Posted by: Administrator | 15 August, 2006

President in Night Line at ABC News, USA

27 September 2006, USA

Q: As we sit here talking, President Karzai of Afghanistan is meeting with President Bush, he has been really publicly very critical of you and Pakistan for failing. He says suspiciously go out for Taliban in your country?

President: I get woke up to these remarks. It is very unfortunate that he has not seen the reality. And President Karzai is openly overlooking this reality and he has ended us in trouble, and the whole world in trouble. What President Karzai is very cleverly hiding is the fact that all this is happening in Afghanistan in the Southern provinces of Afghanistan. He better set his house in order before casting aspersions on Pakistan.

Q: President Karzai maintains that in night line that he had given you specific actionable intelligence of the location of various Taliban leaders. And that you refused or unable or unwilling to take action to take action?

President: I would say that about 80% information was non substantial. Because it was too old. When he came to visit Pakistan, he came with his intelligence chief who gave me this file. And I was terribly annoyed because all this information was three to six months old. I said if this is your sense of intelligence that you are waiting for a presidential visit to hand over the file to us. Intelligence means immediate action, pick up the telephone, and immediately send information.

Q: President Karzai certain left the impression with US public that he gave you good intelligence and you refused to act.

President: He is confined to Kabul and that too in his palace. He needs to know what is happening in Afghanistan. He needs to have total grasp over whatever is happening in his country, which he does not have and then start blaming Pakistan. All the drugs and narcotics are in Afghanistan. And that is the money, which is used for all this. If President Karzai thinks that way he will keep living in a fool’s paradise and he will bring dictator to the whole area and to his country.

Q: You have said previously that President Karzai was the right person to lead Afghanistan. Are you starting to wonder about that? President: Well I will start wondering about that if he doesn’t see the realities and finds it more convenient to side steps the realities and throws the blame on Pakistan.

Q: You have said in the past the Mr. President that finding Osama Bin Laden, capturing him and finding him and turning him over to America is very high priority. When was the last time Pakistani Intelligence had good information in your opinion about his whereabouts of him in Pakistan?

President: I think it was very good some years back. Our conformation was 2003, is that sounds fair enough, yes I think yes.

Q: Is that fair that trail has gone cold on Osama Bin Laden.

President: Well it has not gone cold. I would say that even now it is generally thought that he is in the standing border on the Konar and Bajor, between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is that area roughly. Yes, I have been all around and I am saying lets mine the border and let fencing the border. This is a serious proposal. This is very serious proposal because that will nail this issue of whether these people are coming from Pakistan. So nail these people like President Karzai who thinks that he is coming from Pakistan. And I am suggesting, we will mine the border. Let anyone who is going from here get into the mines. We will fence the border and that don’t cost much also.

Q: So why not do it? President: We should do it.

Q: Are we hearing it as a new policy announcement?

President: If everyone has to agree to get the finances we will do it.

Q; If US give you the money to put the mines?

President: yes indeed. This is doable. It is not undoable. It is very much doable.

Q: Your schedule of dinner with President Bush, President Karzai tomorrow night. It’s going to be same dinner.

President: Yes it is going to be same dinner I know. I am wondering how its going to be.


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