Posted by: Administrator | 7 August, 2006

President Address to the Nation on 59th Independence Day

14 August 2006

Mr. Prime Minister, Chairman Senate Mr. Soomro, Chief Justice of Pakistan, Ministers, Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen. Assalam-o-Alaikum!

First of all I would like to congratulate the nation, citizens of Pakistan who are living in Pakistan and outside on this Independence Day. On the 59th celebration, let us promise together that we will adopt Quaid-i-Azam’s saying: unity, faith and discipline, make it practical in our lives and make Pakistan dynamic, progressive and developed Islamic nation. I would like to congratulate PTV, for organizing this wonderful program named “look at the sun arising from the East”. I would like to pay tributes to all artists, producers, directors, cameramen, technicians, and the orchestra. They have organized a motivational program and National Songs are impressive. I am thankful to the Nation for complements passed on to me. I am touched by their feelings. It puts much pressure to perform and do better in future.

I would like to say that we got independence with lot of struggle. We faced lot of hardships. Our elders have struggled hard and due to their efforts, we got independence. It is the responsibility of every citizen to look after the Country. We should be proud of our Country.

In my view, Pakistan is great, special and a unique country. This is not emotionalism that is I am showing. It is not that I am a Pakistani and must talk about Pakistan, but one has to be realistic about who are we? What is our history and what do we stand for? There should be faith in it and when I say this that our country is great, there are certain proofs that I must gave. God has bestowed many blessings to Pakistan, which no other country has. Look at our resources; there are many rivers in the country. There is no shortage of water, while many countries are suffering from a single drop of water. We have fertile land, which provides better quality of foods then any other country of the world. We have all the resources of energy and can produce hydroelectricity; we have coal through which we can produce electricity. We have gas resources as well. We have alternate resources such as wind and sun. We have nuclear resources. What do we lack in? Look at our location where we are? What is the importance of our region on the world map?

There is no region of this part of the world or group that can trade or interact with energy resources themselves until or unless Pakistan is on board. This is the importance of our geographical area and location.

Pakistanis have all the capabilities and we should utilize them. We are a unique country, look at our environment. First of all take the temperatures. There are countries, which have cold and hot conditions throughout the year. But this country has temperature ranging from 50C to -50C. There are many advantages of it. There are four seasons in our country. Due to which our crops and agriculture production is best. We have mountains and deserts. We have the best coastline. We have best agriculture plains, irrigated plains, rivers and canals. We have forests.

Look at our heritage. Maher Ghurdh in Balochistan is 8,000 years old. No country has Indus Civilization, Monjo Dahro, Harappa. We have Ghandhara civilization in Taxila where there was a university having remains when people were in dark ages and used stones in wars. This is our heritage. Look at our Islamic values. Islam came through Northern Area Mountains, through deserts. Alexander – The Great passed through this region. Kalash tribes live in Kalash valleys, are the descendents of Alexander – The Great. Mughal, British and Islamic history is present here. This country is a cradle of all religions. We have a variety of religious heritage. Buddhism was there in Taxila, Charsada and Mardan. This all region was use to be the center of Buddhism. Look at the Sikhism, Puncha Sahib in Hasan Abdaal or Nankan Sahib in Sheikhupura. Hinduism was there in Katas near Kalar Khar. No country in this world has such cradle of religious heritage. This is our greatnessand we should be proud of it. And we should know it. Therefore, we have to make this place safe and make it a progressive country just like before. For this, it is very important that we should have strong economical, military and political stability. We have to work together for this stability. This is my and government’s direction. This is our direction and we have done a lot for this.

Briefly, I want to tell you that we have rebuilt the economy. Now we have to transfer this advantage to the people of Pakistan. We have got the reputation in the world, now we have to make it stronger. We have to make this standing a reality, so that the world thinks that this country is not a small country, it’s a big, strong and a developing country.

We are trying to implement strong democracy in the country. And in my point of view, we have established this. Parliaments are functioning and first time they are completing their period. Elections were held. We have created a three-tier system i.e. National, Provincial and local government system. We have given freedom of speech and expression. We have opened the media. There are 43 TV channels functioning. This is all revolution. We have to maintain it. We have empowered the people through local government system. We have empowered the women by giving political empowerment. By the grace of God there are problem areas, which are under discussion such as the Hudood Ordinance. I hope that the Parliament, National Assembly and the Senate will look at this realistically.

They will look it thoroughly and remove the weaknesses.

We have made our defence strong, Allham-du-lilha, we are not dependent on any outside source. We have made Al-Khalid Tank, Agasta90. We are making Frigates and JF17 fighter planes. We have made the Shaheen-II missile. We are making Babar Cruise missile. This is now a strong Pakistan and nobody can cross the Line of Control.

One has to change their mindset about threatening Pakistan. We will not tolerate any such language in the future. We do not threat anyone and we do not accept any threat from anywhere or anybody. Let that be very clear.

This as always, I pray to God that may HE give us the courage and enable us to make Pakistan a strong country. Allama Iqbal’s message is self-belief and enlightened mind. And Quaid-i-Azam’s message is the tolerance message, tolerance between each other and message of coexistence. May Allah guide us so that we can move this country according to the messages of M. A. Jinnah and Allama Iqbal.

I am thankful to all of you. I am thankful to all of the artists; this is our culture, whether it is a Sufi Kalam or a pop, classical, semi-classical. This music and art is our culture. We must own it. We must encourage it. Let us be proud of this great Nation of ours. This is not mare hollow words that I am talking of, I have a conviction and inner feeling that this nation has been created because God wants this nation to be a proud and important nation of the world. Let us play that role.

Thank you very much. Pakistan Paindabad.


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