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Inauguration of Gwadar Deep Seaport

President Musharraf’s Address at the inauguration of Gwadar Deep Seaport

20 March 2007 – Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, Minister for Port and Shipping Babar Ghori, Governor Balochistan Awais Ghani, Chief Minister Balochistan Jaam Yousuf, Federal Ministers, Nazim, brothers and sisters. I am thankful to you all for gathering here; especially my sisters who have come from far flung areas, looking at your strength I think it is an example for Pakistan and Gwadar city is indeed progressing.

On this occasion, I want to welcome our honorable guest, Chinese Minister for Communication, in Gwadar Mr. Li Shen. It is the friendship between China and Pakistan that has made this dream of Gwadar Port a reality. We thank China and its Minister who has come all the way to grace this historic occasion.

I am very glad to be standing at a place where 5-6 years back there was nothing except for sand and dust, no roads or buildings etc. However, today we see progress – infrastructure is being built, there are roads, buildings, power supply and a hotel has also been constructed which is equivalent to other hotels in Islamabad, Karachi or Lahore. I am proud because six years back we conceptualized improving Gwadar and first of all constructed Makran Coastal Highway costing Rs. 12-13 billion. It is for the local of Makran so that you progress and prosper. I visited Ormara, Pasni and I know that earlier most of the  fish used to be wasted but now it is sold in Karachi 10 times more than its previous price. Today, you have prospered because of this Coast Highway.

Moreover, we planned that if Balochistan is to be developed apart from roads we have to build seaport. And by the grace of God today we have the Gwadar Seaport. This is not the end; it is the beginning towards progress and  prosperity.

This highway would lead you to Jiwani and end at Garatk. Gwadar would be a trade corridor to Central Asia, China and Turkmenistan. This seaport would be of prime importance in the future InshAllah.

Some elements here are reluctant and misguide that foreigners would confiscate the land from locals and pressurize them. My brothers and sisters nations who are not afraid of outsiders succeed. But those who resist investors remain backward and poor. Do not be afraid, seek education; improve your skills and help in the developmental projects. Nobody can snub you, you are natives of this land and I am with you. We want to take you on the path of success. This is my promise and you will see the improvements in your standard of living.

I want to announce that this year inshAllah Pakistan’s fourth and Balochistan’s second seaport would be developed in the area of Sonmiani and its ground-work would start this year. I congratulate people of Gwadar, Makran, Balochistan  nd Pakistan on this historical occasion. I want to pay homage to my Chinese brothers for assisting us in this project. I also congratulate Singapore Port Authorities (PSA). Gwadar seaport would be an industrial and energy hub in the whole region InshAllah. This would benefit you all.

Our Government is focusing on the developmental projects of Balochistan. Rs. 100 millions has been allocated for every District in Balochistan and Rs. 10 millions for every Tehsil in Balochistan. I was briefed about the basic  necessities for the progress of this area and came to know that for the purpose of education Marine College would be established by the Government for the education of your children. Also for heath, fuel system I announce Rs. 10  million. Moreover, I announce Rs. 50 millions for the development of rural areas. Then for the fishermen of this area, I advice Chief Minister that there should be a fishermen colony where health, education and other facilities are  provided. This would be jointly financed by the Government of Balochistan and Prime Minister.

My brothers and sisters you are using old-fashioned fishing methods. Learn new techniques so that you get more money. For this we would open a Fishery Training Center. Pakistan’s economy is improving. Although we have allocated funds for Gwadar but if more funds are required Government would be financing you and fulfilling your demands. Pakistan is progressing and I want to show you a proper direction. First of all there is no doubt that Balochistan is part of Pakistan and no one can divide this Province. When you go abroad your identity is Pakistani. Balochistan had been underdeveloped, there was poverty and unfortunately in the past 50 year there has been no major developmental work. I am proud that our Government realized to improve Balochistan’s condition.

The projects that this Government has in pipeline are building road infrastructure, airport and railway. Another major highway would be complete in 2 ½ years InshAllah. This highway would be connecting Gwadar to Turbat, Khuzdar, and Ratodero. It is 950 kilometer long highway linking to other the cities of Pakistan.

Another road would be linking Quetta to Zhob, D.I.Khan, Loralai and D.G.Khan so that Balochistan is connected to Punjab and NWFP. Then from Sibi to Kohlu would be another road. For the past 30 years Government has been trying to construct this road but some elements kept obstructing. I promise we would finish this project in 1-1 ½ year.

We would be constructing a new airport with the help of our Chinese brothers. We have started a study i.e. from  Gwadar to Lal Qandahar railway line. So, we would be building a network of railway lines in Balochistan similar to other provinces in five to six years inshAllah.

Another important element is water and it is very essential for the crops and irrigation. As you know Mirani Dam is already constructed. It is for you. And 35,000 acre land would inshAllah be irrigated. Also Subakzai Dam would also be ready for Balochistan in a few months. Also Bolan Dam and Nolang Dam are being constructed. Also kachi canal are being constructed and it would irrigate 7 lakh acres of land inshAllah. We are also cementing water tanks and water courses in the whole Pakistan. I am happy to announce that some Rs. 5 billion have been spent to cement your water tank or water courses and it would be complete in 2 years.

We are spreading electricity and gas connections to all the rural areas. At one time it was complain that gas which is Balochistan’s due right is distributed to other Provinces. It is our Government which has provided gas to Kalat, Ziarat, and from Gadoon to Quetta and Hanna, we are in the process of providing gas facility.

These were the developmental projects on which Rs. 130 billion are being invested and it is the biggest budget as  compared to other Provinces. The Government is making huge investments in the Balochistan Province to improve its conditions.

My sisters sitting here, we can give you these developmental projects but you have to go forward and work hard. We are opening eight cadet colleges in Balochistan so that your children get education. We have opened sub-campus of Balochistan University in Gwadar, Turbat and Sibi. The Government would give 1,000 scholarships to the students in the best technical schools and colleges, till Balochistan has it’s standard of education equivalent to the rest of the Provinces.

For imparting technical skills we have given instructions to Governmental organization like POF, HIT, HMC, PAC Kamra, SUPARCO and they would train and hire more than 2,000 people from Balochistan. I instructed 4 Corps Commander to open a technical school and he has opened a technical school in Quetta where some 300 students are getting six moth’s courses and get jobs.

The Government has planned a scheme i.e. any graduate would get jobs of Rs. 10,000 monthly without any interview or test. And 20-30,000 people would get these jobs.

Because of destruction the coal system Chamlay Mines were closed because of strikes and 50 people were murdered because of fights. Now the Government, Chief Minister, Governor and Army has brought peace and today the system is working properly and the coal mines would generate a revue of worth Rs. 30 billion. This is for your progress and Marble City is also being developed for you. And many projects are in pipeline for your progress and development.

My brothers and sisters what else do you want? Was this done by the previous Governments? We are working honestly and who are disrupting in the developmental projects? These who are creating hindrances have their selfinterests and want to see you underdeveloped. If you are with me, we can deal with such people who create disturbances. We are not afraid and are ready to face the challenge. The extremist elements should realize, surrender their weapons and stop creating hurdles in the progress of Balochistan. Otherwise they would be wiped out of this area or strict actions would be taken against them?

In the end I want to would want to comment on the current issue of Judiciary. It is a legal case and would be solved by the judiciary. Some elements are giving it a political image. We would not allow this political conspiracy or scheme? The general public is with us and I have firm believe whosoever is making these plots, we would eradicate them with the power of the general public. Lastly, this is a year of elections. I just want to say to you that if you think this Government is working for your progress cast your vote to the same people i.e. your Nazim, MNAs etc. and then your developmental process would continue and they are my supporters. I also want to tell to my sisters that I would  distribute  2,000 sewing machines to my sisters for you facility. I am thankful and congratulate you. I pray that may God bless Makran, Gwadar and you all with progress and prosperity. When Balochistan would progress it would take Pakistan in a forward direction.  

Balochistan Zindabad. Pakistan Paindabad.


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