Posted by: Administrator | 18 January, 2008

President at Public Gathering Gujranwala

President’s Address to Public Gathering in Gujranwala

I am thankful to all of you for coming here from far flung areas. I am proud of you and this shows your concern towards me. Gujranwala, Wazirabad and Sialkot form a triangle and it’s the backbone of Pakistan. Gujranwala is an industrial city and I salute you for your hard work. I am proud to be here and addressing to this huge gathering. Before coming here, I have inaugurated a sub-campus of Punjab University. 1,500-2,000 students are educated here. By opening the sub-campus we have brought Punjab University to Gujranwala city. Similar kind of projects will be our top priorities. The second project is groundbreaking of Grid Station of electricity for the whole area and its connecting districts. This is Rs. 4.5 billion project. I promise that every village having more than 10 houses would have electricity. Not just this city but also Gujrat, Sialkot, Narowal, Mandibahaudin and Hafizabad would inshAllah have better electricity system in another 1 ½ years.

Now, I want to talk about Gujranwala city. District Nazim in his speech has put up some demands. I keep saying that general public has the right to demand and it is Government’s duty to fulfill them otherwise such a Government is useless. Today, I want to tell that this Government with Allah’s blessing has resources and finances. In past 4-5 years about Rs. 8-9 million have been spent here on the developmental work. But this is nothing and we have to see a step forward. First of all, I know you need roads, proper water system, sanitation, removal of solid waste and cleanliness, you need libraries etc. I have ordered to allocate Rs. 7 billion for all these developmental works.

In addition to Gujranwala city, there are affiliated rural areas too where we have to make improvements and raise their standard of living. Today I announce that in the coming months every Union Council would get Rs. ½ million and in the coming year more Rs. ½ million for the betterment of rural areas. I would not have to come here, you would automatically get funds so that your needs are fulfilled.

I have heard that minority communities are also living here. I want to say to all Muslim brothers that although this Country was created for Muslims but we have minorities i.e. Christians, Hindu, Sikh and they are also Pakistanis. Islam teaches us to take care of them. They are also citizens of this Country. There is a village Francisabad where we would provide gas facility. So that the minorities may know that in Islam and in Pakistan, minorities are as much taken care of as Muslims are.

2 When we are talking about finances, I want to tell you how was all this possible? Mr. Pervaiz Elahi said in his speech that our economy has reached at a level where our pockets are not empty. I want to give you a comparison that in past from 1980-1999 there were only Rs. 70 billion for the developmental projects all over the Country. Today, only for Punjab Mr. Chief Minister has more than Rs. 100 billion and Pakistani Government has Rs. 400 billion for the developmental projects. That is why I come here because when I say that the projects would be implemented then I am not making fake promises like previous politicians as their pockets were empty. Now that era is gone and with Allah’s grace our economy has grown. We have progressed in many fields. Earlier there was only fake democracy in Pakistan. Now we have given true democracy i.e. local Government system, there is Nazim, Union Council, and District Council. My sisters are sitting here; we have given a respectable status to women and empowered them.

Moreover, the communication infrastructure throughout the Country has improved. Today we are constructing highways, seaport etc. In three days I would be visiting Gwadar to hand over to the new operators and inshAllah this would be world’s best seaport. We are upgrading Quetta airport. In Railways there are new developmental schemes. Pakistan is an agricultural Country that is why we are improving our water system; constructing new dams. You should know that 3 years ago we started raising Mangla Dam. By the end of this year Mangla Dam would be 30 feet higher and you would get more water for your crops. We did not stop here. I know in Punjab there are small water channels without brick linings and water is wasted that way. Rs. 66 billion is allocated for cementing these water channels. Some Rs. 30 billions has been spent on this project and in the next two years remaining work would be complete.

I want to tell you that there are elements which do not want to promote democracy and whatever progress is going on they give it a political meaning. They try to weaken the government and damage their reputation. But I am proud that you are here because you people trust us and I would make firm commitments, it is my promise with you.

As you might have seen that there is a risen issue in the judiciary system. I do not have a right to speak on that. The decision would be taken by the highest level of judiciary. This is being shaped politically and lawyers are being brought to the forefront. There is a misperception that lawyers are not with us. I want to tell you that you what happened infront of Supreme Court? There were not more than 150 lawyers even though in Islamabad/ Rawalpindi there are 4,000 lawyers. If 150 lawyers are on strike then where are the larger majority? They are with us. What has happened in Lahore? How many lawyers came on roads? 250, infact there are 13,000 lawyers. So get rid of the deceitful. Do not give this a political image because this is not a political issue. I respect our Supreme Judicial Council due to which I have handed over the case to Supreme Court to resolve it.

3 Now the question arises what does the Government has to do in the future? My brothers and sisters I know your concerns and miseries. I want to remove poverty and unemployment from this Country and we are trying our best in this direction. I appreciate Mr. Chief Minister is trying to promote industry in Gujranwala.

I recently inaugurated Sundar Estate and near M3 motorway near Faisalabad. We would setup value-addition industries and a new airport in Sumbrial. We are focusing on your industrial progress so that jobs are created and we would not stop just here. In addition to this, we have a big project of imparting skill to the public i.e. thousands of technical and vocational schools would be opened throughout the Country.

Yesterday, I launched a National Internship Program for the graduates to get jobs immediately at a salary of Rs.10,000 monthly. I am proud that 20,000 university students that were unemployed are Alhumdulillah now getting jobs at National, Provincial and District level. This is their right and with Allah’s blessing we have the resources/ finances to run this project. Moreover, we have started “Rozgar Scheme” and anybody can get Rs. 1 lac loan at lower interest rate. They can then start any business e.g. one can buy rickshaw to sell products from Utility Stores and earn Rs. 5,000-6,000 monthly.

Then for ladies, they can open PCO in rural areas by just a mobile phone. We want to provide electricity to the entire Pakistan. We are improving gas system and we have decided that all Sub-districts headquarter would get gas and it would reach and expand to the neighboring villages and rural areas. We are improving the water system and safe drinking water so that there is decrease in diseases. I promise that every village which has more than 100 houses would get a filtration plant. I ask District Nazim that the government has given Rs. 5 billion and use them.

Then a lot is being done in the field of health and education. I would say that today there is true democracy because the Local Government completed their tenure and after 4 years elections were conducted. Senate finished its term and there were elections. Now there would be National and Provincial Assembly elections by the end of this year. If you want to have continuity in the progressive activities then you would vote for the current government.

If you want me to serve you and progress this Country then vote for my supporters and InshAllah we would improve the conditions in Punjab and its surrounding rural areas. Lastly, I would say that we have the problem of terrorism and extremism. I want to give you two examples with which you would find out that this is eating us like termites.

Minister of Punjab, Zil-e-Huma, was murdered and according to the killer in the name of Islam. This is a stain on religion. In Islam it is written nowhere that you should kill an innocent and use religion’s shelter. Secondly, I got a letter from a father requesting to rescue his son who had been kidnapped by a Jihadi organization. My heart cries when I read such letters. When we investigated he was a student of Matric class and had been entrapped and 4 forced towards extremism or terrorism. I am proud to have found that young man and returned to his parents. You might have read in newspapers or seen on media that common people are being arrested. It is these political parties which are spreading these misconceptions as if this Government is doing such activities. This Government does not believe in all this because we are honest and we have nothing to hide.

Pakistan does not have dictated democracy. This is a Muslim Country and a rule which is against Islam cannot be enforced. I would request you all to remove misunderstanding and stop those who are creating tensions in our society. My brothers and sisters, I want to assure you that all those announcements which I have made here would become reality. Your needs would be fulfilled. But I want your cooperation. If you are with me Pakistan’s image would improve in the whole world. I am thankful to you all.

God bless you. Pakistan Paindabad.


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