Posted by: Administrator | 8 August, 2006

President’s Address at Women Convention, Quetta

8 December 2006, Quetta

Governor Balochistan, Chief Minister Balochistan, Federal Minister for Women, Federal Minister for Special Education, Provincial Minister for Women, Principal for Population Welfare, all Ministers, Ladies and Gentlemen, Assalam-o-Alaikum~.

On this great occasion I announce 100 million rupees welfare package for the women of Balochistan. Now the women of this country are getting progressive, today by seeing a large gathering of women from Balochistan, I am extremely impressed by seeing such a large gathering. I have no doubt that the future of Balochistan women is very secure. But we need to go to the rural areas and motivate them to come forward and also build their capacity because they are still backward and lagging behind as compare to the other literate women of the society. So we have to build the capacity among them — capacity to take over charge as good as men. I am very happy with the progress that we are taking women in the Army, Air Force and in every profession; also currently the girls are performing better then boys in education. And also I have seen in different convocations the majority of prize-winners; medal winner and position holders are girls. Therefore I congratulate you all that there has been realization in women towards their responsibilities and coming up to the level of men. Then we have to maintain it.

So the opportunities should be created at the lower level for the girls in the field of education so the emphasis should be on the girl’s education, because you are the ones who educate the children. Unfortunately, some youth in Balochistan have deviated, that is also because of the sense of deprivation and alienation. But it was due to mistakes of leaderships in the past, who did not give them (the people of Balochistan) their due rights. So the women can play an important role by giving them the lesson of national character and patriotism. Now as the Government is going it every effort to bring Balochistan to the same level as the other provinces of Pakistan, the youth and women of this province can play an important role. The Government is doing its best to provide jobs and scholarships to the youth of Balochistan. We want to secure their future. So I request you all that teach your children the lesson of patriotism.

The momentum that has been created due to the passage of Women Protection Bill act, this has to be continued so that we keep this momentum for the rights of women. Therefore I congratulate the assemblies, Minister for Women, and all the women of the country on passing this Women Protection Bill through which the women of this country has got the status. I want to congratulate to all the moderate forces that are in favour that Bill and they have supported the Bill. This is the victory for the moderate forces, and this is the defeat of the obscurantist.

Unfortunately those people are using this to gain the political mileage. They are hypocrites and playing a political game to get fame from it. This Bill gives justice to the women. And in Islam, justice and compassion is the basic ingredient. So I want to tell them that please stop using Islam for their political gain. This country has been made for Muslims and has been created on the name of Islam. The founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam had clearly stated that men, women and the minorities will get equal rights in Pakistan, which is an Islamic Republic. We will take Pakistan towards the true ideals of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal. Those who are opposing the Women Protection Act are the elements that also opposed printing of Holy Quran three centuries back and were critical of the moderate and progressive thinking of Quaid-e-Azam and Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. Such elements think that Islam is their property and others do not have the knowledge of Islam.

This Women Protection Act is fully according to Islam. There are two extreme views in it. I always said that there is liberal extreme and the other is the religious extreme views. The liberal views are those that are fully repeal views. In my point of view this Women Protection Bill is a great achievement. We have to empower the women. So that the destiny would be in your hand and demand your rights in an institutional way and that is the Parliament and assemblies. We have to empower the women and we have given the political empowerment that is the representation at the National, Senate and District assemblies, which has been done now. It should be up to 50%, but let us go step-by-step and leap-by-leap.

The second area of focus was the economic empowerment of women so that the women become self-dependent and relieved from dependence on men. The other area is to amendment in laws, which are not giving justice to the women, which we have done it through this Bill. There are other social injustices and the elimination of social injustices like marriage with Quran; inheritance issues, 11Wani, Matta-~atta and others through legislation was also part of the strategy for women emancipation. The Government will introduce a bill in the Parliament to do necessary legislation on these issues. The Government was also focusing on the mainstreaming of women with equal job opportunities through capacity building.

The elimination of violence against women is another area of Government’s focus. This is an internal problem and it should be addressed.

Lastly I would like to talk about the Elections 2007. I urge you to reject extremist and obscurantist elements in the 2007 General Election and vote for the moderate forces to ensure the continuity of the policies of development and progress across the Country including Balochistan. So to ensure the continuity of policies, vote for the people in next election, who support me, vote in favour of those who are in favour of present Government policies.

So mobilise other women and ask them to vote for the moderate people and those who support the policies of present Government. In this way this Province will progress and I will always remain in favour of Balochistan and I will assure you that you will get more than your present allocation of development funds, and

I am in favour this more development funds.

Balochistan Zindabad, Pakistan Paindabad!


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