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President at 5th Convocation of Government College University, Lahore

5 Dec 2006

Governor Punjab, Chief Minister Punjab, Provincial Minister for Education, Vice Chancellor of Government College University, members of the academia, distinguish guests, all the students specially ladies and gentlemen. It is indeed  n immense pleasure and proud privilege for me to be here at this convocation at the Government College University, Lahore. This may be the 5th Convocation of the Government College University, but this institute is 143 years old. It  needs to be preserved. It needs to be honoured. It needs to be developed and improved further in the future, and let me say at the out set, assure the Vice Chancellor and the Chancellor, all my support to this institution for whatever you want to do in the field of developing and I would like to instead of waiting for the end. I know you are looking for additional land, I have spoken to the Chief Minister and Education Minister are very alive to this. Let me assure you that you would get the land, may not be 500 acres but you will certainly get land and deserves so much. Your funds for development projects, I would certainly asked Professor Atta-ur-Rehman to contribute and the Punjab Government to contribute and I would like to contribute to whatever development projects we once financed.

Once we work out the financial allocation, especially the restoration of old buildings and as you said Mr. Vice  hancellor, of the restoration of the gymnasium where I used to be there also and restoring into a better shape one

would like to contribute. Let me assure you my total support and you will get the

funds for whatever the restoration and development work you want to do for

Government College University. May I take this opportunity to ask Sumer Mand

Mubarak to contribute also because I know that his organisation is one of the

richest in the organisations, he is doing all for in the field of Nuclear and Missile

Technology of Pakistan and he is an architect of that.

Ladies and gentlemen, as I said it’s a proud privilege to come to this very old

historic institution, from where the personalities like Allama Iqbal, Abdul Salam,

literally figures like Pitras Bokhari, Sufi Tabusum, Ashfaq Ahmed, and present

day renowned scientist Sammar Mubarak, and I would be remissive if I don’t take

the name of Dr. Ashfaq, who has been the father of present day’s scientist of

scientific organisation of Pakistan. I would like to congratulate all the students

who have got the degrees today all those who got medals of outstanding and

meritorious performance. And I would like to congratulate the faculty members.

Who made this day possible by teaching whatever knowledge you require and I

would also like to congratulate all these parents of the students, who must be

proud parents today seen their children getting their degrees. I congratulate all of


you. And most of all I congratulate this great institute GCU for making this

possible for these students here.

Ladies and gentlemen, the power potential of a Nation is gauged first of all by its

population. A big population is a basic pre-requisite for any Nation to be powerful.

Alhamdulilha, Pakistan with a 160 million population has the inherent capacity or

capability to be powerful. But then the next requirement is the quality of Human

Resource. That is where we must look ourselves and we must honestly look at

ourselves and we must not flatter ourselves. I would like to frankly say that this is

the area we are lacking. So, we have to improve our quality to multiply the power

that Pakistan ought to be having. I see a dichotomy that while we are a Nuclear

and a Missile State, while we have great scientists, great thinkers, great

philosophers, yet our education level, our literacy level is pathetic. Our primary

and secondary education is pathetic and our higher education, not one of our

universities is amongst 500 universities of the world. So what one will deduce

from this, I deduce one thing that as a race, as a people we have excellence we

have brilliance but I think the society or the Governments has failed in providing

us opportunities to fully harness to fully develop the potential that we already

have. That is the problem I think, and this needs to be harmonized. We need to

harmonize the resources that we have with the potential that we have, let me

assure you that the Government is extremely aware of this problem. We are

extremely aware that where we stand in education and we are extremely aware

that this world is a knowledge driven world. When I say knowledge driven world,

the economy of a Nation grows through knowledge alone. The amount of natural

resources, no amount of your fertile land, the capability of your irrigation system,

no amount of resources can come to the assistance of an economic development

of a nation other than knowledge and the prove of this I have given every where

in multifarious forums. But I would like to repeat because this must sink into our

own minds.

Look at the GDP of the world of the Muslim Ummah with all the natural

resources, 70% of oil and gas are in the 57 countries of the Muslim Ummah. But

all of them combined have even half of the GDP of Japan. And they are far less

than the GDP of Germany. This is knowledge driven world. If you take the

highest GDP of Muslim country, is just 250 billion dollars. The small countries of

Europe with no natural resource have more GDP than that country on Muslim

Ummah. They have around 300-400 billion dollars. This is knowledge driven.

What is the use of having gem stones; marbles in Pakistan when we don’t even

know how to mine them. When don’t even know how to cut them and polish

them. So what we do is sell them as stones and then we buy them back at the 50

or 100 times the price through other who have done the cutting and polish it.

What is the use of having fertile land, best fruit and vegetable in the world, I

mean it. When we don’t add value at when food processing is done by others.

What is the use of being the 5th largest producer of milk of the world when we

have to buy the cheese, butter, yogurt from outside. So this is the knowledge

driven world, ladies and gentlemen. We have to match up and catch up. This


nation is the nation in hurry. There is no time for walk. This is time to run and run

very fast otherwise we will left behind.

Therefore, Human Resource Development and I only concentrate on education.

We are doing our best at every level and department. I only take education. A

holistic approach on education is required. And that is what we have adopted.

Alhamdulilha, our economy is doing well therefore we can divert money to

education. When dignitaries from other countries come, and when we talk to

them about 2.7% allocation to education sector, I don’t say that at all because I

feel ashamed. There are countries that have 18 and 19 percent allocation for

education in developing countries. But if want to shift from 2.7% to 4% of GDP

which we are going to, ladies and gentlemen we know it translates into 150 billion

rupees. Easy has said than done. But we have the focus and we have planned

and we have to allocate additional funds, and we are talking to holistic approach

to education, I was in Sri Lanka, they said that their education is poor; I was

shocked because I know that their literacy level is 97 or 98 percent. It is poor at

the higher level. Higher education is not of that quality or they have that quantity.

Therefore we can not concentrating on higher education have a super structure

with a week foundation or no foundation like our, literacy level 53%. Our primary

and secondary education level is very poor and we also can not have only a

strong foundation of primary and secondary education and no super structure. So

when we talk of holistic approach which we have adopted now we are talking at

improving our literacy levels. And we can only improve literacy level when we go

for universalizing education which means a child born and reaching age of 5

years must have an access to the primary education within a kilometer. That is

the kind of primary institute we need. When it’s done the primary school then

there must be a middle or secondary school within reach. Not only to boys but

also to girls, that is universalizing education. Also we have to look at adult

literacy. And I know the National Commission of Human Development is going at

the district level and trying to improve literacy level. And we are targeting to

achieve 85% by 2009 and 2010. It’s a big target. But unless you put targets to

yourself you will not be able to achieve anything. We ought to a nation in hurry

and we have to run. We can not be walking. Then we come to the primary and

secondary education. I know we have concentrated on improving teachers,

improving examination system and improving the curriculum and syllabus. Our

curriculum and syllabus were poor. And in this I would like to give my idea on

primary and secondary education, the areas which we need to correct, number

one to remove the dichotomy of Urdu and English. Urdu is our mother tongue.

We must know it well. English is a universal language. It was our strength. In

China today, everyone is English, we left English, we will go down, and we went

down. So learning both the languages Urdu and English and I know that the

primary and secondary education now has formulated a strategy to address that

issue some subjects will be taught in Urdu and examined in Urdu in every board

and some will be taught in English will be examined in English in every school

and every board. Those schools which are taking Pakistani board examinations.

So we will remove this dichotomy.


The other areas which we need to concentrate on and I personally feel this is

very important is learning of Geography. I would like to you to all know that

Geography happens to be a very important subject. Everything rotates around

Geography, i.e Geo Economic, Geo Politics, Geo Statistics; everything is related

to Geography, relationships, International Relations, Economic Relations are all

Geography oriented. One must know world Geography.

Now let me come to the third tier, is the Technical Education. Ladies and

gentlemen, our problem is poverty alleviation and unemployment control. That

will come when we create jobs for people. And I am glad that the maximum

students from Telecommunication and Computer Science subjects, which are

very important subjects which have tremendous market orientation. I know today

a man doing telecommunication can get a job of around 50 to 60 thousand

rupees. So I would say that we must look at the market and acquire skills to get


Technical education is extremely important because there is no point in anybody

beyond matric, everyone trying to go for F.A, B.A, M.A and Phd. Because then

there would be frustration if you don’t get job. So I would say that technical

education is most important and we have created National Vocational

Educational Commission, people should divert towards skill acquisition, and we

will have many technical institutes. Which will teach subjects according to the

requirements of our industry and in accordance with the requirement of our

economy, the fourth area then comes is the higher education.

Of course we have created Higher Education Commission (HEC) from University

Grants Commission. This HEC is managing the higher education. They are

managing it very well under the leadership and guidance of Professor Atta-Ur-

Rehman. Our Social sciences are extremely important and I don’t want to down

grade their importance and their significance. And we must continue with them.

But today we talk of knowledge driven world, we have to look at Engineering and

Science and Technology with greater focus. Therefore ladies and gentlemen, we

went around the world to catch up with the world and I would like to inform you

about the strategy which we adopted. When I compare graphically, when some

body showed me, the comparison of developed world countries with Pakistani

Universities, there is a big gap, and every year that gap is increasing. One

methodology is increase the standard of our own universities and brings the

graph together with developed countries universities. I think to do that we take 20

years may be. But as I said we are a Nation in a hurry and we have to run.

Therefore we have adopted a strategy, how to catch up with the World, with the

developed world fastest in five years and this strategy is exactly that. And we

have done is we have approached countries and they have agreed and we have

agreements with six of them. We sign agreement with Germany. I spoke with

chancellor Schroeder when he first came here four or five years back, with

Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Austria, Netherlands, Japan, China, South

Korea, what we have reached an agreement with them, we will open their


universities here. We will get Rector from them; we will adopt their syllabus,

curriculum and examination system. And we will even get the faculty from there if

Pakistani faculty is not available. We are going to pay all of them. And if a person

gets the degree from there we will award two degrees. And those countries have

accepted. One of Pakistan and the other of that country like if there is a Pakistan

Germany University, the degree given will be a German degree, as if he studied

in a German University. And these universities are the top universities of those

countries. InshAllah we have now started it, I have already gone to inaugurate

Pakistan France in Karachi, Pakistan Austria here in Lahore, DHA was very kind

to give away 130-150 acers of land. And I am also going to get the earth

breaking ceremony of Pakistan Sweden University in Sialkot. There will be four

universities will be set up in Punjab. There would be about 2 or 3 in Sindh, NWFP

and Balochistan. We will start two universities next year and remaining will all

start by 2008. So I am by about 2012 and 2013 we will have hundreds of

graduates from universities abroad but studying here. Saving of foreign currency

and asking those countries now and encouraging them to set up the industries

here, because we are giving them the engineers of their quality and each

university will have a Technical Institute within it to train technicians.

So therefore technicians through our technical stream in accordance with the

industrial needs and engineers coming out of those universities are not required

going abroad, study here we will give the best. And this moment should generate

momentum enough for all other universities like GCU, and all other universities to

come up and catch up with the world universities of those nine universities. I am

very hopeful ladies and gentlemen. I am telling those countries that this is not a

one sided affair. They have a population that is aging, they have to sustain their

economy, therefore their industry has to grow, and they don’t have the

manpower. Pakistan can provide cheap manpower, engineers, qualified

manpower and cheap labour. Open up the industries here. Your economy get

sustained, we benefit through their industrialization. So this is the strategy we

have adopted. InshAllah, God willing, if we keep sustaining on the path we are

going, InshAllah this harmony between our mental capabilities and the facilities

and sources available within Pakistan will be there. Together with this we have

launched a PhD Program. I am glad that there are four people here who got PhD

from here. We were in 1999, 2000 in pathetic stage of producing just 2 dozen

PhD’s. In Engineering and Science and Technology, other countries around us

are producing in thousands. We are targeting 1500 PhD’s every year by

20092010. We have already achieved the target by about 8 and 9 hundred PhDs

abroad and here. And we are giving a number of scholarships. All this is possible

because the allocation of funds to the HEC has gone up from 600 million rupees

to 22 billion rupees. This is about 4400% increase. That is the kind of increase or


Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, we are trying to create synergy between our

industrial needs, in accordance with the engineers we produce and the

technicians we produce. This is triangular synergy. So that people get jobs and


our industry benefits and economy grows. So the subjects we take for the

students, we must see the market also. Economy is an area, in 1999-2000 I

know, we didn’t have an economist is Ministry of Finance. We had to get them

from outside. How we can talk of fiscal and monetary policies, banking policies,

through people who are not even qualified. Today, therefore we have to

understand what are the requirements of market is and what is the requirement

of Pakistan, I would like to talk to students who are the future leaders. Pakistan is

a case of leadership failure. The potential is there. People are hardworking, it’s a

leadership failure. All resources are there and all the potential is there. So,

therefore you are the future hope of Pakistan. You are the future leaders of

Pakistan. Please don’t take this lightly, I could never be imagine that I would be

talking like this, I was not such a great student, you don’t know what destiny

holds for you. You have to prepare yourself and for the future. What all I want to

tell you. You must develop a whole-sum personality. When I say a whole sum

personality, you must have intellectual development. You must have physical

development. You must have moral development, and you must have social

development. Fifty percent success in life is your interaction with people. Your

seniors and your equals and your subordinates, how do you interact with them,

that is social development and in moral development, our problem here in

Pakistan is corruption and nepotism. That is what has taken us down, taken us

down whenever we do that. Corruption at the highest level. Corruption by those

who don’t requires being corrupt, corruption by those who have enough and yet

they want to grab more. Nepotism of its worst kind where you not only favour

your family man, or your friend and you must at least should realize that the merit

to do the job you is interested to do that for you.

My advice to all of you is to please understand. No system can flourish where

merit is flouted where those who are good feel dejected. So let us differentiate

and let merit oriented. Let us be honest let us shun nepotism. I would like now to

come to a heart to heart talk to you students.

Because I know the under currents in Pakistan within the student community and

I want to have a hard to hard talk to all of you. Through whatever I am talking I

am talking all the students of Pakistan. I want to ask a question. What do we

want to do? What do we want to do in Pakistan? What kind of a society do we

want in Pakistan? An Intolerant society, a society where people come and say

what to do, or a society where we as a Muslim and there should be no doubt in

our mind, are we thinking that Islam is in danger in Pakistan. Is anyone has

wrong notion that Islam is in danger. But if there are some segments in society,

some segments of students who are trying to impose their own preconceived

thoughts of Islam on others, we want a tolerant society. If girls want a Hijab, she

wears a Hijab, what’s our problem, if she doesn’t want to, what’s the problem

then. Let us live and let live and let us understand that Islam is not in danger

here. We are all emotional Muslims and we must stop this. I would like to now go

one step further. Look what is happening in Bajur, tribal FATA, do we want the

same whole environment here in Pakistan. If we don’t want that what we do, we


have to curb anyone who is trying to impose this. The unfortunate reality is that

one those who want to impose they can get rough, they can go physical so that is

the most unfortunate part and the vast majority which I know I the majority who

are for tolerance and moderation, and they get suppressed. We must not get

suppressed. You must rise and be counted. Because I want to go one step more

above to all of you to understand. What one does want what as a Muslim we

want? For the Muslim world, what is the forward path? What do we want to

achieve? I would like to ask people whatever they want to do. Doing what doing

in Bajur or anywhere? What do you want to achieve? What is your goal? What is

your aim? To change the world, first of all can you do it? Secondly even if you

are even able to do it and you succeed do you take the world forward or you the

world backwards, certainly they will take the world backwards. And how do you

achieve this? Ladies and gentlemen we must know the aspect of sovereignty as

a Nation. It is directly proportional to the amount of dependence to anyone. There

is no absolute sovereignty in the world. Specially not in a developing country.

None of the Islamic countries stands in the developed countries. If somebody is

giving you 80,000 barrels of oil you have given your sovereignty to them. If your

textiles which is 60% of your industry is being bought by the West by US and

European Union, if they don’t buy it from you, all you’re Faisalabad, Lahore and

Karachi textile industry will come to halt. And all your people will be out. You

must understand where you stand. This is a globalize world, Strength of the

economy gives you sovereignty, till we acquire that, till we achiever that, we will

be stupid and foolish to adopt the confronters approach. So therefore what we

want to do? I would say we must improve the world, bring peace to the world and

how we will improve and bring peace to the world. We must resolve political

disputes. Which involves the Muslim, all of them? And we must enumerate, the

lot of the Muslims who are the worst in poverty, all social sector indicators of the

Muslim world is the worst. The poorest and the most illiterate, the under

developed, we want to take this Muslim world forward; we should try and bring

peace into the world. Peace not through submission. I don’t believe peace

through submission, giving up. Peace on equal terms. Peace with equality, peace

with honour, peace with dignity, peace with strength, Today the world all the

leaders are in search of peace, they are asking how we get peace. What should

we do? This is the time where we can dictate peace. For the mutual benefit of the

world, we can not do through confrontation. We don’t have the strength; we can

dictate peace on equal terms in the benefit of Pakistan, benefit of the Ummah.

We can dictate peace but we want peace ourselves and then we want to go for

socio economic development get out of this condition, where we have sunk over

the last four or five centuries. We were on top in the fifteenth century. But then

we started to slide down we have come to this state, lets start moving up. And

hope that in hundred years we will reach some where. Today we can get peace

with honour and dignity and can go for socio economic development. That is

what I want to convey to the student lot.

2007 elections are coming, they are critical. We have to show the world and we


have to show ourselves within, what route we want to take? Is our Pakistan’s

future is to be in the hands of moderate forces, progressive forces, or it has to go

into the hands of retrogressive forces. Extremist forces. Therefore in your

campuses, anywhere in Pakistan, whether it is Balochistan or Peshawar

University, Punjab University or Karachi University. You have a strength and the

future of this country is yours its not mine. I keep saying that we are the going lot.

Those of you who have done relays, in a relay race, the baton changes, we are

handing over the baton to you. All that I wish to do is to hand you the baton in the

lead not in the last position. I would like to conclude this last part, I am quite clear

in my mind, my end aim and objective is the socio economic benefit is the

emancipation of the Ummah. But within that I believe in Pakistan always comes

first and Pakistan’s strength would be Ummah’s strength. Every leader of the

Ummah knows that. Therefore we have to together put our act together in

Pakistan, be stable and be strong, unfortunately the perception that get created

when you deal with issues which unfortunately previous leaders never dealt with

them. They brushed them under the carpet. Why they do make Kala Bagh Dam?

Why didn’t rectify the Balochistan? 95% of Balochistan was B area. Why didn’t

we raise the issue of National Finance Award,which smaller provinces are trying

and demanding. Why didn’t we discuss the issue of anatomy of Pakistan, which

they are demanding, brush it under the carpet. Why didn’t address the Hadood

Ordinance for that matter since 1979. Short term gains long term loses. They

gained them by themselves for some stability. But Pakistan looses. Now that our

strategy is long term gains even it is some short time loses. We have to address

issues, head on and we will and when you address this issue head on, God sees.

That is all I have to say. That is what I want to tell you and address you of what

lies ahead for you and for Pakistan. If Pakistan is there you will prosperous and if

you loose Pakistan you loose everything. Your future going to be dark I have

lived my life now you have to live your life. Choose what is best being clear in

minds and be bold and don’t be scare and don’t afraid of those who are trying to

push us back.

Thank you very much

Pakistan Paindabad.


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