Posted by: Administrator | 24 August, 2006

President Address on Defence Day 2007

6 September 2007

Defence Day of Pakistan is observed every year on the 6th of September with solemnity and reverence to commemorate the unparalleled show of unity, courage and supreme sacrifices rendered by the Pakistani nation and our valiant Armed Forces, who stood steadfast against overwhelming odds and thwarted nefarious designs of the adversary. The supreme sacrifices rendered by our Shuhada and Ghazis on this day in 1965, serve as beacon of light and source of strength for us all, and the nation can rightly be proud of their outstanding deeds of valour in the defence of the motherland. We have traveled a long way towards progress and strength since then.

Alhamdollilah, Pakistan today has a strong and robust economy and our defence, based on strong conventional and non-conventional capabilities, remains impregnable against any external threat. As a result of prudent policies and far-reaching reforms, we are moving in the direction of greater socio-economic progress and realizing our rightful place in the comity of nations.

 On the other hand, the nation is faced with grave internal threats by forces of extremism, militancy and obscurantism existing on the fringes of society. The people of Pakistan desire a bright future for our country as an enlightened, moderate and progressive nation, which is politically stable, as well as economically and militarily strong. In order to achieve this objective we must defeat these retrogressive forces. In keeping with their lofty traditions and professional excellence, the Armed Forces are presently engaged in helping the nation in combating the threat of terrorism, for which they deserve not only plaudits, but total support of the people.

If ever there was a need for unity and solidarity in the country, it is now. Therefore urge all Pakistanis to revive in themselves the spirit of 1965, and resolve to make Pakistan a truly dynamic, prosperous and democratic welfare state for the present and future generations.

May Allah Almighty be our Protector and Guide. Ameen! 


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