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Musharraf with Kamran Khan

President General Pervez Musharraf’s Interview with Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Saath

19 March 2007

Host: Assalam-o-Alaikum Sir and welcome to the show.

President: Thank you very much.

Host: Mr. President starting from March 9th onwards, we have seen unprecedented scenes. When the Government was taking actions, did it consider that the fallouts would be so unprecedented or such a situation would emerge?

President: Honestly, the fallout was more than expected. But at the same time I would say some of it is exaggerated. Actually the fallout was lesser than that portrayed on the media.

Host: When Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry was removed from his designation it came as a surprise. The nation was stunned. How long has this situation been happening and it also appears that the Government has taken such a decision in haste?

President: No, it was not a hasty decision. Proper legal norms were followed.  There were many complains about Chief Justice, this was also in the newspapers. But this is a very serious issue in which confidentiality had to be kept.

Host: Yes Sir, there were complains and his son’s case was raised in the newspapers. There were protocol related and other issues. But other than this he was also taking interest in missing person’s case and cases which were appreciated in media. There is a perception that these cases formed the basis of allegations against him when the Government took action?

President: No, absolutely wrong. There was no such thing. If he is taking public

cases I salute him. But cases of missing persons I myself was worried about it

because in the world it’s being criticized. I was worried more because earlier

there used to be the agenda of political victimization but this is not the case with

our Government. We were concerned too and as I said in speeches I tried to

trace out and can say with full authentication and confidence that this vast

majority has disappeared themselves and have left their parents. Where are they

I don’t know. And you should ask the organizations who consider themselves as

owners of Islam and distract them towards suicide bombing in the name of Jihad.

These people have gone there. I know this because I have seen many suicide

bomber’s films and they are confessing and sending messages to their parents

not to get worried about them. A child who was studying in school was lost and


his father wrote a letter to me. We found him Alhumdulillah. He was also

kidnapped by an Islamic organization.

So try to understand this environment and our Government. I am not in favor of

this kind of activity that people should be arrested or picked up. I will be the last

man to encourage this kind of victimization of individuals. Whatever the cause,

this is not being done. But provoking on Jihad or suicide bombing is happening in

our society. I am stressing in my speeches to stop these people and look after

you children.

I myself am worried if Chief Justice is looking into such cases and can help out.

By all means he should.

Host: Mr. President when you filed judicial reference against Chief Justice,

Article 209, where the President is duty bound to file a reference. But the

problem arose when immediately after the reference the pictures in the

media were that Chief Justice is sitting in your army house and you are in

the uniform of Chief of Army Staff and in those pictures it seems that you

are telling him the charges against him and CJ stays in your office for

many hours during which there is swearing in ceremony of acting Chief

Justice took place as well and then he goes back to his house. First of all

taking the nation into confidence please tell the details of these five hours

because this is the biggest criticism.

President: Yes I know that the nation has some misperceptions and there is

some lack of information. First of all, I would like to give its background and that

some three weeks back Chief Justice and his wife called on me in the Presidency

and he has called on me several times and I have met him socially. So, this time

he came and showed concerned that there are rumors against him in the media

and he sought my assistance. I said I would get this investigated. These issued

against him continued coming up and at in Prime Minister Secretariat reference

started. Now on the last day, Chief Justice called my Military Sectary and asked

to meet the President.

I think it was Friday and he said that his judicial proceedings finish at 11-11:30

am and he requested an appointment, I agreed to it. So, first of all, he came on

his own request. Now where have I met and why was I in uniform? I did not meet

him in Army House, it was President’s Camp Office and Friday is my working

day. President Zia, Mr. Bhutto every President used to sit there when Presidency

was not established. Now why was I in uniform? I am mostly in uniform there or

sometimes wear suit.

Host: You did not wear uniform because Chief Justice was to come on that


President: Not at all. Now let me get to the details of the quoted five hours. First


of all I asked him about why he wanted to meet me? He said that a Justice of

Peshawar who wrote a letter against had given allegation against him and

suggested that Chief Justice should be taken a trial in Supreme Judicial Council

otherwise he would resign.

I said Mr. Iftikhar there is a reference against you I had to discuss with him

whether it was justified too or not. I told him everything and in the meanwhile also

called Prime Mister because the reference was from the Prime Minister. I told

him the references one by one and wanted an explanation to judge is it

worthwhile to send to the Supreme Juridical Council? Even though we had

personal relations but I am a strong believer and I am the President of Pakistan

and he is the Chief Justice of Pakistan. There is reference against him and it is

an official act. We cannot be anchored; this is far above personal relations. I

have responsibility to the nation. There are legal responsibilities and I am dutybound

to analyze and take some action. So, I thought this is one sided, I must

ask the person concerned. This whole question and answer process took I think

some two hours. And around 2:00pm Prime Minister and I went to offer Juma

prayers. But I gave him the file of evidences of every charge.

I had to go to Karachi and went to Karachi because I had already got late by half

an hour. Chief Justice kept sitting with the staff studying that reference and its

evidence. It might have taken the rest of time. A very serious position man is

being accused and I did my best to find out. I took decision on my honest

conscious in national interest, legal interest and followed the legal norms and

handed over to Supreme Judicial Council.

Host: You gave way out to Chief Justice when you gave this reference or

charges with its evidence. Did you inform him that you would then be

sending the case to the Supreme Judiciary Council?

President: Yes I did tell him. What was the way out? It is their decision I cannot

say anything to them. He is a Chief Justice, he should know himself. If he wants

to resign or contest the case and he decided to contest the case. That is his


Host: At that point he had the option either to contest or to resign?

President: That was his option. I was not discussing this with him.

Host: Mr. President then there were his restraining orders and acting Chief

Justice was appointed by the Government. Restraining order are widely

challenged and it is said across the board that it was probably not legal or

lawful. Why were those restraining orders given?

President: I am not a legal man. I am a soldier. I do not know about law.

Obviously I act on legal advice and it said that I have the power and authority.


Therefore, I issued restrain. But having said that let me say that it was validated

when Supreme Judicial Council gave confirmation to the restraining orders.

Host: We are having dialogue with constitutional experts and they are not

negating the Article 209 reference but the leaders of constitutional experts

and leaders of the nation are objecting on the departure of Chief Justice

from your residence till his own residence and then restricting his

movement, stopping his telephone and his interaction with other people,

restrictions on his children going out. These are the things which became

apparent and shocked the nation. How did this happen?

President: yes I would like to tell that where he was living, we had a concern that

there is no media trail out of this. And there is no politicization of this, plus a

security aspect of that area. Other than this as far as I am concerned, I don’t deal

with tactics or its implementation. So if there are restrictions at that level is bad.

But then we realized and then took action when this all came infront of me then I

even got involved in the tactics of it. And then I corrected the situation.

Host: So today when there is no security on his residence and people are

coming like a normal situation. So this is because of your direct

involvement and orders?

President: Frankly, yes I got involved because I noticed that these issues are

creating misconceptions and leading confusions. Like I said I believe in freedom

of speech and freedom of the media. There should be no restrictions. So I got

concerned about what is happening. So I said allow him to move freely and meet

anybody or say anything. And because of that I am glad that actions have been

taken on ground.

Host: Mr. President on Friday you told the Chief Justice the reference with

its evidence. But this is a tipping point where things went wrong and then

onwards we saw what happened. But this complains occurred or this

process started you and Prime Minister got uncomfortable that what is

happening. So was there any effort to inform the Chief Justice that there

are complains and the judges of High Court, Chief Secretaries of IGs are

complaining? So to moderate them obviously there are attempts and did

you inform the Chief Justice or had interaction with him?

President: Like I said he visited me three weeks back and he said that there are

certain allegations against him. I told him that I being the President have these

serious complains from the Chief Secretaries, IGs etc. and I said to him that

other than what is being said you need to see if there is truth in them. I definitely

informed him.

Host: Are the complains basically from senior police officers?


President: I think this is subdued infront of the Supreme Judicial Council, what is

in that reference etc. I would not like to go into the details.

Host: But according to the Government’s case there is news that the

Government did not had a strong lawyer of national stature to lead the case

and the most important legal advisor of the Government Sharif-udin-

Perzada he too excused to plead Government’s case. What is the truth in


President: Yes he is part of the team. Let me tell you his issue as far as I

remember many months back I think Sharifuddin Pirzada was the first man who

brought a newspaper’s cutting and said this is in the newspapers. Secondly, I

consulted him on the same case about the reference. So his views was taken

and he was on board. Now the issue is that why isn’t he not on board? Now he is

giving some legal answer that his name is referred somewhere. Therefore he

cannot be a part of the bench. His is his legal view.

Host: Another thing which is very important and related to this is that the

next serious most judge of the Supreme Court, Justice Rana Bhagwandas

he was not present when this action was taken. He was abroad. A news

that is coming up is that probably he was sent on leave on Government’s

advice or to distant himself because he could foresee this coming up. And

now he is being told to extent his leave or maybe he would not return to

join his service. Rana Bhagwandas enjoys very good reputation. Sir why is

he out of this scene or is he intentionally outside?

President: It is these type of rumors which are very damaging and I keep saying

that intentionally these are made up. Like I said I do not get involved in such

wheeling dealing. Justice Bhagwanda’s leave is sanctioned by the Chief Justice

of Pakistan and not by me and this is kept confidential by the way. And I do not

know whether he is here or not. Now when this reference came it’s legal situation

that is what I am told. Supreme Judicial Council is not created and I have no

powers to form it. It is in the law that there are five members in this Council

including Chief Justice of Pakistan or the acting Chief Justice, two senior-most

Supreme Court Judges and two senior-most judges of the High Court. This is a

body which is permanent in existence. Now this reference came against Chief

Justice and went to the Supreme Judicial Council. So, obviously he himself

cannot be it’s member. So, senior-most judge takes over as acting Chief Justice.

Justice Bhagwandas is not here, the next senior-most is Justice Javaid Iqbal. He

was taken under Oath and now he is the acting Chief Justice. Now when this

issue rose I asked to check his leave duration and it is till probably March 24.

Nobody is ordering or asking him to come. It is his own will. But I personally

would want him to come and assume his responsibilities and if he comes, he

must become the acting Chief Justice of Pakistan. That is the law. Now whether

he also heads the Supreme Judicial Council is his will. I have got no authority to


do or undo. Whatever he decides it is with the Supreme Court, let them take the


Host: Mr. President after all this happened and the was response from the

lawyer’s community and they were violent and protested. Overall the

lawyers’ protest in the country if you see it was very peaceful. They have

registered this protest and State authorities have allowed them to do so.

But in Islamabad on day one the lawyers were beaten. This was never your

Government’s image. Did it bothered you or investigated why this


President: Yes certainly it bothers me and as far as protest is concerned, let me

give you the size and dimension of this protest. Where we are sitting Supreme

Court is 150 meters from here. When all this was happening I saw on TV and

went to the balcony. I did not see a single man. So you can imagine what was

the size. 250-300 people, as you know there were politicians in these 250-300

people, police was also in it and lawyers. How many are lawyers in Rawalpindi/

Islamabad? There are 1,500 in Islamabad and 2,500 in Rawalpindi. Also in

Lahore they say that 300-400 people were on streets. There are some 17000

lawyers in Lahore. So this is the dimension of the strike.

Now beating them, yes this is disturbing to me. The unfortunate reality of this is

that there is stoning from one side, police doesn’t start that obviously and then

when this starts the police has to respond. Although I strongly believe that mob

throws stones but police should not throw back stones because they are

uniformed people. But there are examples like a policeman was on the ventilator

and I have sent Rs. 1 lakh but he may not survive. Now it is natural when you

friend or fellow is hit you get worked up too and retaliate. This should not happen

but it happens.

Host: But there were no instructions that they would be beaten.

President: No and if these instructions were given, they are definitely

condemnable and are totally wrong whoever has passed it. And since now I am

also getting involved in the tactics to investigate what is happening. Police should

be given a policy and they execute it. This should never be the policy to beat

protestors. It is their right to protest. Nobody should obstruct and they should do

it peacefully. As far as Lahore is concerned, I would not like to speak on defense

of anything but psychologically the reaction as you know that there was a protest

regarding Blasphemous cartoons there was a protest and resulting in the

damage of billion of rupees, building, cars were set ablaze, poor had to face the

damages. We have been repaying and compensating them. Now police in

Lahore was in tension that similar kind of protest would be happening. I know

that lawyers would be peaceful, they are educated and I don’t think that they are

violent. But the problem arises when general public and the political parties mix

up with that protest. According to my information, today the most selling item


today is the black coat and black tie of the lawyer. And they are wearing them

getting in with the lawyers. Don’t you think that this would be a concern of the IG

or DIG police that this would be blame on him? So it is a environment where

there are tensions from the lawyer’s community and the police and this has not

come on the media that policemen were also in danger. So this is two-sided. I

would request the media to show the other side too. I am not protecting the


Host: Mr. President the whole issue regarding Chief Justice and the

reference against him, if you take a bigger picture. Please tell how did this

arise, reached peak and what would be the future in the bigger picture you

know how this happened?

President: This is a legal issue and decision was taken according to the laws.

So strategic handling at the higher level is absolutely A1.

Host: How would to its analysis?

President: The decisions are taken according to the constitution, they are on

time and done legally. But then in its tactical handling there are problem areas.

First of all political forces got involved. On day one look at the flags, on the car of

Chief Justice there are political flags. This gave a political image. You know the

political leaders standing there, shouting and creating fuss because of vested

interest. They think that now that this issue should be raised and attempts should

be made to destabilize the Government. In my point of view the media got hyped

whereas I have told you the magnitude. There has been mishandling of law

enforcing agencies in certain areas. The fourth thing is that the Government

should have done and that is I think right on the first day there should have been

a spokesman who should have come on TV and should have told to the nation

A-Z the situation; how it started, developed and handled. And the legal and its

constitutional issues. Now frankly I should realize that the nation should be told

so that the nation is at ease that this not a cold-start. This is the reality. Now in

my opinion I personally think that I am here and giving you the interview and also

said something in the address. I think and hope that you would bring a balance in

the media. I am not asking anything at all just to support me or the Government. I

am asking you to be just and fair. If you are showing police misconduct please

also show what the other side is doing? And then let the people decide what is

happening. I personally feel that now we have turned the corner and now I

request the whole nation and lawyer community and judiciary, first of all I am very

confident that the judiciary will do justice. Supreme Judicial council will do justice.

We don’t want anything from them other than justice. Now lawyers: don’t

pressurize the judiciary, don’t get involved in the political aspect. This is a judicial

case, let the Supreme Judicial Council handle and do try to destabilize and

violate the environment. Political parties: do not take it’s advantage and I am

warning that the Government will not allow them to take advantage. Law


enforcing agencies: my advice restrain, protest is a right. But wherever it goes

beyond protest police would have to act. I hope that people understand.

I request the whole nation, lawyers and judiciary. I have confidence in justice and

we want justice from Supreme Judicial Council, only justice, and I am sure that

they will do that. Lawyers: don’t pressurize judiciary, don’t get involved in politics,

this is a judiciary case, let the judiciary handle it. Don’t try to destabilize and – the

environment. Political parties should not get advantage of it. I am warning that I

won’t let you take this advantage. The Government will not allow you to politicize

and take advantage of this very judicial and constitutional case. This is the

situation. Law enforcement agencies, restrain. Protest is a right and let them

protest but wherever it goes beyond the protest and becomes violent then they

will have to act .I hope that people understand and don’t go beyond protest.

Host: Mr. President, you have given a lot of freedom to media. It had never

been in past. Private TV channels were opened and we enjoyed and

relished this freedom. Situation was very good but within this last week

coupled with judicial crisis, it seemed that Government is loosing its

patience. PEMRA instructed to close TV transmission of two channels. This

program was also banned. Office of GEO News and The News were

attacked by police when it was all peaceful. I feel personally that there is

some problem somewhere. You have indicated of conspiracy why are you

calling it a conspiracy and how you look at this scenario?

President: I am grateful that you are complementing me for freedom of media.

Yes indeed I am a strong believer of democracy, essence of democracy which

means freedom of speech and expression. In 2001, there was only one TV

Channel which was controlled by Government. Most of the people were against

this freedom. I said, no. Those only can be against it who are hiding something or

corrupt, who have done fraud. If we will give freedom to media then the people

who want bars and bans on it will be exposed. I did that. I am very glad that you

people came in the scenario and job opportunities were created. Even the

people, who are related with music, are happy because they have started

earning. This is a great revolution. I’ll never go back on it. This is the way forward

and I’ll support it. There are certain responsibilities on which I show concern off

and on. Freedom and responsibility comes together. So be responsible and do

not make this freedom one sided. Do justice in media and do not use one side for

the other to, may be, create some distortions in realities. There were no

regulatory authorities in this nation. The credit goes to my Government that we

made regulatory authorities like PEMRA, NEPRA and PTA. These are

autonomous bodies and are independent. If I’ll interfere in their working, their

autonomy will shatter down. If they are functioning wrongly then please correct

them but do not interfere with them. This is broadly the case. Now if he they have

stopped anybody then frankly speaking, I am involved in it. Because I have seen

that there was lot of disturbance in whole of environment and law and order


situation. There will be some balance. I would ask you to not get hyper and also

to PEMRA to take balanced steps.

Host: Mr. President this attack has damaged you and your Government’s

image so it should be rectified from that side. You also said that there is

some conspiracy.

President: We are investigating that too. It is pre-mature to say anything but I

know that it is condemnable. I appreciate Durrani for taking immediate step,

being bold and going in center amid high tempers. Good action done. Credit

goes to Government. It was insane to raid GEO like this, Inspector in-charge and

all who were involved have been suspended. Now people ask me that why

officials above him have not been suspended? I have been in Army, it is called

zero-error syndrome, if you take action against higher authority for the mistake of

lower ones, that person will not take action in future and will remain indifferent.

Don’t do that. That inspector is missing, a man in uniform. It is a conspiracy;

everything was going well and all of a sudden this started, raid in Islamabad and

bomb hoax in Karachi. This calls concern that is why I rang Hamid Mir from

Lahore. I thought of looking into the matter, is this a conspiracy against Pakistan?

I would not like to say more than that unless I am sure. But certainly whatever

happened was very wrong, it created a bad environment. International

perceptions were damaged. But let me assure that this is not a conspiracy of

Government against media but it is someone else against Government and

Pakistan. We are investigating.

Host: It is a gracious act on your part to apologies from Government side;

it was also an unprecedented thing. Do you have a strategy in mind to rebuild

the damaged image of Government and Pakistan? Do you feel that

massive efforts are required to control all this?

President: Obviously we are taking stock of situation. PM and I, both are

involved. We want to diffuse and allow the Supreme Judicial Council to function

honorably and take a just decision. We are doing it.

Host: Mr. President it is being said that you may have to declare emergency

and elections may peptone. Your important coalition partner has said that if

there will some bad situation in reference to Iran then elections will have to

postpone. All this is creating uncertainty. Aren’t you comfortable with the

idea of elections?

President: Elections will be held in time. This is my assurance. Emergency:

Army will never be used, this is not their job, they are doing their training, and

there is no emergency situation. Iran’s fallout should not happen. We are against

it. If fall out happens, we have carried out our studies to protect ourselves from

any negative fall out. We will go for elections when five year tenure for


assemblies will be completed. This is I am firmly resolved to do that and I will do


Host: Sir, according to public opinion, although you are not saying, but

man on street has the opinion that you will continue as COAS in

foreseeable future.

President: I’ll not comment on it. I just say that I’ll not violate the constitution.

You can consult constitution to know that till which time it allows me to remain in

office. Now beyond that I won’t comment; it has many implications. It is enough

to know for the nation that we will follow the constitution. At international level

people should know that Pakistan’s democracy is not British or American

democracy. We have our own constitution which we’ll follow. This is what every

Pakistani must believe and say. And that is what I am saying. There would be

some political implications of this issue so I’ll not comment on it.

Host: Interesting developments are taking place in political scenario of

country. Your Government is being pressurized especially in last ten days.

But PPP is at a distance from the anti-Government and anti-Musharraf

activities especially Benazir Bhutto. Firstly, she refused to attend APC, this

issue continued for three months but she maintained her stand. She did

not show the aggressiveness which was being expected from her. She

wrote an article in Washington Post the day judicial crisis started but she

did not commented on this crisis. It is very clear that she is distancing

herself from anti-Government activities. Are you ready to reciprocate?

President: This is election year and there is fallout of every political action.

These issues are very complex and serious. The scenario after election 2007 is

very important fro the future of Pakistan. Pakistan is faced today with multifaceted

external and internal issues today. So moderate forces must defeat

extremist forces in this election or we won’t have a bright future. These elections

would be transparent and fair. This is my belief. As regards the current situation,

all parties will contest and they will contest as they are now. More than that I can

not say anything.

Host: This is the first time that you have not said that Nawaz Sharif and

Benazir will have no role in elections.

President: No, Nawaz Sharif is abroad. All legal aspects will be kept in view. If

he wants to contest in elections legally, I have to check up. I will not violate any


Host: Mr. President, you have talked about multi-faceted issues which

Pakistan is facing, before that US has pressurized Pakistan in many ways,

their media and newly Democrat dominated Congress has pressurized. The

important thing is that key place holders of American establishment has


never commented like this before, a statement from DG of their intelligence

about the border situation, arrival of Robert Gates and Dick Chenny in

Pakistan are examples of it. It has also been said that President Bush has

sent a threatening message to President Musharraf through Dick Chenny.

Can you tell that what that message was and what was your reply?

President: There was no such message and if it had been then I too can retort

back. You are correct in saying that there was negative fallout about Pakistan in

international perception. These negatives fallouts are given by those who do not

realize realities. Our job is, if we work our faults, we have conviction in the reality

of the environment. I have been saying that first step is to understand the

environment correctly. If you made mistake in this thing, your strategy will be

wrong, your implementation tactics will be wrong and you will be failed and

defeated. I think wrongly understood environment and difference of opinion in

some circles of US and foreign media; it does not mean that we should buckle. I

have rationale and I am very sure about environment. We are in touch with

environment; none of them is as much in touch of environment as I am, as much

as our intelligence organizations and military. We are very clear of the

environment and I have a conviction that they will also understand of the

environment. All of them have come here on fact finding mission. As everybody

was saying that Pakistan is not doing enough. Nothing will be allowed to take

place against Pakistan. We will not allow any foreign agency to attack and bomb

our area. We are the only country who has analyzed the environment and has

drawn a complete strategy. There can be some misunderstanding in tactical

environment. War is going on and it can not be understood from drawing room.

We have to adjust things. I don’t want to go in details but I want to tell you

broadly that environment is very clear, crystal clear. There are two opposing

forces in Afghanistan not in Pakistan, i.e. Afghan Government forces & coalition

force vs. Taliban with ALQ. But there is support from our side, this is the

environment but if anyone presumes this environment Afghanistan vs. Pakistan

then it is totally wrong . I tell the people who come here that if you are taking

situation in this perspective then your strategy should be very simple, bring the

forces on border form both sides. There was a theory presented by Mao that fish

can not exist in dirty water. It means that in guerilla war you can not survive until

and unless people are with you. I am also a trained man. You can take action

only if you have public’s support. So this is a good strategy. But I am tell you that

don’t ever do that. Because these armed people will kill you. So all of them came

on fact finding missions and I have told them none of them challenges this theory

of mine.

Host: Do they convey this thing to others?

President: Yes, our soldiers have been killed and when we control border they

object on it too. They do not give any solution of their own. What kind of attitude

is this? Why Pakistan is being blamed. We are the only one who is taking

actions. Our society is being spoiled. They people come here for recruitment.


Bush also knows the name of those people who are fighting against them. All of

them are Afghani. Then what is the issue. They are spoiling our society and we

are being blamed too. All of these are misperceptions which are being told to

International media. I don’t care what the international media says, I do bother if

there is some reality. I prefer to change the attitude and I’ll change their attitude

because we are saying the right thing. I am glad that their commander, General

David Richard, has verified our statements and actions. British forces are also

accepting this reality. This reality has also been mentioned in the UN’s report

published in September last year. Afghanistan is divided into five commands of

Talibans. Who are those people? They are the same who governed Afghanistan

for six years. Who were those Talibans? They were not Pakistani, they belonged

to Afghanistan. Same people are fighting. So to put the entire blame on Pakistan

is a folly. You people should understand the environment. I can give briefing,

military briefing to all of you. I won’t say that nothing is happening here. ALQ is in

our mountains. We are taking actions against it. Our strategies are working fine,

situation is turning around. People are helping us. We guarantee to stop the

support from this side of border. But fight in Afghanistan will not end because the

fight is there. You have to win the battle that is going there. I can only support

you in stopping the support. This is the reality and all of them understand it. The

Western media better understand this reality.

Host: Mr. President, is your message being conveyed to Western capitals?

EU has a discriminatory attitude towards Pakistan. It is really a hurting

thing that they have closed PIA’s flights. They have imposed new bans on

our fisheries products. We have serious issues regarding our textile

exports. At what level we are taking up these issues and to which extent

our diplomacy is successful?

President: Yes, we are doing it. We are trying our best, interacting with

European Union. We should not be worried by the visits of delegations. They do

not come here to pressurize me; they come here for fact finding. I welcome their

visits as we can convert views of more and more people. I am holding a media

interaction, inviting media from all over the world. I’ll face them alone. I’ll try to

modify their views.

Host: Will you share your feelings about defeat in cricket from at the hands

of Ireland. The coach has died of stress.

President: I am cricket lover. This is first time that I am not watching cricket. Bob

Woolmer was a very good man. He was a genuinely committed man. I must say

that this team has not performed well and we need to review. We will have to

take some action and I am sure chairman PCB will take some action. But the nation is utterly dejected and disappointed and so am I.


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