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President address to Punjab Regimental Center, Dargai

14 November 2006

Officers, JCO’s, NCO’s and Jawans of Punjab Regimental Centre: Assalam-o- Alaikum.

I had a plan to come to your inauguration ceremony but could not due to the busy schedule. But I have come because of the tragic incident and to meet and talk to you. Because of this terrible incident, 42 of your fellow members were martyred and more than 31 injured. I pray to God that all those who were martyred get a place in Paradise. May He give patience to their relatives and courage to bear the loss of their lives. This is a very big loss for those families and a big loss for Punjab Regiment Center, Pakistan Army and Pakistan. I have great sorrow and grief over these deaths and therefore I came here myself to talk to you.

 We are all Muslims and we have our faith in Islam. We know the importance of Shahadat in Islam. Shahadat has been given high status in Islam. Therefore, I would say that when we join Army and wear this uniform is to defend this Nation and fight against our enemies. We take oath to defend and fight for the Country that we will shed our lives for the defense of this Country, if given a chance. This is our determination and we pray to God that may He protect us. We are not worried about Shahadat because we know the status of Shahadat.

When I came into Army 40 years ago, I did not know that 1965 War would start. And then after six years another war would start. We have to take different actions and we don’t worry about Shahadat. Once we wear this uniform we don’t worry about anything because of our strong faith in Shahadat and strong heart. But we have great sorrow and grief that our own brothers and friends were martyred. Still we are not worried about this and our morale should not be low. We will pray for them and take care of their families.

If we see at our history, what our forefathers have sacrificed in the creation of this Nation and still are giving their lives for this Nation. Our forefathers have scarified their lives for this Country and gave us independence. Now, we have to maintain this independence and freedom and have to make this Country stronger. We have to keep our Country safe from internal or external threats. You know the history of your own Punjab Regiment that people like Nishan-e-Haider Captain Sarwar, Major Aziz Bhatti, Major Tufail, Lance Naik Mahfooz belong to this Regiment. They have scarified their lives for the defense of this Country. And they earned the Honor for this Regiment. Those who were martyred, I have full belief that their Shahadat will never go waste. This war is against terrorists and terrorism.

Terrorism and extremism will destroy us if we don’t act against them now. We have to deal with this. The biggest bad luck is that this has been done in the name of Islam. Whether those 42 killed were less Muslims or weak 2 Muslims, we all have to die one day and be answerable for our acts. God has never allowed anybody to decide who is less or weaker Muslim. No one has this authority except Allah. And you know suicide is forbidden in Islam. It’s Haram in Islam.

Muslims have ruled this world because of their significant acts. They were united at that time. There was unity among Muslims. There was strength at that time. But today we Muslims are getting weaker and going down in every field of life due to our own actions. At that time, they were better Muslims. There was no sectarianism. Today we have to say, with great regret, that we are divided in different sects. We are killing one another. We are taking actions against each other. Some are doing bomb blasts, some are doing suicidal attacks. Muslims are destroying themselves. We have to protect our own Country. We have to stop all type of terrorism and extremism. We have to fight strongly against the terrorist because if you don’t fight against him, he will punish you. We don’t have to leave him. There are some extremist elements who think that they are right and they try to impose on others, which is wrong.

Thirdly, they kill those people who do not follow their teachings. This is against Islam and humanity. So, we will act against them. If we have unity among ourselves, we will act against those terrorists. We have to change the mindset of extremists that do not think negatively, bring peace, brotherhood, love and unity. We can face the external threats. So, we have to think about that. I have great sorrow and grief for our brothers and fellows who were martyred. Every Army uniformed person is a brother and friend. I know Punjab Regiment has done for those who were martyred financially and surely Army will do it. Our Army always does a lot for each other and especially for those who left this world. Also civil departments will help those martyred people. And we will provide all type of help to the injured people.

One always feels sorrow and grief for those who left this world never to come back. But we will give help any kind to their families. We will take care of those families at every cost and above their expectations. This is all what I have to say and may Allah give patience to Punjab Regiment personnel. Keep up you morale and don’t worry. As Muslims, don’t be afraid and worry about difficult time. This is the quality of a Muslim. They always regret these incidents but never worry or get afraid. I am happy that Brig Arjumand told me that you morale is good. The training continues and life never stops. So, look forward and realize your responsibilities.

Pakistan Paindabad! Khuda Hafiz


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