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President address to Public Gathering in Quetta

7 December 2006, Quetta

Governor Balochistan, Chief Minister Balochistan, District Nazim, Federal Ministers, Provincial Ministers, Parliamentarians, all people and specially the my sisters who come from far flung areas, Aslamu Aliakum.

I am very happy and I am feeling proud that you people have invited me and given me respect. This large gathering is a proof that the people of Balochistan are with us and with the policies of the Government. You people are my strong supporters as is evident from this large gathering. There is no other ,lashkar’, but only one and that is Pakistan Army, to defend the motherland. So people shouldn’t talk about any other ,lashkar’ and Pakistan Army is there to defend the motherland. I am thankful to Governor, Chief Minister, Nazim, and the people of Balochistan who come here and also all the PML supporters who come here to make this gathering successful.

Today, I have made inauguration of the `Kidney Centre’, which is one of the best kidney centres. So this centre will provide you the facility at your doorsteps so that you people don’t need to go to other big cities of Pakistan. Secondly, I have inaugurated the OPF Girls College. I am very proud that both these are big projects.

Ministry of Labour has developed this Kidney Centre. I am thankful to the Ministry that they have given such a big project to the people of Balochistan.

Before this they have already developed the Labour Colony for the Baloch people. Rs. 40 million was spent on this Kidney Centre project. This they have given to the Balochistan. I am thankful to the Governor and Chief Minister for their efforts in making this project successful. Particularly to Chief Minister for giving 7.5 Acre land to the Labour Ministry. And I was happy to see that two of the patients came from far-flung areas and have been treated there free of cost.

The OPF College is established on 2.5-acre land, which was also given by Chief Minister Balochistan and I am thankful to him. So I am happy that this college would be used for you and your daughters. Also, I announce it here that the Labour Ministry would also build the girls hostel in OPF College as well. Also the Balochistan University would have the girl’s hostel and the same would be completed by Labour Ministry. No country can make progress without the contribution of women. So we want to make the standard of women high and bring in line with the teachings of Islam. So we have to bring improvement in the life of women. I am proud that the Women Protection Bill, for the protection of women, has been passed. This Bill will provide the full protection and justice to women. There is negative propaganda going on that this Bill is not according to Islam. But I can assure you that no law can be implemented here which is not according to Islam, we are all Muslims and we cannot implement any law, which is not Islamic. Those who are against the Bill are hypocrites and they do not think such people are spreading misperceptions and doing wrong criticism. I want to assure you that this Bill is yours Bill this is the Bill of our mothers, sisters and daughters. This Bill is exactly according to Islam, according to Quran and Sunnah, and no body should have any doubt on it. Pakistan is because of Balochistan and the development here is the progress of the entire country. I remember that in 1970-75, it was a civil war in Balochistan and people were worried about this condition. People were facing all types of trouble and we were fighting with each other. We were divided at that time. When I came in 1999 I saw the same backwardness and the people of Balochistan were lagging behind in all fields. There was no development in 50 years. I really felt sorrow on such conditions and then I promised to work for you people as my heart beats with Baloch people. I will do everything for Balochistan. Now we have to forget the sufferings of 1970-75 and have to move forward. So we have to bring this Province at the same level as all the provinces of Pakistan are at the moment. I promise to you all that I will Inshallah take this Province at that level. It is unfortunate that the areas that are a source of natural gas remained bereft in the past. Do not blame me for the past neglects; I am here to provide you all facilities.

I announce one billion rupees for development of Quetta, Rs 100 million each for the 28 districts besides 2.5 billion rupees to the Parliamentarians for development schemes in their respective constituencies. I am committed to the development of Balochistan and my intentions are clear and we have all the resources to do this. So we will do all types of development in the province.

First the communication network should be build, which is the first important step for the development of any region. For this we thought about the Gwadar Port. Gwadar Port, will not only serve Pakistan, but also the Middle East, Central Asian States and China. Which means it is important for the whole world. Also I want to tell you that the latest airport will also be started in Gwadar. We will also build railway station so that it links with the main railway line and goes Dal­Badndin. The study is going for such projects so that we can connect Balochistan and with Pakistan. So that in future, that railway line goes to Afghanistan, Iran, China and Central Asian Republics. We have linked the Gwadar to the Coastal Highway. I feel happy that when fisher men tell me that we are now earning more due to this Coastal Highway. Also the dates are now transported from Balochistan to the rest of the Pakistan. Roads linking Loralai with D.G.Khan and Zhob with D.I.Khan were being built, besides progress on the RCD Highway, Indus Highway and Motorway to improve trade links with Iran, Afghanistan and China. These highways will improve your business and will have easy access to the markets of other provinces. We will link the route from Sibi to Kolu. This route hasn’t been development since 1975 but I promise you that we will develop that route and will open it for you. Subakzai dam will be complete in three months time and I will I Inshallah go there and will inaugurate it myself, whereas I had already inaugurated the Mirani Dam that can meet irrigation needs for 33,000 acres. I have been told that the recent rainfall has filled the Mirani Dam to its maximum capacity. The 40 billion rupees Kachi Canal bringing water from Punjab to Balochistan and said work has started on both the ends to be completed in 2008. Then the cotton will be harvest, here and the people will earn more money out of that.

Seven billion rupees have been allocated for safe drinking water; about Rs two billion will be provided to Balochistan. The rich can always afford bottled water, but I am working to provide clean water for the poor, who cannot afford costly water. Also electricity is an important factor for the development of the province and we cannot make progress if we ignore that factor. This year 1400 villages will be electrified and Inshallah next year 1500 villages will be electrified and this process will continue. And also by 2009, far-flung areas will also have electricity.

We have bought the electricity from Iran. Electricity from Iran was being supplied to Panjgur, Pasni, Turbat and Gwadar, while the natural gas supply will also be extended to other areas. I announce gas supply of gas for Urak and Hanna in Quetta and Zhob.

There are many copper and gold mines and one of them is in Rokidak. I will tell you that 25% of that exploration and extraction of gold or copper will be of Balochistan. There are many other big projects without which Balochistan can never progress. But I know that there would be small projects as well as every district has the capacity to initiate small projects. Also there are separate 1.5 billion rupees for Kohlu and Dera Bugti development.

I want to improve the standard of students of Balochistan. I announce seven new Cadet Colleges for Balochistan, two more campuses for Balochistan University at Gwadar and Turbat, 1000 scholarships for Baloch students enabling them to study in the best schools and professional colleges of the Country, with free boarding and lodging. However I will urge my young students from Balochistan to focus on their studies seek higher education and work for their country and the betterment of their families. I also announce six new buses for Balochistan

University and that all those students who had completed 16 years of education will get a stipend of Rs 10,000 for a year at a government job. I also announced quota for students in the Vocational Training Institutions besides special training courses for the Baloch youth at Pakistan Ordnance Factories, Aeronautical Complex Kamra, SUPARCO, Heavy Industries Taxila, which will later absorb them on regular positions. I want to see you as an educated society and provide all the facilities not only in Balochistan, but all over Pakistan. So that you will get job and your education will also improve. In Pakistan Army, there are more than 1500 people from Balochistan. Balochistan constabulary, Police, Frontier Corps Balochistan have 28000 people from Balochistan.

Also I greet Balochistan for the re-opening of the Chamalang mines, closed 30 years back after a dispute over ownership between the Luni and the NIurri tribes. These 60-kilometre-long coal-mines in Chamalang are considered the world’s largest, which produces Rs 300 billion coal. This is all your earnings, and of the local people. So I tell you that this is your time to come forward and come along with me to make this province and Pakistan prosperous.

So I leave on you to decide whether you want to come along with me or want to remain in backwardness. I promise you that I am with you and I will lead you where your generation should have been. So you should think about you and about your generations and your children. I want to take you out of the way which are 50 years old and want to take you out of that backwardness.

At the end I want to say that in 2007 the elections are coming, these are very important elections. So if you all think that all what I have said is true and with sincerity and doing all in your favour then vote those people who will vote me. That mean those people are with me and with my policies and those people should come in our Parliaments.

In the end I am thankful to you all and God bless you all.

Pakistan Paindabad! 


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