Posted by: Administrator | 16 January, 2008

President at Pakpattan Public Gathering

President Musharraf’s Address to Public Gathering at Pakpattan

It is fortunate that I have come on the soil of Baba Farid. I’ve inaugurated Gas Supply system of Rs. 4 billion. This project is especially for Southern Punjab. I have been asking to pay more attention to deprived areas as development is the right of everyone. This Gas Project is an implementation of our planning. This project will suffice to 3 Districts and 11 Sub-Districts. This is indeed a big project and only this Government has done it. Electricity, Water and Gas are your basic rights. I am happy that I have launched such a big project for South Punjab.

Now come to Pakpattan specifically. Your Nazim has put some demands and we are able to fulfill them all as we are not short of finances. We will provide finances for all projects. I’ve been told about Water Supply and Sewerage Projects for Pakpattan and Arifwala costing 40 million. Half of the money will be provided by Provincial Government and half by the Center. Second proposed project is of two roads i.e. from Sahiwal to Pakpattan and from Pakpattan to Arifwala. I’ve ordered to initiate both of these projects and we will provide resources for it. CM has told me that there are 21 “kachi abadies” in Pakpattan. I’ve asked him to give them ownership rights. I know that the development carried out by present CM is a record in Pakistan’s history. He has brought a revolution in every sector. I appreciate and support him because he wants the betterment of a common man. A third proposed project is of IT and Technical College. It is in accordance with our policy. People will have better employment opportunities if they have technical education. So, both of the colleges will be established here.

Nazim has also demanded for Sports facilities and Railway Station. I’ll instruct the concerned ministries to pay attention to the problems and improve both of these things. I also announce to provide Rs. 25 lac to each union council for developmental projects. You can utilize this money according to your needs. These are not the fake promises. I won’t forget my words. I promise to provide resources for all developmental projects. You can observe by yourself that this is not the same declining Pakistan, we are no more beggars. I will not go in details of all projects. You can know about them from TV and radio. There had been no mega projects in country in past. Now we are spending billions of rupees on communication infrastructure including motorways, bypasses, ports and air ports.

Now I’ll tell you about the projects of water system. We are doing brick lining of small canals at the cost is Rs. 66 billion. There are 86,000 small canals in Pakistan. Rs. 30 billion have already 2 been spent on their brick lining. About 45,000 small canals have left to brick line and they will also be completed within two years. We will extend this project further from canals to distributaries and minors so that wastage of water could be reduced and water could reach till the tail end. We are constructing water reservoirs. Bhasha Dam has started and we are determined to construct Kalabagh Dam because this is very important for Pakistan. We want the benefit of common man from all the four provinces. We are constructing large canals in every province. Thal Canal is being constructed here and Reni Canal for Sindh, Kachi Canal for Balochistan. These are projects of billions of rupees.

As far as electricity and gas is concerned, it is also being improved. I promise to supply electricity to every village consisting of more than ten houses. There had been Rs. 70-80 billion for developmental projects in past but now there is Rs. 100 billion budget with Punjab only and Rs. 415 billion budget with whole Pakistan. I am able to announce such huge funds for development because Pakistan’s economy is in strong position. As I told you these funds will be available every year. These are economic projects but I realize the sufferings of common man. I want to eradicate poverty and unemployment. We have planned to achieve this objective. I do not have a magic wand to correct all these things but I am blessed with two things i-e strong faith and honest intentions. I want to all this for you people.

These two characteristics take anybody to the way of progress. Thousands of factories are being established in Pakistan. The largest Milk Collection Plant has been installed in Kabirwala. It will increase the income of a common man.

We have launched another project of Internship for everyone who completes his or her sixteen years of education. They will be provided job of Rs. 10,000 without any selection or examination. 20,000 to 30,000 youngsters have been provided this job. Government is spending billions to reduce unemployment. Thousands of Vocational centers and technical schools will be opened at all levels. This skilled labour will have better job opportunities. We have also launched “Rozgar Pakistan Scheme”. It is also a big project in which people can get loan to run their own business. Rate of interest has been kept low and it is to be repaid in easy installments. This is to facilitate you. Many people have been benefited from it. I ask you people to get advantage of this scheme and start you own business. You can easily earn Rs. 5000-6000 per month easily.

I am in favor of supremacy of law, freedom of media, and freedom of judiciary. I have never politicized these institutions and I’ll continue this practice. Some elements are interfering in it and some conspiracy has been prepared against me. I’ll investigate this conspiracy but if you people will remain supportive then I can face any challenge. This is a judicial issue and not my personal issue . I do not have personal differences with Chief Justice. This is a constitutional procedure in which PM and ministers are involved and Government filed a 3 reference against him. It was my duty and responsibility to take action on this reference. I filed the reference before SJC, which is the supreme institution of judiciary. Some people are portraying it like I have created issue for nothing. Please do not politicize this issue and do not make it a source of conspiracy against me. Only Supreme Judicial Council will have final decision about it. I’ll not interfere in it and I’ll accept the decision of SJC. Another conspiracy is attack on GEO TV. I do not know who did it but I have told them that I feel sorry on it. I condemn it and I am against it. Those will be punished who are involved in it. I am not a coward man and I face challenges.

Pakistan is progressing and nobody can stop it from advancing towards progress. People who are conspiring are not in favor of Pakistan. Pakistan was in bad condition and they were unable to do what we did so they want to distract us also. We are with clear conscience so God is with us too. I want to appeal to all of you that do not support such type of conspiracies by participating in violent protests. Let the constitutional procedure go on. I was the person who gave such a freedom to media. No private channel existed six years back. I gave freedom as I was and I am in favor of media freedom. I am clear of every allegations and corruption so that I can speak boldly. If anybody blames me I have proofs of my clearance. I am giving freedom to media because I have done nothing wrong so I am not afraid of any type of media whether it is print or electronic. But do not politicize this issue. I have complete trust on your support. I have been told that this place is free from extremism and terrorism; I appreciate you people for this. It was the part of teachings of Baba Farid to not use religion for self-supremacy and personal interest. He never declared anybody non- Muslim. His message was brotherhood, peace, tolerance and rights of human beings. His message was to correct yourself first. A religious fanatic killed a woman minister in the name of Islam. This is against Islam, it is to defame and disparage our great religion. Many youngsters are being misguided by these extremists. They persuade them for Jihad and suicidal bombing. They are alleging us to kidnap people but actually these Islamic organizations are taking them away from their homes. I never attack from the back. It is also a conspiracy against us that this issue is being highlighted by Human Rights although terrorists are to be blamed for it. These so-called religious leaders should be asked about these missing people. These youngsters are then shown in videos, I have seen such videos in which innocent youngsters are giving message to their parents to stay calm as they have chosen heaven and are proceeding towards it by suicidal bombing attack. Is it all what Islam teaches? Does Islam allow to separate children from their parents without their permission? This is not Islam.

We need peace and integrity. This is election year. It is the first time in Pakistan’s history that National and Provincial Assemblies have completed their period. I appeal to the people of Pakistan to keep peace and let the elections be held. You 4 can choose whomever you want to as ruler. I am fully confident that you will elect those people who will work for you and will realize your problems. If you people think that I have done something progressive and good for you people then vote for those people who support me. Think before you vote. Your progress, betterment and welfare will always be in my mind. These MNAs and MPAs will fulfill all the promises I have made. Support me and it will add to my courage and determination. Think about Pakistan first and then anything else. If we will remain united we can earn a respectable position for Pakistan in Muslim Ummah and World.

Thank you so much.


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