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Musharraf Era performance: Pakistan Flourishes

Compiled By: Afreen Baig and Mirza Rohail B

©Our leader – Musharraf

All this is all the more amazing when one considers that just six years ago, Pakistan was on the verge of bankruptcy, with only a little more than $1bn in foreign exchange reserves and its stock market teetering at 1,000 points (worth $5 billion only) and foreign debt servicing at 65% of GDP. Our exports were at a pitiful $7.5 billion.

The once ever-declining rupee stood stable at around 60-61 to a dollar since President Musharraf took over. Of the 184 member countries of the IMF, Pakistan’s rate of economic growth 7% is one of the best in the world. The Karachi stock market is now above 13,000 points and worth around $65 billion. Now foreign debt servicing has lowered to become 28%. Our exports increased to become $18 billion.

1. Pakistan economy is among the fastest growing economies in the world as its economy has reached the size of $170 billion in 2008 from a mere $70 billion in 1999. Pakistan attracted a record FDI of $8.4 billion in 2007.

2. 2007: National revenues had swelled from Rs 308 billion during 1988-99 to around Rs 800bn in 2008; and Federal Board of Revenue estimates now 2.8 million Income Tax payers.

Year             Total CBR     Direct         Indirect      Custom     Sales     Central excise 

1998-99       308.5bn        110.4bn       198.1bn     65.3bn      72bn         60.8bn

2005-06       712.5bn       224.6bn       487.9bn     138.2bn    294.6bn      55bn   

2008-09       810.3bn        305bn             —          105.3bn    319.3bn       80.5bn  (2008-09 Progressive)

3. Public sector development program (PSDP) has also grown from Rs 80 billion in 1999; to Rs 520 billion in 2007 and increased further to Rs 549.7 billion in 2008.

4. FACT of 2006-07: The rate of growth in Pakistan Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) is at a 30-year high. Construction activity is at a 17-year high.

LSM: 1999-00 was  1.5% and 2004-05 was 19.9% and 2006-07 was 8.6% and 2007-8 is 5%.

5. FACT of 2007: The Infrastructure Industries Index, which measures the performance of Seven industries, i.e. Electricity generation, Natural gas, Crude oil, Petroleum products, Basic metal, Cement and coal, has recorded a 26.2 percent growth in Industrial sector of Pakistan.

6. FACT of 2006-07: Jan 14: Pakistan now has a total of 245,682 Educational institutions in all categories, including 164,579 (i.e. 67 per cent) in the public sector and 81,103 (i.e. 100 per cent) in the private sector, reports the National Education Census (NEC-2005). The census — jointly conducted by the Ministry of Education, the Academy of Educational Planning and Management (AEPAM) and the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) — reveals that the number of private-sector institutions has increased from 36,096 in 1999-2000 to 81,103 in 2005, i.e. by 100 per cent. 45,007 Educational Institutions have increased in President Musharraf Era.

7. FACT of 2006-07: Pakistan is 3rd in world in Banking profitability, a report of IMF said. On the IMF chart, in late 2006, Pakistan’s banking profitability is on third position after Colombia and Venezuela. On the IMF chart India is on 36th position and China is on 40th position. Pakistan’s Banking sector turned profitable in 2002. Their profits continued to rise for the next five years and peaked to Rs 84.1 ($1.1 billion) billion in 2006.  Pakistan’s Financial Services

8. 11 May 2009: By producing 7.746 tonnes of gold during the last five years – 2004 to 2008Pakistan has joined the ranks of gold producing countries. According to the data with the Saindak Metal Limited – during the last five years – Pakistan has produced 86,013 tonnes of copper, 7.746 tonne gold and 11.046 tonne silver, besides the production of 14,482 tonnes of magnetite concentrate (iron), bringing in a total of $633.573 million.

9. In 1999 what we earned as GDP: we used to give away 64.1 % as foreign debt and liabilities. Now in 2008, what we earn as GDP: we give ONLY 26.9 % as foreign debt and liabilities. Now we are SAVING above 35 % of Our GDP for economic growth.

According to Department of Finance, External debt & liabilities (EDL) and DAWN:

1988 – $ 18 bn

1990 – $ 20.5 bn

1999 – $ 38.9 bn

2000 – $ 35.48 bn

2001 – $ 37.2 bn

2002 – $ 34.8 bn

2003 – $ 35.4 bn

2004 – $ 35.3 bn

2005 – $ 35.8 bn

2006 – $ 37.6 bn

2007 – $ 40.5 bn

2008 – $ 45.9 bn

2009 – $ 50 bn

 10. According to Economic Survey 2005. Poverty in Pakistan in 2001 was 34.46%. And, now after 7 years of President Musharraf; Poverty in 2005 was 23.9%. Poverty DECREASED by 10.56%. Overall, 12 million people have been pushed out of Poverty during 2001 -2005!

11. 2007: Literacy rate in Pakistan has increased from 45% (in 2002) to 53% (in 2005). And, Education now receives 4% of GDP and English has been introduced as compulsory subject from grade 1.

12.  12-4-07: The IT industry, which was virtually non-existent seven years ago, has grown to be worth $2 billion of which $1 billion is export related. It rregistered a 50% growth. 55 foreign IT companies have already entered the market. Now the sector employed 90,000 professionals.

13. 30-1-08: The government has decided to set up a modern hospital cum Medical University in collaboration with the Harvard Medical International, USA, at a cost of Rs 18 billion. The university will be built at the Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Islamabad. A total of 2,500 students will be taught at the graduate level, while additional 600 seats will be available for postgraduate research courses.

14. Nov 2006: President Musharraf says that Pakistan will set up Nine Engineering World Class Science and Technology Federal Universities by 2008 with foreign assistance. He said the institutions of higher learning would be established in collaboration with Italy, South Korea, Japan, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and China. The Cost of building these Foreign Universities will be above Rs 96.5 billion.

The Vice Chancellors, Heads of department, Professors and Faculty of the planned university will be from these Foreign Universities; while the Examination system, Quality assurance followed and the Degree awarded will also be from these Foreign Universities.

15. Government has approved to give at least 4% of GDP to Education in 2007 budget.

16. In 1999-2000 there were 31 Public Universities. Now 2005-2006 there are 49 Public Universities. HEC setup 47 new Universities.

a) Air University (established 2002)

b) Institute of Space technology, ISB (established 2002)

c) Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University, Quetta (established 2004)

d) University of Science & Technology, Bannu (established 2005)

e) University of Hazara (founded 2002)

f) Malakand university, Chakdara (established 2002)

g) Karakurum International university, Gilgit (established 2002)

h) University of Gujrat (established 2004)

i) Virtual University of Pak, Lahore (established 2002)

j) Sarhad University of IT, Peshawar (established 2001)

k) National Law University, ISB (2007)

l) Media University, ISB (2007)

m) University of Education, Lahore (2002)

n) Lasbella University of Marine Sciences, Baluchistan (2005)

o) Baluchistan University of IT & Management, Quetta (2002), etc.

17. 6-member delegation of Australian Department of Education, Science & Technology and AusAID, is visited Pakistan on the request of PM Shaukat Aziz to help Pakistan in its efforts to realign its TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) according to the market needs. Chairman NAVTEC Altaf Saleem informed the delegation about NAVTEC plans to increase the capacity to train one million people annually by 2010 from the present annual capacity of 320,000.

18. Defense Exports of Pakistan have crossed the $200 million mark as the country’s robust Defense manufacturing industry continues to expand. This was disclosed by Major General Syed Absar Hussain, Director General, Defense Export Promotion Organization; after IDEAS 2006 Karachi . Defense Industry UAV.

19. President Musharraf inaugurated an over Rs. 1.36 billion 18 Mega Watt Naltar hydro power project. The project, completed in four years at Naltar near Gilgit.

20. Pakistan is now in Large-scale Nuclear expansion. The reactor under construction… could produce over 200kg of weapons-grade plutonium per year, assuming it operates at full power for a modest 220 days per year. At 4 to 5 kilograms of plutonium per weapon, this stock would allow the production of 40-50 Nuclear weapons a year,” the report said.

21. TheKarachiPortTrust (KPT) and Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) of Hong Kong will sign a concession agreement tomorrow for setting up a US$1 billion Deep-water container port, the first in Pakistan. KPT will invest $450 million for infrastructure development for the project. HPH will invest $557 million. In the first phase, a 1,500m quay wall will be built with a designed dept of 18m.

22. GILGIT: President Musharraf inaugurated the dry port in the border town of Sust, 200km north of Gilgit. The Dry port, a Pakistan-China joint venture, was built in 2004 at a cost of Rs90 million. It is 10,000-foot high Sust Dry Port.

23. Dec 2006: President Musharraf said many canals, including the Thal and Raini canals, were being constructed for better utilization of the water available. He said Rs66 billion was being spent on brick-lining of 87,000 canals in the country, adding that 6,000 new canals would be brick-lined next year.

24. The Private Power Infrastructure Board (PPIB) has approved expansion of Tarbela dam power project that would generate 960 MW costing $500 million.

25. President Musharraf inaugurated the Mirani Dam. Mirani Dam in Kech area of Mekran district with a catchment area of 12,000 square kilometre has been built in four years at a cost ofRs6 billion that includes Rs1.5 billion in compensation to the affected people. It will have a storage capacity of over 300,000 million acre feet of water.

26. Gomal Zam Dam: This project started Aug 2002 and is expected to be completed early 2008. It is located in the Damaan in NWFP. It is 437 feet high and will irrigate about 163,000 acres of land. The total costs amounts to Rs. 12 billion. Having a gross storage of 1.14 MAF. It will produce 17.4 MW of electricity.

27. Subakzai Dam: President Pervez Musharraf  inaugurated Rs 1.58 billion Subakzai dam in Zhob, Balochistan. Subakzai dam has been constructed on Sawa Rud River. Height of 34.75 meters and length of 395 meters. The aggregate water storage capacity is 32,700 acre feet. Around 80 tones of fish would be available from the lake. 15,000 people would get drinking water. A 21.5 kms road has been constructed from the Zhob-Quetta highway to the dam site.

27. President Mushrraf says the government is constructing the Rs40 billion Katchi Canal and Punjab had been gracious to provide land for its 350 kilometre stretch that will pass through the province.

28. The Economic Coordination Committee decided to set up a $2-billion mega Oil refinery at Khalifa Point in district Hub, Balochistan. The refinery, commissioned by 2010, would have a maximum refining capacity of 13 million tons of petroleum products – higher than the country’s total existing capacity of 12.8 million tons.

29. Pakistan Steel Mills Corporation (PSMC) during the quarter July-Sept 2007 recorded the highest ever-sales figure of Rs 9.3012 billion.

30. The Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) sector of Pakistan has attracted over Rs 70 billion investments during the last five years as a result of liberal and encouraging policies of the government. Presently, some 1,765 CNG stations are operating in the country, in 85 cities and towns, and 1000 more would be setup in the next three years. It has provided employment to 30,000 people in the country.

31. The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has registered 1,135 companies during the first quarter (July-September 2007). With the new registrations the total number of registered companies with SECP as on September 30 has reached 50,125.

32. Telecom sector has attracted an investment of $ 9 billion in last three years. It created of 80,000 jobs directly and 500,000 jobs indirectly.

33. Corrupt & Incompetent Nawaz Sharif made one motorway M2 (Lahore – Islamabad). Under President Musharraf 6 Motorways completed or under construction: Pakistan Motorways & Highways.

M1 (Islamabad to Peshawar) – (Rs.13 bn) – [155 km] – (started 2003 – Completed Oct 2007)

M3 (Pindi to Faisalabad) – (Rs.5.6 bn) – [53 km] – (started 2002 – Completed 2004)

M8 (Gwadar to Ratodero) – [1072 km] – (started 2004 – will complete 2009)

M9 (Karachi to Hyderabad) – (Rs.6.3 bn) – [136 km] – (

M10 (Karachi Northern bypass) – (Rs 3.5 bn) – [56 km] – (completed 2007)

M11 (Lahore to Sialkot) – (Rs.23 bn) -[101 km] – (started 2006 – under construction)

34. Under President Musharraf various Highways under construction throughout the country. Including N5, N-25, N-35, N-45, N-50, N-55, N-65, N-70, N-75, N-80, S-1, etc.

35. President Musharraf inaugurated the Makran Coastal Highway (N-10) project in August 2001, consisting of Karachi-Gwadar, Pasni-Gwadar, and Ormara-Liari (Balochistan) Highways. The Liari-Ormara Highway costed Rs3.9 billion and Pasni-Gwadar Highway Rs2.8 billion respectively. The total length of Makran Coastal Highway is 533 kilometers.”

36. 2-12-07: Sialkot International Airport Limited (SIAL) completed. The 1,002-acre airport is 13 km west of Sialkot and is linked by a road to Gujranwala, Wazirabad, Gujrat, Narowal, the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) and the Sialkot Dry Port Trust.

37. Ghandara International Airport (Islamabad) the first-ever green-field airport being built at a cost of $400 million; with a renowned international consultant, Louis Berger Group of USA. President Musharraf laid the foundation stone of the project on April 7, 2007 and will be completed by Dec 2010. Its total area is 3700 acres (15 km²).

38. Major Industrial estates are being developed under President Musharraf’s vision: M3 Industrial estate, Sundar Industrial estate, Chakri Industrial, Port Qasim Industrial estate, etc.

39. Oct 2007: In the current fiscal year the Mining and Quarrying sector has registered a growth rate of 5.6 percent. Increased growth was propelled by strong growths recorded in magnetite (30 percent), dolomite (26.1 percent), Limestone (25.2 percent) and chromites.

40. The government has already started various initiatives, to discover and develop world-class copper-gold deposits in Chagai Baluchistan; by Australian Firms that would fetch $500 million to $600 million per year.

41. Major reserves of COPPER & GOLD in Baluchistan’s Rekodiq area have been discovered in early 2006. It has ranked Rekodiq among the world’s top seven copper reserves. The Rekodiq mining area has proven estimated reserves of 2 billion tons of copper and 20 million ounces of gold. According to the current market price, the value of the deposits has been estimated at about $65 billion, which would generate thousands of jobs. 

42. Executive Committee of National Economic Council (ECNEC) on Wednesday approved 45 developmental projects in its meeting, including six revised projects with a total cost of Rs 154.1 billion with a foreign exchange component (FEC) of Rs 36.8 billion.

43. Rs 9.8 billion have been allocated for 91 different mega projects at Public Sector Universities across the province, said Sindh Governor Dr Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan.

44. Oct 2007: A fully functional TMS (Tax Management System), including profiling, withholding, return/payment filing, rectification, refunds, audit, and legal tracking is scheduled to be operational by 2007 in Pakistan, to process the tax year 2007 returns, according to World Bank.

45. The government is providing Sui Gas facility to areas of South Punjab at a cost of Rs 1.311 billion. A total of 1,138 kilometre gas pipeline is being laid. The districts benefiting from these schemes mainly include Multan, Khanewal, Bahawalnagar, Rajanpur, DG Khan, Vehari and Muzaffargarh.

46. The KHI city government’s rehabilitation of Industrial zones and improvement plan for all those four industrial zones, of the city needs to be completed in 7-8 months. Projects worth Rs 2.5 billion and beautification Rs 4.5 billion.

47. 27-11-07: Pakistan Navy Ship Zarrar, the first of Multi-Role Tactical Platform (MRTP-33), was commissioned into Pakistan Navy at a ceremony at PN Dockyard.

48. 29-12-07: City Nazim Mustafa Kamal said the construction work of 47-storey IT Tower in the vicinity of Civic Center at a cost of $200m would start soon. Around 40,000 youth would get employment in the IT Tower. It will have 10,000 call centers of which 6,000 have been booked so far.

49. The President approved the project of laying of 940-kilometre-long “standard gauge” Railway track between Gwadar and Quetta that would cost Rs 75 billion. A German firm won the contract.

50. To increase the income of Farmers, the Government is investing Rs7.80 billion under which a Food Security Program will be launched. Initially it will be launched in 1,000 villages. He said Rs 3.60 billion would be invested in live-stocks and dairy sectors. About 1,200 model dairy farms and 2,950 cattle breeding farms will be established under this investment.

51. Pakistan will launch a Self-controlled Remote Sensing Satellite System (RSSS) at a cost of Rs19.3 billion to ensure strategic and unconditional supply of satellite remote sensing data for any part of the globe over the year. SUPARCO will implement it over a period of six years. President Musharraf has approved the project in principle.

52. Governor inaugurated the DUHS Medical Research City with Dow Diagnostic Reference and Research Laboratories and Jinnah Genome Centre as its important components. He also laid the foundation stone for a library and sports complex which houses different constituent institutions of the university.

53. President Musharraf also inaugurated a 50-bed state-of-the-art Workers Welfare Fund Kidney Center. The first-ever kidney center in Baluchistan, constructed on 7.5 acres at a cost of Rs385 million and having the diagnostic, dialysis, surgical and lab facilities will help the people of this area.

54. Karachi: The building of the 50-bed Kidney Centre in Landhi has been completed. Minister Muhammad Adil Siddiqui . He said that the building of this centre had been built at a cost of Rs70 million.

55. CM Pervaiz Elahi inaugurated Pakistan’s first Software technology park (STP) on Ferozpur Road to be implemented by Punjab IT Board (PITB). The Rs 1.5 billion project is set over area of 32 kanals; will be completed in 12 months and is expected to create direct 10,000 jobs and generate economic activity of Rs 9 billion per year.

56. In what is considered a major leap for Pakistan, a Polytechnic Institute is being established to produce skilled workforce that will rescue the manufacturing industry from the clutches of foreign dependence. Being built in Korangi at a cost of Rs450 million, this government-funded institute will start operating in January 2007 and prepare 500 workers by the end of first year, besides producing 22 different types of dies and moulds for aviation, telecom, pharmaceutical and other industries. Experts from Germany, Japan and Thailand assisted in developing curriculum.

57. Police Act 1861 replaced by Police Order 2002 after 141 years. Police force divided into three separate wings: Watch and ward, Investigation and Prosecution.

58. Federal Minister for Commerce in order to modernize tobacco farming in the country; is setting up a state-of-the-art Tobacco Research Center in Bunner. Annually 8 million kilograms of Virginia tobacco (fine quality), worth Rs 9.2 billion is cultivated in Bunner. Under construction.

59. The government has formed “Pakistan Gems and Jewellery Development Company (PGJDC)” with a cost of Rs 1.4 billion, to increase the export of gem and Jewellery from $25 million to $1.5 billion by 2017.

60. In 1999, Pakistanis could only afford to buy a total of 32,461 locally assembled Cars. The latest annual figure stands at 115,000. Currently, there are 1.3 million cars on Pakistani roads as opposed to 815,000 cars some five years ago; a 60 percent jump in car ownership.

61. In 1999, a total of 94,881 new Motorcycles were sold in Pakistan. In 2005, Pakistanis bought or leased some 500,000 new motorcycles.

62. ISB: To convert the Karachi Fisheries Harbour Authority (KFHA) in a style of Sydney Fish Market, the government proposes an action plan worth $10 million so as to make the KFHA a profitable authority. Estimated, Pakistan has a fish and seafood industry worth $1.2 billion. Exports alone are worth nearly $200 million per annum. More than 0.8 million people rely directly or indirectly on the industry for their livelihood.

63. FACT: Pakistan globally ranks 10th among the countries which were among the most active in perusing pro-business policies. A report “Doing Business in 2006” co-sponsored by World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC). 

64. Lowari Tunnel: A project worth Rs.8 billion, started in 2005 and inaugurated by General Musharraf in 2006. A 9 km long, 7.5 metre wide tunnel being built by a Korean firm, which would be the biggest freight tunnel in Asia. It’s rail tunnel that will provide all-weather communication access to Chitral Valley. It will also facilitate Pakistan’s link with landlocked Central Asian state of Tajikistan via a narrow strip of Afghanistan. It will cut distance between Peshawar and Chitral by half.

65. NADRA: On 10 March, 2000, NDO & Directorate General of Registration (DGR) were merged to form NADRA. NADRA launched the Multi-Biometric National Identity Card project, developed in conformance with international security documentation issuance practices, to replace the old system that had been in place since 1971. Over 96 million citizens utilized the system. NADRA has developed 365 Multi-biometric Interactive Registration Centers and deployed 189 mobile vans to register citizens.

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    Forget about economical figures even they also proved the same I am just telling you a normal citizen observations that during musharaf govt when I used to go out every where development work was going on, when I went to Islamabad I was lost because of lots of new roads overhead crossings. Computers, tv, mobile were so cheap that daily prices were going down and down. but just see what is the atmosphere outside where are prices, even basic needs are difficult..

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    Musharraf had nothing to do with what happened in the streets of Karachi .

    Whatever MQM or any individuals do in Karachi ,just because they are Urdu Speaking does not mean they Musharraf is responsible for their actions.
    Musharraf belongs to whole of Pakistan and not to one Party.

    6.The truth is Musharraf didnot try to sell us anything.
    He truely and genuinely tried to improve situation.
    Like introducing democracy,
    Like introducing PHD programmes in Education
    Like introducing freedom of speach and media
    Fascilitating women rights without challenging Hadood Ordinance.

    7.The concious choice if put rationale and think logically we have only one choice and that is Musharraf.

    NOTHING DISHEARTS ME MOST than to see,Musharraf put on trial for Saving Pakistan from terrorists.
    It means every citizen should shut up and put up with the threats the country is facing .
    The biggest harrasment is we can be called Traitors and Non Muslims.
    In the name of Pakistan ,our religion ,our faith,our country ,our nation is hijacked very cleverly and we cannot even defend it or ourselves.
    The difference between the Right and Wrong is Blured in the NAME OF JUSTICE,HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOM.

    All I have to say regarding Musharraf ,he was never a DICTATOR ,instead a Librator.
    After Quaid-i-Azam we found someone who started the journey from the same point where,Musharraf the child saw his father trying to build the foundation of this country.
    Maybe he got this sense of responsibility in his inheritance ,this dream and vision to set things right.

    I stand with him.

  21. coooooooool….thts really cool
    thanks to mirza rohal…v nice effort

  22. Dear Fareeda jee,
    This news related to ‘muted Saudi help’ appeared in DailyTimes. Its an opinion just like any other. But yes, the reality is that very few international governments would actually lend cash to a government whose President has a reputation of being Mr.10%. The USA would support as they installed the PPP government to ouster Musharraf.

    But Saudi financial help and support to our Armed Forces is evident from the fact that in the last two weeks both, General Kiyani and General Tariq Majeed met the Saudi King and authorities separately.

    “Saudi King assures full support to Pakistan – met Kiyani – said ‘Pakistan Zindabad’

    CJCSC meets Saudi King…-a0197527174

    CJCSC meets Saudi FM

    Saudi Arabia’s support and love for General Musharraf is also well known. Musharraf also gave immense respect to the Saudi King and personally received the Saudi King alonwith PM in PAK. Though Musharraf did not receive President Bush personally in 2006 and Bush was received by Foreign minister Kasuri.

    Musharraf receives Saudi King:

    Bush received by FM:

    Recently, when Zardari came to Saudi Arabia to meet Saudi King. Cash was refused but Saudi agreed to foot the bill if Pakistan wanted to manufacture some 200 JF-17 Thunder Jets.

    This is also wrong that Saudi supported Nawaz Sharif. They supported Musharraf and it was only upon his request that they dragged the dirt (Nawaz) outside Pakistan to keep him confined in Jeddah – so that Musharraf could rule in peace. It was for Musharraf’s sake that Saudi intelligence chief Muqrin and Saad Hariri came to ISB and countered media showing Nawaz’s agreement to stay away from PAK for 10 years.

    Muqrin and Hariri ask Nawaz to honor agreement

    In picture Muqrin & Hariri:

    Thanks and Best Regards!

  23. please be warned that facebook is deleting accounts for highlighting this blog which serves as the pillar for info for us and pakistan.

  24. This is a great services to Pakistan Mr. Baig we salute you keep it coming but read this news item lol …. The US government is to regulate carbon dioxide emissions, having decided that it and five other greenhouse gases may endanger human health and well-being…. guys spamming being the leading cause today so good bye facebook

  25. A great effort and we thank u Mirza Baig for giving us facts and figures to counter anti Musharraf people.This blog has been a great support system
    The news thats worrying us is tht the crminal NS is supporting talal bughti to create violence in Balochistan which is supported by this lowlife.When situation gets out of hand the pressure will be on to try our leader as bughti will demand for trial of Musharraf.The trade of will be peace in Balochistan.Just as army was helpless in the case of lawyers movement and in the case CJ
    they will not be able to protect him.Whats ur opinion on this.We supporters are very concerned and want our leader to be out of the mess.whats ur advise to supporters?

  26. These facts means absolutely nothing as the current severest crisis in the history of Pakistan is the ultimate gift that Mush gave us. Baluchistan mein bugti ko maar k nafrat phelai! Wazeristan operation! LAAL masjid! ohh! 😦 he didnot know anything but to resolve every issue by force! he must be hanged! He has put the whole nation to shame. Yes there is not a single Pakistani who cannot sacrifice his life for the country but people like Musharraf n the current shit government just know one thing..just bow their ass in front of USA n sell the pride of the whole nation for mere dollars! PLZZZ JAGO PAKISTANIII JAGOOOOO!! IN HUKMARANO SE HISAAB LO EK EK ZAKHM JO INHON NE HUMEIN DIYA HAI AUR AB TAK DEY RAHE HAIN! AKHIR HUM KIS WAQT KA INTIZAR KER RAHE HAIN YAR! INDIA KO TAU JAWAB DO AT LEAST! KITNA BARA PROPAGANDA HO RHA HAI ISLAM N PAKISTAN K AGAINST! PLZZZ GET OUT OF UR BEDROOMS TO SAVE PAKISTAN N TO CLEAR PAKISTAN FROM ALL THESE PEACES OF SHIT!

  27. Dear Mudassir Naeem,

    Pakistan al-hamd-o-lillah is no great crisis. The current economic crisis is self-inflicted so that Zardari could gather up some $$$. Had our reserves of $16.4 bn and KSE of 14,000 points been protected we would never had faced this temporary jolt.

    Yes, it would have been in a dangerous crisis if Musharraf had not acted timely and stationed some 80,000 troops on our borders to save us from infiltration of CIA, RAW or Mossad agents.
    Read this article to understand:

    Bughti was killed off? Bughti was a feudal a traitor who was rightly killed off. These are the views of his grandson, Grandson of Nawab Akbar Bugti, Barahamdagh Bugti, has said that, “he would accept any help from India, Afghanistan and Iran to defend Balochistan”

    Kindly visit this website they are promoting:

    Lal Masjid operation? Please know that the government gave the Lal Masjid administration some 6 months to lay down arms and let the children & women go. The government did recover some 1300 women & children. Maulana Aziz was a terrorist who was trying to establish a parallel judicial system in Pakistan, threatened to commit suicide bombings, seek help of Baitullah Mehsud (who’s a declared US asset) and prevented girls to meet their parents. Whatever happened in Lal Masjid – Maulana Aziz is solely responsible for that disaster. Masjids are NOT used for stacking weapons – they should be used only for worship purposes.

    Our youth will commit suicide attacks, if the government impedes the enforcement of the Sharia and attacks Lal Masjid and its sister seminaries,” Maulana Abdul Aziz, the in-charge of the mosque said in his Friday sermon.

    Maulana Aziz told his students that victory was near. “We have spoken to our brothers in the tribal areas and a host of other warriors, including Baitullah Mehsud, who would soon be coming to Islamabad for our support.” He vowed to wage jihad like Osama bin Laden.

    Some parents said that ever since Lal Masjid had stood up against the government in January, they had been trying to withdraw their children from the seminary, but the madrassah administration prevented them from leaving. “They had been holding our children hostage and would not even allow us to meet them,” said a parent.

    Musharraf was the best and most visionary leader – who knew that in order to progress and stand up on our feet – Pakistan needs a strong Economy, self generating income, unchallengeable military and education. This above article ‘Musharraf Era’ proves this! Thanks!

  28. If anyone needs to be hanged its the anarchists within pakistan who use PK for someone Else’s agenda. The biggest one was Bugti

    The Story of Bugti’s Death
    From : Behind the Chairman’s Door
    I am taking a break from writing the Pakistan’s Bermuda Triangle series to discuss what happened in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province early this morning. Some people are making very interesting comments about Akbar Bugti, but no one wants to tell the true story of what caused the action by the military early this morning, so here we go.

  29. Mush was gr8 leader…i heartly support him….People talk abt lal masjid issue …bugti killing….i think in any country if some one is going to challenge the rid of govt then govt has right to defend it…although musharaf gave alots of time to lal masjid guys but they thought they r living in was lal masjid guys mistake they could surrendered them selves but unfortuntely they didnt……..We are not pleased wht ever happened in lal masjid ….but if u r living in state u have to follow the rule of state……Bugti killing was right…i read his interview in which he said he doesnt know how many people he killed just because he killed so many innocent people ….but he remeberd his first killing at the age of 12 just becuase he Wanted to see wht happened when someone died……so should v support such kind of balochi leaders?????? Look at the condition of balochistan n sindh …no good food,,, no health…no education…this is just because of these ass holes sardars n waderas……..i think musharaf should Killed all sardars n waderas….they need heavy bombartment….these are all ass holes…they dont wana educate their own peoples…….they ruined generation n generation……
    Democracy ….wht the fuck……..wht is democracy? 10 people rotate their positions…..this country peoples dont need democracy they require “DANDA” on them…
    If u want to impose a good system among educated people they adopted it n follow it like in europe n other country but when u have uneducated people , sardars ,,waderas,,who feel proud to kill the person,who feel proud to break the traffic signals,,who feel proud to have wall chawking………for these people U simply neeed DANDA……thats the reason when these type of people goes out side pakistan they become so straight just beacuse they know when they will do wrong some one kick on their ass.

  30. Musharraf knew the Taliban were resurgent and he warned the world and the Pakistanis at every opportunity about the Taliban regrouping. But the media turned a deaf ear to it and in the west they said musharraf is not doing enough and in pakistan the media sang songs of how musharraf has sold pakistan to the USA, where in fact it was this resurgent Taliban in our backyard that he was hiding & guarding from the world ~~~~~~~~ well so here we are. It is no wonder that musharraf had to comply with USA’s demands as someone had to deal with it from inside Afghanistan. No wonder his last words as the President were ” Pakistan ka khuda hafiz” A lot makes sense today.

  31. My congrats and thanks to mirza for this fabulous piece of mental machinery which shines the facts and figures right into your face and onto your fingers. Saving us all the irksome task of looking up facts from various govt ministries to write books or papers on the topic.

    I just read one such book published by some musharraf supporters calling it ‘Pakistan First’ completely based on your facts verbatim. It just occurred to me why did you not write a book as yet. I was almost sure your name name will be at the end of the book or in the beginning in credits but did not find it. Anyways I just thought I mention it to you and encourage you to get copy-rights for your efforts and publish them into a book asap.
    kudos my friend you do us proud

  32. Dawood Kh
    You are absolutely right the names should have been there in credits and all the factts and figures of the book were taken from Mirzas blog.I opologise for this genuine mistake made.We had added his ,mirzas name and link in the acknowledgements but somehow it was omitted in the final version of the book.Again please accept our opologies ,and we accept our mistake .If there are reprints ever then Your name and Afreens will be on the cover .

  33. Dear Rabia,
    Its ok and no need to apologize. We feel proud to have you as a supporter of Musharraf. I still have not seen the book, but got the feedbacks.
    Kind Regards,

    Dear Dawood Kh,
    Thanks for appreciation and pls continue to contribute!
    Kind Regards!

  34. Ihave kept a book for you as afreen was posted hers .What are u an angel or what MRB ??Just shows the class of Musharraf supporters and Iam proud to have known you all.all the best

  35. dear mushraf sahib ho sakta hy mera ye messege ap tak pohanch jay my name is akbar khamisu khan alghoza player i m son of khamisu khan alghoza player me app se aik bar milna chahta hoon kindly give me time mujeh maloom he k ap sader naheen hen lekin hamery and pakistan k liye app ab bhi sader mushraf hen

  36. You’ll always be our president… best man that could lead paksitan.. a true representative of pakistans capabilities and intellect…

  37. We Love Sir Musharraf. He will be back InshALLAH

  38. Seeing the economic & political decline, we miss him more than ever.

    May Allah take care of him .. Amen.

  39. my name is akar khamisu khan alghoza nawaz app ne lal masjid opretion kion and kis k dabao me kia usa k kehne py?

  40. More special comments :
    Please come

  41. musharraf is a great man we all miss him a lot lot. he is a visionary leader. please come back and save the nation from this so called democracy. “teri yad ai tery jany k bad”

  42. See! The picture of progressing Pakistan at the time of President Musharraf.

    we miss him more than ever.

    Sir, You will be back soon.. Insha-Allah

  43. Laal Masjid aur Chief Justice k masley par jis ko answer chahiye ho woh yeh parh ley !!!

    I support General Musharraf on his action against Ghazi brothers & their terrorists.
    Aap log thandey dil sey soch k such such batao, k hamarey Allah aur Rasool S.A.W. ney yehi taleem di thi ?
    k logo ko kidnap karo shops jalaao maaro peeto aur isi tarha ISLAM saari duniya mein phelaao ?
    Agar Laal Masjid walon ki harkatein bilkul theek theen to iska matlab yeh hoa k Sahaba-e-Karaam R.A. (Nauzubillah) ghalat thay jo sirf pyar mohabbat sey Islam phailaatey thay ?
    unhoo ney kiyon nahi qatal-o-ghaarat ki ? kiyon unhoo ney talwaar sey ISLAM nahi phailaaya ?
    Aur yeh hamari Tableeghi jamaat ki teams jo pooray mulk mein phirti hain apna ghar baar BV bachey chor k apney kharchey par, logo ki maar bhi khaatey hain gaaliyan bhi suntay hain……lekin phir bhi sirf pyar mohabbat sey qaayel karney ki koshish kartey hain…..unko bhi chahiye k Ghazi brothers ki tarha Weapons utha lein, ya phir Jehaad ka naara laga kar BURQA pehen k bhaag lein ???
    Im 100% sure k agar dimagh hoga to meri yeh baat zaroor samajh aye gi.

    Second is Chief Justice…….!
    Yehi General Sahab ki sub sey bari ghalti thi…..k usko reference to bhej diya lekin awami reaction dekh kar awam ko kuch nahi bata sakey……aur iss jaahil qaum ko yeh samjha sakein k koi qaanon sey ooper nahi…..Chief Justice koi farishta nahi k woh koi gunah ya jurm nahi kar sakta…….lekin hamari jahil qaum ka pait bhara hoa tha……koi bijlee gas mehengaai aata cheeni ka masla nahi tha…..koi target killing nahi thi……isi liye koi tension bhi nahi thi…….bus Entertainment nahi thi…..jaisi last 4 years sey chal rahi hai……Politicians aur new born MEDIA ko moqa mila aur iss cheez ko itna uchaala k Musharraf ko Zaalim Hukumraan aur Chief Justice ko FARISHTA qarar dey diya kisi ney itna nahi socha k aik dafa Chief sahab sey keh dein k aik dafa khud ko paish to karein qanoon k samney, kiyon dartey ho agar sachey ho to ?

    Nawaz Sharif aur uski party k kaafi logo k blood relations hain Chief Justice k sath…..sub sey ziyada shor inn he logo ney machaya…….aur Chief Justice k bahaal honay k baad sub sey tezi sey Sharif Brothers ka case proceed hoa aur unn he k haq mein faisla hoa….ab bhi kuch samajh nahi aata aap logo ko ?

    Adliya azaad ho gayee…….mil gaya sukoon……ab ro rahi hai awam…….wohi adliya…….aur wohi azadi, lekin criminals ki…….laanat bhejta hon aysi adliya par jis ki nazar mein aik qaatil chor daaku aur zehni mareez aik baa-izzat sadar hai………aur jis ney apni zindagi Pak-Army ko dey di, aur doobtay Pakistan ko bachaya, hamara life-style ooper kiya, duniya mein izzat di, qarzey khatam kar k independent banaya, aik sukoon ki zindagi di……uss ko hamari AZAAD ADLIYA aur POLITICIANS aur AWAM intehaa sey ziyada zaleel kar k bhaga deti hai, k bus hum ko sirf JAMHOORIYAT aur ADLIYA chahiye wohi hum ko khana dey gi…….!

    Agar mera msg General Sahab tak pohonch jaye to meri un sey sirf itni guzaarish hai k :
    “Sir jee bus……bohot kar liya aap ney.
    60+ years mein kisi ney Pakistan ko itni taraqqi nahi di jitni aap ney di, lekin 9 saal ki hukoomat k baad iss qaum ney apko aik gaali bana diya…..aap k supporters bhi apka naam lenay sey dartey hain……bus sir jee, ab aap Pakistan na aayen, aur apni baqi ki zindagi hansi khushi apni family k sath guzarein…….meri dua hai k Allah aap ko achi sehat dey”

    Allah Haafiz
    Kind Regards,
    Muhammad Raza Khan

  44. […] For detailed Information see – Musharraf Era: Pakistan Flourishes […]

  45. We like to Assume still you are around the Pakistan. Sir Musharraf, Sorry Late Response But Now I can understand You are the Perfect Leader Of Pakistan

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