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President address to the Pakistani Community, Philippines

21 April 2005, Philippines

It is indeed a privilege for me to talk with the Pakistani community here, it is more a privilege because as the ambassador has said you are one and you belong to only one party that is Pakistan. Unfortunately in the past we were not on the rise, we felt that we are going down and we are not capable of rising that was the kind of disappointment that kept in our society. Now my job today is to give you a very realistic feel of your country Pakistan and I don’t believe in giving false claims or giving false hopes. I believe in taking a very realistic view of the environment so that we understand where we are, what is our future, what are we capable of doing and what are the dangers that we confront. I thought of giving you a very bird’s eye view for Pakistan from all perspectives.

Today Pakistan is at a stage where we are involved directly or indirectly in every important issue of the world. Therefore if we can manage ourselves in all theses issues we will progress and we will gain stature for ourselves but if we do not then there is danger of going into the pick and being marginalized. So I keep saying that we are at the cross roads and we have never been at such a cross road before where if we are performing well will take us to a new height to prestige honor and dignity of the world and not performing will marginalized us. I feel we are not on a level ground where we can carry on doing nothing and we perform as we are I think we will fall and marginalized. Therefore it is essential to realize that failure is not an option we have to succeed and Inshallah we will and we are.

Now lets take a world overview first. The world is in turmoil as we know there are bomb attacks, suicide attacks, killings and the world leaders whether it is President Bush or Chancellor Shrewder, President Chirac, Tony Blair, Prime minister of Japan or China or the Muslim leaders everyone knows that the world is in turmoil so what should be done and what can be done. When I meet them this is what the discussion is and I give my views to them. The thing is that they think that Pakistan being a leading Muslim country can do something for the world and that’s why they discuss theses things with me so this is the world and where they place Pakistan.

Then lets talk of the Muslim Ummah which unfortunately is in the most miserable condition and in the entire centre of the world there are few Muslims but it is also the fact that the most rich people of the world are also Muslims despite that the Muslims community is poor but they are individually rich. Muslims are the most illiterate, literacy level is low and poverty level is worst over and above total disunity. Second important thing is that every member of the Ummah thinks Pakistan is to show the way, the only nuclear power of 150 million people should show the way. Now the question is are we capable of doing something, should we contribute to the world because if we do we gain stature. I think we are capable and we should contribute to the Ummah.

I presented a strategy of enlightened moderation for the emancipation of Ummah because Muslims should improve their position first.

There are two ways in front of Ummah as well as Pakistan .One is confrontation course and second is intellectual progress. We need to concentrate on our socio economic development to improve our problems. This enlightened moderation has the same two pronged strategy and we must also reject the issue of extremism and terrorism. I have always told President Bush that “you must resolve disputes” because Muslims are involved in every political dispute, failure is no more an option and you are the one who can resolve them otherwise the root cause of terrorism and extremism will not be eliminated, root cause is alienation, deprivation, hopelessness and powerlessness. These are the reasons which force the poor illiterate people to become victim of terrorism. So we must focus on the situation prevailing in the world and I am very glad that when I presented this strategy in Kaulalumpur and I said that we have to restructure the OIC because it is meaningless and impotent if it has no standing in the world. So how can we deal with the world organization, projecting the cause of Ummah and emancipation within ourselves?

The restructuring of OIC is taking place we have nominated Mushahid Hussain and also presented our ideas which are very much being accepted. A special OIC summit will also take place after the restructuring of OIC and we are planning to hold it in Khana Kaaba where all accept the new OIC structure 2 with recognition and then try to promote the Ummah according to the new structure of the OIC.

This is the role to improve the condition of the Ummah and the world in large. Now the important thing is if we have the capability we can contribute in this role of the Ummah we have to be strong enough to perform this role. In my opinion a country’s strength is based on two pillars which are military and economic pillars respectively. We have Russian example before us military pillar was strong but because of the lack of economic strength it collapsed. Military pillar of Pakistan is Alhumdullilah very strong and it is based on strategy of defence and deterrence. We have quantified this strategy. We have worked out forces strategy for the next 15 years.

We have the resources available to us as well and we will maintain our military potential. Now we have another important issue which is economy. This was the main issue confronting when I came in the scene in 1999.we have to correct the economy to improve any sector of the society.

Now Pakistan has taken off because all macroeconomic indicators are positives, the foreign exchange reserve, debt has been reduced for the first time in the history of Pakistan, GDP has grown to 6.4% now it will cross 7% despite the drag on the development of economy because of oil prices but we are taking measures now there are different areas like exports, revenue generation has increased to 90 or 100%. In 1999 revenue generation was three hundred and four billion rupees now we are going to cross five hundred and seventy billion rupees we have almost doubled. in 1999 exports were 7.86 billion dollars and we have never crossed 9 billion in history I am sure now we are able to cross 14 billion dollars theses are the achievements because we have been able to control fiscal deficit, balance of payment use to be in deficit every year .we converted this and now the balance of payment is 2 billion dollars surplus because there is 400% increase in remittances. We have also increased our imports since it is sign of momentum of the industry so we have changed the parameters. No country of the world has entered the PRGF (poverty reduction and growth facility) and left it, Pakistan is the only country of the world which has entered it and left it. We should feel pride that we don’t go to ask but we go to give.

Now I would like to present some indicators from which you could judge what have kissan gained so far. The 70%of our population is in villages we adopted a policy which presented Kissan package and other measures of correct support prices at the correct time. cotton record 11 million in last two or three years now it will be 15 million based, wheat which was 16 million tons now it will cross 22 million tons this all happened because of government’s intervention so it gives farmer profit of 60 billion rupees. The industries are being increased to 100%, now farmers have excess to 100 billion rupees, all banks are supposed to give them loans so the additional money is also coming through the crops so the farmer has benefited from it we are also focusing on other issues to comfort them we want their needs to be satisfied and we want their areas to be provided with water to enhance the agricultural growth. There is plan for dams and canals. We also have to save water which is available to us. We have invested 66 billion rupees for the lining of canals so all this will go towards improving poverty condition as more money will go in the hands of the farmers at the grass root level. Then we are also promoting agro based industry so all these areas need to be addressed and we have to introduce white revolution in Pakistan we will initiate all this despite the fact that we ought to be producing this.

The second apprehension was to stop cross border terrorism in Kashmir the entire world was saying this not only India. China, Japan, and United States, Europe every one has said to stop this cross border terrorism. We have said so many times about 1000 times that this is a freedom struggle but world says it as cross border terrorism and there was serious accusations that you must stop it. Then comes the nuclear issue of A Q Khan in which the whole world felt that all the nuclear proliferation is from Pakistan and Pakistan is a rouge state and must be punished.

Last of all the world thought we are extremist militant intolerant society. These four accusations are very serious accusations against Pakistan due to which sanctions could be impose on us, our country could become under sever bombing, our nuclear missile and assets 3 could come under threat and even the Kashmir cause could be finished due to this. So this was the danger we have faced but Allhamdollilah we took corrective measures and what were the corrective measures? First of all we fought Al-Qaeda on our borders and in the cities and Alhamdollilah we have broken there back. In the last ten months and above you would not have heard any terrorist attack in Pakistan. Now differentiate between terrorist attack and sectarian terrorist attack, yes there has been few sectarian incidents that are totally different they are targeting each other. Secondly focus terrorist attacks that bomb blast some where, suicide attacks on me or on Prime minister or any others are all now finished because we have broken the back of Al-Qaeda specially the mastermind. Mastermind are the people who are equipping and giving training to the people to carry out the terrorist attack we have break them apart now they are some where hiding in the mountains.

Therefore there is no threat on us that we are suicide bombers now the world is saying that Pakistan Army has done a great job of controlling terrorism.

We are more dignified now and I think I am proud of the forces that have done this job and we have delivered because we have suffered casualties also. We have improved and we have done a job for the world. Now when the world leaders met me they greet us and appreciate us for what we have done for the world and for the fight against terrorism. Terrorist are sitting in our tribal areas and operating their activities so the world demanded that if you cannot do this we can do it by bombing in these areas.


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