Posted by: Administrator | 13 January, 2008

Inauguration of M3 Industrial Estate

President’s Address at inauguration of M3 Industrial Estate

 Assalam-o-Alaikum to all. I am very happy to come in this important industrial city of Faisalabad and address you people. I am happy that I have inaugurated three industrial projects in last two days i.e. Sundar Industrial Estate and today M3 Industrial City and Value-Addition City. Two large sized industrial areas will be established here. You will contribute towards the prosperity of this area, progress of Punjab and opulence of Pakistan. 40 lac job opportunities would be created after establishment of factories here. These 40 lac people would be from Faisalabad or its suburbs. It will benefit Pakistan and alleviate poverty. These are not just hollow slogans. The government will fulfill the promises and come up to the expectation of you people in providing jobs and earning opportunities. Such industrial states are the basis of all this. I’ll be happy when you and you future generation will have a better standard of life.

 Faisalabad is the third most important city of Pakistan. The earlier infrastructure was not passing by the Faisalabad. We thought of mainstreaming Faisalabad through building infrastructure and communication system. So we built M3 from Pindi Bhatian to Faisalabad and M4 which will be built from Faisalabad to Multan this year. This M4 will link Multan to Peshawar through Faisalabad because M1 from Islamabad to Peshawar will be completed this year. So Faisalabad will be he heart of this communication system. These two industrial estates are on the same M3 Road.

 Millions of rupees have been given to Faisalabad for developmental work. I know these are not sufficed so Chief Minister has announced the grant of 11 billion for this city. Center will also appreciate provincial government by giving aid of 5 billion to spend on the development of Faisalabad. I have come to know about some slum areas in Faisalabad where people live in poor conditions. It is the duty of government of Pakistan and Government of Punjab to help these poor people.

They belong to Pakistan. So I’ll ask Chief Minister to give residential rights to these people. If these 16 billion will not be enough then still more money can be given because now the Pakistan is not in the condition of begging aid from other  countries. Previously leaders would have come to raise only hollow slogans and promises because the treasury was empty but this is not the situation now, we have money. Rs.100 billions are for the developmental projects of Punjab only.

CM is spending this amount honestly and in a balanced way. Development is being carried out in backward and deprived areas. South Punjab had been one of those deprived areas and I am happy that it is being taken care of. Rs. 415 billions is available with center for developmental projects. In past for the whole decade of 1988-99 only Rs. 70-80 billions were available.

 We haven’t seen any mega project in Pakistan in past except M2. So now we have funds and it will be spent on progress and development. Last thing which I want to say about Faisalabad is to Industrialists of Faisalabad. We are spending huge amount on this city so please you people also contribute to the progress and development of this city as industrialists of Sialkot are making efforts for the development of Sialkot. Punjab Government has spent billions on these industrial estates so it is their obligation also to return some thing to their city.

 Now I want to highlight some of the achievements of Pakistan in last six or seven years. Our economy was in miserable condition. No developmental work was being carried on. Our health and education sector were stagnant. Now Pakistan is progressing and developing. Now our economy is stable. We were dependent on other countries but now the situation is different. We are no more beggars. We are now able to help others instead of seeking help. This is the change of status. A network of infrastructure is being developed in whole country. We are constructing water reservoirs and Kalabagh Dam will also be constructed till 2016. No element will be tolerated which will obstruct Pakistan’s development. New ports, airports and railway lines are being developed. Faisalabad airport will also be improved. Every Nazim has been given billions of rupees for developmental work. Pervaiz Elahi is doing well in Punjab, I appreciate it. Today basic health units are working properly. All credit goes to Chief Minister and his team. Similarly education sector has also progressed a lot.

 Now come to the democracy. Democracy was in worse condition during 1988-99, Presidents and Prime Ministers changed many times in a short duration. Supreme Court was attacked during a democratic regime. Democracy is required but it does not mean that with this democracy Pakistan gets enlist in failed states nations. If this is democracy then it is not required. We require the system which make Pakistan and its peoples progressive and create earning opportunities for them. First time, Local Governments, National and Provincial assemblies have completed their tenures. Democracy cannot be achieved only by conducting elections. Its true spirit lies in empowering common man. We have empowered common man through the system of Nazims.

 Women are 50% of our country. They have a role to play in Pakistan’s development. We have reserved seats for them. They are now the part of Parliament. Pakistan is an Islamic country and was made for Muslims but as Quaid said minorities have equal rights, minorities are part of Pakistan and they have been given their due rights in accordance with teachings of Islam. Islam tolerates other religions. Our saints gave the message of peace and love and this is how they spread Islam in thi s region.

 I will again talk of status of Pakistan. Pakistan holds a respectable position in world. Pakistan is recognized as an emerging country. We are stamped with the name of Pakistan. Your are recognized by the name of this piece of land. Your passport is your identity outside the country. The more Pakistan earns progress, the more you will have a raise in your status and the more Pakistan will have bad name, more you will be lowered in the eyes of world. And we will make Pakistan progressive, developed and highly respected in the eyes of whole world.

I see only one obstacle in the progress of Pakistan and that is terrorism and

sectarianism. Why are we divided in so many sects? We are just Muslim. There

are some elements that are against government and gives impression that the

current government is against Islam. No law against Islam can be imposed in

Pakistan. This is written in our constitution. So I will say to these elements that do

not try to make us Muslims, we are already Muslims; you should worth some

where else to make people Muslims. I think these are the people who spread

differences and divisions in society and families. They not only defame Pakistan

but also Islam, and give impression to the whole worlds that bomb blasts and

suicidal attacks are the part of Islam. They people do not read teachings of Islam;

they just look at the practices of Muslims. I will ask these factors to stop doing all

this. These are obstacles to Pakistan’s development.

This is the Election Year. I appeal to all of you to reject these extremists and

terrorists. They will not contribute to the future of Pakistan, we reject them. We

are Muslims and we weren’t to follow the true spirit of Islam. We want Pakistan

that was a vision of Quaid and Iqbal. If you people think that I can do something

for you and if you people want continuity in this process of progress then please

vote for those people who will elect me. I ask you people to participate fully in

election. If you people elected the same people then there is no doubt that they

will really take Pakistan to the new heights. I want your support. Pakistan will

remain protected and secure.

Pakistan Paindabad.



  1. This industrial estate will serve as the engine for industrial growth.

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