of the current Pakistan government.”


Pervez Musharraf starts his speech.

Mushrraf announces his participation in politics of Pakistan.

The crowd starts chanting slogans in appreciation.


Musharraf says “I did take some wrong decisions in my past. Some of them were political decisions and I am only human, and I apologize for all those mistakes which have hurt Pakistan.”

He says “I have learnt a lot from those mistakes and I am sure I will not make them again. I will start with a clean slate.”


Musharraf says that this is Pakistan is identity which is why he says Pakistan first.

He says that Pakistan is in a bad state and we are responsible for this downfall. It is obligatory for us to not only save Pakistan but also take it towards success.


Musharraf says Pakistan was made when the Muslims of the subcontinent realised that they would not prosper under Hindu domination. We attained Pakistan, and when we look at the people, they did not get the happiness that they aimed for.

The former president says that those countries where the people are not happy get destroyed. Why do people get unhappy? Because they do not get the rights they fought for.


Musharraf says “In our nine years we place the fear of God in the hearts of the rich and powerful. We gave Pakistanis honour around the world and we improved the economic conditions.”

He says it is time for us to move Pakistan forward.


Musharraf says that it is time to revive the fire that once existed in the All India Muslim League. He says “we will remake Quaid’s Pakistan under the banner of the All Pakistan Muslim League.”

He says “APML will do jihad against hunger and poverty.”


He says that the time for talk has passed, now it is time to take action.


Musharraf says that the text “sub se pehle Pakistan” is written in white because it represents the minorities, and their symbol, the ‘shaheen’ because is soars high and lives on elevated places.


Musharraf says “jo darta hai woh khota hai.”


Musharraf says that they will end the culture of dynastic politics.

He says that on the question of more provinces, the people’s decision will be accepted.

He says at the international level, the party will adopt “enlightened moderation” approach.

He says that they want good relationship with India, only after issues are resolved.

The former president says that all focus will be diverted to the country’s progress.

Musharraf says the party’s constitution will be based on the Quran and Sunnah.

 7:38pm Musharraf says nepotism and corruption are the biggest curse.

Musharraf says that men and women should be equal.

He says that the party will particularly focus on educating women

Food, clean water and electricity are the most important necessity

We will make langars for the poorest of Pakistan and involve the Baitul Maal and enforce philanthropic activity.

7:42 pm

The former president says we will raise the GDP like we did before.

He says we will crush anyone who raises his voice against Pakistan.

Musharraf says “we will wage war on terrorism until the war goes on.”

7:47 pm

He says that there can be no success if we do not fight terrorism. There should be zero tolerance towards it.

Musharraf says that there the al Qaeda have no right to be in Pakistan.

Musharraf says that we can generate energy from alternate sources.

He says that people have lied in terms of energy. “Do they think we are idiot?” I want to tell the liars that right now Pakistan has the capacity to generate 19,500 MW of electricity.

Musharraf says agriculture is important. We can do import substitution and export orientation.

7:50 pm

Musharraf says the people are crushed under rising prices. He says that daily necessities should be given to the poor at lower rates.

He says that the health and education system needs to reach the people.

He says he believes in the freedom of media and says that he can claim that he freed the media.

He says we are not scared of the media. Only those are scared who have something to hide.

7:53 pm

Musharraf says he invites all politicians to come and join the APML, especially the youth of the country.

Musharraf says Allah has blessed Pakistan with resources. We have water and energy sources as well as human capital. We are talented people. Why can’t we stand on our own feet.

Musharraf says we will not rely on the IMF.

7:57 pm

The crowd chants slogans, “Musharraf teray jaan nisaar, beshumaar beshumaar!”

Musharraf says he is thankful towards everyone and says “sub se pehle Pakistan.”

The crowd breaks into appreciation.

8:11 pm

PPP leader Jahangir Badar, commenting on the launch of the APML, says Musharraf gave his speech as if he was still the president of Pakistan. He says that he welcomes Musharraf to return to Pakistan as the people want to hold him accountable. Badar also says that the current crises are a result of Musharraf’s regime.

Event: All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) launching Ceremony

 Venue: YMCA Lawn, Saddar, Karachi

Ex-Pakistani leader admits mistakes while in power

October 1, 2010 – 8:03pm

Pervez Musharraf, the former President of Pakistan, aknowledges the applaud of his supporters as he arrives for the announcement of the launch of his new political party, the “All Pakistan Muslim League” in central London, Friday Oct. 1, 2010.


LONDON (AP) – Pakistan’s ex-military ruler Pervez Musharraf has apologized for mistakes made during his last term in office as he launched a bid to return to power. Musharraf told scores of cheering supporters on Friday that some of his decisions had negative repercussions for his nation of 175 million. But the leader who stepped down in 2008 amid protests and under the threat of impeachment stopped short of specifying what the mistakes had been. Critics have accused him of doing little to improve Pakistan’s stagnant economy and not doing enough to clean up the political infighting that has plagued the country.

 “I take this opportunity to apologize,” he said. “Human beings make mistakes.”

 The 67-year-old former leader spoke as he launched a new political party, arguing that the current leadership offers no hope of alleviating the “darkness that prevails in Pakistan.” He said under his government there would be progress in every field.

 “I have confidence I can lead Pakistan toward light,” he said.

 Numerous terror plots and attacks, including the 2005 suicide bombings that killed 52 commuters in London and an active plot to wage Mumbai-style shooting sprees in Europe, have been seeded in Pakistan’s tribal areas. Musharraf declared that he had the experience to tackle the challenges of al-Qaida, the Taliban in the mountainous tribal regions and the spread of extremism in Pakistan. He insisted that, unless Pakistan was part of the fight against terrorism and extremism, “that fight will not succeed.”

 “There will be zero tolerance for extremism,” he said, adding: “People should be patient with Pakistan.”

 He said he wouldn’t do anything different this time around to tackle extremism, but improving the economy was a critical part of the equation. Musharraf, who seized power in a 1999 coup, also said he didn’t support another military coup and doubted another one is imminent.

Security was tight for the launch, which took place at a storied and posh former gentlemen’s club. Reporters were swept for weapons and explosives before coming in, then bomb-sniffing dogs were brought into the room where about 200 people applauded at the announcement. Several Pakistani politicians have used London in recent years to announce their intended political comebacks though few have been successful. Some 1 million Britons are of Pakistani descent and many retain ties to Pakistan.

Musharraf may be arrested or deported, just as Sharif was upon his return to Pakistan in 2007. Musharraf seemed unconcerned. “There is no case against me in the courts of Pakistan today,” he said. “Whatever cases there have been, have been motivated politically. … I am prepared to face anything. I am not afraid.”



  1. It brought a blunder of happiness to me when Honorable President Musharaf proclaimed the new party as APML. We all invite his arrival to Pakistan in recent future and wish him all the best to his political career. As I belong to Chitral I hereby declare that we all Chitrali are with Him and will remain with him till the end of our lives.


  2. geo mushraf he is a great leader of pakistan we are with him .now HE IS THE ONLY LEADER OF PAKISTAN.

  3. I like Gen Musharraf sb.The politics of gen sb,the natuture of,the behavior,the comitments,the qaulities of the best leader in our Pakistan after Bhutto sb just in gen sb.In my view more qaulities from Bhutto in musharraf my most favorate leader in pakistan and,the world class gen sb you will must come back.

  4. musharraf sb pakistan ko aap ki zaroorat hai.Aik ache leader ki jo yahan change la sakey.Musharraf sb young generatoin aap k sath of luck.Musharraf Zinda Baad.

  5. HY,

  6. Ex_president General Pervez musharaf is no doubt an intellectual asset of Pakistan, he made Pakistan to an outstanding & prominent the world over. His optimistic way of governance never bowed under feudalism but infact feudalism took its last breath during his government, lastly, his foresighting policies towards future development were remarkably tremendous. May Allah bless him.

  7. We want to see him again in power soon inshallah

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