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LAL MASJID – case study

Lal Masjid- Shifting Truth from Lies-Pervez Musharraf-26th Dec 2009

by Pervez Musharraf on Tuesday, 24 August 2010 at 09:40 

The Lal Masjid operation is a case study of how an appropriately timed, meticulously planned and boldly executed operation launched in the supreme national interest can be distorted by vested interests who want to present it as a disaster. I would like to elaborate/clarify various issues which have been distorted. “Hundreds of innocent people were killed which included scores of women and children.” This is an absolute lie.

Commission Report

Government Commission Report on Lal Masjid Published 2013

Firstly none of those killed were innocent. They were terrorists (including five foreigners) who took the law in their own hands and killed a number of policemen, kidnapped and physically tortured Chinese citizens (causing embarrassment to the government) and burnt down Ministry of Environment offices, property and vehicles.

They had stored arms and explosives in the mosque and were equipped/prepared for suicide bombings. Secondly the numbers killed were NINETY FOUR and not a single woman or child was killed.





This can be ascertained by digging their graves and counting. “The operation was launched overriding efforts to end the occupation peacefully.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. The siege of Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa was started about six months before the operation. There were about two thousand five hundred girls in Jamia Hafsa and an equal number of men who had taken over Lal Masjid. Despite all the pressure on the government in the media to act and evict the occupants who were challenging the writ of the government and causing immense embarrassment, the decision taken was to negotiate a peaceful settlement to avoid casualties. In the months that followed, representatives from Wafaqul Madaris and the Council of Islamic Ideology were sent to negotiate, Maulana Edhis’ wife was sent to pacify the girls and even Imam Kaaba was gracious enough to contribute towards an amicable end to the confrontation.

Maulana Aziz arrested trying to run away in Burqa

Besides this, a number of politicians and notables also tried their best to resolve the issue. All this was to no avail. The   primary concern before launching the operation was how to avoid casualties. The operation was launched only after all efforts towards a negotiated settlement failed and maximum occupants including all women and children were drawn out. The individuals left were all hardened terrorists including five foreigners who refused to surrender and decided to fight it out.

We as Pakistanis must realise that we cannot be known internationally as a “Soft State” or a “Banana Republic” where there is no writ of the government. The government has to be strong enough to meet any challenge to its authority. Then only can we emerge as a stable, strong, respectable country in the comity of nations. We also have to make sure that religion is not misused to challenge the state and spread extremism in the society. Lal Masjid operation stands as a tribute to the gallantry of all the soldiers, especially of SSG, rangers and policemen who participated in the operation. May all the Shaheeds rest in peace, Ameen.

Behind the walls of the Laal Masjid-Naeem Tahir-2010

by Pervez Musharraf on Monday, 29 November 2010 at 01:03

The massive campaign in 2007-8 against former President Pervez Musharraf landed everyone else’s ‘evil’ doings at his door. The good that he did to the country was mutilated, forgotten, and set aside. The supporters of a Taliban mindset in media and politics spear headed the campaign and all those who could take advantage in power sharing jumped on to the band wagon against Musharraf.

This ‘campaign’ of misinformation did one of the greatest historic injustices. It was a classical repeat of Antony’s statement in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar Quote “….the evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones, so let it be with Caesar….” Then Antony goes on to expose the ‘honorable men’ namely Brutus, Cassius and others who conspired, and then reminds the Romans of the great contribution made by Julius Caesar to the Roman Empire. It is also important in this case that the historical facts are placed in the correct perspective and the name of a sincere and devoted leader is understood appropriately because this is in the interest of the nation.

In the case of Laal Masjid operation many people conveniently forget the circumstances and the ground realities in Islamabad leading to the necessity of action. Gross exaggerations about the numbers killed and of ‘brutality’ keep circulating. These are farthest from truth and are in fact intended to motivate the Taliban supporters to continue their terror activities as ‘revenge’.

It is said that 4000 men and women were killed, it is also said that the negotiations were sabotaged. An impression is given that all the inhabitants of the Lal Masjid were totally innocent and were killed in cold blood.

On the other hand it is stated that only 94 militants were killed and these were those who had decided to fight till the end with lethal weapons in their possession and refused to vacate ,and in fact drew the first blood by attacking army personnel. Every effort at a negotiated settlement was rebuffed by the occupants who held innocent students, women and children, as hostages, and as a ‘human shield’. The total number was estimated between 2000 to 2500.

To have a clear perception it is important that we look at the history of the Laal Masjid occupation and its links with the terrorist as well as the conditions preceding the operation and then also look at the operation, the damages and the aftermath.

The Laal Masjid was built in 1965. Maulana Muhammad Abdullah was appointed its first imam. Abdullah was critical of all governments except Zia’s with whom he was very close. During the Soviet war in Afghanistan (1979–1989), the Red Mosque played a major role in recruiting and training mujahedeen to fight along with the Afghan mujahedeen. Throughout its existence, it had enjoyed patronage from influential members of the government, prime ministers, army chiefs, and presidents. Several thousand male and female students lived in adjacent seminaries.[1]

After Abdullah was assassinated in 1998, his sons Abdul Aziz Ghazi and Abdul Rashid Ghazi took over the mosque, making it a centre for hard-line teaching and open opposition to the government. Abdul Aziz remained the official khatib of the masjid until he was removed in 2005 for issuing a controversial fatwa stating no Pakistani Army officer could be given an Islamic burial if died fighting the Taliban.

The plot on which Lal Masjid was built was allotted by CDA. With the passage of time, the mosque administration encroached upon the surrounding area and a big complex like a fort was constructed. CDA remained unable to get the encroached land vacated till end 2006. In early 2007, CDA strongly persuaded and issued a vacation notice. Aziz and Rasheed, initiated move by taking possession of the Children Library, located on the adjacent plot, by using the female student force. These students were motivated in the name of religion and thus the visible conflict started.

The students (both male and female) took to the streets to persuade video shops not to sell “vulgar” movies. Thus the students took matters into their own hands, much as the Taliban did as they emerged as a power in the 1990s in Afghanistan and in the Waziristan tribal areas. They also arrested a woman on the suspicion of running a brothel. The police tried to broker the release of the suspected brothel owner and, when they failed, they arrested two female teachers from the seminary. In a matter of minutes, students and followers of the Taliban blocked all important arteries in Aabpara, and also took two police officers with their official vehicle as hostage.

Obviously the Laal Masjid Taliban were challenging the government machinery and asserting their will. Abdul Rasheed and his brother Abdul Aziz commanded widespread support and were vocal in their backing of the Taliban.

Following the kidnapping of the alleged ‘brothel’ by the women students of Jamia Hafsa – who still held a children’s library hostage – the leaders declared the establishment of a ‘Shariat Court’ of their own and, according to Dawn, “vowed to enforce Islamic laws in the federal capital and threatened to unleash a wave of suicide bombers if the government took any action to counter it.” The report in Dawn goes on to say:

“Our youth will commit suicide attacks, if the government impedes the enforcement of the Sharia and attacks Lal Masjid and its sister seminaries,” Maulana Abdul Aziz, the head of the mosque said in his Friday sermon. The fresh suicide bombing threat intensified fear among Islamabad residents.

It was also said that the suicide bomber who had attacked Islamabad’s Marriott Hotel in January 2007, had been seen near the mosque the same day. Religious activists, some of whom were wearing masks, also staged a demonstration before the Friday prayers. Burqa-clad girl students of Madressah Hafsa kept a vigil atop the seminary’s roof. The activists were chanting “Al Jihad, Al Jihad”. Armed with sticks, a group of religious activists set on fire thousands of video and audio cassettes and computer compact discs. Women drivers on Margalla road were being told by the Taliban/students to stop driving or be prepared to suffer by a throw of acid on their face.

This is how the situation in Islamabad was developing. Many people now seem to have lapses of memory and have forgotten the reality. There was an atmosphere of fear. In fact it was a parallel of what was developing in Swat. Laal masjid inhabitants were in fact the first experiment of the terrorists in controlling by fear in the name of Shariat. It was the forerunner of the strategy to be later used in Swat and Waziristan.

It is very likely that the latest strategy of controlling by ‘War Within’ was being experimented in other areas as well but keenly watched by the terrorist planners for the outcome of Islamabad. If the Laal Masjid experiment in Islamabad would succeed then the terrorists would have controlled Swat, part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Waziristan. They would have brought under control a large area including Islamabad. Pakistan’s existence could have been fatally endangered.

The situation had indeed developed because of covert support of sections of beaurocracy, some elements in the agencies, and some politicians. It is well known that some supplies of rockets and weapons when caught were released due to the efforts of Zia ul Haq’s son Ijaz ul Haq, who offered a personal guarantee. There were indeed supporting funds of foreigners and those who take political advantage by the support of Taliban elements.

During this period Islamabad was being attacked by terrorists and elsewhere-foreign engineers and technicians helping Pakistan were abducted and killed. Pakistan’s tested friend China was being targeted to isolate Pakistan.

The situation was turning so serious that general public wondered why the government was not taking any decisive action. Then happened the Lal Masjid terrorist’s raid on a Chinese beauty parlor. The raiders man- handled the inese men and women and abducted them.

 The situation had grown to international proportions. Civil society and Media were pressing for some action. The Chinese President directly approached the President of Pakistan, Gen Pervez Musharaf and requested for the safety of the Chinese people.

Now action had to be taken. The Laal Masjid occupants had taken an open war attitude.

It is important that all these factors are recalled and the backdrop of the Lal Masjid action is understood.

On this background, Government machinery moved with determination, however every effort was to be made to reach a peaceful settlement, and if army action was to be inevitable then minimum damage to life and property was to be ensured.

As the first step, the Laal Masjid was cordoned off and the movement of the occupants was restricted.

Appeals were made to the occupants to vacate the mosque. All possible steps were taken. Politicians including Chaudhry Shujaat, and Ejazul Haq tried. Imam e Kaba arrived to make the Masjid occupants to desist from militancy but was shunned. Eidhis came and made appeals to no effect. The Wafaqul Madaras tried their best, Council for Islamic Ideology tried to make them understand, but all failed. The Laal Masjid occupants and Mr. Abdul Rasheed stuck to their agenda.

Before army action an opportunity was provided to those who did not ascribe to militancy to leave the mosque. Many left.

On July 3, 2007, the stand-off between the students barricaded inside the mosque and the government resulted in bloody gun battle. The violent students attacked. In the encounter over twenty people, including students of the mosque, and paramilitary personnel were killed and over one hundred others were injured.

To avoid collateral loss, on July 4, 2007, the government offered amnesty to juvenile students if they surrendered and over 1000 of the students who supported the cleric accepted, and were allowed to leave. Abdul Aziz Ghazi tried to escape in a ‘burqa’ to avoid notice of his colleagues, and he was arrested after being detected by a senior army official.

Government and Security officials had repeatedly asked Maulana Abdul Rashid to surrender but he refused. He proposed that if government would give him and his militant students a safe passage without surrendering arms, and  to allow him to live  in his home village, he would hand over Lal Masjid , Jamia Hafsa and Jamia Faridia to Wafaqul Madaris (a federation of Madaris). This proposal was made to Ulmai Karam and Government of Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz and Chaudhdry Shujaat.

This proposal was a trick and fraught with very dangerous consequences. A considerable number of trained militants would have gone scot free and brought havoc to the city of Islamabad. It was a trick to get out of the ‘hole’ and spread around for extreme terror. This proposal could not be acceptable for security considerations. The safe passage was intended to be ‘unchecked’. If accepted this would tantamount to allowing a large number of armed militants go free and carry out their activities and join other terrorists.

In retaliation the Laal Masjid terrorists attacked the Army personnel around the mosque. They went further to burn the building of the interior ministry adjacent to the Mosque. A senior army officer was killed and huge damage to property occurred.

Now a final army action had become unavoidable. Ch. Shujaat wanted to make one more effort before the army operation. He did make a final attempt but failed. The scheduled action at very early morning was delayed by an hour due to Ch. Shujaat’s presence, and some morning light revealed the commandos taking positions, they were fired at and killed, others successfully took positions. Col, Haroon Islam, made a bid to free those who were locked up in a room as hostages and wanted to get out. He risked his life and went to blow a hole in the wall of their cell. The wall breached and all hostages escaped but Col.Haroon Islam lost his life in cross fire.

By this time a total of 97 militants were left in the Mosque. They fought and 94 got killed, three escaped. There were 94 dead bodies including four killed by the militants and found locked in a basement. These have been buried in a graveyard in Islamabad. There were no women among the dead. Five or six male foreigners were there.These are all the verifiable facts.

The huge number of the killed are rumors and have no substance. If any more than 94 were dead then why didn’t any relative or friend register an FIR? Why hasn’t any one even supported the ‘dead’ by any kind of complaint? Why have the families of the hypothetic ‘dead’ not even taken out a protest march? Why hasn’t even a ‘ghaibana’ nimaz e janaza held. This is because the fact is that number of dead was only those whose graves exist.

The operation was conducted entirely by the Government headed by the Prime minister and the Army. The instructions of the President Musharraf specifically were to save as many lives as possible and reduce collateral damage. If his instruction were not carried out the loss of life and property would have been huge. It is absolutely wrong that any phosphorus bombs were used. These are not in the army arsenal. The smoke grenades used do not have any phosphorus. Army acted with utmost restraint, and saved Islamabad from becoming occupied like Swat. The ramifications of Islamabad, the nation’s capital being controlled by terrorists are beyond imagination.

Later on it became abundantly clear that the Laal Masjid was the advance camp of the terror net work supported by enemies of the state and would have been the shortest cut to lose the nation’s sovereignty if allowed to succeed. After being pushed away from the Capitol the terrorists from the mosque joined their companions in Swat and Waziristan and proceeded with the rest of the nefarious plan.

 Any Pakistani who confuses the issue of the Laal Masjid and nurses sympathy with Laal Masjid terror group is doing so in naivety without comprehending the facts. It is hoped that this ‘fact sheet’ will help understand the real facts and the importance and inevitability of the action in the interest of the freedom of the nation. It may also be remembered that judicial enquiry has already been held.

Naeem Tahir


Lal Masjid threatens suicide attacks

7 April 2007 – ISLAMABAD, April 6: Formally announcing the establishment of a parallel judicial system, the pro-Taliban Lal Masjid administration on Friday vowed to enforce Islamic laws in the federal capital and threatened to unleash a wave of suicide bombers if the government took any action to counter it.

“Our youth will commit suicide attacks, if the government impedes the enforcement of the Sharia and attacks Lal Masjid and its sister seminaries,” Maulana Abdul Aziz,  the in-charge of the mosque said in his Friday sermon.

The fresh suicide bombing threat is stated to be the strongest given so far by the hard-line clerics of the Lal Masjid,  intensifying fear among Islamabad residents.

President Gen Pervez Musharraf had recently stated that he knew that the Lal Masjid’s management wilfully harboured suicide bombers. He said that the suicide bomber who had attacked Islamabad’s Marriott Hotel in January 2007, had been seen near the mosque the same day.

Maulana Abdul Aziz  announced the setting up of a Qazi court in his sermon that also marked the opening of a three-day ‘Nifaz Sharia-o-Azmat Jihad Conference’. A large number of supporters had reached the mosque.

The government did nothing to stop the groups of people coming from different cities and nearby areas throughout the day to participate in the conference.

Religious activists, some of whom were wearing masks, also staged a demonstration before the Friday prayers. Burqa-clad girl students of Madressah Hafsa kept a vigil atop the seminary’s roof. The activists were chanting ‘Al Jihad, Al Jihad’.

Armed with sticks, a group of religious activists set on fire thousands of video and audio cassettes and computer compact discs, ‘given up’ voluntarily by a shopowner who, according to them, had announced to abandon ‘this business’.

Maulana Aziz reminded the shopkeepers that they had been given a 30-day deadline to close down their ‘evil’ businesses and switch over to some other ‘decent’ venture and said students of the seminary would punish the shopkeepers who did not do so. He asked traders to financially ‘support’ the owners of video and CDs shops to enableg them to switch over to some other business.

Maulana Aziz urged the authorities and the people concerned to stop dealing in video CDs, putting up billboards with women’s photographs, selling liquor and running ‘brothels’ and drug dens in Islamabad.

Supreme Court grants bail to Maulana Aziz

Lal Masjid cleric calls for Islamic rule

18 April 2009 – ISLAMABAD: Lal Masjid cleric Abdul Aziz  called on Friday for the imposition of Islamic rule across Pakistan and the world and hinted at the use of force if he and his followers were obstructed.

Aziz, arrested two years ago during a siege of the mosque, was released from house detention on Thursday after the Supreme Court granted him bail on a surety bond worth Rs 200,000.

“We will continue our struggle to enforce Islamic order in the country,” said Aziz, delivering the Friday sermon to tens of thousands of worshippers.

“Will you render sacrifices?” he asked to chants of “yes” by the worshippers. “Will you go to jails? Will you render sacrifices for religion?” he shouted to replies of assent each time.

“God willing, our sacrifices will not go in vain and Islam will be implemented not only in Pakistan but all over the world,” Aziz told followers crammed into the mosque and spilling out onto the street.

“We are peaceful people but if our way is blocked then you have witnessed the scenes in Swat and in FATA,” he said, referring to the violence-plagued Federally Administered Tribal Areas on the Afghan border.

Aziz was well known for his fiery sermons, even threatening to unleash suicide bombers against his movement’s enemies.

“What we have seen in Swat and the Tribal Areas is the result of the sacrifices at the Lal Masjid, of the students, the people who were martyred,” Aziz said.

The July 2007 mosque siege was a turning point in Pakistan’s slide into religious extremism and violence. Army commandos assailed the complex days after heavily-armed militants holed up inside fought gunbattles with police and refused to surrender. The government says 102 people, including 11 security personnel, were killed. Aziz was arrested as he tried to sneak out of the mosque compound, which included a seminary for girls, dressed in an all-covering burqa. fazal sher/agencies

Newsline analysis of Lal Masjid

The government managed to recover 1,300 men, women and children during the operation. Some of these women, who were recovered safely on the last day of the operation, had their written death wishes with them. Even though 43-year-old Maulana Ghazi continued denying till the very end that he was held hostage by hardcore militants, some unconfirmed reports insist that he was not only held hostage but was shot by the militants when he tried to surrender. This account of Ghazi’s death suggests that when his bunker was finally found, he was shot in the foot by a militant commander after which he wanted to surrender, but the commander shot him dead.

Thick plumes of smoke covered the skies as angry students torched two near by government buildings, including that of the Environment Ministry, and set cars ablaze. Masked students were seen hiding behind sandbags on the mosque roof, taking potshots at the police and Rangers in the surrounding streets. They retaliated by launching a full-scale attack. By the evening, at least 10 people were dead and over 100 were wounded, including seminary students, some passers-by and three journalists.

Maulana Aziz told his students that victory was near. “We have spoken to our brothers in the tribal areas and a host of other warriors, including Baitullah Mehsud, who would soon be coming to Islamabad for our support.” He vowed to wage jihad like Osama bin Laden.

Some parents said that ever since Lal Masjid had stood up against the government in January, they had been trying to withdraw their children from the seminary, but the madrassah administration prevented them from leaving. “They had been holding our children hostage and would not even allow us to meet them,” said a parent.

Mohammed Sarwar, however, was one of the lucky few who managed to recover his daughter nearly two months back, but not without some difficulty. Sarwar said when he went to the madrassah after Lal Masjid’s first confrontation with the government, he was not allowed to meet his daughter for three weeks.

“Every time I went there, they either did not allow me to meet her, or they said that if I withdrew my daughter from the madrassah, they would write her a certificate after which no madrassah in Pakistan would ever give her admission.” Sarwar said he finally lied that her mother was sick and only then did he secure his daughter’s release.

For many months now, here in the heart of Pakistan’s capital, vigilante groups from a government funded mosque, the Lal Masjid, have roamed the streets and bazaars as they impose Islamic morality and terrorize citizens in full view of the police. Openly sympathetic to the Taliban and tribal militants fighting the Pakistan army, the two cleric brothers who head Lal Masjid, Maulana Abdul Aziz and Maulana Abdur Rashid Ghazi, have attracted a core of banned militant organizations around them. These include the Jaish-e-Muhammad, considered to be the pioneer of suicide bombings in the region.

The clerics openly defy the state. Since Jan 21, 2007, baton wielding burqa-clad students of the Jamia Hafsa, the women’s Islamic university located next to Lal Masjid, have forcibly occupied a government building, the Children’s Library. In one of their many forays outside the seminary, this burqa brigade swooped upon a house, which they claimed was a brothel, and kidnapped 3 women and a baby.


Students of Jamia Hafsa (Women’s University) in Islamabad demonstrate for Shariah law


Victory for the Burqa Brigade

The male students of Islamabad’s many madrassas are even more active. They terrorize video shop owners, who they accuse of spreading pornography and vice. Newspapers have carried pictures of grand bonfires made with seized cassettes and CDs. Most video stores in Islamabad have now closed down. Their owners duly repented after a fresh campaign by militants on May 4 bombed a dozen music and video stores, barber shops and a girls school in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP).


Enjoying video burnings in Islamabad

The Pakistani state has shown astonishing patience. It showed its displeasure in Karachi with bullets, while other challengers have been hit with air and artillery power. But the Lal Masjid clerics operate with impunity. No attempt has been made to cut off their electricity, gas, phone, or website – or even to shut down their illegal FM radio station. The chief negotiator appointed by Musharraf, Chaudhry Shujaat Husain, described the burqa brigade kidnappers as “our daughters”, with whom negotiations would continue and against whom “no operation could be contemplated”.

Soon after they went on the warpath, the clerics realized that the government wanted to play ball. Their initial demand – the rebuilding of 8 illegally constructed mosques that had been knocked down by Islamabad’s civic administration – transformed into a demand for enforcing the Shariah in Pakistan. At a meeting held in the mosque on April 6, over 100 guest religious leaders from across the country pledged to die for the cause of Islam and Shariah.

On April 12, (also reported in The News, Islamabad, April 24) in an FM broadcast from the Lal Masjid’s illegal FM station, the clerics issued a threat:

“There will be suicide blasts in the nook and cranny of the country. We have weapons, grenades and we are expert in manufacturing bombs. We are not afraid of death”.



Confronting the state — with the state’s connivance

The Lal Masjid head cleric, a former student of my university in Islamabad, added the following chilling message for our women students in the same broadcast:

The government should abolish co-education. Quaid-e-Azam University has become a brothel. Its female professors and students roam in objectionable dresses. I think I will have to send my daughters of Jamia Hafsa to these immoral women. They will have to hide themselves in hijab otherwise they will be punished according to Islam. Our female students have not issued the threat of throwing acid on the uncovered faces of women. However, such a threat could be used for creating the fear of Islam among sinful women. There is no harm in it. There are far more horrible punishments in the hereafter for such women.

If the truth be told, QAU resembles a city of walking double-holed tents rather than the brothel of a sick mullah’s imagination. The last few bare-faced women are finding it more difficult by the day to resist. But then, that is precisely the aim of the Islamists. On May 7, a female teacher in the QAU history department was physically assaulted in her office by a bearded, Taliban-looking man who screamed that he had instructions from Allah. President Musharraf – who is the chancellor of QAU and often chooses to be involved in rather petty university administrative affairs – has made no comment on the recent developments.

What next? As Islamabad heads the way of Pakistan’s tribal towns, the next targets will be girls schools, internet cafes, bookshops and western clothing stores, followed by shops selling toilet paper, tampons, underwear, mannequins, and other un-Islamic goods.

In a sense, the inevitable is coming to pass. Until a few years ago, Islamabad was a quiet, orderly, modern city different from all others in Pakistan. Still earlier it was largely the abode of Pakistan’s hyper-elite and foreign diplomats. But the rapid transformation of its demography brought with it hundreds of mosques with multi-barrelled audio-cannons mounted on minarets, as well as scores of madrassas illegally constructed in what used to be public parks and green areas. Now, tens of thousands of their students with little prayer caps dutifully chant the Quran all day. In the evenings they roam in packs through the city’s streets and bazaars, gaping at store windows and lustfully ogling bare-faced women.

The stage for transforming Islamabad into a Taliban stronghold is being set. If at all it is to be prevented, resolute opposition from its citizens will be needed to prevent more Lal Masjids from creating their own shariah squads.



  1. Msharaf did an excellent job no doubt.

  2. The only one important fact the emerged from this crisis……. musharaff and his progeny are murtadeen khwarij until one of them undo the evil pact that musharaff made with shaytan.

  3. Funny how he seeks refuge i london from the the non muslim. if he really was on the truth then place your trust in Allah swt and remain steadfast. But like any other devil what was is plan… run.. run… little man, to your false gods.

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