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Economic Comparison 1999 – 2007 and beyond

Updated June 2010!

Compiled by: Mirza Rohail B and Afreen Baig


Pak Economy in 1999 was: $ 75 billion (Source)
Pak Economy in 2007 is: $ 160 billion (
Source) and (Source)
Pak Economy in 2008 is: $ 170 billion (
Source) and (Source)


GDP Growth in 1999:  3.1 % (Source)

GDP Growth in 2005:  8.4 % (Source)

GDP Growth in 2007:  7 % (Source) and (Source)

GDP Growth in 2009:  2 % (Source) and (Source)


GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in 1999: $ 270 billion (Source)
GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in 2007: $ 475.5 billion (
GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in 2008: $ 504.3 billion (


GDP per Capita Income in 1999: $ 450 (Source)
GDP per Capita Income in 2007: $ 921

GDP per Capita Income in 2008: $1042 (Source)


Pak revenue collection 1999: Rs. 305 billion (Source)
Pak revenue collection 2007: Rs. 708 billion (
Source) and (Source)

Pak revenue collection 2008: Rs. 990 billion (Source)

Pak revenue collection 2009: Rs. 1150 billion (Source) and (Source)


Pak Foreign reserves in 1999: $ 1.96 billion (Source)
Pak Foreign reserves in 2007: $ 16.4 billion (
Source) and (Source)

Pak Foreign reserves in 2008: $ 8.89 billion (Source)

Pak Foreign reserves in 2009: $ 14.4 billion (Source)


Pak Exports in 1999: $ 8 billion (Source) & (Source)
Pak Exports in 2007: $ 18.5 billion (
Source) & (Source)

Pak Exports in 2008: $ 19.22 billion (Source) & (Source)

Pak Exports in 2009: $ 17.78 billion (Source) & (Source) & (Source)


Textile Exports in 1999: $ 5.5 billion (Source)
Textile Exports in 2007: $ 11.2 billion (


KHI stock exchange 1999: $ 5 billion at 700 points
KHI stock exchange 2007: $ 75 billion at 14,000 points (
KHI stock exchange 2008: $ 46 billion at 9,300 points (
Source) and $20 billion at 4,972 points (Source)

KHI stock exchange 2009: $ 26.5 billion (Source) at 9,000 points (Source)


Foreign Investment in 1999: $ 301 million (Source)
Foreign Investment in 2007: $ 8.4 billion (

Foreign Investment in 2008: $ 5.19 billion (Source)


Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) in 1999: 1.5% ( Source)

Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) in 2005: 19.9% (Source)

Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) in 2007: 8.8% (Source)

Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) in 2008: 4.1%  (Source& (Source)

Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) in 2009: (-8.2 %) (Source)


Debt (External Debt & Liabilities) in 1988: $ 18 billion

Debt (External Debt & Liabilities) in 1999: $ 39 billion (Source& (Source)

Debt (External Debt & Liabilities) in 2007: $ 40.5 billion (Source) & (Source)

Debt (External Debt & Liabilities) in 2009: $ 52 billion (Source) & (Source)


Debt servicing 1999: 65% of GDP (Source)  & (Source)
Debt servicing 2007: 28.1% of GDP (
Source) & (Source)

Debt servicing 2008: 27% of GDP (Source)

Debt servicing 2009: 32% of GDP (Source)


Poverty level in 1999: 34% (Source) and (Source)
Poverty level in 2007: 24% (
Source) and (Source)


Literacy rate in 1999: 45% (Source)
Literacy rate in 2007: 53% (
Source) and


Pak Development programs 1999: Rs. 80 billion (Source)
Pak Development programs 2007: Rs. 520 billion (
Pak Development programs 2008: Rs. 549.7 billion (

Pak Development programs 2010: Rs. 300 billion (Source)


Today, even the most prominent of  media and journalist, have not only started to acknowledge this great economic achievement, but also started quoting these statistics to compare President Musharraf’s tenure with earlier and present tenures.



© Our leader – Musharraf



  1. The Problem is, Pakistanis are a Philosophiclly Corrupt, Characterless and crazy people. Unless its a lot hot air and false propaganda, it sounds like they are against him because of either his Ethnicity or because they are Mollaas or because they are Mentally retarded.

    Actions of Pakistanis seem like they are a nation of Mentally imbalnced people, full of hate and bigotry against each other, the West and USA. If all this doesn’t change, I have no hope left for Pakistan and a time may come, when it could dis-intergrate in to half a dozen countries.

  2. President Musharraf picked Shaukat Aziz and persuaded him to leave his lucrative job (he was considered a possible successor to CEO Sandy Weil at Citibank) to guide Pakistan’s economy. So Musharraf deserves credit for bringing Sahukat on board and for giving him a free hand and backing him up. While disagreements on policy are understandable and can be debated in a serious manner, it is the attacks on Mr. Aziz’s personal integrity and patriotism that are particularly deplorable. In a sea of mediocrity in Pakistani political leadership, military and bureaucracy, the need for smart expats like Shaukat Aziz is particularly acute. Such attacks are likely to have a chilling effect on any Pakistani expats in the West thinking about returning to Pakistan to serve their country.

  3. Im taking the liberty to use these figures in reply to the accusations put forward by musharraf critics.We are going downhill without brakes at breakneck speed. WHEN and who will be the saviour of this nation??Your efforts are greatly appreciated by us novices who dont know much.regards and all the best .

    we all love u and with u so go ahead and show nawaz n zardari that they r nothing before you……..

  5. i love musarraf becoz he is tha only one who thinks for tha balochistan and he did much for us as no body can.we al balochistnis r with u.long live musarraf

  6. well
    our people have very short memory
    long live musarraf
    long live pakistan
    saa geo musarraf

  7. so today all that musharraf did went to naught because we wanted democracy even if that zardari. I say sham to democracy and invite all to rethink our destiny.

  8. y people were against mushraf????

  9. I agree with turkman completely. Pakistanis are full of hatred against each other, against the west though they would have sold one arm and leg to be there, and anything which they may not agree. A nation full of intolerant people will not go far in today’s world. That day is not far when Pakistan may be divided into several smaller states as envisaged by US Army in their journal.

  10. Your courrage is highly appreciable in bringing the record straight. Time has proven and still wil continue so that we are loosing day by day in PPP’s SO CALLED DEMOCRATIC RULE in all spheres of our national socio-economic life. It is bad luck for us as a nation that we don’t understand and honour our true leaders.

  11. There is no doubt musharraf has served pakistan’s economy in excellent manner but still i think thats his unemocratic way of rule which throwed him in the way of dark. In the way where in last was a wall and there was message in that wall “ITS FINISH”

    over all musharraf was good enough to say

  12. A great leader which a nation like us dont deserve at all. He started from zero and made this country to reach the sky. Well Done Mr. President Musharaf. You did an excellent job. We Love You!

  13. […] By October 2007, Pakistan raised back its Foreign Reserves to a handsome $16.4 billion. Exceptional policies kept Pakistan’s trade deficit controlled at $13 billion, exports boomed to $18 billion, revenue generation increased to become $13 billion and attracted foreign investment of $8.4 billion. Economic Comparison 1999-2008 [6] […]

  14. Actually, Mr.Musharraf is NOT the Real Hero. It’s Mr.Shaukat Aziz Who Raised the Economy Of Pakistan To the Sky.


  15. @ above
    who select and brought shaukat aziz to pakistan? to work according to his vision. whether Mr Aziz came by himself ? or called for someone ? it means the person who care to improve economy has credit of vision and yes shaukat aziz has credit to work in line with general pervaiz musharraf vision, we have regard for both shaukat aziz and gneral musharraf


  17. Pakistan need a sincere,commited and learned leader in order to develope the nation,because it has a lot of resource.pakistan need to develope institutions,rule of law,reduce the instability and insecurity raise due terrorism and invest in people.

  18. Can any body tel me, or, i ask the Same Questions from our So Called Leader …

    The Question is:


  19. I too believe that Musharf was a true leader, Musharaf served his whole life in the Army protecting the borders from inside and outside.
    And when nation needed he also leaded Pakistan as leader. And did a great job.
    What political leaders have done for its country, Musharaf had a vision on “Pakistan First”, i know he can give life die for this country. In 1965 war, in 1971 war he served with bravery, and than leaded Pakistan from 1999 to 2007.
    I hope he can come back.

  20. in my view musharraf done great job for pakistan and the people of pakistan that is why we are all missing him very much and pray to god that allah send him back in power to protect pakistan.

  21. A nation which is negatively politicized by our politicians and media can never understand that how much worthful was president Musharraff for us. We have sopiled one of courageous, generous and a leader who had a braoder and far-seeking vision.
    Dear Musharraf, you are also my teacher and i learnt alot from you. They way you speak, the words you use and your logical thinking remained always source of learning for me.
    God Bless you and my prayers are always for you.

  22. Long Live Musharraf. I want Pervaiz Musharaf to be the president of Pakistan.

  23. Short Term Memory:
    we forgot nawaz sharif did not allow a Govt airline Plane to land just becoz country’s CNC was in there, and a lot of other people as well,
    WITH ANY REASON BEHIND, WAS IT WORTH TO DO,, BEING AT THE MOST RESPONSIBLE POSITION IN THE STATE? we forgot was there any mussarat shaheen, and who was she?
    we also forgot that Mr. Zardari is a high school highly qualified, and has been accused being involved in a large no. of fraud cases as well as sex scandals,
    We always forget in polls that we ourselves rejected the particular party in previous elections bcoz of record corruption till date and an increase in poverty rate and inflation, and country’s liabilities,


  24. wah, its realy useful thanks for sharing

  25. Its the reality that pakistanis does not accept modern innovations due to their social and religious set up, which is going on since the time of partition, it can only be changed by increasing litracy rate. i think illitracy is the main obstacle in the way of such progress.

  26. Musharaff…

    well he revoultionised the pakistani economy….
    but decided to go to war…which doesnt help growth…he attacked a mosque in Islamabad…which was the most stupid thing he possibly could have done.

    we all love u and with u so go ahead and show nawaz n zardari that they r nothing before you……..

    Farooq Khattak RAWALPINDI






  29. let me tell you something i did Master of finance from australia in my first sem in 2007 a teacher in a slide said who would invest in the countries like suddan and pakistan i stood up and after a lot of heated debate pursuaded my teacher to remove Pakistan from the slide and he did so and admitted his mistake….. and later in semester used pakistan as an example for emerging economies…..2 years down the lane i am ashamad of calling myself a Pakistani……. Musharraf you were a great leader you did a lot for Pakistan but we dont deserve you…….Thanks atleast for trying

  30. He’s the greatest leader Pakistan has seen in recent past, Sad that we have lost him.

    Thanks to Democrazy.

  31. The Silent majority of Pakistan still feel that these idiots who are in power today cannot bring any positive change in the country. But this Silent majority remained SILENT even when these dirty politicians were running campaigns against Mr. Musharraf. The only light that we can see today is that if this Silent majority stands up today and give a shut up call to all these politicians, then we can make this country a HEaven on Earth again.

    Mr. Musharraf, We Love you but we are too shy of expressing our feelings!

  32. Musharraf indeed took our economy to a whole new level. But then again, it’s our fault that we let him go. We’ve been silent for too long. It’s time we bring about a postive change

  33. respected musharraf,
    v need u , prayers fr u n want to c u back soon,
    v salute ur way of thinking,
    v all love u allot.
    Allah bless you

  34. musharraf please come back do smthing fr pakistan
    they’r just playing n eating my country.

  35. […] Musharraf Ki Yaad AAyi Us Kay Janay Kay Baad….. Economic Development during President Pervez Musharraf's time in presidency: Economic Comparison 1999 – 2007 and beyond Our leader – Musharraf Pak Economy in 1999 was: $ 75 billion Pak Economy in 2007 is: $ 160 billion Pak Economy in 2008 […]

  36. this site is very informative to the syudent

  37. I miss Musharraf the most. I even cried on the day of his resignation. He always said, PAKISTAN First. Prosperous and stable Pakistan envision. I want Pervaz Musharraf back as the king or President of Pakistan. I run in accordance to his vision.
    Musharraf and supporters ZINDAbaad
    Pakistan Paindabaad.

  38. i think leader like PERWEZ MUSHARAF neverever came in the history of pakistan nand might come in future so we are extremly waiting for him to lead our contory.
    we love and miss PERWEZ MUSHARAF

  39. […] […]

  40. I Love u The great Musharraf, Pakistan Needs u, We love u all. Plz Come back to Pakistan, We need a Hero like u, we need u, if u Come here back in Pakistan we will support u from the bottom of our heart.

  41. Ex-President Musharraf did well during his tenure but the biggest mistake he made was not to punish the corrupt and he did not bother to touch the Vaderas and Landlords Why did he let go Nawaz Sharif, Zardari and Choudries who minted public money and put the funds outside Pakistan in their bank account. If he comes back to PAKISTAN AND GETS THE SUPPORT OF THE PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN HE GOT TO PUNISH THEM ALL AND GET THE PUBLIC MONEY BACK TO PAKISTANI PEOPLE. ALL THOSE FUNDS ARE PROPERTY OF THE COUNTRY.

  42. Musharf was a hero but by signing NRO and allowing all corrupt politicians to destroy Pakistan to save his neck. Musharf become Zero and prove Muharf is first not Pakistan.

  43. Dear Anonymous,
    NRO did NOT elect in the corrupt politicians. These corrupt politicians were VOTED to power in 2008 Feb elections. NRO was power to the Parliament and not personalities. Kindly read the NRO ordinance and judge neutrally.

  44. I like Former President of Pakistan General(R) Pervaiz Musharraf due to his best services for our beloved country, and he devote his best efforts only for Pakistan, and during his ruling period the economy of the Pakistan was so strong and having export in $19.22 Billion 2008, and during his 8 years period the debt just increase $1.5billion, now again we need him, he should Pakistan and serve his country.
    I love Pakistan
    I love Pervaiz Musharraf.

  45. I personal like and would like to see you again in power. But you have to promise by GOD you will provide the justice to all corrupt politicians (NO DEAL) and bring all Pakistani money back by any means ASAP. Give them open punishment.
    Law has to change no politicians allow to involve in political, if they are out of country by any means and politicians need to be educated and they are money should be in Pakistan in order to run the election. Only two terms than go home.
    I need to make sure someone can more serious with and increase the founding’s in the EDUCATION, HEALTH, INDUSTRIES and GAMES area.
    Deliver Justices to everyone sooner than later, make a media free and nationalist, and refer dam on every critical issues and any major decisions which will effect to my Pakistan(no one men show). Landlord system and family politics has to end.
    Please do not involve youngsters or students into politics they have to go college and universities to become a good educated person for future of Pakistan.
    They are our future please do not use them but make them better person for Pakistan. I believe this is the only way we can be a GREAT NATION. Thanks

  46. Economic Growth

  47. actually i love gen pervaiz musharaf i dont know why people hate him ??? he has talent to be a leader truth is truth that ppp and N league both are corrupt parties N league have alot of investment out of the country why they dont put there invest back to the country and invest in pakistan if he love his country actually the truth is N league and ppp both dont assume pakistan as there own country both assume that they have to eat every thing of pakistan

    finally I love musharaf (hero of Pakistan)

    i request all of you pakistani brothers and sisters think about it because it is the matter of our future go for the facts and the figures today all is about economy and musharaf was doing the best in his era

    vote for musharaf

    and i request musharaf to come back to pakistan we need his leadership

    plz plz plz plz musharaf come back

    love u mushsraf

    pakistan zindabad

  48. Musharraf must have to accountable for the acts he have done .

    Personal Trainer in St Kilda

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