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President at Mirani Dam Inauguration

President’s Address at Inauguration Ceremony of Mirani Dam

16 November 2006

Governor Balochistan Mr. Awais Ghani, Chief Minister Balochistan Mr. Jam Yousaf, Minister of Water and Power Mr. Jatoi, Chairman WAPDA Mr. Hameed, Nazim Kitch Mr. Mir. Abdul Rind, all Ministers, dear friends, brothers and sisters.

I am glad to be here for the inaugural ceremony of Mirani Dam and to address to you all. I am thankful to all for coming here from far flung areas to listen to me. First of all, I want say that yesterday was a historic day because Bill was passed for the protection of women of this Country. It is a historic day. All of you and especially ladies here should consider it a very significant and historic day. In this ordinance/ law, there were some Islamic weaknesses. People think that the amended Bill is against the Islamic law, whereas they do not understand the Bill and its effectiveness. Now the weaknesses have been removed and we have corrected it exactly according to Quran and Sunnah. Before the amended Bill, women were subjected to injustice and cruelty in this Country. Justice is the most important and clear element of Islam. There is no cruelty against anyone in Islam. The injustice and cruelty, which was happening with the women of Pakistan, will not happen anymore and it was against the teachings of Islam. Therefore, yesterday was a historic day because we amended Hudood Ordinance according to Islam, Quran and Sunnah. I feel proud and congratulate you all and the women of this Country.

In 2001, we initiated a plan called Vision 2025, in which we considered water related issues for the next 25 years because water is essential for life and for agriculture. We earn money from water and Pakistani Economy runs from this water. Mirani Dam is one project of Vision 2025 Plan. Today, I feel proud and happy to see water in this Dam. It is indeed a good sign for this area that development will occur soon. There are few demands put up by Nazim and they are right demands. Government should fulfill the demands of the people. People should have good intentions and strong belief to work. But not just this, one must have resources and money to achieve their goals. Rs. 6 billion have been invested in this Dam. It’s useless to promise without having money. But Alhamdulilha, our intentions are strong and our economy is doing well. We have money to spend on such type of projects. So, inshAllah we will do everything which you people want us to do.

First of all, people of this area demanded a University, as they have to go to Quetta for getting higher education. I realize your problem and I am glad to announce that we will open branches of Balochistan University in both Turbat and Gwadar, InshAllah. Secondly, you demanded bulldozers. I am again glad to announce that Japan has donated bulldozers to us and you people will get those on priority basis. Thirdly, your demand was to write-off agriculture loan. We are looking into this and loan will be written-off soon. Fourthly, there was talk of date factory and its storage. This is indeed a genuine demand. Now, there is water because of dam. The ground will be leveled with bulldozers. So, we are planning what we can cultivate date. There are more than 100 varieties of date. Private sector should come forward and set up factories here. I am also looking for the possibilities of cold storage. There are suggestions for growing cotton in this area. Cotton was grown here before, so experts are here for its feasibility. Cotton is gold for you people. If it’s cultivated here, you will earn money and in the longer run a textile mill could be set up. Then there was demand for electricity. Thirty villages have been provided with electricity and more would be in the near future. I will tell you what we are doing in this regard. Rs. 10 million has been granted to every Nazim so that they spend the money on the development of their area and secondly government is giving Rs. 2.5 billion to MNA’s and MPA’s. There is no shortage of money. These MPA’s and MNA’s should spend money on the development of their area. If they demand more money, they will be granted next year. Lastly, your demand of Fiber Optic would also be looked into and as the Fiber Optic cable has already been laid up to Gwadar, this will be extended to Turbat in near future.

I am also glad to announce that WAPDA workers will get bonus equal to their one month’s salary for their achievements and work for Mirani Dam. Also DESCOM will be giving one month bonus salary their employees. We are raising Mangla Dam to 30 feet and there would be additional capacity of 3 million acre feet water storage, which is 8-10 times more than Mirani Dam. It will be completed next year. These are all developmental projects for the Country. I am proud of the workers and engineers of WAPDA and DASCON for their work for development of the Country. In March, Subakzai Dam will be inaugurated. Now, what will be the benefit of Mirani Dam? As you have seen that water is now there in the Dam, there was no drinking water before. People can now do fishing and earn Rs. 10 million annually. It will have a storage capacity of over 300,000 million acre feet of water that could be used for drinking purpose and irrigation of vast barren lands. This Dam will continue to provide resources to improve living standards of the people here and will bring prosperity. Out of this, Rs. 6 billion is the cost of the Dam. Rs. 1.5 billion is for compensation to the affected people. My sisters and brothers, water is extremely necessary for the people. God has provided our Country will lots of water. A number of rivers are flowing. But it is our bad luck that due to lack of proper water storage, the rain water goes into the sea and lots of water goes wasted. Allah has blessed us with immense water resources but unfortunately no dam could be built in the last 30 years. Pakistan is already facing a shortfall of 9 million acre feet of water that will swell to 30 million acre feet, if no dam is built in the coming years by 2025. We have to plan today, to meet the future requirements. It is our bad luck that 35 million acre feet of water go wasted yearly as there was no capacity for its storage. Therefore, prosperity and happiness can only come through water with which the barren land can be irrigated and quality crops can be grown.

Government will build many more dams, including Kalabagh by 2016. These also include Bhasha Dam, Munda Dam, Kurrum Tangi and several water reservoirs. So we have to think in future and we will construct all these dams to fulfill Country’s water requirement. Today, Balochistan is also not getting its due share because of absence of canals to channel water into the Province. In this context, the government is constructing Rs. 40 billion Katchi Canal and Punjab had been gracious to provide land for its 350 km stretch that will pass through the province. This is all for your benefit and prosperity of your area. Balochistan is an important Province of Pakistan. Leaders in the past made hollow promises to people but could not deliver as they neither had the intentions to resolve nor resources to spend on their welfare.

I am now doing developmental work for this province for the last 6 years. Therefore, I want to give you the summary of it. First of all Mega projects: Gwadar Dam, Coastal Highway, and Gwadar Port. A highway starting from Gwadar would go to Rato Dera. This is 950 km road. Traffic would flow from here and go to Central Asian Republics, Iran and China. To undertake other several small projects, the Federal Government has given Rs. 100 million to each District Nazim in Balochistan and Rs. 2.5 billion to MNAs and MPAs to undertake development projects in the Province. A package would be announced for Balochistan including special quota in good colleges and universities for students from Balochistan. Their boarding would be free besides facilitating children’s admission in technical institutions. 20 children from Balochistan have been accommodated in a first Technical School recently opened by Lahore Corps. Jobs would also be provided to them to accommodate them there. The organizations like Pakistan Ordnance Factory (POF) and PAC Kamra have been asked to enroll people from Balochistan, train them and create job opportunities for them.

However, there are some elements in this Society who do not want to see this progress and development. They try to challenge the Government. Pakistan is a one Country and the people of this Country are united. Government would never allow anyone to challenge writ of the law. Pakistan comes first; we are because of Pakistan. We have to work together for the progress and prosperity of the people and bring development and prosperity to Balochistan. We would have to reject such elements which do not want development and create hurdles. We have to fight against them so that you can live in happiness.

I urged you to vote for moderate and progressive people in the next General Elections, who want to take Pakistan forward as a developed Country. The Election 2007 is very important and future of Pakistan depends on it. We have to vote for the moderates and reject elements supporting extremism and terrorism. There is no place for extremism and terrorism in Pakistan. I request you to vote those who are my supporters and reject elements who are not moderates. Thank you very much for coming here and listening to me, especially those sisters who came from far flung areas.

Pakistan Paindabad!


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