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President address to PML leaders Gujrat

7 December 2007: President Pervez Musharraf on Saturday said he had decided to stay in uniform to successfully counter the threats the country continued to face. Addressing a huge gathering of PML leaders and workers here at Nat House, residence of PML President Chaudhry Shujaat and Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, President Musharraf said the uniform had given true democracy necessary for development of the people and the country.

 He said the men in uniform (military men) rendered countless sacrifices for the country and won Nishane Haider, the top military award, for their bravery. I know three Nishane Haider were received by three sons of Gujrat.” He said the uniform had been securing the sovereignty and solidarity of the country, adding he did not believe in salutes by his juniors as he wanted respect from the depth of their hearts.

He said he was a true soldier who had always led from the front. The people are not interested in the uniform issue but they want their development and continuity of policies, the president added. About the political issues, he said the opposition should do serious politics and wait for the right time.

He asked the opposition not to take to the streets but face the issues politically and prepare themselves for the forthcoming local bodies election. He said the opposition could better measure their popularity in the general elections due in 2007. He asked PML and allied leaders to hold similar gatherings in all four provinces to unite people under the party flag. He said he loved to see political activity in the country but that should be aimed at strengthening the country and the democratic system.

The president said Pakistan was a peace loving and developing country and there was no place for terrorism on its soil. “We have to tell the world by our actions that we love peace, development and honor. Those who are fanning agitation, I know them all and their role in the past.” He said there was no room for vandalism and wrong use of loudspeakers as people wanted the mosque as a place of peace, love and guidance.

He said every Muslim wanted to offer prayers in mosques but a majority had started avoiding these places of worship because a handful of people were spreading and fanning hatred. Pakistan, he said, was established as an ideological state and there should be no doubt about it that Pakistan is an ideological country. But the people differentiating between the true and weak Muslims were not serving the country but creating misunderstandings among the people, he said. He said the ideology of Pakistan is so strong by the grace of Allah Almighty that these handful of people could not harm it no matter how hard they try.

He said these people even called him a weak Muslim, but he said he went inside the Holy Ka’aba and raised the slogan of Allah-o-Akbar and the doors of Roza-e-Rasool (SAW) were also opened for him five times and he prayed there too. “If anyone has such a blessing, he or she should come forward.” He said let Allah Almighty deicide who is pious and who is not.

He said the question was that which ideology suits Pakistanthe one that could push the country into darkness (an allusion to extremism) or the one that was aimed at a developed Pakistan. “The people definitely want the second one,” he added. He promised that a decision for a big dam would be announced soon in the best interest of the country and the people. “Be ready to have a good news in near future.”

He said the opposition was free to carry out political activities within the limits of law because they would not be allowed to violate law at any cost. Terming the presence of Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Yousaf, Sindh Chief Minister Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim, Federal Communications Minister Shahmim Siddiqui, Defence Minister Rao Sikandar and Interior Minister Aftab Sherpao from the PPP (Patriot) at the meeting a good show of unity, the president said that one thing was clear that the gathering had representation from all four provinces.

He said such unity clearly gave a message that the nation was united, all provinces were united and the coalition stood firm. Another positive aspect is that all are united in the House of the Chaudhris, he added. Musharraf said the way many parties had joined hands with the PML proved that the country had made an excellent progress in terms of democracy. He asked the people that what is the true objective of democracy.

“Firstly, the freedom of people; secondly, empowerment of people; thirdly, development of people; and finally, solidarity and honor of the country,” he said, adding the actual meaning of democracy was based on these four principles. The president said the essence of democracy is the rule of law. He said the system was running under this as the PML, the Patriots and the Muttahida Qaumi Movement were all sitting at the same place. Secondly, he said, the opposition had been given a free hand. Practical meaning of democracy is to develop people and in Pakistan the true spirit of democracy has been restored as the people are free to express, the media was free and that’s what they want, the president added.

He said the country was nearly bankrupt and had no place in the comity of nations but the situation had changed and now Pakistan was standing on its feet. He said that the overseas Pakistanis had no place but now they were proud to be called Pakistanis. He said now the country was free of IMF clutches and the country would only develop when its economy was strong and with the grace of Almighty God, the country’s economy was so strong that first it got rid of IMF loans and now it would be able to divert its resources to eliminate social evils like poverty and unemployment.

He said resources would be spent on education, health and other social sectors so that people could benefit. He said the past rulers made mere promises and looted the exchequer but the present government believed in work and maturing the dreams. He said the PML government never made any false promise and what it promises, it fulfilled. He said he knew the country would not progress unless the rural areas and people were developed besides improving the farmers’ lot. He said the government had diverted its resources to strengthen the agriculture and industrial bases so that the economy could grow further by exports, and by establishing industries, more jobs could be created.

He said the people and leaders should first of all hold the country’s interest supreme and in this regard, the major problem was water and the government was very serious in constructing new water reservoirs. He said he had already announced the lining of water courses besides raising the Mangla Dam. He said the government would spend Rs 150 billion in the water sector besides giving a package for farmers. Mentioning the highlights of the package, he said all the banks would give revolving loan on 8 per cent markup, the total loan amount had been raised from Rs 30 billion to Rs 80 billion and he hoped that it would further rise to Rs 125 billion. He said allocating such a huge money for agriculture was aimed at facilitating farmers at lower level, especially the tail-ender. Praising the services of Chaudhry Shujaat, he said the way Chaudhry Shujaat worked to strengthen democracy and run the party was commendable.

He said he was addressing the gathering at the place of a family which had made countless sacrifices. He said that today the soul of Ch Zaudhry Zahoor Elahi was very happy to see his sons serving the country like true democrats. He thanked the Chaudhris for giving him an opportunity to address so many PML and allied leaders, workers and people from rural areas. He also thanked for the love and warm welcome given to him by the people of Gujrat. Earlier, immediately after landing in Gujrat, the president inaugurated the Shahbazpur Bridge which linking Gujrat with Wazirabad, Silakot and other small towns to reduce the extra distance of over 20 kilometers.

Chaudhry Shujaat said President Pervez Musharraf had taken very wise decisions after 9/11 and he liked him a lot due because of that. He said had there been any other leader, the country could have divided on the issues arising in the wake of 9/11. He said the country was heading towards development with tolerance under the leadership of the president, adding that the president was a brave man as he had always upheld the country’s interest supreme.

Shujaat also criticized Qazi and Fazl of the MMA for their “anti-democracy actions”. He said the PML would continue to work for the clean politics based on honesty and tolerance. He thanked the president for coming to Gujrat. He said the PML was playing its role to change the political culture of the country, adding that it has adopted the policy of live and let live, open heartedness, tolerance, consultation and peace. He said the party was strengthened on these lines so that it could win the hearts of the people in the times to come.

He said under the true leadership of President Musharraf, the Pakistan’s image has practically touched heights after which they live with more honour abroad. He said after 9-11, he saw the president very closely and with his true statesmanship, he steer the country out of every crisis like leaders do in the history. He said a volley of allegations was leveled against him but he always took wrong decisions under severe pressures due to which he liked his leadership abilities. He said just think for a second that if the huge bombs were diverted to Pakistan, what would be the fate of the country but due to able leadership of the president, the country survived every crisis. He said the president always took decisions in the larger interest of the country with foresightedness adding that the decision on uniform was not that of president himself, as parliament, which was the representative of people, asked the president not to shed the uniform. He said those claimed to be champions of democracy made policies under which the political institutions become weaker and weaker every day and ultimately resulted in shaking trust of people on them. He said one thing was clear that PML did not believe on ‘kitchen cabinets’ as it harmed the system in a true manner adding that the PML would continue to raise voice against tyranny and oppression.


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