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President address to CPNE 2006

3 Jan 2006 – Governor Punjab Khalid Maqbool, Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi, PML President Ch Shujaat Hussain Sahab , Information minister Sheikh Rashid, President CPNE Arif Nizami, Secretary General Qazi Aslam, Commander 4 corp, Gen Shafahat, all Ministers, Ladies and gentlemen Assalam-u-Alaikum. I am pleased to address the CPNE second time. Before this, I came here in 2003 and addressed you people, but I have come in this beautiful environment for the first time and I am really pleased.

I am thankful to Arif Nizami Sahab who invited me and provided me an opportunity to speak. I would also like to congratulate Mr. Nizami for being elected as the President of the CPNE for the second time. For last two years so much has been happening in Pakistan for which Mr. Nizami has highlighted some of the developments. I always use to say that there has never been a dull moment in Pakistan as everyday something new is happening and we have to start tackling it. Some times what is being perceived as national interest by some classes of society is not really about national interest. Usually we perceive that public opinion is the national interest of the country but sometime we have to go against the public opinion because that would not be in the best interest of the Nation and that is the real test of the leadership.

After 9/11 the decisions we made, may be, were not favored by general public opinion. Public opinion of the country was not in the favor of our decision but I decided according to the national interest of the country. Leadership must have to mould the pubic opinion and convince the public. I think if a leadership fails to do so then leadership is incompetent. I would like to condemn the ransacking of the Daily Khabroon office in Sakkhar and abduction of Hadyatullah a journalist in the Fata. These are the acts of the people who have been misled and are on the wrong track.

Let me tell you about what I am going to speak about. I would like to give you a broad overview of nation which will cover all the aspects. I am totally convinced that the most important issue is of economics because if the economy is going smoothly and is on the right track then everything will work properly.

 By the grace of God our economy is vibrant and on the upsurge. I have no doubt that our economy will grow even if not to 8.5% but it will to go beyond 7%. I know due to earthquake and due to rise of oil prices there are some hurdles but I am sure that even then our economy will grow. Mr. Nizami has mentioned that unemployment has increased but I disagree because it has become a fashion to say that unemployment has increased roughly. Both unemployment and poverty has decreased but of course it has not been eliminated and It will continuously decrease because when the economy grows than it has a trickle down effect which cannot be doubted as it is the fundamental principle of economics. Secondly the per capita income is an accurate gauge and we have reached in the middle age group.

Previously, the per capita income was 460 dollars and now it has reached to almost 700 dollars. Although it is not a balanced distribution but even then it is a gauge of the spread of wealth. If we ask any industrialist of Lahore, daily wages of a worker have increased from 95 rupee to the almost 150 rupees and now days we don’t find a skilled labor of the house construction. Once I mentioned an increased rate of mobile consumers in the country to almost 20 million.

If we change those mobiles in rupees then mobiles are purchased of almost 2 billion dollars in Pakistan. I can give you thousands such example, so joblessness and poverty have decreased for the first time in the last decade. I don’t want to go in details but all the macro economic indicators are positives such as the GDP, foreign exchange reserves and we are also breaking the previous records of exports which are going to cross 17 billion this year.

Revenue collection has increased from 302 to 700 billion; remittances have increased from 1 billion dollar to 4.2 billion. Karachi stock exchange is touching from 900 units to 10,000 units. Ratio from the debt to GDP is 59 and let me tell you the EU has bench rank, of 60%. Before 1999 there were no mega projects except the Motorway and now we have started a series of the mega projects like Gwadar port, coastal highway, Merani Dam, Gomel dam, Rainy canal, Kachi canal, Tal canal, Northern bypass Karachi, Kathari project Karachi, Quetta water project, Subagzai Dam.

The previous budget allocation of the public sector development was 100 billion dollars and now it is 300 billion. Foreign investment in the country was 300 million dollar and today it is 1.6 billion dollars and certainly it will increase and I have myself decided to deal with foreign investors by addressing all their concerns. Now looking at hostel occupancy, fours hotels are 2 being made only in Islamabad, leave Karachi and Lahore aside. So these are all the indicators of the upsurge of economy.

Yes I openly accept that inflation has increased but we should know what is the pertinent reason that due to a gradual upsurge of the economy, when the purchasing power of the people increases it increases the demand but then the supply is same so due the increased gap between the demand and supply, the obvious impact on the economic would be inflation. These are the obvious impacts and govt. is trying to cope with this problem.

Ladies and gentleman let me tell that Pakistan is the only country where domestic gas is much cheaper then the commercial level but people are misusing this gas. So the gas rates are very logically increased so the people are vigilant while using the gas. In modern world commercial gas is cheaper because though industry makes progress but good and cheap product goes to international markets. We are following opposition polices. We are trying to remove shortcoming which exists in the system from the inception of Pakistan. Roughly, the total production of the electricity in Pakistan is only 2000MW and if we construct three more dams then we will be able to produce 12000MW electricity. The cost of electricity would be only Rs 1 per unit whereas at this moment it is Rs 5 per unit. The electricity will be cheap then our industry will be viable, if we export more and than this will bring the investments.

According to a recent report of the World Bank we are placed at the tenth most investor friendly country among the other countries and we are proud of our stature at this time and it needs to be highlighted. Now we have to sustain to that level and we have to trickle down to the lowest level for the people. Now our job is to control the inflation and to take advantage of this healthy economy for the benefit of this country. So for that I have decided to involve myself personally in some projects.

Recently govt is working in appreciable manner particularly I would like to appreciate the Punjab Govt in this regard. I use to take briefing from the Chief Minister Punjab when I used to come to Lahore about the health, education, judiciary etc everything is working properly. There are a few projects, whose progress I monitor myself, such as the provision of electricity to every village of Pakistan by 2007. We have strategized for this and hopefully we will succeed.

Secondly safe drinking water must reach the population by 2007. This is an ambitious target and expert says it doable. We will provide thousands of filtration plants all over the country and through this our health sector will also benefit because sixty percent of the health diseases are related to water. Then I want to spearhead the education sector as well, because education system at the low level is in miserable situation and we will certainly increase the budget allocation for the education sector as well. Then I would also like to oversee the health sector and for that we are planning to replicate the basic health unit of all provinces. Then brick lining is already in progress we are meeting the targets and after the completion of this project 86 thousand water channels, bricked, will save us a lot of water.

These are my involvements I am not going to take over say monitoring the progress of the process. By the grace of God now Pakistan have a stature in the Muslim world and international community that is why people from all over the world have participated in the donors conferences for the rehabilitation. Its because of our international stature and diplomacy that international community have pledged beyond over expectations. For the political reforms in the country we wanted to develop a sustainable democracy in the country. I came with vision to do something for Pakistan in 1999 rather to perpetuate myself, if anyone believes it or not but I wanted to do something for this country. I have been working according to an agenda in which I have been focusing on four factors, poverty alleviation, good governances, economic revival and political restructuring.

Regarding political reform in the country it clearly includes the devolution of power. Roots of democracy are freedom of expression and empowerment of people without which, true democracy cannot be achieved, even an elected govt is regarded as the democratic govt if they don’t allow those two main elements. As far as the devolution of the power is concerned with the help of the local body election we have dissolved power to the grass root level. Now I was talking to the CM Punjab that there will be maximum devolution from the district to the union councils. We need to encourage the citizen community boards so that they can develop properly.

We have empowered the women and minorities. Minorities have come for the first in the main stream. This is the essence of a true democracy, which we have been able to implement.

Secondly other matter was of the check and balances. There are three power brokers in Pakistan and they will remain in charge of the main power and these are Prime minister, president and Chief of the Army staff. Prime Minister is governing the country and he has no right to govern the country in the wrong direction and start looting the country and if he does so he must be checked. The checking power is with the president but we have seen in the past that 3 presidents also misused this power and dismissed assemblies without any reason. Then is the army chief who has the strength of the army and let me say that whether anyone like it or not the military has been the only institution which is the wing of the national cohesion of Pakistan because of weak political system of the country.

This is the only institution in which 70 thousand Sindhi are serving and when they go to the areas of the feudals they cannot be pressurized by those feudal lords because even a solider of Pakistan has backup of the general. We have made NSC in which we have included three military chiefs and civilians and let me tell you if this NSC is abolished, then sometime in the future if any army chief will take over the country with no check and balances on the Army chief.

The institution is made only to prevent the Army chief from taking over because now he can come and talk on the platform of the Nation Security Council. If the NSC existed in the past then firstly Prime Minister couldn’t malfunction because Prime Minister now can be checked in the NSC. Similarly president and Army chief can be checked. NSC is the only way forward and I can give you a rationale for the one hour that why it was made. I have been Army Chief in a political government and I know at that time what was happening in the country we were being declared as the terrorist state and were near to the economic collapse. Even ladies use to come to me and ask why I am not “taking over” because Pakistan was at the bank of the destruction.

So NSC is an institution of making check and balances for all its members for instance if the Prime Minister is not working well then he will be asked by the Army Chief and leader of opposition for his poor performance and he is not working well then he will be forced to resign so the we will not have to implement the 58 II B. I am glad the we have conducted the local body election after four years and similarly election of the Senate and National Assemblies will be conducted on their time.

All assemblies will complete their tenure and everything will move according to the wishes of the people of the Pakistan. Regarding the irritants you can analyze your self and irritants called themselves political parties which are briefed from outside so what I can do for them.

As far as the freedom of the media is concerned I think the freedom of the Pakistani media both electronic and press can be compared by any media of developed country. I am believer of the freedom of the media because I believe you are the watchdogs. Media must criticize the govt to tell the govt its weaknesses because this is democracy in which everybody has right to speak for his grievances.

Now regarding the situation of the Balochistan we want to explore oil and gas resource some feudals stops us in doing so. Similarly if we want to build the Gwadar port then they attack foreigners and kidnap them. I went to Khulu to built roads, dispensary and other development projects for them and they launched rockets in response. These are all same people who are creating in the disturbances for in the Gwadar, Khulu or any where in the Balochistan who are taking briefing from the same source and we know the sources. Now if they attack directly on the IG of the Frontier corps then they have right to retaliate in self-defense. So this operation is conducted in the self-defenses so that is what happening in Balochistan. Now you tell that what aspect you want to highlight either you want to highlight those irritants who are taking briefing from that particular sources and you know the sources or you are after the govt to inquire what is happening. I take information from the local public and not from one source.

Ask “Mari tribe” they are saying what is happening is right thing because they know that those irritants are constantly halting the development of the Balochistan. They are in favour of the all developmental projects and they shun all the militant activists. But they are in serious problem because when govt gets under pressure of these irritant tribes and shake hands with them. Now this will not happen. Our policy is one that we are against them who are obstructing the development of the Balochistan and we will not let them obstruct now. Now you have the obligation to highlight what is in the favor of Balochistan. At the moment there are 130 billions worth projects in progress in the Balochistan.

Now interprovincial harmony was in our seven point agenda. How it should be brought, we analyzed that. Firstly the development projects should be distributed in a balanced manner. We did that in such a balanced manner that we gave more projects to small provinces than Punjab. And I must accept the greatness of Punjab that they are accepting this. At the moment maximum has been invested on Balochistan more than any other province. This is to bring harmony. That they had a sense of deprivation and they deserved, rightly saying. They had no development. There we invested money and development there is in the process. Those people want to develop, come forward but these people don’t want them to develop. At the same time we are confronting them and development is also in the process. This is interprovincial harmony. Now 4 in this comes an important issue of NFC awards. This unfortunately should have taken place. But hard luck of this country is that they don’t address any important strategic issue which will lead to country’s prosperity, development, and interprovincial harmony. They keep that under the carpet. Because obviously when there is such an issue there will be an opposition. Always some people will oppose it for that they say leave it what we have to do of it? Don’t address it. This we had been suffering in the past years throughout out our history. The question is do we want to do something for our nation or I should also do what others in past had been doing and I will sit comfortably.

Why I declare NFC awards. . But for provincial Harmony it’s necessary and in conference I told the chief ministers of four provinces that you people are getting involved in tactical game and ignoring strategic game and this is not wise decision I am glad the chief ministers of all four provinces gave me authority that you must decide. And I will decide the water dispute. Lets come to water issue, its most complicated and important issue. Some people argued that you are doing this to divert the attention of people from earth quake .The foreign countries are giving us aid, so than why should we divert the attention and you said that relief operation is effected .I would like to tell you that 1.6 billion dollar has been fixed for earth quake relief operation Justified by world bank united nations, Asian development bank and government of Pakistan, all of them have declared the figure. Secretary General has appointed President Bush as representative of Relief Operation. So there is no problem as we demanded for 5 lakh tents but now there are 10 lakh tents and there is problem of cold but I have lived there and I also resided in tent as an army officer so the people over there have no problem as the people living at high altitude will shift to plains. There will be little problem but the performance of NGO’S, government and especially the performance of public.

Now I would like to discuss the water issue .the question is that do we have the choice today to analyze that what is the future of water storage in Pakistan that is continuous dam silting in Tarbela dam and 5 lakh ton sand settle every day in dam which is continuous process and its result is that in 2010, six million acre water storage capacity will decrease In 2020 we need fifteen to twenty million acre feet water other wise there will be problem of hydroelectricity and we may not be able to provide water for canals and also to existing perennial canals and our lands will also be effected. We are living in agricultural country which is totally agro based and the GDP of our country depends upon agriculture sector.

If the agriculture sector of our country will drop than the GDP of our country which is 8.4 percent will also drop because our backbone is textile and agriculture. Therefore if the agriculture sector is affected than the economy of our country will not grow in future. If someone don’t have vision of that problem than what I should do. We don’t have to think of two or three years we have to think of many more years and we have to ensure that our country had the capacity enough to go ahead. In that situation what you expect from me that to sit without any positive action? which the previous governments did and in my point of view this is treason to your nation.

After fifteen years no one know who rules the state but there will be same nation and our future generation .and what will be future of that poor people who are living in open lands .they will die if water will be deficient. If a leader protects him saying that there is already problem of earthquake, Balochistan issue than why should we go for water storage problem. This is not right, we can handle all the issues together .A person should have guts to deal with all the issues at the same time. If it had been an unimportant thing we would have left it. But this is not unimportant. So there is no question of dams will be or will not be. They will be. N

Now the second question which I thought, came to my mind is when and how they will be? If we talk about 15 to 20 million acre feet. Then these are 2 to 3 dams. These are simple mathematics. Each dam is of 6 million acre. Then we have to construct two or three. And if we construct them very fast then they will be constructed by 2016. So we should InshAllah go above our target. It should be not like when you are thirsty then you have water. One should always have reserves and more water in order to develop. So the question is of timings. Now timing is related to election of 2007. You can keep important boundary according to me. One can take decision whether it is to be done after 2007 or before that. This is the decision of its timing. Second question is whether to keep the distance of decision from 2007 will be less or more? These are the things one has to think and take the decision. But let me tell you that I have to definitely take the decision, 5 whether it’s Balochistan, NWFP or whatever. Because in my point of view it will be suicide for Pakistan. Qazi Sahab is also sitting here. And he knows that I have talked a lot about these issues in his area myself. And I call myself Sindhi and Sindh is committing greatest suicide. Because they can’t even plant tube wells. So I gave an example, I don’t know whether you were sitting there or not. When he was saying no this is lack of trust, frankly and this afterwards I would like to talk in question answers and some their legal problems that there is no trust. And when I say you people first tell me that you are dieing, committing suicide, your farmer will die of thirst and hunger. On that they agree that yes it is we need water. So I said it is just like that, let’s don’t make home that thieves may come and let not buy a car or motor cycle because someone may steal it. So this is not the solution.

Solution is this that house is important because we will die out in cold. So we will make a house and do something of the thieves. So if this is then we are united. We will not allow robbery but will construct home. This is not your logic that don’t construct dam that someone may steal it. So this is not. So second thing is we are convincing them. Trying hard that they think if dam will be constructed then water of Sindh and Kotri will become less. This is a wrong statement. I have told that dam is not an installation of consumption. That is for storage. It doesn’t drink water. If you pour water in a glass so glass is not drinking water. We will drink water whenever we want. So when dams are constructed, with own will, whenever we want we will release water. So this rationale we are trying to give. A lot of rationales I am giving in Sindh. They say that there is no enough water so I said if in four or five years once if it come. I gave them the example of hub dam. That it was dry from two three years and now it is full of water from two years and 100 million gallon daily is coming from hub to Karachi. If there had been no dam we would have died of deficiency of water. So we have to work with wisdom and Inshallah we have to construct dams. I read articles and sometimes I laugh whatever he writes that dam should be constructed but we must take all provinces and provincial governments and the whole nation in confidence. We should go after developing consensus. The reason I laugh is that who don’t know? Of course consensus should take place. But if consensus is not being developed. First of all what is consensus? That we ask nation to raise hands and cast vote. So the thing is consensus is to be developed. Now when all the parties are not united what should we do? Should we not make dams or not? So these are very tough decisions in which we are trying to have consensus. You might have seen that technical and committee reports have been released. We decided to translate them in Sindhi, Pashto and Urdu, and then distribute them so that people become aware of this. Then, now discussion took place in cabinet and committee is formed that will go to all the four provinces and give them briefing exactly on the dam issue. They will brief in assemblies.

And I know Chaudhry Shujaat and Prime minister is also trying to call opposition. When I went to KTN, I called Mumtaz Bhutto, Amin Fahim. They should have come and sit in front of me on KTN, should have talked to me. But they didn’t. Now what should I do? I am calling them. I want to meet them. I can cancel the entire program today they come and meet me. I am trying in interior of Sindh and I will also go to frontier of Sindh in order to make public aware. There is despondency and suspicion in public. We have eliminated that direct on lowest level. I met students in Hyderabad. I met three representatives of agriculture farmers association of Sindh. I met media. I gave interview on KTN. Now we will go we talk to students because they are intelligent and want to talk to farmers because they will suffer in reality and they had been misguided. And we are trying to develop consensus in case of dams.

I think the last point I will take on is Kashmir issue. The relationships between India and Pakistan are fine. They had never been as good before as they are today. But if I say that there is much progress regarding Kashmir issue. But to some extent there is. Confidence building measures are very fine. Dispute resolution is slow and that we are trying to speed up. And should go towards solution of Kashmir. Now I can’t give any guarantee. But we have done so much that we made the world aware and we have gained a moral ascendancy on Kashmir issue in my point of view. This was our diplomacy which is successful. Now we have turned the table and moral ascendancy is ours. That we are saying that solve it. And we have given a lot of ideas on it. Back channel is definitely working. But these things are so sensitive that when some concrete thing will come up, then we will bring it from back channel to front channel. For that we have to see when we have to bring it and for that you have to bear with it. This is a very highly sensitive issue. When some results will be released you are watching that in whole valley APHC which includes Meer Vaiz and Gilani Sahab, Mehbooba Mufti Sahiba, Omer Abdullah everyone is in favor of demilitarization and self governance. Now I think this is the demand of the people of Kashmir. So therefore while we 6 reject terrorism and solution through terrorism in India or killing of civilians we have reached a state when we have to solve it through political instruments and in that we have gained moral ascendancy and we will try to solve this issue to the best of our ability. That is all that I have to say rest I leave to Question answer.

Thank you very much. There fore while we reject terrorism and solution through terrorism and In India killing of civilians we have to solve it through political instrument and we will solve it with the best of our ability.

Question: Mr. President, in your recent visit to Balochistan you discussed openly and I want to ask about Balochistan issue. That a process was going on between Mussahid Hussain and Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and today I have got their report. Why Chaudry sahib is silent because this situation can only be solved through negotiation and I think it should be because its political problem and its his duty to separate subversive activities and political process. ARD is going over there so it may happen this problem will solve .these are two different poles and its duty of MML and they should be answerable instead of beaurocrats. And I want to ask you for making this political and the operation or army which is targeted and India also talked about it and I think you should be answerable

Answer: First of all the incident of rocket attaks.this is not political issue but it should be handled with law and order and according to law and orders point of view, frontier core is responding. Question is that did the government of Pakistan believe in such appeasement that even after dialogue there are still blasting pipelines and we know who did .that is not simple thing and I believe in political dialogue but that dialogue should have strength .the state of Pakistan cannot be held hostage by anyone .gone are the days when it will be held hostage by anyone. And the comment from foreign country show who miss most anxious about it and we should have knowledge that by whom the weapons are supplied to them and who is going to finance them many Malaysian peoples are working for them who are paid 5500 thousand. you people may have visit Balochistan and coal mines are handover to them and they have thrown out their tribal rivals and you know I am talking about whom and people of Pakistan want development but they don’t want that, so in such a situation how we should talk to them, so its quite complex issue and we should go for multiple issue also political and what the FC is doing because it will retaliate if anybody oppose it but strategy state is supreme and nobody hold us to host it and you bet a fall in line with state otherwise you are nobody that should be our strategy

Question: Mr. president ,from many years we have been listening about the issue of Kalabagh dam .in spite of dialogues and consensus even Nawaz Sharif was not able to resolve it ,so I would like to give a suggestion that you make its final decision positively because it’s not the your personal problem but the problem of poor people and farmers and I request you to announce it today so that you will be blessed with prayers of poor people and complete it in your regime other wise that will be the announce of Nawaz Sharif

Answer: Yes I am agreeing with you.

Question: Mr. President my question about the issue of uniform that if the Army chief will be in national security than uniform is not necessary so being President why don’t you take off your uniform. Answer: First when I will take it off that is no urgency there is time till 2007 but I would like to tell you about its value, all the issues that the happening in Balochistan and the government is challenged whether you take the example of Sakkhar Barrage or the earth quake, army diplomat in earth quake movement. I think army would never have been involved in it unless and until I was not in uniform. Let me put it very blunt feel. It was because I was the army chief when I was informed that Sakkhar will come under water ,I immediately gave the mobilization order at the spot and the work was started within few days In case of earthquake when I got to know from CGA in evening ,I gave the orders to move Gujranwala division to Manshera and Mangla Division to Bagh .All the orders were moved otherwise Prime minister would have called chief to ask what and why happened .All these disturbance in the country ,at that time unity of institutions is very important and that unity of command is needed in military , political forces and beurucray and I think I had held this unity of command so that’s why its necessary that I am in uniform so I will talk to you in 2007. 7

Question: Mr. President ,as you said that for national interest ,leadership has to made some decisions and the leadership require the proper lead, what you said is correct on the basis of principles but when the government take the decisions then they have to convince the people in your favor and the government who is able to convince their nation succeed and the decisions which you want to make on dams ,its necessary that the selected institutions like national assembly and , its majority should favor you and until you don’t have the favor other institutions then you cannot progress in this regard. I wanted to ask that what is the main problem in your point of view.

Answer: Yes, definitely that debate should be, I have told there should be debate in assemblies and debates are going on in senate and these debates should be in every level of governess and political parties .so in a case that dam is not constructed then it will be a suicide for us and we have no choice. now the question is that can we be able to take the opposition along with us because in my point of view their ideas are not based on logics .I have been gone to many places, can a single person cal tell me with logic that why these dams should not be constructed in spite of saying that there is opposition. So what we would say that weather they oppose it, in order to polish their business or for the sake of national interest so you have to balance it, the public of Sindh, NWFP, Parliament and opposition should come with some logic but if they don’t want to listen the logic and they have to oppose than what will be their solution.

Question: The securities which have been given to Sindh, one of the security is that the place where dam is to be constructed will be evacuated from people and to where these people will be shifted , they should not be shifted to Sindh area

Answer: In this regard we have made a precise note of three pages and we are massively distributing it so that people should know about it. yes you are absolutely right people don’t know anything ,they talk about bhasha but they don’t know that monsoon rain is not there and in bhasha there will be only water from glacier which is only fifty million acre feet while in Kalabagh dam its ninety million acre feet because water fall over there from Kabul river ,Swat river ,Chitral river ,Sawan river and Harrow river .In order to brief the people about all that we have made a note, so that the people may speak with logic. And let’s come to your second point regarding the displacement of people, how these people will go to Sindh. As in case of Mangla we are going to raise it thirty feet and four thousand people were displaced and we are going to settle them near Haripur, we are building model colonies for them which is much better for the place where they have been living earlier.

Question: National harmony and provincial harmony is very dynamic subject it has to be continuously nurtured so to say that past should be forgotten is not easy thing and injustice which have been done ,they have an effect and you have seen the effect in Sindh ,which is also Pakistan and technically for national harmony, committee which been made don’t have an ideal project so I request you to consider what I said because its consequences are not simple as the people are thinking.

Answer: You are asking for the regulatory of water, I have told you earlier that this is work of media and especially Sindhi media .you should be convinced when you have been told something and then speak rightly .you are asking again that what is quantity of water .when I took that issue two years ago there was conflict on the quantity of water as the government that 144 million acre water is available in Pakistan and Sindh argued that it is 117 million acre so there is already a problem of 27 million acre. so I thought that how this problem can be solved that how much water is available , because there are so many smaller and larger rivers how can we judge for twenty five years .Being a layman I thought that all the water get stored in Kotri from thousand sources and then flow down and there is station in Kotri which check down that how much amount of water had flowed down and who is taking care of it , that is Sindh government and Sindh government sent its report to WAPDA centre that how much amount of water flows down. This work is done by Sindh government. That report which started from last seventy five years shows, so in thirty year downstream Kotri report 45 million acre feet water have been stored. I analyzed it further that average was 200 in one year than in other 20 year 200 million acre feet ,it was not possible that in thirty nine years more than twenty years more than 20 million acre had flown ,if you made four more dams then still there is four million acre which will downstream so there are only six years 8 and less than ten million acre water flowed down .Thus from these thirty years we have to face problem in six years than what dam will not be filled but can be filled in twenty five years. Than there is no problem we do have water and one more thing I would tell you and you should note down that what is the international law says that low riparian have right of water but in case low riparian don’t use water and wasting it than upper riparian can stop water by damming or blockings we must understand all these and you must write that we will not only suffer from deficiency of water but will suffer from many other problems.

Question: Mr. President there is no doubt that in your regime how many developments have been made in Balochistan never did before, but in addition to this the law and order situation which is prevailing in Balochistan have never been much bad in past .you said that it’s the problem of few tribes I agree with you but maybe the people who are guiding you or your own information from different sources have never informed you that people who are ruling Balochistan are not these three tribes if twenty percent people are with them and eighty percent are those who want the development in Balochistan but to control the law and order condition you have focused Kohlu and Dera Bugti and in this way Turbat ,Gawader District Lasbela Khuzdar have been ignored . I myself belong to these areas since from past ten years there was not even a single murder in Gawader before Chinese. Please let me talk because it is a matter of my Balochistan. Fine, you said that it is not a political problem in response to Fasih Iqbal Sahab’s question and it should be handled in like that. So I will say that do consider the people with that, those aspects that can help you in Balochistan and along with law and order what are your objectives you should also consider it. Parliamentary committee has given its report. The problem of Balochistan is constitutional. Nothing is known of constitutional committee.

Answer: Yes committee report should be addressed and it is addressed. Except NFC awards that is another issue which is of interprovincial harmony. To give maximum autonomy to provinces. That is an issue which government should do and I am in favor of this. And in that there are many areas where it can be done so I will always support it. Now secondly this is not the thing that I am not watching other things. Frankly speaking I have been trained in military operations and I don’t focus on one place only but you should know that whenever one is an enemy it is seen that where his centre of gravity is. If you kill that centre of gravity that is tack of cards. A problem is that we have not been going to centre of gravity. We will eliminate this centre of gravity.

Question: I want to talk to you about two things that for consensus on Kalabagh you are working very hard but in that the first problem is in your own house, the ministers of the country, your chief ministers, I don’t want to name them, they are openly opposing it. My request is that the people under your nose are otherwise one every matter with you, should not oppose it. Then national consensus is possible and the second thing is that, some of the political parties take instructions from abroad. And with due request I want to say that such a party is with you in the government and their leader is sitting abroad ruling this party. Kindly please explain it.

Answer: first thing is that some people of government, who are not supporting Kalabagh, have no doubt in their minds that these dams are not needed. What doubt in their minds is that there is so much negative in people in Sindh that they don’t have political viability that they go there and talk to them until I don’t give them back up support or I don’t facilitate them. As far chief ministers are concerned, I myself have asked Pervaiz Ellahi sahb to listen and observe only. In Balochistan Jaam Sahab is speaking favorably and very well. Main issue is of Sindh and in Sindh I can assure you that all the people of PML, they are all favorably disposed but they have political problem in speaking forward. That we have to solve and that I am solving. After I went there and hold talks now I have encouragement. But the main issue in it is of security, guarantees. To give and project these, which include a few genuine demands of Sindh and above all their demands of guarantees. Those guarantees in my mind are, should be constitutional, judicial and administrative. And we should think that in what ways we can give maximum comfort to Sindhis and Sindh. Because they are confidence shaken and that I am trying to do. And all our Sindhi people are our companions; I know they will absorb this Insha Allah. I will visit these places again. We have to change the tide and in changing that tide I will do activity. I am very sure they are along with us and Insha Allah will help us. Rest the parties in the opposition are with government. We should leave these old 9 things. A whole decade have passed in which our economy stood still because of ethnic problems of Karachi. Let us not get involved. At the moment there is very good situation and no ethnic problem is there in Sindh. They should keep this environment.


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