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President address to Public Rally in Swat

30 July 2005

Mr. Khalil-u-Rehman, Governor Frontier Province, Engineer Ameer Muqam, President PML-Q NWFP, Mr. Aman Ullah Jadoon, Federal Minister for Petroleum, Mr. Mushahid Hussain, Secretary General PML-Q Pakistan and ladies and gentlemen Assalam-o-Alikum.

Firstly, I am very proud and pleased that I am addressing to such a big gathering of people who came a long way to listen me. Ameer Muqam has long been inviting me to visit Swat and address with people but I couldn’t find an opportunity to come and I feel sorry for it. But now I am proud of the fact that I have that I have come and held a detailed meeting with Mr. Governor and Mr. Ameer Muqam. I am really thankful for the cordiality and warmness you have shown to me. I am proud of you. I am thankful to Mr. Governor and Mr. Ameer Muqam that they have held such a big rally. I have long known Ameer Muqam and what I have realized that he is a brave and bold man which endears the progress and prosperity of his people and province since he has demanded me for so many development projects for NWFP province. I know how much he is concerned about your progress and prosperity. I really appreciate his approach.

First of all I would like to talk of all those projects and discussion which we have made. Just 22 crore allocated on different development projects in the past but let’s not discuss the past. First of all we discussed about the Lawari Tunnel which I promised with the people of Chitral and NWFP to link Chitral with NWFP. I came to know you need a sport stadium in this area. It is my priority to divert our attention on Sports. Therefore, I will direct minister of Sport and Culture to allot you 5 million rupees for the construction of a stadium. I have instructed NHA to built better roads for the area which will be financed by the Federal govt.

The Govt has laid out a plan to provide electricity in all the areas of Pakistan by 2007. Therefore, I promise that all the areas of your district will be provided electricity with in two years and this project will be financed by the Govt of Pakistan. I was told by Ameer Muqam that you have only one Grid station. I will direct WAPDA to repair the 220 Walt Grid Station should be repaired to restore the flow of electricity. I want to tell you that Govt is making every effort to produce more and more electricity and there is no dearth of resources and our intentions. Therefore, it is our effort to meet the need of electricity, install of hydro electricity plant, and purchasing energy from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to meet the dearth. These all projects are underway and I ensure you that the each village of Pakistan would be lit. I have seen that WAPDA has installed many plants and where ever govt gets involved in a plant it doesn’t work well. Therefore, we have hire private sector to launch different Hydro Electric plant at different places. I invite you people that if any of you have resources he should join a joint venture with any international company to install these hydro electric plants. I promise you that WAPDA will purchase the electricity from your plant which will facilitate both. So far as the construction of a dam or water reservoir is concerned it is not mere a reservoir of water.

KBD or Bhasha dams are not just matter of water reservoirs but it also includes provision of electricity. These dams will produce 4000-5000 mw. There will be dearth of water as well as electricity if the dams are not built. We must understand the importance of major water reservoirs. Govt also has a plan to provide gas to the area because the trees are being chopped. You have a very beautiful area but if the trees are cut, it decreases the beauty of the area. I am in the favour that as soon as possible Gas should be provided to your area so that the trees of the areas could be protected. Sui Northern will be directed to facilitate the area with gas. I am first time told about the Malakund tunnel.

Therefore, I would say that I would direct NHA to carry out the study of the project to see the feasibility of the tunnel. I would tell the telecom company that the telecommunication system should be spread in area of Swat. I my self undertake this responsibility to instruct PTCL and other telecommunication companies to lay out their system in the area. Then there is a demand of opening a cadet college in the area. Though it is a provincial subject, I assure you that Federal govt see that if there is a cadet college in sub-division a new cadet college would be opened in Malakand.

The demand of a hospital is made. Therefore, I would say you have a 300 beds hospital. So Federal Govt will finance it expansion. So far as the provision of safe drinking water is concerned I have already announced the provision of safe drinking water to whole Pakistan by 2007. I myself monitor the provision of safe drinking 2 water in Malakund division with in this or not next year. I hereby announce that all the ZTBL loans less then 25000 are let off. We also discussed about the band of river Swat and then construction of farm to market road. Though their study has not been completed, I hand over initial grant of 80 millions to Ameer Muqam for the construction of bands and roads and further allocation would also be made for some more projects. I would support all the demands of Ameer Muqam since I know he is a man of public. I haven’t been sent from heaven but also among of you. I am from a middle class family. I don’t assert myself but think myself one of you. Therefore, I want your welfare and betterment. I always feel proud of the fact that whenever I come to visit in NWFP it gives me sense of pride that I am addressing to the people who led the freedom movement of Pakistan, offered their blood for the emergence of Pakistan and those who are courageous people of Pakistan.

You always lead the defence, security and solidarity of Pakistan and I realize I am addressing such people. I want to tell you that I don’t just mouth the words but what I say it involves my head and heart both. I came to tell you that Pakistan needs you once again. I need your help. It is obvious that Pakistan’s prosperity and progress depends upon you. It is question of prosperity, progress, or dismal for Pakistan. I need your company and support to lead Pakistan toward progress and prosperity so that Pakistan has a standing in international comity and Ummah.

You must realize what dose Pakistan face at the moment. What is our future? A country depends on two pillars. If these pillars are strong the country is considered strong. These pillars are economic and military pillars. Pakistan has been holding a strong military pillar and with the grace of God we are an atomic and missile power of the world and we will always be. We will always be adding into this force. No one wants to stop or hurdle the increase of this power. And if any individual or leader wants to stop this military development I think such person or leader as a traitor. I came to know that people say that I went to West to bargain on our atomic programme. I am not a traitor that I bargain on my country. I have made to clear to the whole world that Pakistan will never compromise on its atomic deterrence. If you see at the last few years you will see that a lot of missile has been tested. We are not afraid of any one we will test some more missile. We just want the progress and strength of Pakistan.

The interest and security of Pakistan rest at the top and all other things are secondary. The second pillar of Pakistan that is economic pillars was collapsed which could have caused the collapse of the building of this country but now the economic pillar has also been strengthened. Now Pakistan is economically strong and sound country and it is marching forward. If hadn’t been economically strong country I wouldn’t have been able to announce 15 development projects in the area and I would have not been able to fulfill demands of Ameer Muqam. I am not among those leaders who announce a lot of projects verbally but they don’t do any thing practically. They couldn’t have done because their pockets were empty. They would make false promise since the national exchequer was empty. With the grace of God we don’t make any false promise since our pockets are not empty. Therefore, these projects will be executed. Apart from that Pakistan has had a stature in the national comity and Ummah.

I have said this in all my addresses that Pakistan can not live in isolation but we have to be part of the world it is necessary for trade, economic and social development. I am proud to say that Pakistan has a stature in Islamic world and Ummah and I promise that Pakistan’s honor and dignity will never be compromised. I will be personally involved in the programmes for your betterment including electricity, water, health, education, employments and reduction in poverty. This is all to ensure you people about the measures that have been taken and which need to be worked upon but besides that there are certain elements which are portraying wrong meaning of Islam and using it for my personal defame secondly they have involved Pakistanis in religious confusion, issue of Islam has been raised in this country which is Islamic republic of Pakistan where 58%Allhamdulliah are Muslims but the rest 2%of non Muslims have the same rights as that of Muslims they are equal nationals of Pakistan as the Muslims. This is what preached in Islam and not to ignoring all other religions.

 Islam is a religion of unity and brotherhood. These elements are using religion for creating enmity among various religions and theses are the factors supporting extremism and terrorism. 3 My Islamic credentials are challenged I want to mention here that Khana Kaba doors were opened for me six times I have offered prayers inside Roza-e-Rasul(P.B.U.H).the purpose is to tell you that no one has the right to object other Muslim. Pakistan has no problem related to Islam it is an ideological state made for Muslims but theses elements restrain Islam to duties of Muslims for Allah but Muslims also have duties for other people which involves responsibility of person for the society, family and country which they ignored. Islam is a name of tolerance and progress and education.

The word ilm has been mentioned in Holy Quran for 800 times. I want to ask theses Madressahs who preach only deeni education but my point of view is that to educate the children about worldly knowledge as well to make them progressive in all field of engineer, doctor, armed forces but why do they oppose this idea Islam do not oppose the idea to acquire knowledge. I have mentioned this in America Britain France and Germany that theses madressahs are NGOs, but their weakness is ignorance from worldly knowledge and this is what I want to get rid of. Theses elements which accused Quaid-e- Azam as Kafar-e- Azam, issued fatwa on Iqbal, opposed the use of loudspeakers are now the one themselves using it maximum since they are used in Mosques. I want to make you people aware of the fact in today’s world progress can not be achieved by being ignorant we need to move and progress with the rest of the world. There are certain measures taken by the government as a law is being trying to introduce in the name of Islam which is another attempt to use religion for personal motives.

Though Supreme Court will take decision regarding this issue but I want to say I will always oppose any such measure which is against the constitution, effort to defame Islam and harm Pakistan. It is not in favour of your freedom. There are elements which support terrorism. I understand that this area has suffered because of the war in Afghanistan but today the effort must be to promote peace and progress. I have given amnesty to foreign factors to surrender and even then they can stay as guests in country but if they refuse to accept this amnesty we have to carry armed action against them but then theses are the factor which are again talking against army I want to assure you this is your army it has Sindhi, Pukhtoons, Baloch and Punjabi, it is Pakistan army, you should support it and must reject those elements. Local government elections will be conducted soon I request you people not to cast vote to the extremist, reject them so that Frontier province can progress towards peace and I also want to appreciate the courageous women who are sitting here. Those elements are preventing the voting of women who belong to lower level it totally reflects their double standard policies but I want women to participate maximum.

I appreciate the measures taken by PML in this area I want you people to support their activities, organize your parties, there must be flags in your houses, you should participate in activity, all workers must have registration for formulation of plan. PML was formed in 1906 it will complete its 100th year by next year. I and PML leadership intend to celebrate it and introduce true spirit of democracy in it, where workers will be given power to elect their province council member, even the provincial representatives will be elected by your representative councils. Feudalism is not democracy you people have the right to elect your leaders in provinces, in centre. In the end I want to conclude by saying that this country is your true representation and identity the stronger Pakistan the more you will be respected and if it is weaken you will also be affected by it. You must cat vote to those who can take Pakistan to strength.

May  Allah bless us all? Pakistan Payndabad.


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