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Inauguration of Leh Expressway Pindi

Address to Public Gathering at the inauguration of Leh Expressway in Rawalpindi

26 March 2007 – Asalamualykum. I am happy to come and address at this historical place of Rawalpindi. Rawalpindi is a historical city and it had been the HQ of Northern Command before the partition and now GHQ is situated here. So any man from forces who have lived here, have sort of relation with this city. I have this relation for 40 years. So I am also a Pindiwal. I am well aware of this city and as a man of forces I am proud of this district as three Nishan-e- Haider were awarded to the brave sons of this area. They sacrificed their lives for Pakistan. Rawalpindi is also called twin city of Islamabad. So, all facilities should be provided here too. I know that the roads of many areas are in bad condition. Sheikh Rasheed keeps on informing me about condition of Rawalpindi. He has also invited me to Lal Haweli and I’ll visit it too. I am not afraid of anything till the time people support me.

This is inauguration ceremony of system of controlling Layee and its flood and construction of expressway on both sides of Leh Nullah. The idea and driving force behind this project was of Mr. Sheikh Rashid. So I suggest renaming this expressway as Sheikh Rashid Expressway. This project is of worth Rs. 16 billion and it will keep flood in control. This is the contribution of our Government to public’s welfare. This project will be completed in two years. It will ease traffic problems by linking Chakllala Bridge to Islamabad. There is no displacement of people in this project. Only few people will be displaced at the point where Leh turns. But they will be provided better houses at the same place with better facilities. Your property values will increase. Those people who are residing between Katarian and Ammar Chowk will be benefited from it. I am happy that it will be more beneficial to poor. Rs. 40 million have been spent in Rawalpindi in Khushhal Pakistan project.

In addition to this there had been number of developmental projects including Mall Road, Rawal Road, Jinnah Park where I saw hundreds of people even when I visited it at 1:00 am in night, Committee Chowk underpass. A flyover worth Rs. 3 billion will be constructed on Murree Road. It will link Rawalpindi with Islamabad and both will progress simultaneously. I’ll inaugurate a new airport for Rawalpindi and Islamabad at Fateh Jang in about two weeks. Airport road is being extended in 1.25 billion .

Rs. 5 billion will be given to Rawalpindi from Provincial Government for developmental works. A water supply will be provided to Murree and New Murree from River Jhelum. In addition to this, SNGPL will be instructed to supply gas to those villages of Rawalpindi where gas deposits have been found. A Rawalpindi bypass is necessary to cope with the problem of traffic jam in Rawalpindi. Its feasibility report is being worked out. Every union council will be provided with the funds of Rs. 5 million so that they may also carry out developmental projects. All these projects will add to your facilities.

There are lots of problems in Pakistan but we are not afraid of these problems. I try to solve problems of people personally. The duties of Government include defence & integrity, progress & development, and people’s prosperity. It is Government’s duty and public’s right. As regards defence, Pakistan’s defence is stronger more than any other time in history. Pakistan’s economy is at its highest point in all past years. This is the reason that I am promising you al these projects. Dozens of developmental projects are being carried out throughout the Pakistan.

You can look at the communication infrastructure, M1 has been constructed between Peshawar and Pindi, M3 is being constructed between Faisalabad and Multan. All Railway tracks are being re-innovated, new rail cars have been started, and fares has been decreased while the quality and speed of trains have improved. A new port has been built in Gawadar. New airports are being built up. Billions of rupees are being spent on it. Same is the situation in irrigation and water reservoir system. Mangla Dam is being raised, Bhasha Dam has started and Mirani dam has been completed, Subukzai dam will be completed in next month and Kalabagh dam will also be constructed. Canals are being brick lined at the cost Rs. 66 million

Thousands of factories are being established in Pakistan. It will not only stabilize Pakistan’s economy but will also create job opportunities. This is how poverty, paucity and unemployment can be eradicated. Although this traffic congestion is a problem but it is also an indicator of prosperity. The production of motorcycles was 80,000 units and not is more than 800,000 units. This is the road to progress on which Pakistan is moving ahead.

If we look at the recreational facilities a new National Monument has been constructed at Shakarparian and Bab-e-Pakistan was also being erected in Lahore to signify the site where Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah for the first time addressed the refugees coming from India. Mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam has been re-innovated and Bagh-e-Ibn-e-Qasim has been constructed. All this is for people of Pakistan and is a proof of developmental policies of Pakistan. I believe that if there is boom and progress in economy then its fruit should reach to common man. As I told you those industries are being established and developmental work is being carried out, hotels are being constructed which will provide employment opportunities to people of Pakistan. P

People remain unemployed even after getting education so we have started an Internship program for them, National Internship Scheme for the post-graduates with a stipend of Rs 10,000 without any test or interview. We have also started President’s Rozgar Scheme providing loan from Rs 15,000 to Rs 100,000 for the unemployed persons and set up several vocational institutes for skill training. You can setup your own business. Proper attention is being paid to Electricity, Water, Gas , Education and Health sectors. Rural Health centers were in really bad conditions but now they are working fine and all credit goes to CM. Education sector is also being worked on. We are paying special attention to female education.

True democracy has been established in the country and the Assemblies will be completing their tenure for the first time; local Government system is functioning vibrantly; women are getting their due rights and status and the rights of minorities are being protected. This is true democracy. We have given unprecedented freedom to media and opened up television channels there are some elements who did not want to see the democratic system function and flourish. Do not politicize the judicial issue. Your presence in this gathering shows that you won’t let them spoil law and order situation. The masses have rejected the opposition’s attempts to create a law and order situation in the Country by politicizing a constitutional and judicial matter. The yesterday’s strike by opposition parties flopped as the people did not support them, knowing that they (opposition parties) are politicizing a constitutional and judicial issue and want to create a law and order situation.

Last thing which I want to speak about is extremism and terrorism. Reject extremism and terrorism and help the government eliminate this menace, which poses a danger to “our society” as well as to the development and progress of the country. Extremism and terrorism are a curse, which if not tackled can stop the development process. But I have full faith that if you (people) extend your support to me, we will succeed in overcome this menace.

Government is being blamed for missing persons and Human Rights Organizations are raising this issue on international level. The present government neither believes in such actions nor does such things. Such missing youth or people are misled and taken by Jihadi organizations. Such people go to somewhere on their own, but the blame is put on the Government or the country. A letter was written to me by father of a missing boy and when the matter was investigated it was revealed that the young boy was taken away by a Jihadi organization. I am happy that the issue has also been taken up by the country’s judiciary and they are examining it. 2007 is the election year and I hope that the people will support and vote for the representatives of present Government for the continuity of the policies of development, progress and prosperity.

I promise that with your support, I will take Pakistan – which is a country of 160 million people having nuclear and missile power – to its due stature. I’ll pray in Kaba for the solution of Pakistan’s problems and for its prosperity and development as a strong defender of Islam.

Pakistan Zindabad!



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