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President Addess to Nation

21 July 2005

“My dear countrymen! It has been long since I addressed you last time. A number of developments and incidents have taken place in our region, around the globe and the Muslim world. And internally, we are passing through a delicate phase in our history. I think at this stage the nation needs unity and understanding the issues in their proper perspective. So I thought it a proper time to address you.

I would like to review briefly the regional and international situation and the state of affairs in the Muslim world. I would also like to dwell on internal matters in detail. We need to talk about the world because we or for that matter any other country does not exist in a vacuum. We have to have contacts and maintain relations with the world. We have to develop trade and economic ties with the members of the international community. I believe that without maintaining relations with other countries, no country can achieve development and progress. Progress is not possible without getting oneself with rest of the world.

If we look at the world, we see it passing through turbulence. Bomb blasts and suicide bombings are taking place. A number of innocent lives are being lost all around. Upon examination we will find out that these are the Muslims who are the perpetrators and these are the Muslims again who are suffering. This is our misfortune. It is all the more regrettable that whenever such incidents of terrorism are occurred our country directly or indirectly gets linked to these acts of terrorism. Either the accused may have lived here, passed through our country or traveled to Afghanistan through our territory. This is a matter of grave concern and sadness for me.

I see these incidents as tarnishing the image of Islam in the world and the world is beginning to see Islam as sanctioning intolerance, extremism and terrorism. I refute this kind of thinking and strive to project Islam in its true perspective as a religion which gives message of peace and brotherhood. But as they say in English that actions speak louder than words. Actions outweigh words due to which the religion is being subjected to disrepute. Recently, an act of terrorism occurred in London. We condemn it very strongly. I think whosoever are involved in this act are not human beings. If they are carrying out these acts in the name of Islam, we know that killing of one innocent person amounts to murder of the entire humanity. I fail to understand as to what kind of Islam they are following.

The question is who is at the receiving end. It is Pakistan and the Pakistanis living there who are suffering. What have the terrorists achieved from these acts except Infamy, disrepute and exacerbation of the plight of the Muslims and added more trouble for the Muslims. This is what they have managed to achieve. I am at a loss to understand their strategy.

At this point I would like to say something in English. I would like to send a message to Prime Minister Tony Blair and his Government. We very strongly condemn this act of terrorism. I don’t think that the perpetrators of this act can be called human beings. We stand together in this struggle and fight against terrorism right to the end till we emerge victorious against them and eliminate them. Having said that I would like to express some concern at aspersions in the media is being cast on Pakistan. We certainly have a problem here which we are trying to address very strongly. But may I say that England also has a problem which needs to be addressed. Three out of the four accused people in London bombings are accused to be Pakistanis. The fourth one is from Jamaica. I really don’t know if the aspersion on three Pakistanis is that they got indoctrinated when they came to Pakistan, where did the Jamaican got his indoctrination. The other issue that I would like to raise is that these three, if they are Pakistanis they are from Pakistani parentage, they happened to be British. They had been born, bred and educated in England.

There are extremist organizations in the United Kingdom – Hizbul Tahreer and Al-Muhajaroon, who operate with full impunity in that area. They had the audacity to pass an edict against my 2 life and yet they operate with impunity. I know that they also give sermons of hate, anger and violence. Therefore, I would like to say that there is a lot to be done by Pakistan and may I suggest that there is a lot to be done in England also.

 The correct strategy to deal with this is to encourage and support each other rather than speaking against each other and weakening the overall cause. As I said we are together in the fight against terrorism, we need to remain together and fight it together.

Now I want to speak about the Muslim Ummah. A look at the Muslim Ummah would reveal that it is mired in abysmal conditions and is in turmoil. It is on a descendant course, going from bad to worse with the passage of time. We possess 70 percent of world energy and 40 percent of natural resources. Yet we are the poorest, the most illiterate and lag behind in the social sector. This is a knowledge-based world. If any country sets upon scaling progress, it has to do so by acquiring expertise in science. The situation in Pakistan has come to such a pass that when we ask Madressah to teach science subjects to their pupils. They say we will impart religious education alone. So, how can we move forward in such a scenario? I would like to remind these Madressah that the word “Ilm” (Knowledge) has been used 800 times in the Holy Quran. After words Allah and Rub, this is the most frequently used word. Ilm (Knowledge) is also worldly ilm (Knowledge). So we should teach our children both religious and worldly knowledge so that the graduating students may join the mainstream of national life and take up professions of their choice. Pakistan’s future and destiny is linked with the Islamic Ummah and that is why I would like to talk about it.

That is also essential as we are also an Islamic country. Not only that but Pakistan is the only ideological country, carved out for the Muslims of the region. Therefore, we are the most important part of the Muslim world. In addition to that Pakistan is playing a lead role in the fight against extremism and terrorism. Therefore, we should focus our energy on steering the entire Muslim Ummah forward.

Now I would like to talk about the region which I consider necessary in view of what we have gone through during the last 26 years. There are very people who realize it, therefore, it is important to be discussed here. This turbulence was commenced in 1979 with Russian invasion in Afghanistan. The West, United States launched a “Jihad” against Soviet Union. Pakistan was in the lead role of “Jihad” against invasion because Pakistan had major concern over Russian invasion. We were facing two front threats that were Eastern and then Western borders. It was threat as Russia wanted its access to warm water. Therefore, our decision to join coalition to launch a Jihad against Russia was an appropriate decision. This “Jihad” was fought by Afghanis themselves. Then 20-30 thousand Muslim Mujahideen were brought to Afghanistan. They were trained, equipped and financed via Pakistan and launched in Afghanistan. Students of Pakistani Madressah were also trained, equipped and financed to lunch them against Russian invasion in Afghanistan. These were the people who had been fighting a “jihad” for ten years in Afghanistan under the support of West and Pakistan. The Russian forces withdrew after ten years from Afghanistan and so were done by the forces that were supporting Afghan jihad. Pakistan was left isolated to face the music of the situation emerged out of Afghan “Jihad”. Then a civil war broke out in Afghanistan. The tribal lords waged a war against each other. Afghanistan was left alone to face a destruction which caused the migration of 4 million refugees into Pakistan. Taliban emerged in 1995-96 as a destruction of Afghanistan was going on. The 20-30 thousand imported Mujahideen were still in Afghanistan. Some of them resided in Afghanistan and other sneaked through the tribal areas of Pakistan. A big cache of ammunition, arms and weapons were dumped in the Pakistani border belt and Afghanistan. This was the historical scenario of last 26 years that damaged the national fabrics of Pakistan. Militancy and Kalashnikov culture permeate into our society. Al- Qaeda has penetrated into our cities and mountainous areas. Dozens of Mujahideen organizations have mushroomed in cities which recruit the people openly, train them, collect donations and publish and distribute jihadi literature. This practice has been going on for last 25 years that played havoc with our society. Political elements exploit situation for their own political interests. I want to ask these terrorists and extremist of their objectives they want to achieve from such activities. Do they aim at the glory of Islam? Do they think their acts will get a glory of Islam? They will get nothing out of their misdeeds or terrorism, it is their misunderstanding. It will bring bad infamy and destruction of the Muslim. 3

Now I want to ask some thing from my dear country men. Do you want Pakistan to play some role to bring betterment in the world, Islamic Ummah and its region? Do we have such potential to perform such role? I n my view, we have potentials to lead this world, Islamic Ummah and the region towards peace and betterment. We should play our role to enhance the glory of the country. This world is a common heritage and we should make it a better place for our future generations otherwise they have to face its destruction. We should help out Ummah to resolve its political issue and play our role in helping Ummah to better its socio-economic situation. Keeping in view the role of Pakistan in Ummah and world, I presented the strategy of “Enlightened Moderation” in Ummah and world. It is a two pronged strategy. One prong implies Muslim to reject terrorism and extremism and raised its voice against it. Sides by sides it should concentrate on the socio-economic progress of public so that Ummah can move forward. We have to alter our descendant course in to ascendant course. Second prong demands the West and US to find out a just resolution of all the political issue which is being confronted by Muslim Ummah. It is responsibility of West and US to resolve such issue and help out us and Ummah in our socio-economic development. So in my view this strategy will be success of all and especially of Ummah. We will be able to get the solution of our political issues and our socio-economic will grow better.

I am pleased that the strategy of Enlightened Moderation has been approved in the last OIC meeting. Eminent Person Conference has held its three sitting. They have laid out their recommendations to give a new dynamism, new name and new charter to OIC. I proposed the formulation of a new department of Islamic Thought which should comprise of true Islamic represent, conscious and educated scholars to convey the true Islamic spirits to the Ummah and the world. If these recommendations are approved and adopted in Foreign Ministers meeting, its final adoption in Special meeting in Makkah will be a big event. It is my try to lead Ummah in this direction for the betterment of Ummah and world through Enlighten Moderation.

We are holding dialogues to restore peace in our region and to find out a just resolution of disputes between Pakistan-India. The resolution of Kashmir dispute is top at the list. We want the resolution of Kashmir issue in accordance with the aspiration of the people of Kashmir. I am hope we will manage to resolve our all bilateral issue including Kashmir dispute. Now I want to discuss our internal problems. I would like to tell briefly that what we have been able to achieve in these 5 years. We have achieved an international stature, standing in Ummah, our economy is stabilized which will be strengthened in years to come.

We have laid a laid the foundation of real democracy in Pakistan which will not derail in the future. Now our focus is to transfer these benefit to the public of Pakistan. I am committed to the prosperity and progress of the people and pay a personal heed to eradicate the poverty and unemployment. I am committed to sole water issue. 66 billion rupees are allocated for the brick lining of the water courses. The issue of major dams will also be resolve soon. I will pay attention to the betterment of education and health at grass root level. Safe drinking water availability and provision of electricity will be ensured till 2007. These are the basic points of my attention. Now we have to work on two things that is to bring provincial harmony and religious and sectarian balance in the society. These are the hurdles which are gnawing our society like a termite. So far as provincial harmony is concerned, there has been some mistakes made in past. Most of the development projects and development packages are going in small provinces.

They have some demands about NFC Award but I am pleased to tell you that the Chief Ministers of four provinces have given me this authority to announce the NFC Award in National Finance Meeting. So issue will be resolved soon. Concurrent list is being examined by Parliamentarian and I hope we will reach out of its just conclusion. I hope that there will be a complete harmony among the province as they will be allocated their rights equally. I hope that my country men will support me in the issue of major dams. We have had flood in River Kabul, Chitral, and Sawat and the water is wasted. This reservoir of water can’t be stopped by Basha dam which is situated at a height. Had we had KBD, we would have not only been able to save our country from flood but also it would have been stored a reservoir of water which would help us for the next crops.

Therefore, I appeal to my countrymen and especial to people to Sindh and NWFP that they should support me. I assure you that my each step would be taken in the supreme national interest. Now I would like to talk about the need of the religious and sectarian harmony.

I want to make it clear that I am not in the conceit of being “Alim” but none should doubt upon my 4 Islamic identity. I am a Syed and God has conferred upon me an honour which a few have had. The doors of Khana Kaba are opened when ever I visit there. I happened to enter Khana Kaba six times. Once, the inner door of Khana Kaba called “Tuba” was opened for me. I mounted the roof of Kaba and raised the slogan of “Allah-u-Akbar” from a place where Hazrat Billal happened to say his “Azan”. The door of “Roza Rasool” is opened for me on my visit to Madina. Therefore, none should criticize or question on my Muslim identity.

There is no religious controversy in Pakistan as 98 % Muslims reside in Pakistan. Pakistan is only ideological country which was carved out for the Muslim of this region. Islam resides in our blood, soul and lives. Our existence is dependant of it. It is not the matter of concern that who is better Muslim than other but the matter is what Islam we should have in Pakistan.

Is that the same Islam which is based on some traditional approaches and displayed by Taliban or the Islam which teaches us height of character, high objectives and our responsibilities to society and nation? Islam is a “Deen” that is a way to lead a life that is more than a religion. It emphasizes on “Haqooq-ul-Ibad” rather than “Haqooq Ullah”. Islam leads us towards “Ilm”, contemplation, thought, review, “Ijtehad” and “Ijmah”.

It teaches us peace, progress, prosperity, enlightenment, and moderation. The extremists and fundamentalist ignore the moderate and high principle of the religion. They want to impose terrorist and extremist Islam that is conveying a negative impression of Islam across the world. Pakistani society is divided into three sections in the wake of happening of last 25 years. On the one side there is a conservative group, on the other hand there is an enlightened moderate and educate group. In between them there is mass who has little education. It has been confused about Islam. They are wondering if terrorism and extremism is true Islam or Islam is religion of high objectives or values. Unfortunately, the aforementioned enlightened moderate group left the responsibility of religious education to those conservatives. That has been happening in the last 50 years. Therefore, the responsibility of imparting the true preaching of Islam was left to extremists and conservatives. Masses couldn’t have been given the true guidance. Now it is our responsibility to take Islam out of the claws of these ignorant and take it toward its true essence. It is also essential because these conservatives have always been lagging behind.

I want to take out back into history. Muslims launched their freedom struggle which concluded into their defeat. After some time Sir Syed launched his Ali Gher Movement to realize Muslims to get modern education and education of English from these English men. A “Fatwa” was issued against him by the same conservatives to declare him infidel. The history is witness that those were “Aligh” who launched Pakistan movement and formulated Muslim League in 1906. They finally carved out Pakistan. Then printing presses were introduced in sub continent but the conservatives banned presses. They announced the punishment of execution for the one who printed the copy of Quran.

There was the ideology of Iqbal and execution of Quaid in Pakistan movement but again they issued “Fatwa” against Iqbal and branded Quaid with title of infidel. Pakistan came into being in 1947 in spite of their opposition. Kashmir Jihad was launched in 1948 but the leadership of conservatives announced that all those who participated in this “Jihad” would have faced a death worst than an animal. These were their words. Bangladesh was emerged in 1971. It was a misfortune that we couldn’t unite Pakistan. Pakistani leadership showed their willingness to accept Bangladesh provided Sheikh Mujeeb came to Pakistan. It was a right step but they people launch procession and rallies against it. Same people are also against the peaceful resolution of Pak-India bilateral political disputes as they want to fight every where in the world. Therefore, I wanted to mark out those people. They are lagging behind and can’t keep themselves abreast with the present world. So, Pakistan will also lag behind if they try to create any hurdle in the way of Pakistan’s progress.

My dear country men you should help me out in dealing with extremists and terrorists and strengthen me against such elements. Don’t get in the words of extremists. They are rendering damage to Pakistan and would have been rendering damage to Pakistan. They are creating problems for Pakistani people and defaming Pakistani repute. They are spreading enmities and turbulence in the society. I would request you to not cast your vote to such conservatives and extremists. Cast your vote to those who are moderate and want to lead people to prosperity and progress. Now I would like to tell about some administrative measurements which I deem suitable to remove the extremism from the society and to lead society towards the peace, solidarity, and brotherhood. Govt has made up these decisions.

Therefore, all the law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies have been intimated about the order. Any banned organization can’t reappear under any other name. A sever action will be taken against the leaders if any body 5 found guilty of it. A strict action would be taken against the possession of unlicensed arms and their demonstration. All the hand bills, journals, papers, pamphlets, audio video cassettes and their writers, publishers and distributors would be brought in to book for a sever action. Extremists and banned organization have no right to collect donations and if any body does it a sever action will also be taken against him. A mosque will not be used to transmit a sermon that propagates hatred. A sever action would be launched against the responsible “Khateeb” in case of violation. All Madressah and schools must be registered till this December. I have been repeating this request for last three years. So finally I request the owner of these Madressah that why don’t they support me. I want children of their Madressah to get religious as well as worldly knowledge so that they can be give scholarship to get educated in better institutes. They can have a choice to opt for the profession of doctor, engineer or a banker. What is wrong in my proposal that threatens their Islam (God Forbidden)? Therefore, support me by accepting my request. I have formulated a special sell that will be very helpful in this regard. I hope you will contribute in it by registering your Madressah and assist us to serve u in a better way in making batter environment of Madressah and future of your children.

My dear country men I ask for you support for Pakistan and for true Islam. Stand up and launch a Jihad against extremism and propagators of enmity and anarchy. Be proud Pakistani and rest assured of its bright future. May God save us from extremists and help us to follow a true Islam. May God be Custodian of all of us. Pakistan Painda Bad”.


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