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Cherish President Musharraf

View the Grass -Root deliverance, a difference between Musharraf Era and others … his governance delivered where others failed !

Economic Comparison 1999 – 2007 and beyond 

Today we present few observations detailing the impact of General Musharraf’s tenure, which modernized the lifestyle of our ordinary public, trying to give them a changed Pakistan. Observe how President Musharraf’s era transformed an ordinary man’s life to bring about a change easing the daily routine, interaction and business. This is a special contribution, by an ordinary patriotic Pakistani who saw a great change in Pakistan up to the years 2007-08.

We request the ordinary Pakistanis to come forward and register few lines in favor of General Musharraf’s led government, sharing their experiences related to the difference they evidently felt!

This is a visit to that great era, where we witnessed a flourishing era in Pakistan that led to a favorable environment attracting great foreign investment worth up to $8.4 billion, and ushered in Multi-National Corporations.

“I speak as an ordinary man, one who has seen changes on ground, irrespective of who has been in power. When the ordinary Public encounters such positive difference and facilitation in their lives, they are bound to think about their future and decide with respect to their votes.

  • Nine years back when the ordinary public used to go to the Banks – the physical structures and maintaining of  records (in registers) were in a miserable state. The banking sector turned profitable in 2002, allowing the banks to renovate themselves as per international standards. It is relieve to eye and worth waiting.


  • Nine years back there were no computers in banks. At present, all the banks have been computerized and linked to satellite. One gets computerized bank statements within 5 minutes.


  • Nine years back there was no facility of ATMs. Today, one doesn’t have to stand in queue for hours to take out money from the banks. One can easily use the ATMs anywhere near our homes. One can easily transfer money from one city to the other through ATM.


  •  Nine years back PSO used to be in shambles, constructed on wrecked land and roads. One could have expected  Caltex or Shell to be built on international standards. Today, we see PSO on equal standard providing the most professional of services. A government facility being managed with such quality & standard is surprising! The PSO building in Clifton Karachi is a beautiful structural design.


  • Nine years back many living abroad had difficulty in talking to their families back home. Not everyone had phones, forget the mobile systems. Today, above 80 million of our population has the means to afford Mobiles (a luxury item).  These days, even the taxi-man, house maids, so-called poor, drivers, labors, etc  have this facility to keep in touch with their families back home. Further, Telecom sector managed to attract foreign investment of around $9 billion, creating hundred thousands of job opportunities.


  • For the first time ever, Pakistanis got computerized Passports similar to International formats and computerized I.D Cards – for first time in our lives! The process is also hassle free and much quicker. Gives us a feeling of pride, when we travel around the world. NADRA succeeded in launching a multi-biometric ID card. 


  • Nine years back buying & selling of property and protecting them from illegal occupiers was a major hassle. However, after the computerization of the KDA department; the buying, selling & transfer has been made much easy. Through proper documentation of records and drawings, the owners of the plots cannot be forged easily. Yes, isolated mistakes may occur.


  • Till 2007, all major roads were being expanded, new sewerage lines being laid in most of the major cities of  Pakistan. Bridges and underpasses being built in even the congested areas and rarely does one get stuck in traffic jams. If ever, one witnesses a traffic jam is usually due to the recklessness or improper driving of our own people. The current expansion was being done keeping in mind the future requirements.


  • The various small grounds in most neighborhoods, earlier left unattended, mainly exploited for dumping garbage, are being converted into small neighborhood Parks with swings. Pakistan’s largest Park “Bagh-Ibn-Qasim” has been a pleasant surprise for most visitors, maintained par excellence.


  • Cars & SUVs like Honda Civic, Honda City, Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord, Mercedes, Land cruiser, etc. are seen more often on streets. In 2005-06, thousands of cars availed the tax relieve they got through the National budget of 2005-06. Automobile sector employed hundred thousands of people and expanded by almost 100%.


  • In every middle class neighborhood, one saw houses being rebuilt, refurbished or face-lifted. Every other lane had construction going on. The average cost for minor constructions are above Rs.150,000. Circulation of money in economy was visibly felt till 2007!


  • Nine years back there were very few families who had Air-conditioners in their homes. Now by and large, we see people fixing Split a/c, while some even have 3-4 in a single house. How did the cost of an average A/C (a Rs.35,000 item) become so affordable?


  • Nine years back, only the very well-off afforded monthly, a luxury like Pizza, Burger, Broast, and restaurant-prepared Karhai Tikka on food streets. Nowadays, we see even the lower middle class enjoying these on regular basis. The public has frequently started spending on consumable items like; a Rs.500 Pizza, a Rs.70 broast, a Rs.250 KFC, Rs.400 on food streets, Rs.40 ice-creams, Rs.50 on Donuts, etc. Keeping in mind that these are usually per person prices. Even during the weekdays, one could see the restaurants and hotels occupied up.


  • Engineers that earlier used to search for mere Rs.5000 jobs, started getting around Rs.20,000 package at start. MBA get  Rs.18,000 above salary at start. A two year experience gets you Rs.45,000 plus job with car. Furthermore, well experienced people get anywhere from Rs.100,000 to Rs.300,000 plus package. People had more job opportunities till 2007, without reference or bribing.


  • Most of the businessmen one interacted with, happily narrated the businesses were flourishing. Even ordinary schools were opening their 3rd and 4th branches, until 2007. Franchises were being sought.


  • One easily found foodstuff & consumable items imported from Middle East, in the neighborhood shops. Small shops converted themselves into proper grocery stores. Shops like K&N’s offering variety of nuggets, BBQ items and burger patties; Dunkin Donut chain flourishing. Coffee shops with Internet cafes a preferred destination. Malls like MACRO and METRO established.


  • By 2007, the outlook of major cities of Pakistan had improved a lot and started resembling other large cosmopolitans of the world.


We as a nation should try to see the glass half full; and strive to maintain optimism and an appreciative attitude. The doomsday scenario promoted by the corrupt politicians and bribed Media will groom our next generation as negative thinkers, pessimistic & irrational criticizers. Pakistan First!



A nation which has forgotten the quality of courage which in the past has been brought to public life, is not as likely to insist upon or regard that quality in its chosen leaders today – and in fact we have forgotten  ~~~ John F. Kennedy

Join General Musharraf at Face-book. Support Pasdar-e-Pakistan and Support All Pakistan Muslim League!



Bin Qasim Industrial Park

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf (center) cuts a cake on Friday after inaugurating the Zarghun Gas Field project in Quetta, the provincial capital of gas-rich Baluchistan


Gas to Murree Newly Renovated

Proposed Port Tower KHI

Sui Airport Terminal Building

Daimer Bhasha Dam work start

165 MW Attock Power Plant


Largest Water Jet Fountain of World, KHI

Computerized & Modernized KSE

Askari Park KHI

Renovated Mazar Quaid

Jheel Park KHI

Nazimabad Underpass

Lowari Tunnel


Mangla Dam Raising


Pakistan News Service

Musharraf inaugurate SIBI Notal Road

President Pervez Musharraf offers prayers after inaugurating the $480 million Pak-Arab pipeline project in Karachi on Friday, August-26, 2005.

Inaugurating the $480 million Pak-Arab pipeline project 2005


Specialized Cardiac Center of Combined Military Hospital 2008

Korangi Creek Industrial Park 2006

PM Shaukat Aziz inaugurate energy project Punjab

KBF Inauguration

Nestlé Pakistan opens largest milk reception in Nestlé World at Kabirwala

Hub School

Daman-e-Koh Viewpoint




  1. @ opinion 786
    salam alikum,thank you for reminding all of us about the wonderful achievements of President Musharraf.We have a short memory .How quickly we forget that 9 years ago noone could express themserlves as freely as they do now.Thanks to Musharraf ,we have many ways to debate and make our voices be heard.Internet being one of them. How many of us were interested in whats going on in our country?Thank you President Musharraf for opening of so many channels,which is educating people of their rights and freeing the media,which is like a hawk keeping its eye on everything.

    1- Thank you sir for liberating the women,for giving them a chance to take part in all fields of life.
    2- Thank you increasing the number of womens seats in the assemblies. We have women highlighting womens issues more compassionately. We women were liberated allowed to breathe,to come out of our homes to work in the many job opportunites which were sprouting up.We were for once not made the butt of every evil in this world. The jaahil extremists who would leave no excuse to punish a woman be it karo kari,mental abuse,restrictions on her movement ;felt their hold loosening as women of Pakistan excelled in all fields of life.

    During President Musharrafs era,

    3- First female governor of the state bank of Pakistan,Dr Shamshad Akhter.
    4- First batch of women piolots join the PAF
    5- Increased budgets for education and for higher education.The Higher education commission,run by the reknown,scientist,professor,Dr Atta ur Rahman,increased the number of PHDs in the country ,and gave scolarships to the deserving students who would otherwise not have been able to continue with their education.

    There are so many things which President Musharraf did for us that we need to appreciate and thank him for.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I belong to village Gich, District Ghizar, Norther Areas. Before President Gen. Parvez Musharf, in our local counsel, democratic Govt. hardly approvs 2500.00 R.S. for development work. From which our union counsel member hardly constructs a calvet. During the tenure of our great president, we were supposed spend as much mony as we can for development of our village. Many times we could not spend the all mony inspite of too much work and that cash returned to the treasury of Pakistan. Our district developed a lot, having all facilities, land line, mobile, metaled roads and much much more. How can we forget our president for his extraodinary contribution for our country and specially for common people. Being a son of x-soldier I SALUT you sir.

    God bless you and come back sir, plsssss


  3. The pictures you have posted, especially the ones where General Musharraf is seen inaugurating several projects is a testimony to his dedication to Pakistan. Thanks for posting this article, enumerating the grass root changes that took place during his reign. Public memory sure is short! Btw, great website!

  4. Our politicians always lie about dams not being made under Gen Musharraf. This last photo, indicating phases in which Dams were being made is eye-opener. How could they lie to us??? Someone answer??? Why doesn’t GEO and others highlight this fact???

  5. Pakistani nation had the following complaints against President Musharaf + Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz

    Karachi Stock exchange scandal
    Pakistan Steel Mill
    Killing of Akber Bugti
    Lal Masjid
    Increase in Wheat Flour Prices
    He takes commands from USA
    Dismissal of Political Justice Iftikhar.

    Stock Exchange: In March 2005 Stock market started dropping from 10300 and by may 2005 had touched 6500 App. The case was blamed on Shaukat Aziz. But on whom people would put the blame now. In President Musharaf Time the Market reached 15730 and Today it is 9548. Shaukat Aziz is not here. Who would take the blame for the flight of 36 Billion USD from the KSE?
    Those people should answer who were against President Musharaf. They should answer to their children. Why they have made them poor by 50%. Their children deserve the answer.

    Steel Mill:
    Two years losses of Steel Mill are more than 52 Billion Rupees. Why Political Justice Iftikhara and all the barking lobby has not sold Steel mill for Billions of USD and who will pay to every Child the money which that child has spent to support a project which is filling the pockets of many like General Qayum. Can some body guarantee the sale of steel mill at higher price than ot was being sold at President Musharaf’s Time?

    Killing of Akber Bugti
    A nation has some duties and some rights. First Civic duty of every national is to obey the law. There are some decisions which are taken in the greater interest of the nation. No body wanted to kill Akbar Bugti but what you would do when a warlord and his Havaris start shooting at you. Thousands are being killed but killing on Akber Bugti has opened opportunities to thousands. Just visit the coal mines of Marri Area and see how more than fifty thousand people are getting employment and feeding their children. But during Akber Bugti times those mines were closed. Though death could be regrettable but it has resulted in to happiness of thousands and prosperity of Pakistan.

    Lal masjid:
    Recently one Pakistani boy was killed in Kyrgyzstan and whole Pakistani nation was sitting on TVs and waiting for good news from Kyrgyzstan. What we think the reaction will be in China when those Gundas and Gundis of Lal masjid kidnapped Chinese nationals?
    Are Chinese not human beings? They do not have mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters?
    What those Chinese people would expect from the government? Was not President Musharaf Government being criticized in local media for not taking action. Was not Ejaz Ul Haq assigned the responsibility of negotiation for months, Was not Imam E kaaba was called for help? But our emotional nation has bad memories. One indication of PAGALPAN is that people start having poor memory. Who Killed Col Haroon? Was not he the son and husband of a family.
    If tomorrow some Mullah will take money from India and misguide 100 girls in the name of Quran and take hostage the city of Islamabad What government will have to do?
    Such Gundas and Gundis should be hanged thousand times.

    Wheat Prices:
    When in 2007 wheat crop was arriving the newspapers were printing news of bumper crop. Pakistan was expected to export more than 2 million tons. The Prices took a jump in the international market and reached 600 USD from 200 USD. The reason was because of increase in Oil prices it became feasible to make bio diesel from wheat.
    I remember Kulsoom Nawaz one statement when she said that if we will be elected we will provide Wheat flour for Rupees 10 per KG. But now the Flour is 35 Rupees. Shaukat Aziz is not here. Who is now making Money? May be Kulsoom?

    Mushraf takes Instructions From USA
    In President Musharaf’s Time there were only 3 Drone attacks. Now every day. Now Democracy has come, Elected mebers of the Public are ruling. Why they are now taking command from USA?
    On the contrary in International Media one complaint against President Musharaf is that he was using American aid for making Army stronger. Now Goof Sharif speaks when American’s allow him and Zardari also does when Americans allow him. Americans understand that nation is a MOB and use Goof Sharif and Zardari against each other. Why nation is not barking?


    I was recently in Pakistan and was surprised to see that every thing was being given to the poor free, There were more givers and less takers. Shop keepers were offering there products for free. I asked one person, What has happened? He replied now Democracy has come, Musharaf has gone so the nation is benefitting from the Virtues of democracy and is being bleesed by GOD because Musharaf, The Dictator has Gone.

    Political Chief Justice:

    Then I asked him how now the courts are working? He said Judges have stopped taking Bribe. Now judges are knocking at the doors of petitioners and providing them Justice at their Homes.

    Naturally I feel happy that Musharaf has left and my nation is having the best times.

    But I can not understand few things:

    During President Musharaf Times USD was valued at App. 60 Rupees. Now I buy it for 86 Rupees. That means I have become 45% Poor and each Citizen of Pakistan has become poor by 45%
    I see Load Shedding, I see that Lahore Ring Road was being completed and now Punjab Government does not have the money. President Musharaf I remember while inaugurating the Loari Tunnel was saying that we have allot of Money just suggest the project . But now Punjab is bank rupt and Pakistan is again Taking Dictation from IMF.


  6. Pervez Musharraf the Man of Commitment, his words has frangrance of sincereity & his work shows hardwork for Nation. No one like him, We always remember his Era, the ideal most for Pakistan. He will be again INSHALLAH….
    Best of Luck PM.

  7. I can genuinely say that I have seen Musharraf’s era of Pakistan and have lived in that Pakistan as well. The one common thing that I would find in every place was “PROGRESS”. The biased and corrupt media today is sold out and is paid to speak against him. Our nation is ungrateful and delusional for not respecting a true leader. It is an absolute shame really,Musharraf is a true patriot and he has always said “Pakistan First” and he lives by that quote.


    1. They claim that Pervez Musharraf killed Nawab Bugti:
    Bugti was a person who was creating something like the “Banana Republic”. He had displaced the original and respectable Baluch Families,he was cruel to the Baluchi people and did not provide them with the comfort and services that they deserve.Remember you don’t serve the government,the government is there to serve you.I think if we can get this concept ingrained in our head we will learn to make better judgements.Let us not forget four army officers went inside the cave where Nawab Bugti was,they went there to talk things out and when officers go in they are unarmed.Bugti either shot a Rocket launcher at them or actually had a bomb planted within the cave.He died of his own medicine,taking away four army officers along with him.During Pervez Musharraf’s era Baluchistan actually prospered the most,there are tons of checks and balances to prove this. The only Baluchis that speak against him are those that have been bought off and are failed political figures that never really won a seat in the elections. Those people are brought to attention by some of our media channels that have been bought off by the corrupt elites within and external powers that are outside,working against Pakistan.One channel in particular is Geo Tv,there is absolutely no doubt that they work against the progress of Pakistan.

    Here is Nawab Bugti’s own confession of killing 35 SSG comandos,hear it for yourself:

    2.They Sympathise With Those In The LAL Masjid:

    Lal Masjid is not even a case. It wasn’t even a mosque it had

    become a ground for

    terrorists. Mosques don’t have weaponry inside,mosques do

    not consist of 13 to 17

    year old pregnant girls,who weren’t pregnant when they had

    initially gone to this

    secret terrorist organisation. People inside mosques do not

    open fire on our

    army,which the people inside the Lal Masjid did and people

    should not be

    sympathising with hypocritical maulanas that try to escape

    wearing a

    burkha.Calling them a Maulana is an insult to the word itself

    because Maulana in

    english is described as someone who has knowledge over

    many different subjects

    and matters.Mosques do not have brain washing CDs

    inside,shall I go on?!Only

    fools would defend Lal Masjid,this type of thinking without

    any logic is the reason

    why Pakistan is so backwards and going in to a direction of


    conservatism,extremism and disaster. The army was still

    cooperative and was

    asking those hypocrites to leave peacefully but those fools

    opened fire.It is

    shameful to support such people and it is an insult to those

    parents who sent their

    children to actually learn something pure about our Deen but

    rather were used as

    brain washed fighters that were converted in to terrorists.No

    woman was actually

    harmed in the operation except for the Qazi’s mother who

    died because she

    refused to get out of the mosque.The militants coming out of

    the Lal Masjid were

    wearing gas masks,if you have any knowledge then you

    would know that wearing a

    gas mask and surviving the tear gas takes a lot of training.A

    soldier is trained for

    about 6 months before he can function properly while

    wearing a gas mask.An army

    personel lost his life by being assassinated.A sniper shot him

    and the distance from

    which the sniper fired from the Lal Masjid was 300 feet.If

    you have any common

    sense you would realize that these people within that so

    called mosque were highly

    trained terrorists.They distorted the words of our peaceful

    and beautiful

    religion,which teaches moderation and love.The corruption

    in Lal Masjid was

    disgusting and those supporting such nonsense are only

    supporting the wrong

    cause! In LAL Masjid no woman actually even died except for

    the Maulana’s mother

    who refused to get out. So once again know your facts. And

    since you’re defending

    LAL Masjid so much,then look in to the story of Masjid Zarar

    that was ordered to be

    demolished by the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) because the

    people within were not

    peaceful and were Munafiqs just like the ones in LAL Masjid.

    Allah (swt) ordered in

    the Quran to destroy (demolish) Masjid-e-Zarar in Madina.

    This mosque was built

    by the hypocrites (Munafeqeen) the enemies of

    Muslims.Please know your facts.



    3.The opposition claims that Pervez Musharraf gave away many bases to the United States for the drone attacks:
    This is one of the biggest misconceptions! Let’s bring this situation to light,9/11 took place and naturally “The War On Terror” was a major thing at this point.The United States had requested Pakistan to give them some space within the country so that they could go and handle Al-Qaeda. Now a base was certainly given to take actions but did we sell our land to them?! Absolutely not. Aslo I clearly remember how Pervez Musharraf called leaders of all parties that were present within Pakistan at that point,these included folks like Fazrul Rehman and Imran Khan as well. He presented the entire situation to all the party leaders present at this meeting and the situation was quiet complicated.Pakistan had to give one base to the United States so that they could move in to Afghanistan. Naturally as a sovereign nation we were hesitant but India was ready to give “ALL” its bases to the United States! Do you know that if we did not give one of our bases,how badly it would have affected all of us Pakistanis. India and the United States would have come through Pakistan to go inside Afghanistan,there would have been violence,bloodshed,war and absolute chaos within the country.Pervez Musharraf protected us from a major disaster that would have changed the entire course of history within our nation if decisions were taken differently.He presented this situation to the different party leaders and I remember clearly Imran Kahn and Farzul Rehman telling Pervez Musharraf to do what he thinks is best. The situation was very complicated and Pervez Musharraf had said that he called this meeting so that everyone can figure out a way to handle the situation,so that there are no differences in opinion and everyone is on the same page. They all said “Do as you please.”,what happened after that! Once the base was given and the action was taken by Pervez Musharraf,all these leaders that were invited to the meeting started saying,”Oh look what Musharraf did.he sold off our bases to the United States”.Look at these opposition leaders,that claim to be the well wishers of Pakistan.They back stabbed Pervez Musharraf and only said those things to make themselves look righteous.A true and honest leader does not lie and present the situation in a wrong manner for their own personal gain.Let’s come to the drone attacks.7 to 9 drone attacks took place during Pervez Musharraf’s time and that too because Pervez Musharraf opposed such acts and placed a lot of pressure on the United States.Now there are certain things that a lot of us are forgetting.The deal between Pakistan and the United States was that there would be 7 to 9 drones in Pakistan and they would be used for surveillance “ONLY”. They would be there to detect any terrorist movement and once it was located,then “OUR” army and “OUR” ISI would take action against them.The United States broke the original deal and used those drones for attacks.After this took place Pervez Musharraf personally went to the United States and condemned the acts which weren’t part of the deal.After such a deal breaker we had even refused to let the drones come inside our country.We told the United States that if any terrorist activity is found,it would be reported by our intelligence and our forces.Basically Pervez Musharraf at that point had told them that there will be no more outside interference what so ever.Now Pervez Musharraf has been out of governance for 5 years,why have drone strikes increased in numbers during the democratically elected PPP? and why didn’t this so called “DEMOCRATIC”government stop such acts.

    4.The opposition claims that Afia Siddiqui was given

    to the United States by

    Pervez Musharraf:

    In the words of Pervez Musharraf himself,”Whoever gave

    Afia to the United States is a

    traitor,if she was caught in Pakistan.Now Pervez Musharraf is

    the president of Pakistan,he

    handled many situations within Pakistan but there were

    people under him who were

    working in different areas. The president does not always

    know what is going on,an

    investigation was taken place for Afia Siddiqui during

    Musharraf’s time. Pervez Musharraf

    did not even know who she was until he read this matter in

    the news papers and saw it on

    the Television Channels.Our people have a habit of blaming

    everything on the

    president,one forgets that there are others that work in the

    governance as well and if you

    need to question anyone its not the president but the Prime

    Minister and other

    government officials.

    One thing that one must think about is why was she in the

    situation that she was in?Why

    do people start playing the blame game without knowing the

    true facts or realities of the

    matter.What caused Afia Siddiqui to be in the situation that

    she was forced in to.What was

    her role and why was she so important to the United States?

    These are questions that no one thinks about and at times the

    entire situation sounds

    fabricated.Now why do I mention that,in an interview with

    Hamid Mir Afia Siddiqui’s sister

    admits that Afia was caught inside Afghanistan in a place

    called Ghazni.The claims were

    that the FBI took her away in Karachi,so wait minute there is

    something absolutely wrong

    with this entire picture isn’t it?… Think carefully folks and try

    to be as rational as possible

    in every situation that is presented to you.Why didn’t the

    democratically elected

    government do something about this matter,instead they

    kept politicising this matter

    against Pervez Musharraf without any concrete evidence.The

    entire matter looses its

    credibility because now her sister admits where she was

    caught.To conclude this matter,the

    whole situation looses a lot of its credibility for investigation

    and this matter quiet

    possible may have been presented in the same light as the

    entire Lal Masjid situation,when

    there is clear footage of their tyranny.Pervez Musharraf gave

    a very clear answer on this

    entire situation in his press conference yesterday.

    So now I would like for all of those people who speak against

    Pervez Musharraf to think

    deeply. How would you have handled the situation. You

    should be thankful to Pervez

    Musharraf,he saved your lives and the situation was

    extremely complicated.These are four

    main points the opposing parties always raise,if they were

    truly sincere to Pakistan they

    wouldn’t be blaming Pervez Musharraf.It is quiet clear that

    they are power hungry because

    they know the ground realities,yet they deny them to gain the

    popular vote.

    Vote for the true leader who has always presented facts


    Long live Pervez Musharraf.

    Pakistan First!

  8. APML team Time to start organize again , Insha Allah Success come true for PM.

    Our Leader PM,

    Long live Pervez Musharraf.

    Pakistan First!

  9. god bless you sir

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