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President at Public Gathering in Dera Ismail Khan

5 Jan 2007

Frontier Governor, Chief Minister Frontier, PML Frontier President, Federal Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources and all Ministers, Senators, Parliamentarians, workers of PML and office bearers, ladies and gentlemen,

Assalam-o-Alaikum. Today, I am happy and proud that I am speaking to such a large gathering of people of Dera Ismail Khan. It is my belief that if a person make a good intention and work with honesty then Allah will always be with such people. So Allah is with me, public is with me so I have no worries at all. I am feeling very happy and proud that I came at a moment when gas project is launched to provide gas to Dera Ismail Khan. I am very pleased with the performance of the Managing Director and workers of SNGPL on providing Sui gas to the six northern districts of NWFP. So InshAllah by December 2007, there would be Sui Gas in Dera Ismail Khan. Not only to this area but also every other area which will fall in the vicinity of this gas  ipeline will get the Sui gas. It is a great achievement. And this Gas will also go to Mansehra, Peshawar and the whole Frontier Province. 2.2 million people will get benefit from this Sui gas. This gas project is exactly according to the planning of the Government. To provide the maximum facilities to the people, your demands and requirements is your right. Gomal Zam Dam’s planning is almost complete and InshAllah I will inaugurate this Dam at the end of this month. Then the left water canal and these whole big water reservoirs is important for Pakistan. In Pakistan we have started the Bhasha Dam and InshAllah Kala Bagh Dam will also be constructed. And also this first left canal would be constructed at the same time.

About electricity, we have a planning that by the end of this year, every village having minimum of 10 houses would get the electricity. I announced another 30

million rupees for the DI Khan for the electricity purpose, and after two months,

the bypass in DI Khan would be started, InshAllah, I will consult with the CAA to

prepare the feasibility report about the airport also. InshAllah we would improve

the existing air port of DI Khan. A separate grid station would be installed here in

DI Khan. Also a Cadet College would be established here. These all

announcements of new projects are possible because this Government has the

money to spend on the development projects in the Country and the previous

Governments do not have that much money to spend. They make false promises

and did not ever complete and fulfill their promises.

By the grace of Allah today Pakistan’s economy is very strong and we have all

the finances to fulfill our promises. In every part of the country we have initiated


the development projects. I have started those projects and I am also completing

those projects. Billions of rupees projects would be InshAllah completed in near

future. The projects here will also start soon, InshAllah. Presently Pakistan is

standing on a very important turning point where on one way is the progress,

development and the prosperity and the other way is the backwardness and

destruction. Now I want from you is that you support me so that I will take

Pakistan to prosperity and progress. Remember, you are here because of

Pakistan. The relation with the country should be very strong. If you are strong

and progressive than Pakistan would be strong and progressive. See the world

where it is going. We know that Western countries are already very strong. Also

see the East, Japan and China, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, my

brothers and sisters, these countries are going forward. They are going towards

progress because internally they are prosperous and have better law and order

conditions. They have every facility and their people are happy. When I visit

those countries, I wish these facilities also be possible here in Pakistan. So my

brothers and sisters, the way the world is moving is the progressive way. People

should have better health and education facilities and you should have these

facilities. Basic facilities are electricity, water and gas. So if we provide these to

you then our country would be included in those progressive countries.

Whereas the Islamic States are lagging behind, in terms of poverty, in terms of

education, in terms of backwardness, we are lagging far behind. Muslim

countries are far behind. People are dying in Muslim countries and also their

properties are insecure. Countries are facing destruction. This is the situation in

the Muslim Ummah. We have to normalize this situation. Now we look at

ourselves. Pakistan today is a progressive country and now we are not any more

begging for money. Now we are standing on a strong footing. Our economy is

strong. Pakistan is no longer in the grip of IMF and it is the first country which

came out of their grip. Billion of rupees projects are in progress in the country.

For the Frontier province, the Kohat tunnel was made, also the motorway to

Peshawar would be completed this year, Lawari tunnel would connect NWFP to

Chitral, Gomal Zam Dam would start very soon, Munda Dam would be

constructed, Turam Tungi Dam would be constructed, Kala Bagh Dam would

also be constructed, this would be the biggest project for Pakistan and it would

be constructed for your area InshAllah. Factories are setting up all over the

country and the people are getting jobs in it. The construction industry is on

boom. There is construction activity right from Khyber to Karachi. Hotels and

buildings are setting in. This economic benefit will now be provided to the people

of Pakistan.

Now we have to make planning that how to give benefit to the people of

Pakistan. First of all we have to alleviate poverty and provide jobs for the people.

This is Government policies. We have to provide basic facilities i.e. electricity,

water and gas to the whole country. We are spending billions of rupees on it. And

also on the health and education sector. Pakistan has a status in the world. We

have a status in the Muslim Ummah. We have been asked that how we can help


in providing peace in the world. We have to provide our role to the Muslim

Ummah and bring its status up in world. We have to support and help in the

Muslim Ummah in this time of need. We have to realize it. So we have to support

both the world and the Muslim Ummah.

It is only possible when we will be strong and we maintain our strength. And we

have to maintain our strong economic status. Then the world and Muslim Ummah

will see towards us. This whole region will see towards us. My prayer is with

Pakistan that its status will maintain in the Muslim Ummah and the whole world.

The path of extremism and terrorism is the path of destruction. This will make us

weaker. Internally we have only one danger, i.e. the terrorism, extremism,

sectarian violence, if we are divided among ourselves, then we can’t move

forward. No one can make progress in this way. That country would not make

progress if that country is internally not stable. This country will remain stable,

InshAllah. We have to leave the path of terrorism, extremism and sectarianism.

This is not the way forward. There are some elements within ourselves.

Therefore we have to reject extremism and terrorism. This is not the path. This

will lead us to destruction. Pakistan is an Islamic State and nobody can take

Islam out of our lives because this country is made on the name of Islam. This

country has been made for the Muslims of the sub-Continent. It is written in the

Constitution, that no law can be made which is against the Islam. Here Islam is

not in danger. We are all Muslims and the vision of Quaid-i-Azam and Allam-

Iqbal’s is our vision. And we will give and are providing equal opportunities for

women and minorities. They have all equal rights just as every other Pakistani

have. This is the way forward. The terrorists, extremists are creating hurdles in

our way. These terrorist elements are trying to disturb the law and order situation.

They are doing suicide attacks. These all suicide bombers were sponsored by

foreigners who are in North and South Waziristan; they hire people to do the

suicides. Those foreigners have no right to sit here illegally. So you people

should unite and point out such people so that we will cope with them. We have

to make Pakistan strong. We have to take positive steps in the whole Muslim

Ummah. Mosques are revered places and it should not be misused. Misuse of

loud speaker should also stop in these mosques. If we do not correct ourselves

now then whole Muslim Ummah will sink and nobody will help us. Here my

Pukhtoon brothers who have helped and supported Quaid-i-Azam in building this

Pakistan. Who always fought for Pakistan. They have shed their blood in the

wars. Today now Pakistan needs you again you should and stops those

elements who are pulling our country towards backwardness and towards


2007 is the election year. We all have to vote and if you think I am working for

you people and you support me then you should dire vote those who vote me.

We will make InshAllah Pakistan stronger and stronger. We will make Pakistan a

show piece in the whole Muslim world. We will create an example for others. I am

thankful to you all. We have organized the Local Government elections, first time


in the history of Pakistan. Senate has completed their tenure and now the new

elections were held and completed successfully. This National and Provincial

assemblies are completing their tenure for the first time in the history of Pakistan.

Now you have to complete the obligations of democracy by casting the proper

vote. Vote to the right people InshAllah we will be victorious.

Pakistan Paindabad.


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