Posted by: Administrator | 14 June, 2008

Reality of USA Aid : Public being misled

Lisa Curtis, a senior Heritage Foundation analyst, reminded that Pakistan’s critical cooperation in counterterrorism has led to numerous successes in the region and also helped save American lives.

At a Washington think tank, a senior expert Flynt Leverett acknowledged Pakistan’s key efforts in the fight against terrorism and came down on critics who in their discussions keep harping on US extending 10 billion dollars in assistance to the ally. He noted that statements that the United States has provided Pakistan with $ 10 billion in assistance since Sept 11, 2001 are misleading.

“Let’s be true, more than half of that amount is not true “assistance” but rather reimbursements for costs accrued by the Pakistani military supporting US counterterrorism operations,” he said at the New American Foundation.

Further, the San Francisco Chronicle reports in their 5th November 2007 issue, the United States has provided Pakistan with $10.59 billion in military, economic and development aid since Sept. 11, 2001. A breakdown of the assistance:

  1. The majority, about 60 percent, has gone toward “Coalition Support Funds,” intended to reimburse the Pakistani military for their assistance in combating terrorism. The U.S. government considers it repayment rather than aid.
  2. About 15 percent, nearly $1.6 billion, is for security assistance. The Pakistanis have spent the majority of this money on purchases of major weapons systems.
  3. Another 15 percent is for general budget support for the Pakistani government.
  4. Approximately 10 percent was allocated for development or humanitarian assistance, including the U.S. response to the October 2005 earthquake.

Courtesy: Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Here is Mr. Musharraf clarifying the reality related to $10 billion USA aid, on a show with Fareed Zakaria on CNN, dated 16 May 2009.



  1. Excellent website recognizing the work of a sincere leader of Pakistan.

  2. GEO TV was based in dubai where countless RAW agents of India infiltrated GEO and bought off the policies of this channel, any logical person with a double digit IQ can discern the fact that GEO is an ANTI_STATE channel and the likes of Hamid Mir and Kamran Khan alongwith the current chairman PTV were all funded by RAW (Research and Analysis Wing of India), and our Aetezaz Ahsan the hero of the lawyers is buddies with sushil travedi of RAW whom he met in UK a few months ago. These people are traitors, shame on them and shame on any pakistani who supports them, ignorance is a curse on majority of pakistanis and its a piece of cake to mis-guide them, as was done impeccably by our so called democrats and our so called free press (which is the most corrupt pillar of the state).

  3. But atleast today they are not going give the millions into the PPP hands. I just found -out it will only be used to debt -sevice the out standing Loans and Projects. WoW that’s great

  4. Want to say “aafreen” to Afreen Baig for her extensive work on economic side showing Musharraf era achievements. She has thus exposed the generally illiterate Pakistani media who is expert only at malicious propagation of hateful ideas. The economic factfile is a challenge to the succeeding governments as their performance will be judged in the light of these achievements. So, better they start in earnest instead of blaming others. As someone said, ” You may fail thousand times, but you are not a failure unless you start blaming others for your failure”.

  5. Afreen one word for ur article WOW and THANKS.It is so timely now we can use it to shut up all the anti Musharraf ppl who say what has the previous govt done with all the money it received.?Im taking the liberty of using this in the other forums where required thank u.

  6. hats off to all of you the brave soldiers of pervaiz musharraf , to compile such impressive information , i also want to support this genuine leader upto the mazimum which i can but havent any platform to do so please count me in along with your struggle.
    Faraz Siddiqi

  7. Faraz, you are more than welcome on this platform – that means to highlight the visionary & honest decisions of Our Leader Musharraf. We appreciate brave soldiers like your good self. Best Regards!

  8. Dear moderator please arrange some space to reply notorious anti state/ anti musharraf pseudo

    intellectuals like this bastard pig Irfan Suiddiqi who write such garbagee like
    please reply them properly and put a dot or barrier to stop these pie dogs barking.
    letus tell them how much we love our leader Pervaiz Musharraf.

  9. dear moderator AOA
    i hope u must be fine , i have started a new blog at
    i require your permission to publish articles from your blog with your reference on this blog and one more thing i also request you to please reference my blog on your site , i shall be most thankful to you for this favour

  10. I though its imperative that we also keep in record the amount of US, IMF, World Bank, ADB and FoP aid the current government of PPP has capitalized, which not only will increase the debt servicing, but Pakistan will be repaying later from its own sources and revenue.

    Pakistan asks IMF for $4bn to plug budget deficit

    14 June 2009: Pre-empting possible delays in external flows, Pakistan has asked the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a $4 billion stand-by loan to finance the yawning budget gap in the year 2009-10 in case multilateral donors fail to release the pledged amount to Islamabad. Pakistan received $4.8 billion from Asian Development Bank, World Bank, Islamic Development Bank and other friendly countries including Saudi Arabia during the current fiscal year. ‘A similar amount of $4 billion is expected next year from these sources,’ Mr Tarin claimed. You can not say multilateral donors will not provide loan next year. Friends of Pakistan also committed $5.2 billion for two years (over $2.6 billion per year),’ he said. Of these $1 billion each would come from USA and Japan and the rest from other countries.–4bn-to-plug-budget-deficit–il–07

    Pakistan secures more than $5bn in fresh aid

    19 Apr 2009: TOKYO: The Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP), led by the United States and Japan, pledged more than $5 billion on Friday to stabilise Pakistan’s troubled economy and fight the spread of terrorism in the country and neighbouring Afghanistan. The US and Japan started off the one-day conference by pledging $1 billion each. Saudi Arabia added $700 million and the EU $640 million. The total pledged was $5.28 billion, according to Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi. Separately, a $7.6 billion bailout has been granted by the International Monetary Fund to avert the country’s most recent balance-of-payments crisis. As part of the IMF deal, Pakistan has been asked to reduce its fiscal deficit and to tighten its monetary policy.

    Pakistan gets second tranche of $848 mn from IMF

    2 April 2009: Pakistan has received a second tranche worth $848 million of an International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan approved last year to avert a balance of payments crisis, the central bank said on Thursday. ‘We have received the second tranche of $848 million,’ said Syed Wasimuddin, chief spokesman of the State Bank of Pakistan. Pakistan agreed in November 2008 to an IMF emergency loan package of $7.6 billion. It got a first tranche of $3.1 billion that month, Reuters reported. Pakistan also received $500 million from the World Bank on 31st march 2009.–848-mln-from-imf–il

    ADB approves $300 mn loan to Pakistan

    2008 Dec 11 (Xinhua) The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved loans totalling $300 million to Pakistan to boost sustainable growth, reduce poverty and improve the health of women and infants, an ADB release said Thursday. The loan will help various development and health care programmes in Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab provinces. The Manila-based ADB, established in 1966, is dedicated to reducing poverty in the Asia Pacific region through inclusive and environmentally sustainable economic growth and regional integration.

    World Bank OKs $500 mn interest-free loan to Pakistan

    27 Mar 2009: WASHINGTON: The World Bank said Thursday it approved a 500 million dollar, interest-free credit to support Pakistan’s program on economic stability. Loan received on 31st March 2009.

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