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President Address to Public Gathering in Khanewal

19 December 2005, Khanewal

Governor Punjab, Chief Minister Punjab, Minister for Railways, District Nazim, all the Provincial and Federal Ministers, PML members and all the people who come here from far flung areas to listen to me.

I am proud of you all. Also I would like to tell the male audience that we have to look after our sisters, daughters and mothers. The nation cannot move forward until we will women the equal right, justice and provide development opportunities in all the fields. Islam gives full protection to the women. To provide justice to the women is exactly according to the teachings of Islam. There are types of progressive people in Pakistan. First are the women, second are the minorities, and the poor people of Pakistan. These are the people towards who require more attention, because they are currently lagging behind, now we have to bring improvement in their lives. Now we have to change our lives and with full intention and dedication. We have to look forward.

 Today I have inaugurated the dual carriage railway from Khanewal to Raiwand. The South Punjab, which was deprived for long and there were only few development projects were going, here the people were realizing that they have been ignored, that has gone now. Now since 2000, the development is going well and full concentration is being paid on South Punjab people. Now maximum amount will be allocated for your area and the areas which was ignored and were deprived off, will be paid more attention.

Ladies and gentlemen I want to tell you about the Railways, which is the best source of transportation of the goods, for trade, for passenger traffic, have not been done enough in Railways in the last 10 to 12 years. But we have started the improvements in Railways since 2000. And now the Minister is doing well and he is a revolutionist. He is doing a lot of work for Railways. We are brought the new revolution in Railways. First the Lodahra to Khanewal section was completed. Now it has been extended upto Raiwand. Here the speed of the train is 80 km/hr where as in the world the trains are running at a speed of 300 to 400 km/hr. We are lagging very much behind. We are talking of meter gauge and broad gauge, whereas the world is moving towards standard gauge. So we have to move very quickly to match with the world. But with the completion of dual carriageway the trains would run at 140 kilometers and this project would be finished by Dec.2007, InshAllah. We have to move forward with this same speed. The whole nation, the Railway and FWO officers and workers deserve heartiest congratulations for accomplishing this historic job which will be completed only in one year instead of the stipulated five year period. While bullet and magnetic 2 levitation trains had been introduced in many countries whereas we are having trains which will run around 140 km/hr, so we have to make more solid planning so that we can also catch up with the world, after the dualisation of Lahore-Pindi track the trains should run at a speed of 250-300 km per hour on this section, and also the whole system from Peshawar to Karachi should be on the standard gauge. This track should be extended to Hawalian to Khanjurab Pass and to China. We have to take that Railway track from Gawadar to Quetta and then to Kandahar and that similar track should go to Zahidan and Tehran. So if we do that then Pakistan would be at the center of Iran, Afghanistan and China. And through this we move to Kazakhstan Tajikistan and Kyrgystan. We will link all those to our ports and this is based on our future vision thinking. And this should be our aim and destination.

Today Pakistan is moving towards the right direction and progressing well. This is true that we are moving forward, economically, and our status in the world and in Muslim Ummah has increased manifolds. Due to this the whole world is looking towards us and they want to help us, want to support us. Today the Pakistan’s economy is strong. InshAllah we will make it stronger so that this process of country’s development will continue. The western countries first of all developed the transportation system and therefore no country can make progress without developing a strong transportation system. Therefore if we take roads, M2 road was developed few years ago and that road was developed at a very high cost and there loan was paid by us when we came in 1999. That was the only one motorway. Now today there is M1 motorway, from Peshawar to Islamabad/Rawalpindi, which will be completed next year. M3 motorway, from Lahore to Faisalabad, which is complete, M4 motorway, from Faisalabad to Multan, which will soon be started, so this is all the development going on, and the network of roads will be laid across Punjab. Also are the bypasses, under passes and fly overs will be build and are in progress. Also if we look in Balochistan, long roads were built. The costal highway of 850 km was built. The Gawadar to Rato Dero road of 950km is in progress and will be ready in 2 years. Similarly in Frontier the Kohat tunnel was made so that it make easy to go through Indus Highway from Peshawar to Kohat.

Now the Lawari tunnel is in progress so that it could open the way towards Chitral. In the Northern Areas, all the beautiful mountain areas have been opened. So that you can drive by car from Chitral to Gilgit, Gilgit to Skardu, Kahgan to Gilgit through road, if we look Sindh similarly the network of roads is being laid, from Karachi to Hyderabad and to the other areas. Beside all this a new port has been made in Gawadar. Then look at the airports. Lahore airport has been made. New Islamabad airport inshAllah would be started soon. Multan and Gawadar airports will be made soon and the best facilities would be provided there. So this is all the transportation of Pakistan which consists of Railways, Roads, Airports and Ports and their link with each other. 3 Their outer links with China, Afghanistan, Central Asian Republics, this is our future of transport system. Beside this the construction activity is in full swing. Also the old factories are functioning now in full capacity and the new 100’s of factories have been made and are establishing.

Similarly, the cement factories are all functioning and only in Chakwal, four cement factories have been established, and their cement have been exported to Afghanistan and got the foreign exchange out of it. The number of motor cycles and cars has increased manifolds in rural areas. Look at the crops, in 1999 the support price of wheat was 240 rupees and now today it is 450 rupees. So it has been doubled. Similarly if you take cotton, the price has been increased from 700 to 1000. This is all the advantages you are getting and its positive impact on the rural areas. Since gas is in enough quantity here in Pakistan but still short of requirement. This is the indication of development in this sector.

Also in electricity sector there is a massive development and we are planning to make electricity by different means. The extension in Mangla Dam by 30 feet will be completed by next year. This will increase the water flow by 3 million acre. This is half of Terbela Dam. Beside this Mirani Dam, Subakzai Dam and Munda Dam are in progress. Work on Bhasha Dam has been started, from which we will have 6 million acre feet water, and we have 400 MW electricity form it. I want to promise you here that the Kala Bagh Dam would be constructed by 2015. I have no doubt in my mind about it. I am not from those who say something and will never do it. But I always say things with full confidence.

Today Pakistan is moving forward and making progress. So this progress and development we have to continue to do it and make it forward. And if you help and support will be with me then we will InshAllah take it to that point where the Atomic Nation should have to be.

There are still many problems in Pakistan but we have to make proper planning for solving those problems. We will solve the problem one by one. Every problem can not be solved at once. But it is my promise that I will solve these problems one by one and we will InshAllah move forward towards prosperity, and we will bring the improvement inshAllah. But we need patience in need because in the last 50 years not much has been done.

Particularly before 1999, we were totally on the verge of destruction. The world was considering us a failed state. But today I have not even a minor doubt that this nation has the ability and it has its strong view. We have our own resources; we have been given the resources and also have given us the fertile land. God have given us the five rivers, and number of small rivers. God has given us all the resources and we will become the new emerging and respectful nation. This economic gain should be utilized and spend on unemployment and poverty alleviation. Also bring the inflation rate down. But I want to tell you that when the economy is growing then there is always problems come in the way. But the Government is concentrating on it to bring the prices down and make the economy strong. Also the basic facilities should be provided such as electricity, 4 gas and clean drinking water, and InshAllah all the remaining 476 villages of Khanewal would get electricity by Dec 2007. And at least 6000 filtration plants up till December 2006, will be setup in every union council, inshAllah. Also in the health and education sector, we are concentrating more on this side.

I am very happy that Chief Minister Punjab is fully concentrating on education and health. This is the way forward. 70% of the natural and mineral resources are in Muslim Ummah. But Muslims are the poorest. We are the most backward. And the small countries of the west are in front of us. Because they are more qualified, but our Government is fully concentrating on education and you need to help us. Send your children to the schools. and also to the universities as you might know that there are nine engineering universities are opening here. These would be world standard universities.

Our other planning is to give the technical education to give you technical expertise so that you can earn more money. So InshAllah we will open technical institute at every union council level of high standard. So that those children can go their and learn skills in different technical fields and earn money. It will reduce the poverty, backwardness and unemployment. Khanewal Railway station would be remodeled and a new best railway station would be setup here. The bridge on Chenab River would be planned in next year financial year. Also I request the Chief Minister Punjab and Minister Railways to give the property rights to the residents who are living in the Railway colony. Also we should make four model villages in Khanewal for the minorities. Also Islam tells us to give equal rights to the minorities and give equal justice to them. Also our leader Quaid-i-Azam reiterates the same equal rights and justice for minorities. I also announce an auditorium to be constructed here in this school.

There is only one hindrance in the way of progress of the country that is the extremism and the terrorism. We have to stop this. Government is trying its best. This extremism is in our Balochistan and also in our tribal agencies. When we want to counter them, then there are certain elements here that lie to the public and want to misguide them. The so-called champions of Islam were trying to mislead the people by saying that 80 terrorists who were killed in Bajaur attack were not terrorists but kids. They are lying. I have checked the whole thing myself from all aspects and have found that they were terrorists.

Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam and no law against the spirit of Islam can be enacted in the country. I do not call terrorists as Muslims. This terrorism and suicide is not part of Islam and it doesn’t teach us at all. There are certain elements here who bring the people in darkness and miss-guide them. So support those people who want to bring Pakistan in the right forward direction. Those people who are misleading are pushing Pakistan to the wrong and misleading direction. They are working against the Muslim Ummah. So we have to reject them. We have to oppose them. So help me in suppressing those elements that are bringing bad name to the Islam. I am thankful to you all. Pakistan always. Pakistan Paindabad.


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