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Blackmailers and Biased – Our Notorious Journalists!

(C) Our Leader – Musharraf

Our famous manipulators and distorters of truth; who have best abused the freedom of media to achieve their personal agendas and selling themselves off to the highest bidder – Yes, our suited booted prejudiced story tellers – Media anchors, News commentators and their owner channels! These media channels, 12 of whom are tax defaulters and Jang Group also involved in blackmailing the government to evade taxes.

These News & Views analysts, who never left any opportunity to slander and smear President Musharraf and his policies, are now falling left and right to lucrative offers by PPP government. Their useless, baseless and distorted lies are now being paid off rewardingly. Their revealing blackmailing personalities should serve as an eye-opener for our deaf & dumb public – who vastly followed their deception programs. These pundits have always served as spokesperson for our shady politicians, thus largely misleading the public!

Dr Shahid Masood of GEO fame – was appointed as the PTV chairman, through the Establishment Division letter No 1/64/2008-E-6, dated May 31 2008.He was given the additional charge of the MD through the letter No 1/64/2008-E-6, dated June 21 2008. (Source)

After his appointment as MD PTV, Dr. Shahid Masood has been seen appeasing President Musharraf and endorsing the President’s views. See the video (Source)

That same President Musharraf who has been considered, an unpopular Shah of Pakistan, by Dr. Shahid Masood in one of his degrading programs of ‘Meray Mutabik’ where he painted a picture of similarity b/w Shah Iran and President Musharraf – predicting that soon President Musharraf will have no place to hide. Read an assessment on Dr Shahid Masood by Ayesha Ijaz Khan, “Regarding Dr Shahid Masood and few ramblings on Pakistani Media

Do these guys have any shame left? Do they have the moral courage to face the public and offer apology over their twisting programs?

The latest magician that has been bought from the basket of rotten eggs is none other than the unintelligent ‘ARY Insight’ presenter Javed Malick – who has been appointed as ambassador at large by the Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani. A notification dated July 25 to this effect has been issued by the Establishment Division. (Source)

However, when it comes to moment of exercising and practicing ‘freedom of media & speech’, these same self-styled liberal campaigners fail miserably and apply despotic measures. GEO’s dictatorship forced ‘Jawabdeh’ host Iftikhar Ahmed to resign in protest. Just confirms the double standard and hypocrisy practiced by GEO Network. (Source)

One more famous and phony twister of words and adorns a despicable personality is none other than the ‘celebrated on Capital Talk whenever there are lies to be propagated’ – The News  correspondent – Ansar Abbasi.  Ansar Abbasi’s cheap and vulgar style is intolerable. We’re glad the current democratic government of PPP is waking up to realize their corruption. (Ansar Abbasi is corrupt: PM ex-sec)

There are also news that both, The News editor Ansar Abbasi and an analyst on GEO TV Irfan siddiqui, are eyeing PML-N tickets for the next elections, trying to follow the footsteps of Major (r) Ayaz Amir. These analysts are everything but neutral. They are biased in favor of political parties aiming to mis-guide general public. (Link)

Senior journalist Nazir Naji who had always been a PPP stalwart was found abusing a junior journalist on phone which was recorded by that junior journalist Ahmad Noorani. Ahmad Noorani was tracing a story related to illegal plot allotment to various journalists. (Link)

Daily Times Editor Najam Sethi, rightly points out in his editorial of Friday Times:

1- The Pakistani “free media”, with its religious-nationalist mindset, is singularly responsible for misleading the people and creating a huge wave of sympathy for the Taliban and hostility for the government and army that want to fight them.
2- This “free media” created a wave of sympathy and support for the Lal Masjid terrorists (portrayed as some sort of medieval heroes for defying America and the army) in the heart of Islamabad and put the army and government on the back foot.
3- This media also made this war America’s war exclusively by propagating the false notion that if America were to walk away from this region the Taliban and Al-Qaeda would melt away into thin air and all would be peaceful again.
4- Ultimately, this “free media” drummed up support for all the dangerous peace deals between the Taliban and the army or government, especially the last one in Swat on February 28, and enabled the Taliban to exploit the political space and public support to seize large areas of the Frontier.

God help Pakistan – if these blackmailers and Taliban mind-set journalists are what we earned by ‘Freedom of Media’ !

Jang Group Blackmailing Government to Evade Taxes: Cable Operators 

31 October 2010 – The Jang Group has been blackmailing the government to evade taxes, Cable Operators Association of Pakistan (CAP) Chairman Khalid Arian claimed on Saturday. Addressing a press conference at the Karachi Press Club, Arian alleged that the group embezzled Rs 2 billion with the help of two officials of the National Bank of Pakistan. He alleged that the group also blackmailed the cable operators, but they remained silent, fearing that their concerns could be taken as part of political confrontation. Arain appealed to the chief justice of Pakistan to take suo motu notice of the daily Jang and the Geo Television’s levelling false allegations against the association. Recently, he said, the group provoked the people of the Karachi to refuse to pay monthly fee to the operators by publishing a controversial advertisement.

Arain alleged that the Geo Television had put the lives of the army troops at risk when it showed their positions after terrorists attacked on the GHQ in Rawalpindi. “It was Geo, which first claimed that Mumbai attack suspect Ajmal Kasab was a Pakistani,” he said. He said the people reacted strongly against the CAP when the channel had telecast false news about President Asif Ali Zardari two months ago. He alleged the Geo Television had collected General Sales Tax but it did not deposit it to the national exchequer.

12 Channels of Media Tax Defaulters – BBC

 May 2010 – پاکستان کے وزیر محنت و افرادی قوت سید خورشید احمد شاہ نےقومی اسمبلی کو بتایا ہے کہ ٹیکس نادہندگان میں بارہ نجی ٹی وی چینلز بھی شامل ہیں اور ان کی طرف حکومت کے تقریباً پونے تین ارب روپے کے ٹیکس بقایاجات ہیں۔

جمعہ کو حکومت اور حزب مخالف کے بعض اراکین کے توجہ دلاؤ نوٹس کا جواب دیتے ہوئے انہوں نے بتایا کہ اِن ٹی وی چینلز نے یہ رقم اشتہارات کے مد میں حاصل تو کی ہے لیکن حکومت کو ادا نہیں کر رہے۔

خورشید شاہ کے مطابق ٹیکس نادہندگان میں سرِفہرست جیو ٹی وی ہے جس کے ذمے ایک ارب ارسٹھ کروڑ روپے ہیں۔

 GEO جیو ایک ارب اڑسٹھ کروڑ،-   ARYاے آر وائی ون انتالیس کروڑ ستر لاکھ روپے،-    TV-ONEٹی وی ون آٹھ کروڑ،        PLAY TVپلے ٹی وی دو کروڑ،  SAMA TV -سماء ٹی وی ایک کروڑ اڑتیس لاکھ، –   HUM TVہم ٹی وی ستاون لاکھ،        INDUS TV –   انڈس ٹی وی سولہ کروڑ جب   MTV – ایم ٹی وی ساٹھ کروڑ روپے کا ڈیفالٹر ہے۔

انہوں نے بتایا کہ اس کے علاوہ اے آر وائی ون انتالیس کروڑ ستر لاکھ روپے، ٹی وی ون آٹھ کروڑ، پلے ٹی وی دو کروڑ، سماء ٹی وی ایک کروڑ اڑتیس لاکھ، ہم ٹی وی ستاون لاکھ، انڈس ٹی وی سولہ کروڑ جبکہ ایم ٹی وی ساٹھ کروڑ روپے کا ڈیفالٹر ہے۔

اسلام آباد میں بی بی سی کے نامہ نگار اعجاز مہر کا کہنا ہے کہ توجہ دلاؤ نوٹس کے ذریعے پوچھا گیا تھا کہ ایک کروڑ یا اس سے زیادہ رقم کے ٹیکس نادہندگاں کی فہرست میں کون کون شامل ہیں اور ان کے نام ایوان میں پیش کریں لیکن ایوان میں مالیات کے وزیر کی جگہ جواب دیتے ہوئے سید خورشید شاہ نے صرف میڈیا گروپس کے نام پیش کیے اور بتایا کہ کسٹم ڈیوٹی کے مد میں تراسی افراد/ کمپنیوں کے ذمے چالیس کروڑ روپے کے ٹیکس بقایاجات ہیں۔

آئے روز ٹی وی چینلز پر حساب مانگا جاتا ہے اور آج پتہ چلا ہے کہ میڈیا خود ڈیفالٹر ہے۔ آئندہ ہم ان سے سوال کریں گے کہ پہلے خود ٹیکس دو پھر ہم سے پوچھیں۔


Minimum Tax Liability / Shortfall – Position of Sales Tax Demand As on 04-05-2010

(Amount in Million Rs.)

S. No Name of Taxpayer Brand name(s) Demand Remarks
      11(5) 11A Total
1. M/s ARY Communications (Pvt) Ltd. ARY One, ARY Digital, ARY Zoq 397.917   397.917 Installment granted to pay off reconciled amount @ Rs. 10 (m) per month
2. M/s Airwaves Media Network (Pvt.) Ltd. TV One, News One, Waseb TV 123.652 80.256 203.908 Commissioner (Appeal) disposed off appeal annulling order passed v/s 11(5). SCN issued afresh, to recover Rs.123.652(m). case fixed for 12.08.2010. taxpayer requested to adjust its pending refund claims of Income Tax of Rs.69 million ageist order v/s 11A. adjustment to be completed during the month of May after verifications.
3. M/s Television Media Network (Pvt.) Ltd. Express News, Express English, Express Estt. Express Music 97.446   97.446 O.P, filed before SHC, next data of hearing 07/05/2010.
4. M/s 24 Seven Media Network (Pvt.) Ltd. Play TV 0.900 3.378 4.779 Submitted reply and under reconciliation
5. M/s. Jang Broadcasting Systems (Pvt.) Ltd Samaa TV   13.852 13.852 Submitted reply and under reconciliation.
6. M/s. Independent Music (SMC-Pvt.) Ltd. Aag 23.408 71.545 94.951 Data analyzed, for notice of minimum tax liability a/w SCN v/s 36(1) for Rs. 107.051 (m) due to mis-match of ST/IT Data. Under transfer to LTU over the point of jurisdiction.
7. M/s Independent Media Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd. GEO TV/GEO News 1,680.000   1,680.000 CP pending before Honourable Sindh High Court, next date of hearing 06.05.2010.
8. M/s Dhoom TV Network Dhoom TV 4.174   4.174 Case remained un-complled, final opportunity accorded fixing next date of hearing
9. Indus Entertainment (Pvt.) Ltd. Indus TV 149.775   149.775 O.P, filed before SHC, next date of hearing 11.05.2010.
10. I.M.(pvt). Ltd MTV 70.262   70.262 O.P, filed before SHC, next date of hearing 11.05.2010
11. M/s. Gaaza Broadcast System (Pvt.) Ltd. G. Channel 14.962   14.962 Evasive compliance, final opportunity accorded fixing case for 12.05.2010
12. M/s. Eye Television Hum TV / Masala TV 5.797   5797 Taxpayer intimated that jurisdiction rests with LTU/K – under transfer


Demand u/s 11 & 11A 2,737.822
Sales Tax Demand u/s 36(1) 107.015
Default Surcharge to be calculated after reconciliation (Approx amount) 280.000
Penalty being 100% of Demand u/s 122(5A) – (Action AU-DIV) 938.607
Anticipated Income Tax Demand u/s 122(5A) – (Action AU-DIV) 24.492
Gross Revenue Impact (Including demands u/s 11 & 11A 4,088.136


Ansar corrupt: PM’s ex-secy Bashir

24 December 2008, LAHORE: While commenting on a case related to the award of extra marks to the chief justice’s daughter, the prime minister’s former press secretary Zahid Bashir has claimed that a senior journalist working for English daily The News is ‘involved in corruption’, a private TV channel said on Tuesday. Bashir said he was ready for a face-off with the journalist, Ansar Abbasi, to bring out the truth in the case, and branded Ansar’s allegations ‘baseless’. The chief justice was surprised when Ansar told him about the reassessment of his daughter’s marks, as he had no knowledge of the matter, said Bashir, and rejected Ansar’s claim that he had a tape of Justice Dogar confessing to the reassessment. Bashir alleged that Ansar owns two hotels in Islamabad and a CNG pump for which he had never paid any taxes. daily times monitor

“Hamid Mir Number 1 Enemy Of Pakistan” Says Son Of Shaheed Khalid Khawaja


Transcript of Hamid Mir’s conversation with Terrorist

Regarding Doctor Shahid Masood and few ramblings on Pakistani Media

Ayesha Ijaz Khan 

 In 2001, it was not fashionable to seek legal opinions on television shows so I had to wait till after the show to say what I wanted to say. Mr. X had left as soon as the show ended, annoyed, I think. But Dr. Shahid and Sherry lingered on, as did I, waiting for my ride to make it to the inconveniently located Acton studio. It was then that I discovered that Dr. Shahid was not a Ph.D. as I thought he may have been, but a medical doctor. Later, I discovered that all the doctors in our media are medical doctors and not Ph.D.s as they may want us to believe, whether it is Aamir Liaqat or Shaista Wahidi or of course Shahid Masood. Why would one want to retain the doctor title when one is not treating patients but a working journalist is beyond me, but I suppose its all part of leaving the right impression, or perhaps better said in Urdu, aks dalna, Sherry had left the studio and I was still waiting for my ride. As I waited, Dr. Shahid and I continued our conversation. Dr. Shahid, I realized quickly from speaking to him, had an extremely right-wing bent of mind. The conversation drifted to Partition, and then Jinnah, to which I heard the most bizarre remark from Dr. Shahid. “Jinnah was a Parsi,” he said. Not that I think there is anything wrong with the Zoroastrian faith, but Dr. Shahid was clearly misinformed and I felt I must set him straight.”Jinnah was a Muslim. He married a Parsi woman, but he was Muslim,” I told him matter-of-factly.”No, Jinnah was a Parsi, I think,” Dr. Shahid still doubted my knowledge, and possibly his own.”Jinnah was born in an Isamili household,” I told him, thinking perhaps that Dr. Shahid may be confusing one minority group for another, odd as it sounds, “but, as an adult, chose to espouse mainstream Islam.” Dr. Shahid appeared confused at my statement and did not respond but looked on disbelievingly. Shortly after that, I left the studio but found it very difficult to fathom that Jinnah, whose name appears in the greatest Muslim leaders of all time, who created a homeland for millions of Muslims, would be mistaken as a non-Muslim by anyone, leave alone a Pakistani. I had met Pakistanis before who belittled Jinnah’s contribution or doubted his wisdom but never before had I met a Pakistani who actually thought that he was not Muslim. Dr. Shahid sure was special.Short as our interaction was, I never forgot Dr. Shahid’s words and was hence never able to take him seriously. When he got his own show on ARY, I found it little different from Bill O’Reilly’s The O’Reilly Factor on FOX News. He was good at only one thing—sensationalizing issues, most often in the context of Islam versus the West or religious Muslims versus secular Muslims. Certainly there are issues in both those areas, but Dr. Shahid’s shows, barring occasional exceptions, lacked cogent analysis or appropriate cross-questioning, and played only to peoples’ emotions. I was therefore quite surprised when GEO took him on in a senior capacity. But I suppose sensationalism works and ratings attest to it.meray muttabiq

His approach was structured to achieve the maximum personal gain for himself, not for his viewers. And in that he has been highly successful. His salary, variously quoted at Rs. 700,000 to Rs. 1,000,000 a month may be well deserved if the journalist in question is exceptionally good and working at a private network, but for PTV to pay that kind of money on taxpayers’ expense at a time when poverty worldwide and specifically in Pakistan is reaching new heights is in extremely poor taste. There is little doubt in my mind that this money, which rightfully belongs to the citizens of Pakistan, is being used to fund a man known for his ability to spin whose job it will be to work against the interests of the very people who are forced to fund him. The silver lining to all this is that it may not matter as much because the private media has come a long way. With competent journalists like Talat Hussain, Kashif Abassi, Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq Minhas around, perhaps the damage that Dr. Shahid can inflict may yet be contained.Looking at it another way, in the past, for those Pakistanis interested in making their mark through electronic media there was no option but to go the PTV route. Therefore, by and large, those who opted for PTV were not doing so out of any loyalty to the establishment, but because that was the only outlet for their career aspirations. But today, with a mushrooming of private channels, choosing to go the PTV route, at least in as senior a capacity as Dr. Shahid’s, raises serious red flags with respect to his intentions and credibility.In the run-up to his PTV offer, Dr. Shahid did a series on army generals who had held important portfolios but were now keen to speak out against the regime. The idea was a good one, for anyone who believes in transparency must acknowledge that the ways of the military and their post-retirement affiliations often go un-scrutinized. Yet, Dr. Shahid it appears was not interested in seeking the truth but only concerned with the spin, ensuring that he got the guests on his show only because he failed to cross-question them about their own potentially dubious roles in the past. By only showing one side of these critical matters that deserve the utmost scrutiny and objectivity, Dr. Shahid sent the right message to the establishment: I am danger man, court me or fear me.

In any case, when after a relatively short stint at GEO, Dr. Shahid has (literally) arrived at PTV, I am not in the least bit surprised that Dr. Shahid took the job but do wonder if the government knows what they have gotten themselves into. Previous PTV chairpersons were at least well-read individuals who knew Pakistan’s history empirically. Of course PTV has always towed the government line but many PTV-groomed journalists have cleverly and intelligently pushed limits to get closer to the truth. I am afraid that Dr. Shahid is not motivated by this journalistic ethos and his very opinionated (meray mutabiq PTV has trained some of Pakistan’s best journalists, people like Talat Hussain of Aaj TV, and so many others. In spite of the fact that PTV’s approach was biased and skewed, it still had some visionary leadership that promoted learning and was meritorious enough to throw up talent that was later poached by the private channels. But with Dr. Shahid, objectivity and competence may no longer matter at all as it will be my way ( 

and almost jingoistic style is bound to clash with the government’s sooner or later, and for all the wrong reasons. 

PTV has trained some of Pakistan’s best journalists, people like Talat Hussain of Aaj TV, and so many others. In spite of the fact that PTV’s approach was biased and skewed, it still had some visionary leadership that promoted learning and was meritorious enough to throw up talent that was later poached by the private channels. But with Dr. Shahid, objectivity and competence may no longer matter at all as it will be my way (meray muttabiq) or the highway.

Looking at it another way, in the past, for those Pakistanis interested in making their mark through electronic media there was no option but to go the PTV route. Therefore, by and large, those who opted for PTV were not doing so out of any loyalty to the establishment, but because that was the only outlet for their career aspirations. But today, with a mushrooming of private channels, choosing to go the PTV route, at least in as senior a capacity as Dr. Shahid’s, raises serious red flags with respect to his intentions and credibility.



  1. Education without wisdom is just a theocracy …. signifying nothing but personal vindication.
    In my opinion the personal sense of utopia for the educated minority, has no legitimacy, in the face of the vastly uneducated of the land.
    The Constitution of the land has been usurped by this educated minority, to be used as their stamp on power, in the land.
    Whereby making it, obsolete, in the matter of governance. Crimes are committed in its garbs, the very crimminals use it to hide their crimes.
    All in the name of: according to the constitution………. thus legitmizing the crime.

  2. just a suggestion guys do u know that in dawn newspaper US has patted our pplS govt for taking good action against the terrorists.When musharraf was doing it everyone was after him and the armed forces that they were waging a war against their own people and now everyone is happy and quiet when there is a huge loss of life and peoperty going on a daily bases,What kind of double standards is this??Where are r maulanas now??How about the lawyers and judges ?Why arent they protesting against loss of life??Musharraf to give him credit did not come down hard enough on this drama of the US.he was removed because he was too decent a man and was taking Pakistan slowly but surely towards progress.
    A idea came to my mind how about having smaller provinces with their own representatives?Uknow the ppl of karachi are peaceloving and want to live and let live and say NO to talibanisation.Enlightened moderation??hence we ask musharraf to represent us educated lot of this metropolitan city.Similarly the ppl of lahore ,Peshawar .QUETTA ETC CAN DECIDE WHAT THEY WANT.??ISLAMIC ORDER by maulanas or a peaceful islam as practiced by the sufis for centuries in which the emphasis is laid on love of god and hence love of all his creation .Practice relgion but in a peaceful manner and let others practice theirs.Why do v have 2 force everyone to c that our point of view is right .Is our iman so weak that we cant take a difference ,be it in any form?so what do u say we karachites start rallying around having enlightened moderation as a model and the man who coined this phrase as a leader or advisory board of some sort.Is this not true democracy ??why should we practice the kind of govts the rest of the cities want in their provinces?.
    As far as these so called journalists are concerned if we can have a president with mental health problems so we can have psychotic journalists and become a nation of madcaps??




  4. so now we have a new President, so how will that change ground realities for pakistan. US still attacking inside pk targeting innocent people in Pakistani tribal area of Waziristan what is media sponsored democracy going to do now?

  5. If we make a list of Musharraf “assassins”, it will be something like this :

    Irshad Haqqani, Irfan Siddiqui, Nazir Naji, Ataul Haq Qasmi, Masood Khan, Shafqat Mahmood, Dr. Safdar Mahmood, Manoo Bhai, Azim Sarwar, Rauf Klasra, Salim Qureshi, Bushra and to some extent Hassan Nisar all from Urdu print media; Hamid Mir, Dr. Shahid Masood, Javed Chaudhry, Ch. Ghulam Hussain from Urdu electronic media; Iftikhar Chaudhry, Aitizaz Ahsan, Kurd etc. from legal side; coterie of retired Generals and Ex-foreign service men. The bias of the last mentioned category is simple to analyze as it essentially ensues from their failure to secure a cushy job in the diplomatic corps. The legal forces indiscreetly landed themselves in the political territory and got the taste of the blood. Now it was (and is) impossible for them to retreat to their original positions. And this the most serious damage ever caused to this country. When Churchill asked about the functioning of judiciary, he had no doubt about the strength of this non-political institution. The politicization of our judiciary is yet to unleash its full destructive power. Now the media. A mere view of the list will reveal the parochial bias heavily loaded against Musharraf. In plain terms, he was victimized by the elite forces of the largest province in league with the feudals. Hardly few in the list have economic or financial vision. There forte is the use of character assassination techniques essentially associated with the yellow journalism. A bit of digression won’t be out of context. Mr. Irshad Haqqani, most probably in his seventies has developed a serious blemish of bombarding every new setup with his perceived solutions to certain national problems. He is happy with the setup so long as his suggestions are taken heed of. Once ignored, he starts showing his chagrin, finally becoming a bit too harsh. Nevertheless, I have a sort of respect for him. M/s Ataul Haq Qasmi, Irfan Qureshi and Nazir Naji are the evictees of the Presedent / Prime Minister House which they occupied during the Nawaz era. Their hatred for Musharraf stands fully explained. Irfan Siddiqui’s venomous diatribes happen to be couched in the cheapest of literary styles. Mr. Nazir Naji is the shrewdest of the lot. He is the master of changing positions. Hassan Nisar, besides being incisive on common-man issues, maintains some sort of dignity while addressing someone critically. I have not included Mr. Mahmood Shaam in any list. He is the one modern day journalism can be proud of.

    Now I come to the point. What the forces mentioned above have given to Pakistan. Nothing, except hatred and divisiveness. Moreover, they have always been a party to all major debacles the country has gone through. The reason is that they gave Pakistan a hate-start, making neighbors the target of compelling animosity. Mr.Haroon Rashid recently wrote in Jang, “ hostility against India was the sole cause of our existence.” What a sick thinking. We should know by now that hatred takes nations to the lone destination of self-destruction. What we have achieved after 61 years’ hate campaigns against our neighbors. Pakistan, Israel, China and India were founded / liberated almost simultaneously. China has now foreign reserves of $1,900 billion, India around $300 billion, and Pakistan……mere $6 billion…after coming swiftly down from $16.5 billion during a period of less than one year. The general incapacity to apprehend economic facts and the unfortunate ability to mindlessly criticize others are so profound that we refuse to listen what the outer world is saying of Musharraf-era economic achievements. Ok, disregard India, US and Europe but at least listen to the Chinese whom you claim to be your best friends. Mr. Irshad Haqqni has recently expressed his doubt about the appearance before the standing committee of the Shakaut Aziz team for explaining its position on the present economic miseries. What a nonsense stance. In fact it should be the Shaukat Aziz team who should take to task their successors for bringing economic degradation after inheriting a robust foreign reserve position and a stable rupee. That is how bias and unfounded hatred deprive human mind of objective thinking. Nevertheless, let’s do that. Let all the country’s economists club together and assist the standing committee. The prowess of a younger parliamentarian with the name Marvi Memon would be more than enough to put to rest the hollow cross examining of the loaded opposition. The older generations had taken to hate-based living. Hate your neighbors, hate the smaller provinces and hate all those who want to change the status quo. The brighter side of the picture is that our new generation is almost devoid of this hate-mentality. It is their country now and they have the right to manage and run it. The old ones who have lived the painful 61 years of Pakistan should now quit all positions whatsoever, and allow the young generation to take over so that we may march forward and learn to live on focused hard work rather than any real or imagined hatred against anyone, be it an individual, a province of this country, a neighbor country or an overseas adversary.

    Our project should first concentrate on Urdu section of print media which is monopolized by a particular group. During the last 61 years, Jang’s editorial and opinion making pages have remained occupied by a dogmatic breed of journalists and columnists who, besides having a typical mindset, have had overt or covert affiliations with country’s political parties. Their writings are invariably found lacking in content, balance and pragmatism – Mahmood Shaam & Hasan Nisar being enviable exceptions. Not all but majority of them has taken to buttering of their bread, as they don’t believe in eating simple bread presently not available to 40 per cent population of this country. They endlessly keep on producing biased articles directed at either Tom’s character assassination or Dick and Harry’s image building without least realizing the extent of damage they cause to the country. With the exception of few, they are ignorant of the modern economic and finance theories and their influence on developing economies like ours. Relying on emotive verbosity they are expert at, they keep on misleading the Pakistani nation whose literacy rate is sadly very low and who is generally unable to differentiate between a balanced and purposeful piece of writing and a scandalizing bit of rubbish. After bringing down a stable government, they are after the newly installed setup to nip it in the bud. They are expert only at criticizing and maligning and never fail to join forces to bring down governments, sometimes on the pretext of corruption and sometimes for the ‘sacred cause’ of restoration of democracy. They have worked together to bring this country to its present reduced state and still there are no signs of there vanishing from the scene. If this country is to be saved from further damage, JANG will have to remove most of them from its editorial pages and install in their place a new breed of young and highly educated writers. Our business and financial market is the place to look for this type of writers. A host of lads and lasses in their twenties or early thirties having deep knowledge of our economic and financial problems are available there. All the hacks who are sixty plus and have over-played their innings should now be sidelined and the new generation who has the responsibility of running this country should be brought to the front. Legendry Mahmood Shaam and Hasan Nisar must be retained to look after and train the new charge.

    The protocol for the new writers will be :

    · He/she or any family member must not have any overt or covert affiliation with any of the political or religious parties.
    · He/she must be highly educated with a degree preferably in the disciplines of economic, finance or international relations, or a combination thereof.
    · He/she must not use the column for his/her own image building or propagation of vindictive thoughts.
    · His/her writings must be balanced, objective, free of any bias and strictly conforming to the universally accepted principles of journalism.
    · All writings must be focused on good-governance objective carrying suggestions for the broad based societal and political betterment. No article should demand sacking of the government before completion of the term.

  6. Media is considered as a piller of a state. what will happen to a state when its own piller try to destablize the base of building of state. I feel very ashmed to mention the role of media in this crutial peroid when our nation needs a stabalizing factor like media. Media around the world potrays the good and soft image of a country to outsiders as it is a window through which others peep in to your country. Dont go anywhere see India how its media backs the country and its policies. But unfortunately our media has played a totally opposite role. The media has adopted a totally biased approach towards government despite the fact that it is the only Government in the history of Pakistan that has given full freedom of speach to press and electronic media.
    Bilal from Lahore

  7. This refers to Rabia Huq’s comments. She is right in demnding self-governance for Karachi. Let it not be confused with the separation of Karachi. She actually wants Karachi to be the part of a loose confederation with a right to select its ruler and the mode of life that suits its culture. The majority of Karachi people belongs to a comminity that has nothing to do with the feudal, sardari or chaudhary systems. They are the people with independent thinking. Inherent dislike of all other communitie for Karachites is deeply embedded in their century-old association with the respective feudal systems which has made their thinking subservient to the will of their
    feudal lords. One of the reasons for Musharraf’s pressured exit was Karachites’ liking for him as his style of governance suited them most -enlightened, forward looking and dynamic. May God give other communities of Pakistan sufficient courage to break the stranglehold of feudals. Any community trying to do that will find Karachites on its back. Another interesting fact; no religious or political party of Pakistan, with the exception of only one, has on its agenda the abolition of feudal system. This fully explains the hatred of other parties against that single anti-feudal party.

  8. Down with such yellow journalism.These journalists are really a stigma for this noble profession.In fact they are a bunch of bkack mailers who are misusing their God-gifted talent.





  10. Instead of showing light and providing guidance to the people the media is confusing them through talk shows and on line futile debates.God bless them and save poor Pakistanis from such so called analysts.

  11. GEO is, to put it shortly, a rogue CIA psy-op propaganda machine, whose CEO Mir Ibrahim Rehman (son of Mir Shakil ur Rehman) was at one time a Goldman-Sachs Investment Banker (Wikipedia).

    Many Zionist connections can be found…

  12. Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi, Bolta Pakistan MM n nusrat, talat, kashif Abbasi, Faiza Daood,
    and in print media
    Irfan Siddiqi, Ata ul Haque Qasmi, Kahlid Masood khan etc etc are stinted brains havent any understaning of any thing , they are like cancer and maigraine for this nation this cancer must be treated accordingly or cutoff to secure national harmoney they are on the payroll of Nawz shareef and have only the ability to clean thorns from they way ofNawaz shareef there “MAI BAP” there thinking is only parcochial and they havent any vision to analyse betterment for pakistan..
    Long Liv ePervaiz Musharraf

  13. Dear moderator please arrange some space to reply notorious anti state/ anti musharraf pseudo

    intellectuals like this bastard pig Irfan Suiddiqi who write such garbagee like
    please reply them properly and put a dot or barrier to stop these pie dogs barking.
    letus tell them how much we love our leader Pervaiz Musharraf.

  14. Dear AOa
    i am starting a new blogroll at
    i’l be thankful to you if you give its reference on your blog

  15. please go to following url and give tribute to our Hero General Pervaiz Musharraf before 14 january

  16. Mr.Ata ul Haq Qasmi stills relishes the days of his amassadorship in Norway and is deeply indebted to Mr. Nawaz Sharif.He has therefore to reciprocate this kindness by using his journalistic skills in favour of Sharif Brothers.
    Mr. Irfan Siddiqui is back with a bang with the same the weather beaten philosophy and flowery but rotten language.I wish they used their God gifted qualities on something and someone sincere to Pakistan.

  17. u r very right muzaffar alam

  18. my dear oldest journalist mr.haroon rashid this time yours character as party u not scene a journalist in ary progrrame with the session with dr.firdous ashiq awan(federal minister)u’rs language is very ruf and very bad mr this is not right mr journalist is not a party he is negative person but in pakistan many journalist show as party pls change to attitude this is not right for country and govt

  19. mr.haroon rashid (journalist)but this time mr hr a employee mr nawaz sharif mr hr not control in tv discussion programme some time we think he says to mr nawaz sharif (rehatullah alhe)all nation the know to charactor of mr nawaz sharif they are a bussiness man and not flexible man he attack to supreme court in past

  20. Wonderful comments,the very voice of my heart and the voice of millions of mute majority.Thanks,please keep the good work.

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