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President address to Pakistani Community, Doha Qatar

20 July 2005, Qatar

“I am pleased to address such a big gathering in Qatar. I am also pleased over the gender balance here, and also of the fact that representatives from every walk of life are present here. You are the people who represent real Pakistanis therefore; I am pleased to have this opportunity to speak to you.

Firstly, we have been very warmly and cordially hosted since the day we have arrived and I am sure that the political relationship will usher to a great extent. I have talked to Mr. Ameer and we have decided to improve relations in every sector. I know your problems of manpower and I have talked about them. They ensure me that they will recruit more Pakistani’s. You must be pleased to know that it is not the same old Pakistan. I am not misguiding you to please you, but its reality that it is not the same old Pakistan, when we didn’t have a reputation in the comity of nations. Though we were Nuclear power, it is not the sole condition to acquire stature in Pakistan. Russia was also a nuclear and military giant but what has happened to it, it didn’t have an economy. It had a weak economy therefore, it collapsed. A nation needs two pillars for a respectable existence that is economic and military pillars. If one of them collapses the whole buildings can’t stand erect. When the economic pillar is weak, the nation begs. I also had to beg which was against my self respect. We had a begging bowl in our hands but those days are history. The beggar doesn’t have respect because the world knows that they are there to beg. Now, we are in situation that we don’t come to beg and I did not come to beg rather I am here to give.

When I visit developed countries, we tell then that we do not require aid rather we need trade. This is the difference of yesterday’s and today’s Pakistan. PRG programme of the IMF includes all the developing countries and if a country happens to get into it, it can’t get out of its trap. PRG gives a debt, then that debt needs servicing. There is also interest on it and you need more debt to pay the interest. This interest keeps increasing limitlessly. It doesn’t stop increasing unless; the country controls its expenditure and consumption. Pakistan is the first country that got into PRG programme and then it flabbergasted IMF and managed to get out of it. We had to get 28 crore dollars in last six months from IMF but, we refused their offer with thanks. That is how we come out of their trap. Today we stand erect and are in a strong economic position.

This is what we are proud of and current situation of us. Such status adds in to your integrity, stature. They know that it is the country of 140 million people, a nuclear power and economically a progressive and dynamic country. You must keep in mind that you represent Pakistan and do what ever is in the supreme national interest and avoid all that mars your country, as Pakistani’s involve themselves in Politics, when they come abroad. I would suggest that one should bid politics, the moments he bids the boundaries of his own countries. If you are not united abroad, you weaken your country. I would say that bid all politics, you are one and you should all work in the interest of Pakistan.

Pakistan is standing on a cross roads. The whole scenario has been changed after 9/11 and a chaos has been developed in the whole world. The chaos has also spread in the whole Muslim Ummah and we are in the center of this chaos. We have to take certain prudent steps and we have to serve the national interest of our country while taking these prudent steps. We are at such a cross roads that if we don’t get hold of prudency and draw our policies with wisdom, we will collapse and our take off will scale new heights. This is what we need to understand. International community is of the view that Pakistan can play a better role in betterment of this chaos.

We are the most powerful country in the Muslim Ummah and now we have developed ourselves as military and economic power, which has further made us stable.

Now, the question arises that the whole world and Ummah should realize our role and then, we should ask ourselves whether we want. Definitely, the answer is that we should perform a positive role in Ummah and the world which add into our position and stature in the world. This should be our modus operandi and policy because we don’t live in vacuum. There is an interaction in the world, trade and activities, and trade. The economic situation grows when you have trade, exports, investment and joint ventures in the country. Would we like to have all this? Whether you like or not the non-Muslim countries are prevalent every where.

We are dependant upon them for technology, learning and can develop our economy and technology in Pakistan provided we interact with them but if we want to be isolated and don’t want to join them we will remain isolated and undeveloped. So we have to play our role and we are playing the role in the world community and Ummah.

Therefore, I talked about a two pronged strategy of enlightened moderation which entails Muslim Ummah to reject terrorism and move towards socio economic development that is to emancipate them. 22 of the Muslim countries are included among 236 the poorest countries of the world. We are the most illiterate, poorest and we are the weakest nation in terms of all social indicators. When we say, the way of enlightened moderation, it evolves a two prong strategy.

It demands USA to resolve our political problems. Give us justice to be seen by the Muslim world that justice is being done and they agree with the fact that they have to do it now. We say that the extremism and terrorism should be banned but do solve our problems which are Kashmir, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now, world have realized all these facts. Pakistan is playing an important role in the restructuring of OIC. Eminent person convention was held in Pakistan and they called on me. The 2 ideas was to restructure OIC.

As I told you, that the military and economic power are two strong pillars of any country. Military pillar is already functioning well and betterment is being brought in it to Strengthen it further. It happened because we have resources. Earlier, we were lacking resources.

Our economic pillars are strengthened now. Our macro economic indicators are growing up to the extent that our GDP growth has made our economy the second fastest growing economy of the world and 3rd-4th fastest growing economy of Asia. Our foreign exchange reserves are equal to one year import, which is considered to be very strong because if they are equal to 6 months import, they are considered better. Our GDP growth rate is 8.3 % is second best after China. There is 80-90 % growth in our exports in the last 5 years. There are Moody’s, Standard and Poor organizations for standard rating in the world and they have raised 5-6 notch high rating. We are not at top, but we rose to this position from rock bottom. We had received maximum offering when we floated Euro and Islamic bond. That lays confidence of the world in our economy.

First time in the history of Pakistan there is reduction in the poverty and unemployment but it has been growing in the last 57 years. I don’t claim that I can alleviate poverty and unemployment totally and if some body says, he can then, he is telling a lie because US, UK and other developing countries also have this problem. How on earth can Pakistan claim such impossibility? I assure you that there will be decreased in poverty and unemployment. We have laid a strategy to facilitate people. First of all, we pointed out the areas with most poverty and therefore, it was found out that 70 % of the rural areas are poverty stricken. Now the question arises how can their condition be improved?

Obviously, the betterment in agriculture will Make the situation better. How can agriculture be developed? We can develop agriculture provided, we have a better system of water. Rs. 66 billion are allocated for the brick lining of water courses to improve the water system and within 4 years, all the water courses will be brick lined.

Secondly, we are making canals and dams but the decision on major dams will be taken in next two months. Agriculture will improve if the water management is improved. Further, we have decided that we should develop agro based industry in the rural areas. We are the fifth largest milk producers of the world, but we have failed to make any value addition in it. Neither we produce products as cheese, yogurt, nor butter to export but we are concentrating on it. We have best fruits and vegetables but we export them without adding any value, to them. We don’t do any sort of tinning, canning or processing. Therefore, we have to process foods and fruits and we have to go to the dairy products. This will benefit the formers and rural population.

You have supported a lot your country. Your remittances were less than one billion in 1999 but now it is more than 4 billions dollars. You overseas people have sent more than $12 b in last three years through out the world and 5 billion from this gulf region. $ 5 b makes 300 billion rupees that means that 100 billion rupees is going to your families. There are majority of labors class in the gulf region and it has sent 300 billions rupees to the rural areas. With the grace of God this year we have had very good rainfall which has fulfilled our water requirements. We have had a record bumper cotton and wheat crops. Last time 11 million bale was record but this year we have had 15 million bales, 17 million tons was last year but this year we have had 21-22 million tons wheat. This yield has given 60 billion rupees profit to the formers. 100 billion rupees was sent by you and 60 billion was earned in these two crops. 160 billion rupees has gone to rural areas. There has been 500 % increase in the sales of Honda motorcycles and it all goes to rural areas. Same boost can be seen in the sales of tractor, refrigerator, air condition, washing machine, bicycles and TV. Our fans are exported in America. If some body is saying there is no reduction in poverty he is wrong. There is first time reduction in the poverty. There is poverty but we need to work more to further reduce it. I don’t say that the poverty is completely controlled but poverty is reducing and will further reduce. Now there are problems of unemployment in the urban areas.

Youth is educated but it doesn’t have to do any thing and there are some uneducated and they need labor. They can work if here is any factory or can have labor in building and construction but if there is no construction work he is sitting idol. We addressed these two strata. We thought the building and construction will offer labor to a labor.  Secondly, the establishment of factories will open new opportunities of labor for them.

Thirdly, we thought that the educated lot should be taken into IT and telecommunication. They will have opportunity to have jobs in this sector and it has been in our focus. We focused on building and construction, telecommunication, IT and new factories. There is a great progress has been made in each area. Telenor and Al-warid have launched their mobile companies in which young generation have been offered a job of 50-60 thousands. It has taken such leaps and bounds that there were just 6 lakh mobile phones in Pakistan but now more than 10 millions mobile are functioning in Pakistan and it is projected to 35 million in future. Telecommunication engineers or operators are having great jobs in Pakistan.

New factories are being established in Pakistan. Foreign investment and local investors are encouraged and they are setting their factories in Pakistan. If you go to Lahore and Karachi the industry which once was running on 50 percent capacity are now running on 100 percent capacity and all of them are expanding.

Only in textile sector there is an investment of 4 billion dollars within last three years. I was talking to an industrialist of Lahore and he told me that they use to hire a labour at Rs 96 on daily wages basis but the labour was been given only up to Rs 60 to 70 and on even that much amount labour was happy to come and work all the day due to poverty. Now the industrialists are saying that they are short of labour even requesting and offering them 130 to 140 rupees daily wage but the labour refuse to come. So therefore this is the industrial boom which has come to Pakistan and jobs are available for every 3 one.

If you look at the Automobile sector specially the manufacturing side the work has been going on there in three shifts which was once going on at one shift so there is a job creation and indication that industries are running on their full capacity. Now there is a boom in Information technology in Pakistan, India was making billions of dollars in Information technology because they have the infrastructure but since 2001 we are focusing on building the infrastructure and now 2000 cities of Pakistan are interconnected with each other through internet. Fiber optics which is the back bone of IT was only in 40 cities before but now 1000 cities are connected with fiber optics network covering wide range area. The band width cost of just 2 megabytes was 86,000 dollars which we had to pay is now 2000 dollars because of the building of infrastructure and out sourcing and Alhamdollillah IT sector is progressing in Pakistan. Now talk of the building and construction sector the value of the property is going high and the construction is booming that it very difficult now to find any skilled labour around in Pakistan.

In Karachi we are planning to make a tallest building of the world just for the sake of pride. We should be feeling proud enough that if others can make it why can’t we make it. There is a tallest water jet of the world in Geneva but now on 14th August this year we will make the tallest water jet of the world in Karachi.

If you look at the media environment we allowed dozens of channels like ARY, Geo, Indus vision, Hum and Aaj etc many more are in the pipeline so we open out the media and now the freedom of expression is there in Pakistan. Every one is welcome to openly criticize anyone including me. There was only one channel that uses to cover the events but now there are so many channels which are covering lots of events, jobs are being provided to the people by these channels.

Therefore there is an activity generated, starting from the labour to the industrialist and in every sector of Pakistan. The people who are saying that there is no growth in Pakistan and common man is still poor are simply telling a lie or ignorant. One of the unfortunate thing which was happened in 1994 was the thermal electricity. Before 1994 we were use to make 60 percent of the electricity from hydro electricity which cost us 50 to 60 paisa per unit but in 1994 we invited 14 IPPs (Independent Power Producers) all of them make electricity from oil and the rate which was given to them was 5 Rs per unit. The tragedy was the whole ratio turns up side down now the 70 percent of the electricity is being generated from the oil and 30 percent is from water now again we have to reverse it.

Pakistan has got a gas and we will buy it from other sources because we need gas for the growing industry. We have Thar coal which is the biggest reserve of the world. We have enough water that we can produce hydro electricity more than our requirement. We have nuclear technology and the alternate sources like solar and wind energy which we are producing. 100 megawatt power plant is going to be built in Badin but again unfortunately for the country we go for the thermal electricity.

There is a rule of demand and supply, when people got money they tend to spend more which increases the demand and decreases the supply due to which inflation occur. To control the inflation we have to import like we imported vegetables from India which brings the prices of the vegetable down so we are looking for such imports with which market could be regulated and inflation reduces. Govt is trying to do every thing to bring down the prices. The problems which we were facing were the accusations on us, against which we are fighting for the last 3, 4 years. The accusations were so severer that the results of those could also be so severe on us.

The first severe accusation by the international community on us was that whatever was happening in Afghanistan Pakistan is behind it. The world was saying that what ever happening in Kashmir is because of Pakistan they always said this is across border terrorism but we always said No it is a freedom struggle going on in Kashmir.

The world was saying that Pakistan is a Rogue state and playing a part of nuclear proliferators. The burden of these allegations was so immense that I was fence walking and trying to take the country of it. Secondly we are so much daring to fight a war alone against the whole world but to fight a war you must be some thing. The question is not of fighting alone we have to save our country and we did it and doing so in last few years. We have to move forward and Alhamdollillah with our decisions we became economically well we got assistance and debt relief. Our debt servicing liabilities went down, we will get F-16s and other things also moreover our economy is moving forward and Inshallah it will continue to do so.

It is our utmost desire to resolve the Kashmir issue peacefully according to the aspirations of Kashmiris. There are foreigners in our mountainous regions belong to Al-Qaeda who are spreading terrorism in Pakistan and outside the Pakistan, the question is should we allow them to do so? The attacks on me were masterminded by Abu Faraj Al Libbi but the pones were Pakistani. In all the terrorist acts the attackers were Pakistanis used by a mastermind who planes how to do it he gave the money, equipment and the training to the attackers. The mastermind is invariably the foreigner who is hiding in the mountains. The Mastermind picks the Pakistani terrorist and that Pakistani terrorist is connected with different terrorist organizations which maintain their own armies. Well we have only one army in Pakistan. So this is the terrorism and there is one another kind of terrorism in Pakistan the sectarian terrorism totally scattered in different sects killing each other. If we take action against them then they said we are killing our own people, we are not killing our own people we are after those foreigners who are masterminding the terrorist activities in Pakistan. I just want to tell you that there was an immense pressure which I faced is that we got bombing threats on our soil. They said if you cannot do it we will do it so imagine yourself if bombing started on us so the passed period was not that simple, we had a very difficult time in which we saved our country.

 I request you all that wherever you see extremism and hate campaigns against one and 4 other Muslim brother stop that and condemn that in your areas. Try to project peace harmony and inner values. Talk of real Islamic character, unity, love and harmony nor the talk of fighting and killing each other just leave that to ALLAH. If we take Pakistan out of extremism and bring tolerance, balance, acceptance of views in our society. We have to set an example for others so that other desire to become like us.

 We have the capabilities to take Pakistan to the highest level of glory the thing is our intentions should be clear. I just want to make one thing clear about myself that whatever I speak is what I 5 thought and keep close to my heart I am not a hypocrite.

 What I have said are the ground realities and Pakistan is prospering and we will take Pakistan far ahead, Insha-ALLAH!


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