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President Address to the Nation, passage of 17th Amendment

2 January 2004

My Pakistani brothers and sisters Assalam-o-Alaekum,

The passage of the 17th Amendment Bill in the Parliament and the vote of confidence reposed in me by the Parliament and the four provincial assemblies is a landmark/historic decision. I am pleased that these decisions were made by all while keeping national interest supreme and above personal considerations. I am extremely thankful to all members of the parliament and members of the provincial assemblies for the vote of confidence. I want to assure all the parliamentarians that I shall live up to the confidence reposed in me. When I assumed office, political re-structuring was an important aspect of the seven point agenda. The political restructuring included the introduction of local government system and checks and balances at the federal level. Both these have been accomplished. With the 17th Amendment Bill and vote of confidence, I have fulfilled all the promises I made to the nation in the political field.

The elections were held within the stipulated time of three years, power has been transferred to the elected representatives and local government system has been put in place. I hope that for the establishment of sustainable democracy in the country, the National Security Council Bill would be introduced and passed by the Parliament as per the agreement. Let me assure all members of the parliament that despite the restoration of Article 58(2) b, this will be the first Parliament to complete its tenure of five years.

It is my pledge to the nations that now this is my responsibility to carry forwards the process of sustainable democracy and continues the reforms agenda, which is in the interest of the nation. This is my commitment. On this occasion, I invite the Opposition to listen to and understand the voice of the two third majority of the Parliament and give up its negative attitude and play a constructive role. Let’s all of us pledge to the country today that we shall strive together for the establishment of rule of law, elimination of terrorism, economic advancement and progress and prosperity of the people.

On this occasion of New Year and at the start of a complete democracy, let us pledge that everything we have is for Pakistan and all of us will keep Pakistan’s interest supreme and we will not hesitate to sacrifice for the country.

May Allah protect us all.”


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