Posted by: Administrator | 20 August, 2008

President Musharraf resigns

The only safe ship in a storm is leadership – Faye Wattleton


18 August 2008, has become a day of gloom for all Musharraf lovers. Today, our eyes and hearts cry! The man we so loved, honored, admired and cherished for his determination to deliver for Pakistan – and deliver he remarkably did! He was a man who believed & practiced in ‘Pakistan First’. The only honest and visionary leader we ever had. Pakistan progressed and prospered under his leadership. Pakistan had hope under his selfless & patriotic policies. We love you Musharraf!


Time is neutral and does not change things. With courage and initiative, leaders change things – Jesse Jackson

General Musharraf in his historic speech to the nation, also enumerating the successes of his 8 years rule, announced to resign as President of Pakistan. General Musharraf was his confident self and his message optimistic. He bowed out with dignity and courage, to avoid confrontation, and in the best interest of the nation and the country. In his words, it was not the time for individual bravado. He received a guard of honor before he parted the Presidency.


Nonetheless, despite his mistakes, he has been that rare phenomenon in Pakistani politics — an honest man with good intentions who tried to serve his country to the best of his abilities. In a country that has suffered so much over the years from corrupt and self-serving politicians, there have been too few figures like him. (Editorial Arab News)



For us – General Musharraf  is our Hero – Our Leader !

A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be – Rosalynn Carter

Highlights of President Musharraf’s last speech  (Here) and (Here) and (Here) and (Video of Speech)



  1. During my recent visit to Pakistan I met the President and exchanged a few sentiments. He wanted us to continue our march for Pakistan based on facts. He gave no indications that a possible resignation was on the cards.

    Why the sudden change of heart is what a lot of us would like to know. The following quote is very apt but it seems President Musharraf knew something beyond the following wise words. We ask ourselves: will he consider a political Leadership to lead the silent majority who do support him?!

    “A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be”– Rosalynn Carter

  2. Today we need a Pakistan Specific Constitution via which we can evolve a New Political System and divide into more Provinces.

    The current Pakistani Democracy is a Failure and needs an urgent overhaul.

    This democracy is leading to a meltdown in Pakistan a

  3. hi pple
    i rely loove President Musharraf..
    who is always gonna be our hero…
    he is da bst n hav dona aaaaaaalot fr Pak
    may God bless him

  4. hey
    this is da sadest day
    as pple r nt realizin wat is gud fr them..
    da gud is Prasident Musharraf..
    he is da Best Hero Pakistan eva had..
    even though he resigned he is da hero…
    v loove him
    n he is da best..
    relt pity on pple,,,.


  6. aaaahhh……musharaf shudnt resign….:(
    v really have lost a great leader!!!
    now what wl happen vd our home land!!!!
    may Allah safe ma country from these stupid and selfish rulerz of the time…..
    miss ya musharaf…….. 😦

  7. East or West……
    musharraf is the best…..
    Missing you…

  8. God help us and forgive this nation of foolish people .We sent away the only leader who was decent and honest but we can never forget him and owe him many times over.President Musharraf u remain our true leader and wish you could come back maybe in some other capacity and lead us to the dream u have for Pakistan.

  9. An Escalation of the War in Afghanistan and Pakistan is a Very Bad Policy.

    Conservatives and liberals can argue the merits of the surge in Iraq, or the need to deal with terrorism now rather than later. I want to focus on something else: the impact of the perspective of 1.5 billion Muslims around the world. I’m not implying that it is somehow homogeneous, just relevant; more relevant than my opinion at least.

    Taking the war on terror back to Afghanistan (and most likely Pakistan) is bad for a number of reasons: the perspective of the international Muslim community; the fact that a military solution has not worked thus far, so why keep kicking a dead horse (especially when it has the potential to trample you); the delicate balance of power in the immediate theatre and in the broader region; the likely negative reaction of other states; and last but not least, its potential impact on the price and availability of oil.

    Pakistan’s reaction to the Bush Doctrine has been somewhat mixed. Musharraf was caught in the middle between pleasing the U.S. to ensure continued military and economic support, and the preferences of his constituents who resent the U.S. presence there. The region is already very unstable because of this tension between the US applying pressure from the outside and the internal desire of the populace to rid themselves of the unwanted American presence.

    We can say the exact same thing about Afghanistan, Karzai is in a very similar position as Musharraf was. In 2006, Karzai had to start rearming the warlords to maintain order.

    If Senator Obama becomes president, and refocuses the war on terror in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the best we can hope for is another five to six years of what we’ve seen in Iraq. But this best-case scenario is very unlikely.

    What if Karzai falls to a coup or assassination? And now with Musharraf stepping down, what happens if Musharraf’s successor plays to the popular demands of the people? We could find ourselves fighting the armies of the sovereign states of Afghanistan and Pakistan, in addition to insurgent forces there. If we consider the history of this region, we realize that this is not as far-fetched as it might sound on the face of it.

    As we all know, the Taliban was comprised of Sunni Islamists and Pashtun nationalists (mostly from southern Afghanistan and western Pakistan). The Taliban initially enjoyed support from the U.S., Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates in the early 1980s to fight the Soviets. By 1996, the Taliban had gained control of most of Afghanistan, but its relationship with the U.S. and most of the rest of the world became strained. Most of the international community supported the Taliban’s rival, the Afghan Northern Alliance.

    Still, even after the U.S. began to distance itself from the Taliban in late 1997, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates continued to officially recognize the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Even after 9/11 when Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates officially stopped recognizing the Taliban, Pakistan continued to support it. The Taliban in turn, had tremendous influence in Pakistani politics, especially among lobby groups- as it virtually controlled areas such as the Pashtun Belt (Southeast Afghanistan, and Northwest Pakistan) and Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

    Just consider the many, many public protests against the Pakistani government’s compliance with the United States. For instance, on January 13, 2006, the United States launched a missile strike on the village of Damadola, Pakistan. Rather than kill the targeted Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda’s deputy leader, the strike instead slaughtered 17 locals. This only served to further weaken the Musharraf government and further destabilize the entire area.

    If we must focus the war on terror in Afghanistan and Pakistan, let’s focus on winning the hearts and minds of the beautiful people of these countries, rather than filling their hearts with bitterness and hatred toward us. With their support, we can offer them the financial and technical assistance that they need to rebuild their infrastructure, their agriculture and their economy. With their support, we can offer them the needed resources to rebuild their human capital and start attracting foreign direct investment. But without their support, we cannot possibly have any positive influence in this region at all; our only influence will be that of brute force, bribery of corrupt officials, and outright coercion. It will be a long, hard, costly and bloody endeavor, and the people of these countries will continue to suffer.

    Let’s not forget that Pakistan has nuclear weapons. Let’s not also forget that this is a highly Muslim-concentrated area, the Islamic concept of duty to come to the aid of fellow Muslims would no doubt ensure a huge influx of jihadists in this type of a scenario. Why on earth would we want to intentionally provoke a situation that would not only radicalize existing moderates in the region, but could also potentially cause the influx of a concentration of radical jihadists from elsewhere into an already unstable region (that has nuclear weapons no less)? We would be begging for a nuclear proliferation problem.

    We like to assume that we would have the upper hand in such a scenario. But we have been in Afghanistan since October of 2001. And we have yet to assume the upper hand. The fight in Afghanistan has the potential to become much more difficult than it already is. Nor would it be unheard of to expect other major powers to back these radical jihadists with economic and military assistance in much the same way that the US backed the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. Beyond the fact that roughly 1/5 of the world’s population is Muslim (approximately 1.5 billion people- 85% Sunni, 15% Shia, Ibadiyyas, Ahmadis and Druze), we have to remember that Muslims are the majority in 57 states (out of 195). Most of these have Sunni majorities, which gives them added political power.

    China has traditionally backed Pakistan. What would China do if the US were to find itself at war with Pakistan?

    India has tremendous economic and security interests in the region. Let’s not forget that while India has been in nearly continual conflict with Pakistan, primarily over the Kashmir issue, it has the second largest Muslim population in the world next to Indonesia. What happens if India were to side with the U.S. in a potential conflict with Pakistan? It will have a very difficult task justifying that position with its very large Muslim population. A U.S.-Indian alliance could also spark more terrorist attacks in the Kashmir region; it could also create added tension to the already tenuous relationship between India and Iran, which has a long history of support for Pakistan. Or, if radicals gained control of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, a nuclear attack against India could spark a nuclear altercation between the two nuclear powers. Or, what if radicals then gained control of India’s nuclear arsenal?

    We constantly flip-flop in our foreign policy. An attack on Pakistani soil would be a perfect example of this type of wishy-washy foreign policy, as the Bush administration guaranteed Musharraf that the U.S. would never do such a thing (as much as Karzai wants us to). Speaking of Karzai, what if he is ousted and we find ourselves at war with Afghanistan. What would India do then, given its friendship with Afghanistan?

    Also consider the U.S. position on Kashmir, which has a predominantly Muslim population. Pakistan wants a plebiscite, as called for in a 1949 UN resolution, to essentially allow the people to decide which state the region should belong to. India refuses a plebiscite, claiming Kashmir and Jammu as an integral part of India. The U.S. is arming both sides through billions in aid to Pakistan and selective proliferation to India, but insists Pakistan stem terrorist activities flowing from inside its borders, and at the same time discourages India from attacking Pakistan. Yet an escalation of war in the area could backfire badly.

    Beyond all that we still have to consider a slew of other states such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Russia – not to mention the central Asian states – all of which have economic and/or political and security interests in the region. How will they react to an escalation of the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

    Finally, what would such a scenario do to oil prices and availability? I’m 100% in favor of America developing alternative energy sources, but again that’s my opinion, and the oil conglomerates have not been listening to me. Unfortunately, the facts are that the oil lobby is a very powerful entity. Even more to the point, our country could not ween itself off of oil overnight, even if it wanted to. We have to consider what such an escalation would do to oil prices, and the overall availability of oil.

    The oil embargo of 1974 (in support of Egypt and Syria in the Yom Kippur war against Israel), in retaliation against the U.S. for its support of Israel had devastating economic and political consequences on the U.S. and much of Europe. Also, the more recent boycott of Danish products across the Muslim world, in retaliation for the 2005 cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, demonstrates the ability of the international Muslim community to act collectively.

    Escalating the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan would also demonstrate the fickle and hypocritical nature of America’s foreign policy. We supported the Taliban when it served our interests (to oppose the Soviets in Afghanistan) in spite of clear human rights abuses. But now we condemn the Taliban (and much of the Muslim world) over the very same human rights abuses (against women … etc.), while we also continue to ignore similar or same human rights abuses in China, Saudi Arabia, Israel … etc., when it’s convenient for us to do so. We did the same thing with Saddam Hussein; arming him in spite of clear and egregious human rights abuses when he was our ally, and condemning the same actions when he wasn’t.

    The U.S. practices selective proliferation with India, and selective sovereignty with those it chooses (today Pakistan, tomorrow someone other than Pakistan), while at the same time violating the sovereignty of other states- depending on its whim at the time.

    Rather than blindly accepting that America holds some God-given moral superiority over the rest of the planet, we need to realize that everywhere, humanity has a God-given right to live, love and prosper. Our children have the right to grow up in an environment free of air strikes and constant assault from an external enemy. They have the right to attend schools without fear of being maimed and killed inside of them. And they have the right to be children, instead of orphans. No state has the right to take that away from your children, or from mine. Imagine now that Senator Obama is planning to escalate the war on terror where you live.

  10. John,
    We thank you for taking out the time to read us and we appreciate your feedback. Musharraf had been trying all along to win the hearts & minds of the beautiful people of these regions, currently faced by insurgency, caused by foreigners who decided to over-stay in Pakistan’s mountainous regions – passport free i.e Tajiks, Uzbeks, Chechans, Arabs, Afghans, etc.

    Musharraf was a leader who believed in and practiced harmony and diversity; keeping Pakistan’s National Interest first and intelligently balancing Pakistan’s International relations! Unfortunately, the biased media painted him as an extension of US policies for Middle East.

    Musharraf initiated many projects for Baluchistan, in efforts to win hearts & minds.

    1- Mirani Dam (storage capacity of 300,000 million acres feet of Water).
    2- Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University in Quetta
    3- Gwadar a mega sea port.
    4- Makran Coastal Highway (Karachi-Gwadar, Pasni-Gwadar & Ormara-Liari).
    5- M8 Motorway (Gwadar to Ratodero);
    6- Gwadar International Airport.
    7- Copper & Gold Reserves mining in Rekodiq (world class mining).
    8- First-ever Kidney Centre in Balochistan.
    9- Around 10,000 Baluchistan residents have been inducted into the PAK Army.
    10- UAE’s $ 5 billion Oil refinery at Hub

    Musharraf initiated many projects for NWFP, in efforts to win hearts & minds of people:

    1- Univerisity of Science & Tech, Bannu
    2- University of Hazara
    3- Malakand University
    4- Karakarum International University
    5- Sarhad University of IT, Peshawar
    6- Naltar Hydro Power project
    7- Gomal Zam Dam (storage 1.14 million acre foot Water)
    8- Khurram Tangi Dam and Subak Zai Dam
    9- M1 Motorway (Islamabad to Peshawar)
    10- Sust dry Port (near Gilgit)
    11- Marble City (for future Mining & Export prospects)

    Thanks & Regards!

  11. john maszka is a drop in the ocean yet a drop atleast. More Americans should come forward and say it like it is. Americam foreign policy must change

  12. Musharraf please come BACK…………… and save our country from these MONEY LAUNDRY machines


  14. some are now suggesting that Imran khan should join-up with musharraf…duh …its toooo late

    Imran khan committed political sucide when he declared war against Musharraf. If one is not smart enough to realise that, it is worthless even considering politics. Musharraf wanted to groom Imran khan to lead the Nation. But the Khan was too confused.

  15. It was President Musharraf who was most annoyed over PPP decision to weaken ISI. It was after this disagreement with the U.S. that it was decided in Washington that he must be removed and, suddenly, we find Mr. Zardari changing tone, demeanor and language to join hands with PML (N) to impeach the besieged President. First priority is therefore to remove the man who is now finally and formally betrayed by all those internal and external allies who had scavenged around him for the last 8 years.

  16. kiyani is the reason zardari is king today .

    why do I get the feeling that “BrassTacks” is a jirga for the khans.

    some are now suggesting that Imran khan should join-up with musharraf…duh …its toooo late

    all Imran Khan supporters are now rallying after zaid hamid. who btw supports himself.I thought there was a jihadi elment to those guys

  17. Somehow this whole episode seems like a ghastly nightmare.Hope it ends soon .There are too many missing pieces to the puzzle.Its like the most unbelievable thing happening.
    Musharraf remains our leader .

  18. It is this faulty system of Western Democracy nor here nor there. It is a doomsday senerio in the hands of an uneducated populace. ppp cashes in on this each time. shame on the people who support this dysfunctional system. A system which has given rise to crime as never seen in the history of man-king. The West is full of scams and scandles

  19. What is most puzzling is the silence of our armed forces?The airshow they put up seems just that.The whole drama seems to be orchestrated for the US election but at the cost of how many lives??
    we the people who are just fed up of this uncertainty need answers as to why our country which was going smoothly under Musharraf was victimised and the experiment of democracy tried yet again on it.How come the worst leadership is forced on us ?what is it that the US wants? a disintegration of PAKISTAN?Such a huge superpower what possible interest could it have in this small country.If PAKISTANIS do not value their freedom and have reached a state of hatred and complete intolerance then its sad but this country will not be able to survive this.The people use to be so patriotic before where did it all sour up that we have started thinking in lines of provinces and cities to the extent that pakistan is no longer important?One man tried ,a few helped but seems like we are defeated ,?But please convince me that im wrong?

  20. Ignorant ppl blame musharaf fr killing extremists of lal musjid …… time is proving tht if u allow them to do wht thy plan thn thy will turn our beautiful contry into hell…who will stop thm now…….?

  21. If musharaf was the main character behind the killing in lal masjid and all the suicide bombings then who is responsible for those suicide bombing which are happening daily (today at MNA’s house in bhakkar)…. STILL MUSHARAF IS THE REASON FOR ALL THESE BOMBINGS.

  22. @Reema shah shared this:

    Genocide of Muslims taking place as we write…

    afghanistan 1980-1989………………….2 million civilians
    Iraq 1990- 1991……………………….200 thousand civilians
    Bosnia 1992-95………………………..200 thousand civilians
    Kosovo1996-1999……………………….50 thousand+ civilians
    India 2001-02…………………………5 thousand+ civilians
    Iraq 2003 – present……………………1 million+ civilians

    there is not a single year gap in this

  23. Salam everyone

    Afreen & Mirza

    I like the new name of the blog. Truth will stand on its own while lies will need crutches.
    Wishing you both health wealth and happiness …

    I thank God for Friends & Partners. :))

  24. Scam: PM / Finance Minister purchase heavy equipment ( Heavy Generators ) from Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE… List Price 1.5 million Dirhams, Actual Price paid for the Equipment 700,000 Dirhams….
    Money into corrupt pockets = 800,000 Dirhams which = 17 million rupees….
    This is one of the smaller and corrupt scams carried out by these so called people who fight for us, they are robbing us in daylight and we oblige to them. Its sad to see our state go down like this.

  25. i very much like pres. musharaff,because of his interest in uplifting people from poverty ,and social devolepment of the people of pakistan…we have wide range support found in overseas pakistani for pres.musharaff

  26. I salute to Gen. Musharraf smartness and courage but what about the time after him. There should be a system to run the country and we should not hesitate to accept the Facts on the ground- PAK ARMY zindabad-Army act paindabad.
    BHAKKAR- a gateway to Punjab and Sind for Taliban. The people of BHAKKAR district have elected a chief minister of Punjab and a prime minister of Pakistan in different elections. Although a goup of local leaders sponcer the occasion and personally benefited by this gesture but basically the people of Bhakkar elected these leaders in hope of a better Bhakkar. It’s requested to the President, prime minister of Pakistan and chief minister of Punjab to please consider upgrading Bhakkar as a divisional head quarter by appointing a commissioner to provide better governance, extra facilities and security in the area. There are news that religious violence and drug smuggling is increased in the area recently. Bhakkar is a gate way to the Punjab and Sind provinces for NWFP and Afghanistan. Bhakkar has been head quarters of divisional level organization of Thal Development Authority since 1952. TDA was abolish in 1971 on corruption charges against it’s high officials. Bhakkar is also a border district to Dera Ismail Khan and a capital city of Thal desert area-spread in six districts in Punjab. Thanking you, Khwaja Aftab Shah,Florida, U.S.A

  27. Musharraf Destroyed My Beautiful Country: When you judge a ruler you should look at the country before him/her and after him/her. Before Musharraf there were no Bomb blasts, Suicide attacks, killings, no civil war in Balochistan and NWFP, our own army was not killing Pakistanis; and there were no major electricity (power) problem and food shortages (flour-Aata etc.), the inflation was under control and security and safety was good. He killed Bugti which was a conspiracy to ignite civil war in Balochistan. He killed Benazir, which was conspiracy too to start a civil war in Sindh and to weaken the democracy. He strengthened killers of HAKIM SAEED (friends of India) so that they can start a civil war in Karachi to break Pakistan. He created Swat militants with intent to kill them later to make money from US. He killed thousands innocent Pakistanis in NWFP to upset “Pushtuns” so that they can start a civil war in that province. He is Ghadar (Traitor) and he was doing that for purpose, he was assigned a job to break Pakistan. Indian airplane lifted this Ghadar from Pakistan to India for lectures. The whole country is burning now. The killers of HAKIM SAEED attacked on 12th May in Karachi and Musharraf proudly supported them on media. His killers attacked in October’07 on Benazir’s arrival and 150 people were killed. How can anybody forget killings of 150 innocent children and girls in LAL MASJID? He used white phosphorus on innocent children. He sold AAFIA SIDDIQUE and 4000 Pakistanis for million dollars (that’s why he is so rich now). He should be brought to justice for all those crimes. He fired Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan twice (along with 60 judges). The CJ was humiliated and was in prison for many months with his children. Musharraf broke the constitution twice which is a very big crime. The whole Pakistan hates him. No ruler in the whole world did that many crimes, he is criminal and only criminals like criminals. Do you still like him? Pakistan is on the edge because of him.

  28. In response to Mr.everybodyhatemusharraf,
    Musharraf Developed Our Beautiful Country! Look at the country before him and after him. An economy stagnated at $75 billion and now its worth $170 billion, the per capita income of our nation going up by 100% and with the world praising Pakistan’s transformation.

    Pls check your figures related to Safety and Security. Here is a detailed report that details sectarian killings, bomb blasts and killings of 1990’s.

    Zulfikar Bhutto crushed the Baloch insurgents, in a large operation, way back in 1973 and 1974. Balochistan situation has been going on since 1973 and not since Musharraf took over.

    Power shortages? We remember how students had to give their Matric and Inter papers in blackouts during the 1990’s. The official MW Pakistan was producing 15,860 MW and by 2005 Pakistan produced 20,400 MW. Power MW produced has been increased during Musharraf.

    The flour shortage was produced by these PML-N manipulators:

    He rightly killed off Bughti, a traitor and agent of India. Grandson of Nawab Akbar Bugti, Barahamdagh Bugti, has said that he would accept any help from India, Afghanistan and Iran to defend Balochistan. and

    PPP with all its government and BB’s husband as the President of Pakistan hasn’t accused Musharraf of killing BB. Do you have evidence to support your assumed allegations?

    Lal Masjid students were not innocent as you purport. They were suicide bombers, stacking weapons in a Masjid, imprisoning female students against their will, killing innocents all over Pakistan. Maulana Aziz himself accepted his links to Baitullah Mehsud and threatened to suicide bomb the country. Phosphorus was never used anywhere in Pakistan.

    Dr Afia Siddiqui was not so innocent. Read her 1st husband’s version on how she was always had links to extremists and her 2nd marriage to Sheikh Khalid Mohammad’s nephew proves it.

    Musharraf was the President of Pakistan and had constitutional rights to hire or fire the CJP. The CJP had also earlier taken oath on LFO/PCO in 2000, justified the army takeover of 1999 as one of the signatories, hence he was not innocent. Musharraf was truly a leader and one of the best!

    Pls do not submit 15 same messages everyday. I have answered your assumptions. Oh by the way, everybody LOVES Musharraf!

  29. Musharraf Rally – UK 16th August 2009 – by Supporters’ Alliance
    Date: 16 August (Sunday),
    Time: staring at 1 pm and finishing at 4 pm.

    Venue: Pakistan High Commission, London.
    High Commission for Pakistan
    34 – 36 Lowndes Square
    SW1X 9JN

    Organized by: Musharraf Supporters Alliance.

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