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President address at Sibi Mela

2 March 2007

I am happy to come here, I am thankful to you for coming here and waiting for me. I have just seen this lush green area while coming here and it is really a blessing of God. If we remain determined then this area will progress and prosper more. I promise to always keep on standing with Balochistan, its people and its development. This is a historical day. It is an old tradition started by Mir Chakir Khan 500 years ago. I am feeling proud to come here because Quaid-e- Azam also came here and addressed to the people. The tradition I am talking about is the Balochi tradition of peace and integrity. This tradition should be taken forward and improved more. This fair, which you are enjoying should be continued and improved. I appreciate and congratulate Balochistan Government, CM, Governor, District Nazim and local administration for arranging this beautiful event. And they should improve it more. Our support will be with them.

I inaugurated a road here too today. It is a dual carriage way and a Sibbi by pass has also been constructed. I feel very happy on the completion of any project. There will be a great change in Balochistan in 2-3 years due to the developmental projects which have been started. Some projects will be completed in two years and some may take three years. These include water supply and communication projects.

Now I’ll talk about some of the demands of you people. To demand is your right and to fulfill these demands id the duty of Government. I’ll not make any fake

promises. We have money and resources and we are dedicated to spend it on

development. We are fair, so we will fulfill your demands. Every district was given

10 crore rupees but I announce to give 1 crore rupees to each tehsil of

Balochistan. As Mr. Yar Muhammad said that roads and electricity development

projects are under way in his area, he is doing all this and we are backing such

projects. We will provide resources for all kind of developmental projects.

It was the demand of people that there should be a university campus here in

Sibi. I’ve talked to the Governor and he has agreed to open a campus of

Balochistan University in Sibi. People have to go to Quetta for their trials and

legal issues so we are opening a High Court Bench here in Sibi to facilitate local

people. I announce 20 million for Sibi to improve sewerage system and Sibi


There is no lack of resources. Pakistan’s economy has been changed by the

grace of God. The flow of resources is bit slow so that it can be used properly. I

assure Balochistan government that we will provide resources and you just


continue these projects. Some bridges have been destroyed on Sibi-Hernai link

by Fararies. I ask them that who suffers at the end? If they have any enmity with

me then these things are causing no damage to me but it is inflicting losses to

your own people, your own people are sufferings. This is terrorism to blast

railway lines, electricity polls and gas pipelines. It is the common man who

suffers at the end. Is this all in favour of Balochistan and common man? These

are misguided people, may God guide them to not be a source of suffering for

people. As regards our responsibility, we will repair this destruction. I’ll direct

minister to repair these bridges and construct an underpass in Hernai . We will

continue to work for the people of Balochistan.

700,000 people will be benefited by the Kachi Canal project and it will supply

water to 713,000 acres. I promise that in 2008, this Kachi Canal will start flowing.

Right now the work is being carried on it from both ends, Balochistan side and

Punjab side. I’ll check it form Balochistan side. As regards the establishment of

an Agriculture university, it should be established here because when Kachi

Canal will start flowing, Agriculture and farming will prosper and research will be

needed for it. So I direct Governor to plan for this agriculture university and tell

about required resources.

I’ll advise you people to come towards seeking education and knowledge; we will

provide you full support. You should think about improving your future


There are some other things which I want to talk to you people. Balochistan is an

integral part of Pakistan and prosperity of Balochistan is prosperity of Pakistan.

There are few elements which think Balochistan is separate from Pakistan. This

is impossible but they think like that. They should stop thinking like this. This is

impossible. Balochistan and Pakistan are integral part of each other. Balochistan

was deprived and backward but this is not the situation now. Now it is on the

road of progress and will be at the level of other provinces. This is the time to


Look at the communication system. It is the basis of development. Establishment

of Roads, Railways, ports and airports initiate the process of development. We

are expanding Coastal Highway up to the border of Iran. Another road of 950 KM

from Gawadar to Ratto Dero is being constructed. It will be completed in two or

three years. Another road is being constructed from Zohb to D I Khan to link

Balochistan with NWFP and Punjab. Quetta is being linked with D G Khan. The

Government tried to make road till Kohlo in 1970 and nobody could accomplish it

at that time. I’ll make this construction possible. Gawadar port has been

constructed here which add to the advancement of Pakistan and Balochistan. We

are providing night landing facility to Quetta airport and it has become possible

after 50 years. Railway line will be made broad gauge. A new railway line is

being planned out to Dalbadeen and Kandhar. This is the communication system

which will bring change in Balochistan.


Let us come to the water system. Water is the basic thing for agriculture and live

stocks. Meerani dam has been completed and 36000 acres land is being

irrigated. Fish farming can be done there. Subukzai Dam has also been

completed and will be inaugurated in next month. Three other water reservoirs i-e

Bolan Dam, Molan Dam and Qali Dandi Dam will also be constructed. Brick lining

of canals is being done throughout the Pakistan. All water reservoirs are being

brick lined in Balochistan too. 5 Billion rupees will be spent on it. We have plan

to establish water filtration plants every where. Every village with more than 1000

population will be provided with water filtration plant. It will reduce diseases.

We will electrify every village of Pakistan. Provision of gas was one of the oldest

demands of Baloch people. We are providing gas in these areas. I pardon for the

mistakes and negligence of past rulers but it will not be done now. Situation has

improved. Until and unless you will get good education, you will remain

backward. We will establish a network of seven cadet colleges in whole

Balochistan where your children will be provided with good quality education so

that you can progress. Special scholarships will be provided to your children in all

engineering and medical colleges of Pakistan.

We have devised a plan for unemployment. Whoever has completed sixteen

years of education would be given 10,000 per month and would be employed. I

have advised all important organizations to employ people of Balochistan, to train

them. Almost 1000 persons will be selected from the area who will be trained and

employed in these organizations. A network of technical institutions will be set up

in the whole country. A technical school has been started in Quetta where 300

students will study and they will be employed in whole country. Corps

Commander of Lahore set up school on same pattern and I asked him to train

people from Balochistan. There were almost 30 people from Balochistan. All of

them are employed now.

Tribes were fighting with each other in Chamalan. 50 people died there. Now

there is peace. Work has been restored in those coalmines. People will be

benefited by billions and who they are? The local ones. I want to ask you that

what you people expect from Government, we will try to meet your expectations.

I am not at all pressurized for doing all these things but I have been saying all

this for Balochistan since last five years. It is my own wish that Balochistan may

progress and come at par with other provinces in all respects. So tell me are the

people involved in all this terrorism acts are rightful? What type of complains they

have against our government? We are ready to provide all things to them. So

please get united against these people. The way forward passed through only

peace. People do not come here for investment due to lack of peace. These

misguided people are few in numbers and we are fully prepared to cope with

them. But they are our Pakistani brethren and I request them to leave all this

destruction and terrorism. Whatever demands you have, tell me I’ll try to

accomplish them. We are ready to do anything for Balochistan.


This is election year and I request you people to elect good people, elect those

people who want to work for you honestly. If you want to continue this journey of

progress then you should elect those people who are with me, who support my

ideas and they are here.

Thank you to all of you for coming here.


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