Posted by: Administrator | 2 April, 2007

62nd Independence Day

Message from President Pervez Musharraf President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

On the occasion of Pakistan’s Independence Day (14th August, 2008)

It is my proud privilege to extend heartiest greetings to every citizen of our country living in Pakistan and abroad on the occasion of our Independence Day. Sixty one years ago, the birth of Pakistan epitomized the successful culmination of a long and arduous struggle against seemingly insurmountable odds by Muslims of the Sub-continent, under the inspiring leadership of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The Quaid envisioned Pakistan as a modern and progressive state promising a prosperous and happy life to its people, and at the same time devoted to the service and glory of our great religion, islam. Islam stands for peace, justice, equality and respect for fellow human beings.

Islam enjoins upon all of us to practice egalitarian values in all spheres of life.

While today is undoubtedly an occasion of rejoicing, it Is also a day for introspection – a day to ponder over our failures and achievements. This day calls upon us to take stock of how far we have been able to achieve the ideals and objectives set forth by founders of our nation.

Pakistan is passing through a difficult phase of its history. In the prevailing geo-political and economic situation our adversaries are trying to destabilize Pakistan from several fronts, internal as well external. Preservation of our freedom and defence of the country are amongst our foremost obligations. We harbour no offensive designs against anyone but peace and security is only guaranteed through strength. Be assured, my countrymen that our Defence forces are stronger than ever before, and our valiant people and armed forces are fully capable of defending the national frontiers against external and internal threats.

We must also not forget that the objectives of creation of Pakistan can never be achieved unless we eradicate the evils of terrorism, extremism and intolerance from our society and establish socio – economic justice in our country. Tolerance and forbearance are not only the pre-requisites for successful working of democracy; but also the cardinal principles of a just Islamic social order.


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