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President Address to the Nation

20 July 2006

My dear Pakistani brothers and sisters: Assalam o Alaikum!

A crisis is developing around us and in the world as well and there are some internal elements who are trying to create a chaos in the country. It can have a negative impact on Pakistan. We have to guard and strengthen our security. So I thought I should address my brothers and sisters and present realities before you.

First of all I would like to talk about the international situation and I will focus only on the situation in Lebanon. Israel earlier had hostilities with Hamas and Hizbullah but it has now openly attacked Lebanon. The conflict has been escalated; the bigger fear is that it can also engulf Syria and Iran, which can also have spill over effects on Pakistan.

I will talk about two main points. Firstly, we have to ensure our own security through internal cohesion. Secondly, I appeal to the world to end this crisis, move towards a ceasefire and resolve the crisis through dialogue. The Palestine dispute should be resolved which is at the heart of this conflict. This issue has a far-reaching impact on the world, so I appeal to the world to resolve this crisis.

Now, I want to talk about the regional situation. Firstly, I want to talk about Mumbai bomb blasts in India. Pakistan, the entire nation, the government and myself strongly condemn these blasts. We are all opposed to terrorism and extremism and Pakistan itself is fighting against terrorism.

And God willing Pakistan will succeed in this regard. I assure you that Pakistan would continue its fight against extremism and terrorism. I want to address to the people of Mumbai and say to them that we are shocked over the loss of lives in the terrorist attack.

I condole with the families who lost their dear ones.

Pakistan itself is a victim of terrorism and is fighting against it. And we stand by you in fight against it. But I also want to say something on this occasion. The attitude of the Indian government after this incident was somewhat regrettable. To say that the dialogue process should be postponed or halted, in my view, is a victory for terrorists. Terrorists want to stop the peace process and the normalization process and I am sure that Indian government would not like them (terrorists) to win. We all oppose terrorism. Pakistan is part of the international coalition in the fight against terrorism. If we put blame on each other it will be a defeatist attitude. So I would suggest that we should carefully think before giving any comments. No one should give unsubstantiated comments. We are all together against terrorism.

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I assure that Pakistan will fully help India to identify terrorists or their organization if we are provided with specific information and evidence. We stand by you against those who undertook such terrorist attacks making you suffer so much. Secondly, I would talk about Afghanistan. The situation has changed somewhat in Afghanistan. We tackled alQaeda and made offensives against its operatives in cities and mountains as well as in North and South Waziristan and its operatives are on the run. They now hide in mountains in small groups. We have broken their network.

I think, the situation has transformed (the focus has shifted) from alQaeda to Taliban. Its centre is southern Afghanistan, Kandahar region where Mullah Omer is still controlling Taliban and this is negatively impacting Pakistan. Some elements are also in Pakistan’s FATA area, who are involved in cross border activities.

We are strongly taking action against them. We have designed a new strategy against Taliban and I would give its details later. I want to say that we are together against terrorism and cooperating with the coalition forces. Pakistan will not accept any allegations in this respect. I have already mentioned in the case of India that blame game is a sign of defeat and weakness and they should stop.

We can respond strongly but I think it is inappropriate. We have to fight together against terrorism. I would say on this occasion that foreign interference into Pakistan from Afghanistan must stop.

Now, we look at the internal situation. The opposition is making hue and cry over poverty. Unemployment and price hike. They found no negative element in the budget and I think it was the best budget, which was pro-poor, and development oriented budget. The total budget outlay in 1999 was Rs. 642 billion, which now stands at Rs. 1.3 trillion, which means it is now more than double. The funds allocated for public section development programme in 1999 were between Rs 75 and 80 billions. But this year it is 415 billion rupees.

The basic reason I want to mention is that our revenue generation has increased from 304 billion to 710 billion rupees, showing an increase of 400 billion rupees. Thus, the allocation for PSDP has increased from 80 to 415 billion rupees indicating an increase of 320 or 330 billion rupees.

Now a total of 330 or 340 billion rupees have been spent on the development. It is pertinent to note that the government is utilizing all the revenue collection on development.

Firstly, I would talk about price hike. It is true that it has increased. But we must think what is the reason behind this price-hike and we must understand it. The main reason of price hike is an upsurge in national economy.

The economy is fast growing and there is a lot of money with the people. Our per capita income has doubled and now stands at 840 dollar. Now Pakistan has been included in the middle-income category. The people having money are spending a lot.

In economic terms when people spend more it creates a demand-supply gap, which in turn gives rise to price hike. But I am not trying to justify it. In my opinion it should be fully controlled.

The government must take all possible steps to restrict inflation and bring down price hike. I am glad to say that the government has taken measures in this regard. The inflation, which at one point had increased to double figure now stands at 8 percent. The inflation has been reduced but it is not at the desired level as more

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 steps are still needed. I have collected the figures; the prices of pulses and sugar have come down. But it is also not enough and we have to take more steps.

We have decided to provide essential items such as pulses, sugar, ghee, flour and tea etc. These items will be sold at controlled prices to the poor people through utility stores. The government will set up thousands of static and mobile utility stores at Teh.rillevel and at thousands of union council level.

The subsidized items will also be sold at controlled prices at the mobile utility stores. Our effort will not end here. We will ensure it that all the commodities are sold at controlled prices. The prices will be made public on television and newspapers. And any one who has any complaint regarding violation of controlled prices can contact on phone numbers and action will be taken against violators.

These utility stores will be outsourced. There will be thousand of utility stores, which will sell items on controlled prices. It is also a matter of satisfaction that the government has appointed Price Magistrates to keep vigil over the prices, which are sometimes increased without any reason.

I also make it clear here. Some say that the government should provide subsidy. My dear brother and sisters I want to tell you how much subsidy is being given by the government. You should note it. The government is providing subsidy of Rs. 56 billion on power sector otherwise the charges would have been increased. I have always mentioned it that it unfortunately was done through an agreement between the government and independent power producers in 1994.

The per unit cost fixed for fourteen oil based thermal units was also high due to which we suffer; we are improving the situation gradually. But subsidy of 56 billion rupees is being given in power sector. Also a subsidy of 10 billion rupees is being provided on petrol and diesel, Otherwise prices would have further increased. You see the oil prices are increasing in the world. But they are being controlled here.

The government is providing subsidy of 15 billion rupees on sugar and pulses and 13 billion rupees subsidy on fertilizers used by farmers. An amount of 10 billion rupees is distributed among poor through Bait ul Mall. The total subsidy provided by the national exchequer amounts to 104 billion rupees.

You can explore prices anywhere in the world. The prices of essential commodities are comparatively lower in Pakistan than anywhere in the region but I assure my Pakistan brothers and sisters that myself and the government will not only control the prices but also bring them down, besides providing subsidized items to facilitate the people.

Now I want to touch the issue of poverty and unemployment. Earlier, poverty was around 34%. It means among every three persons, one was living below the poverty line. Thanks God! During the last five years, it has now been reduced by 10%. Now it is around 24%.

It is true that the present situation of poverty is not good. Poverty still persists though it has come down from 34% to 24%. It means one out of four persons lives below poverty line. This situation is very bad. I would not say that poverty and unemployment has been eliminated.

I do not have any magical wand to bring it to an end. But we will reduce its intensity progressively every year. But I want to state it clearly that these figures should not be doubted by anybody.

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Let me say it clearly that these figures stand verified by the World Bank, ADB, DFID and UNDP and poverty centre Pakistan, which is sub-organization of UN, it is UK based. These are their figures. Poverty centre Pakistan hired the services of experts from Brazil. They thoroughly scrutinized these figures and checked them. These figures tally with the government’s figures.

So! Do believe these figures, which are really true. You better look at the facts. It’s not fair to sit in drawing rooms and claim that poverty and unemployment is increasing without basing their claim on any genuine data.

I want to tell you about some ground realities. Let us take…. In the industry, first, I gladly inform you that hundreds of industries have sprung up, “green field” is another name of new industries. Currently all these industries are running in Pakistan at 100% capacity. Many of these new industries are operating in two or three shifts. Resultantly, production has increased. One can ask are these industries being run by the angles? It is obvious that new industries have been installed and instead of one shift there are now three shifts so it has generated employment for Pakistanis.

In support of my argument, I give you some figures. Time and again, I have told you that number of motorcycles has increased from 85,000 to 800,000. I am told that in every village motorcycles have replaced cycles, even in some cases cars have replaced cycles. Cars manufacturing has increased from 33,000 to more than 200,000. Formerly TV manufacturing was 120,000 now their production is more than one million.

Formerly refrigerator production was 200,000, now it’s one million, which is five times more. Air conditioners (1 will discuss electricity latter) now please note these figures. During 1999-2000 AC manufacturing was around 500,000, currently 700,000 ACs are being produced and sold annually like hot cakes. This is fourteen times increase. Now who is manufacturing them, naturally, it is the Pakistan labour. So labour is getting jobs. If production increases by five to ten times, as a consequence the quantum of labour force will also increase and who is the buyer? It’s not the people coming from America to buy Pakistani goods. They are Pakistanis. They have enough money to purchase it. This proves my point that poverty and unemployment has decreased.

I forgot to mention the sale of tractors. Formerly, its production was about 20,000. Currently 50,000 tractors are being produced and sold. An industrialist told me about the labour pay. Earlier, we used to hire the labour at Rs. 90 per day. Actually they were paid only 60 to 70 rupees. And a large number of persons were seeking jobs.

Today it is said that labour is not available even at the rate of 130 to 140 per day. So these were the issues covering poverty and money. Poverty has been certainly reduced.

Telecommunication is another example. Three years back mobile phone users, which I have mentioned many times, were only 6 lakhs. Today there are 34 million mobile phone users in Pakistan.

If 34 million mobile phones have been sold in Pakistan and one mobile phone’s average price is roughly 10,000 rupees then I estimated that 340 billion rupees have been spent on mobile phone purchase in Pakistan.

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It is the common man who purchased it. Today everybody is carrying a mobile phone, so, it shows that they have had the money to purchase these mobile phones. I also thought in terms of job opportunities.

Telecommunication has enabled the people to open thousands of franchises, 15 to 20 persons are employed on every franchise. Obviously, there were sufficient resources to purchase millions of mobile phones and open its franchise as outlets recruiting 15 to 20 people.

More towers have been erected. Every company is erecting its towers in Pakistan. I have been told that 70,000 towers are such that are the source of income for those in whose land, these have been erected. Many people are involved in this sector. They are getting approximately 50,000 rupees per month as its rent. Thus people are making money.

No telecommunication engineer is available in the market. All are enjoying good jobs, and are getting handsome salaries. In the convocation of Bahria University, I was told that 90 to 95% of students have been offered jobs even before they completed their studies.

Almost 150,000 people are employed in information technology sector. If we look at construction sector, no skilled manpower is available at the moment. A huge number of people are employed in this sector. You can judge the situation from the fact that production of cement has increased from 9 million to 17 million tons. It will soon double. It shows that a large number of people are working in this sector.

Look at the mega projects. The work is underway on Mangla Dam, Meerani Dam, Kachi Canal, Raini Canal, RBOD Thal Canal, Subkzai Dam and a number of others. The rough estimate shows that there are 800,000 direct and 160,00,00 indirect jobs which have been provided to the people in these projects.

Take the case of television channels, dozens of TV channels are operating in the country, and thousands of people are employed there. Whether you talk about musicians, those who conduct talk shows, newsreaders or religious programmers, where religious scholars are participating.

Let us talk about police force. More than 100,000 people have been inducted in the police force. Similarly more than 100,000 teachers have been inducted in new schools in the four provinces. I want to inform you that the level of poverty, joblessness and unemployment has decreased.

The wages of salaried class have been increased by 50% in the last 3 to 4 years. The government’s efforts in this regard do not end here. We have launched self-employment programme. Almost 190,00,00 people will benefit from this scheme. There are many more schemes in next 4 to 5 years.

Special credit will be provided to people on low interest rates to enable them to create their own means of income. NADRA has given one of the major indicators that show that the level of unemployment has decreased. They issued 24.6 million national identity cards by 2002. Out of them 5.2 million were unemployed. That constitutes 22%. The people themselves had filled up these forms.

They (NADRA) say they have issued 25 million cards from 2003 to 2006 out of which 2.8 million people were unemployed, which is 12% of the total showing a sharp decline in unemployment.

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My dear countrymen! Now talk about power sector. I want to clarify the situation. There is certainly a power shortage and people are suffering. I am watching television and I am also listening to news in this regard and I apologize for this. Poor people are no doubt suffering so much but I want to say that we should examine the reasons behind the power shortage.

Is it government’s failure? No, I will explain. This has direct relationship with the economic development. I have told you that the sale of air conditioners has gone up 14 folds. Several hundred new factories have come up. Thirdly, our factories were not producing to their full capacities, now they are running in three shifts. They all need energy, they all need electricity.

This demand has created a shortfall in electricity. It is due to increased demand that created the problem. This is a development related problem. Look at the traffic problem, which as I told you is due to large-scale sales of cars and motorcycles. You look at traffic problem in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Islamabad’s roads are quite wide and of good quality but still there is traffic problem. This again is development related problem.

On the one hand, this should be a cause of happiness for us that we are making progress but at the same time we should also realize that when consumption of energy increases, it is due to development activity. This is a matter to rejoice over. On the other hand, the government is bound to manage the shortfall occurring in the energy availability. The problem should be addressed under a comprehensive strategy.

Now I explain the strategy in brief. We have prepared a strategy keeping in view the shortfall and further energy needs, related to our growth. It is a three-pronged strategy namely, short term, mid term and long term.

Under the short-term strategy we will overcome shortfall by December next year. In about eight to nine months, two plants of 300 MW each would be operational. We are trying to set up a third one also, which will produce 100 MW. DHA Karachi is installing destination plant. Its capacity is 80 MW. This project will be operational by March next year. Barge mounted plant of KESC will produce 45 MW.

Four gas turbine units will be completed by next year. They will produce 550 MW. There is a wind power project to produce 50 MW. The project will be operational next year during April-August period.

Then there is a Lakhra power project, which has a capacity of 150 MW but now produces only 30 MW. It is a WAPDA project. Its production capacity is being raised to 100 MW in a few months time. Taken together, all these projects will produce about 8,100 MW of electricity by mid 2007.

I want to tell you about gas turbines, and wind power projects also. We are trying to complete all hydroelectric projects now in hand. We want to complete them as soon as possible. They are in all 45 projects and they will produce 8,600 MW of electricity. In mid term we will produce 8,600 MW, in 2008-2010 period. Then we have the long-term projects covering period of 2011 to 2016. All these 31 projects will be undertaken during this period. They are mainly hydroelectric power projects. They will produce 19150 MW of electricity, Inshallah.

What I want to tell you is that shortfall in electricity also affects our development. It also hurts you. But I appeal to you to bear with this discomfort for some time. I have explained and you will realize that it is not due to any government slackness. This has happened due to increased development activities.

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I appeal to the people to please bear with this situation. I would like to direct the government and WAPDA to resort to load shedding, only when needed and in an organised way. People should know before hand about the load-shedding programme in their areas.

My dear countrymen!

Security emanates from power, not from weakness. A weak country cannot guarantee its security. Power provides guarantee for security. Look at Lebanon. What is happening there? This becomes the fate of a weak country. If you have power, nobody can dare harm you.

God forbids Pakistan does not face such a situation. Those who talk of reducing strength of our forces, and weak defence of the country, do they want Lebanon like situation for Pakistan?

Inshallah, this will never happen in case of Pakistan, because the armed forces of Pakistan will be made stronger. What is spent on the defense sector is actually GDP related. Now as our GDP has increased from 63 billion dollars to 135 billion dollars, so our defense expenditure has already been halved. Try to understand this as well. Let me say that the defense of Pakistan would be made stronger; the needs and requirements of army, navy and air force will be fulfilled without affecting the economy and it would be minimal, because firstly we are spending on defense procurement quite rationally. Secondly, we will buy them on the basis of long-term credit. Therefore, we would make it certain that our defense growth does not affect our economic growth.

My dear countrymen! Now let me talk on some domestic developments. The issues are mainly two i.e. Fata and Balochistan. And I can proudly give happy tidings to the nation that our strategy in all the areas is going towards success, and Inshallah the situation will take a happy turn in the days to come.

So, let me start with FATA. There we launched an action against terrorism. We eliminated about 600 to 700 of the terrorists in the settled areas. We launched an action against them in the mountains, and we were successful. The armed forces of Pakistan initiated this campaign and they were braced with success.

But now the focus has shifted. As I told you earlier, there is an increase in the activities of Taliban. Now the focus is on Taliban. Their base is in Afghanistan, in fact southern Afghanistan and Kandahar.

There are some elements in Pakistan who cross the border and take part in these activities. Thirdly, an attempt is being made to carry a backward culture to the settled areas; this is being done in FATA as well. This is a culture in which people are forced not to watch television. TV sets are smashed; music listening is prohibited. People are forced to grow beard; action is taken against those barbers who make shaves. This is a negative activity. It is backward culture and it is forcibly imposed.

That is what Talibanisation is. That is what we are to take action against. Now, we have evolved a new strategy to cope with the situation, which is being implemented. It is not all about the military action — military action is taken against terrorists and that will continue. The new action we have thought out is to strengthen the hitherto dormant institution of the political agent. The best officer will be posted there, and they will be provided the best of facilities. They must have a force of

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 frontier constabulary and levies at their disposal. These forces were virtually non­existent, we would reinforce them, and would make new recruitments.

Then, we have reorganized the FATA secretariat, which controls all the related activities, and operates under the governor, so that it becomes more effective. And then the tribal Maliks’ who were earlier the centre of gravity, have been obliterated and suppressed and their writ curtailed by the alQaeda and Taliban. We want that these Maliks re-emerge and re-establish their control in Fata.

Therefore, tribal Maliks would be elevated so that, together with political agents, they contribute in the development and establishment of peace in FATA. We have established FATA Development Authority that operates from FATA secretariat. All the development project that have been visualised and planned by us, and the minimum of Rs. 10 billion that will be spent on these development projects annually, will be utilised and supervised by the FATA development authority.

Besides, the provision of jobs to the local people, economic activities, health, education and social sector development will also be carried out through this authority. The new governor has been given complete authority in this regard, and he will get this strategy implemented. I am happy that he has taken good steps and initiative as a result of which a grand Jirga has been formed and would decide on resolving all the conflicts.

However, let me give a bottom-line i.e. No foreigner (terrorist) would be allowed to remain on the soil of Pakistan. Either he should leave this place, or surrender and live peacefully there, otherwise he would be killed.

Secondly, no person would go to Afghanistan from Pakistan to take part in war and conflict there. Thirdly, this Talibanisa~ion, which I called as a backward culture should not be imposed on others.

This is the bottom-line. I extend my full support to the Grand Jirga to the NWFP governor, tribal Maliks and all those involved in bringing about peace and harmony in the frontier (region). The civil institutions and particularly the political agents should play their role so that strength of the army is gradually reduced, and ultimately withdrawn from the area.

My dear countrymen! Now I would like to talk about Balochistan in some detail. There is a need to look at the past environment in order to understand the true nature of the situation there. There was a sense of deprivation and there was no development in the province. There appears to be

If we look at the period prior to 1999, there appears to be no project that was undertaken in Balochistan. That is why the province and this area remained backward. So the sense of deprivation there was justified.

Ninety-five per cent area of Balochistan is called as “b” area, 5 per cent of the area is “a”. “B” area is that part of the province where the writ of the government was not fully exercised. Policing is carried out in “a” areas i.e. only 5 per cent of the total area of the province. Balochistan has a total of 77 Sardars~ some of them are in the government as well. The chief minister himself is a Sardar. Only three out of them are anti-development and anti-democracy; they do not want democracy, rather they want to exercise their complete dictatorship and control in their areas. They are against development. They want to keep their people backward. I would even say that they are not only anti-government, but are actually anti-Pakistan.

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Look at the period of 1970 onwards, for the last 35 years, they have been displaying same attitude. I remember when I was major their in 1975, we were trying to construct a road in Kohlu, but it could not be done. Now we are constructing it. Sardars don’t want this. They don’t want that their tribesmen travel to other areas and get exposure and be able to realize what atrocities they going through. Three Sardars want to blackmail the government and keep their people under control by subjecting them to subjugation to keep their authority intact. They kill their people and this is the way they were maintaining their control in the area.

Where they are getting funds from? Who is supplying them arms? There are some external sources. Their arms come from Afghanistan. It is their source of money. As far as Bugti is concerned, they were minting hundreds of thousands of rupees from PPL. Marri Sardars occupied the coal mines. They used to collect “jagga tax” from their people. Every person was bound to pay “fagga Tax” to sardars. This was a cruel act. Sardars purchased weapons through this money, which included missiles, rockets and rocket launchers. They had every kind of weapon. Had this situation continued, these Sardars would have purchased even tanks, guns and fighter planes as the warlords have in Afghanistan.

They maintained their own militias to control tribesmen and paid 5,000 to 6,000 thousands rupees as a salary to their militants to maintain their full authority. They want to blackmail the government and impose their authority over the people through their army and keep the people under tyrannical control. I also want to tell you that when the whole nation celebrates on 23rd of March, they used to hoist black flags. This is the way they acted in Dera Bugti in the past.

The second point is the situation prevailing there. What are our efforts in the last five years? What do I want to do for Balochistan?

First take all the development projects – the government is undertaking development projects worth 133 billion rupees. The development budget for Balochistan is bigger than that of any other province.

I will not go into details. The Gwadar port is being developed. The work on coastal highway, Subakzai Dam and Mirani Dam is underway. Dozens of roads, not small roads but having length of hundreds of kilometres, are being constructed. Rs. 8 billion rupees are being spent on water supply schemes and brick lining in Balochistan.

They used to complain that the gas was extracted from their area but was not supplied to them. I think this complaint carries weight. That is why I inaugurated extension projects of piped gas. But I tell you that many people are under misperception that gas only comes from Balochistan. This is not true. Gas also comes from Sindh and Frontier.

Only 18% of total gas comes from sui, not more than that and people should know it. Kachi canal is also being constructed there. I am proud to tell you that allocation for PSDP for Balochistan in 1999 was 2.1 billion rupees but now it has been increased to 30.6 billion rupees. We are spending this amount on development.

Besides this, we have planned to transform whole province into “a” area. I am happy that the Balochistan government has turned 13 out of 18 districts into “a” area. As far as the job opportunities are concerned. I want to give you a rough estimate that how many jobs are being provided to people in police department (in Balochistan).

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In police their strength has surged from 20,000 to 29,000. Within three years, this strength will go up to 44,000. This means that we are adding 24,000 people to police force and they are all Balochs, who are being recruited. Like police, in Balochistan Constabulary, we have added 6,000 personnel to existing 4,000. We are setting up 12th wing of the Frontier Corps and thousands of people are joining it. Similarly, army has 14,700 Balochs in its ranks. There are 450 Baloch officers in army now. This is what we are doing for Balochistan now.

Similarly, in all development projects, we are giving priority to Baloch people. Baloch rural people will be given training as skilled workers to enable them to seek employment. There are nearly 37,000 people employed in Balochistan. Now I want to discuss special development package for Balochistan. We have announced Rs 1.5 billion package for roads and other infrastructure. We have given each district of Balochistan 10 crore rupees. This raises the amount to 2.8 billion rupees. So this amount, we have earmarked 3 billion rupees for Balochistan development. This money can be spent in any area, whether in Murri or Bugti areas.

We are planning to establish 6 cadet colleges in Balochistan. Saindak project was revived after my request to the Chinese government. In addition, in rakodarek (chaghi) we are working on a similar project.

My dear brothers and sisters! This is a huge copper and gold mining project, where the world’s biggest firm of copper mining has come from Chile and another world’s biggest gold mining firm from Canada. Both these companies are jointly engaged in mining inrakodarek. Pakistan will soon be included among the leading gold and copper mining countries. These steps are all being carried out for Balochistan.

I would also like to say that we are establishing new cantonment in Sui, Kohlu and Gwadar. This is essential to provide security in these areas for attracting foreign investment. I have told you the environment prevailing in Balochistan and what we are going to do for Balochistan, for Balochs and Pushtoons living there and for their progress.

Now I want to tell you about the reaction of three Sardars to our development schemes. First of all these Sardars, and one of these Sardars vowed in an interview that we don’t want imposed development. During their rule, there was no development at all, but now when we are developing Balochistan, which is essentially required, they are rejecting it and calling it an imposed development. They are engaged in rocket attack, bomb blast, killing our foreign friends, sabotaged – blowing gas pipelines, railway tracks and electricity on a daily basis.

Quetta was under rocket attack every second or third day from within the city and mountains. What is more, they blew up the main plant in Sui. These disgruntled people then occupied coal mines in Saryab area near Quetta city. They put their own army in the camps which are known as `ferrari~ camps.

Approximately, 40 such camps were established by these Sardars in Balochistan. I want you to understand why these camps are known as ferrary camps. These camps were established by Bugti, Murri or their sons. Whenever or wherever they wanted to carry out sabotage, they sent their hired people from these ferrari camps. These three Sardars chalked out a strategy and where they blew up a railway track, it was definitely an act of sabotage carried out from these camps. These hired people then were given arms and 6,000 rupees as salary. They were ordered to kill Chinese, blow electricity polls, gas-lines. So, these camps served as a base to carry out

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armed saboteur activity to stir commotion and disturbance in a particular area. These 40 odd camps were used for this purpose.

Now the question arises, should we bow down, as we were bowing down for 30 to 40 years in the past, to these people? Likewise, appointing them as chief minister, governor and giving them utmost authority. This authority has enabled them to evict their ownpeople forcibly from their lands. Kalpars, Masooris, Raygars are all the sub tribes of Bugti tribe.

These Bugti sub-tribes are forced to live in abject conditions in Sindh and Punjab. What should we do in such a situation? Some people advise that we should go for a political dialogue. Should we go for such a dialogue that we were doing in the past? This dialogue has resulted in such a grave situation. Should we stop development by having dialogue with them and spending this money in another province? Is this an answer to our problem?

Certainly not, we have to go for an operation to change this situation. We have to establish the writ of the government, and end the writ of Sardars. All government installations will be safeguarded. Whether it is in Sui or Gwadar or any other area, where security is paramount to our development schemes, because we want the development process to move ahead.

Whether it is roads construction, water schemes gas pipelines; all these projects need to move forward. This needs a security apparatus and to achieve this end, we are establishing cantonments and using force whenever necessary. Now, I want you to know that army is not being utilized. Pak army’s strength in Balochistan is 1,000 thousand and the army is called only when required.

Frontier corps, FC Balochistan are being utilized. I want to pay tributes to intelligence agencies, frontier corps and the army Jawans for their successful campaign, which has totally changed the situation. And God willing, the law and order situation will be completely restored.

About 16,000 Kalpar, Masoori, Raygar, who were uprooted by the so-called Nawab Bugti are now back in their hometown. We have given ten goats to each family and tractors to groups so that they can lead a peaceful life as good Pakistani citizens. We want their progress and raise their living standards.

Now, I am glad to say that nearly 5,000 people are back in Dera Bugti, out of a total population of 9,000. Ahmed Bugti, cousin of Akbar Bugti himself has come back to Dera Bugti and he is calling his own people to return to Dera Bugti. All commanders of Bugti have now surrendered, some have abandoned him, several hundreds of them have laid down their arms. These include surface to air missile, multi barrel rocket launchers. Some missiles were found hidden under the ground. The Incharge of Ferrari camps used to get from people 1 million to 1.5 million rupees, in cash for payment of salaries. One person disclosed he had two boxes of cash which he had taken to a mountain cave in a helicopter, when the box was opened 50 million rupees were found.

Now there is an overall peaceful situation in Balochistan from Dera Bugti to Quetta. There are no rocket attacks and railway tracks blowing. I always had a firm faith that these sabotage activists, in reality are house of cards. Basically, the perpetrators are backed by a few people and if these few people are nabbed every thing will be all right. These people have carried out the bomb blasts in Lahore,

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Karachi and Quetta. By the grace of Allah, this successful operation has led to improvement in the situation and this situation will keep on improving day by day.

This is what they did. The operations have been successful and things are improving a lot. Take Bugti-Marri area and see what is the ratio of their population in the total population of Balochistan. Area-wise, the area is less than one-tenth of the area of the province. The population of this area is 4.5 percent of the total population of the province. The two tribes are quite large ones.

Daiga is the sub tribe of the Bugtis while Zehri is the sub tribe of the marris. These two sub tribes have problems, the rest have no problem and they support the government. Those making trouble are only one percent of the total population of the province. And I tell you many of their own people are not with them, like Gaznis or Daigas. Look at Ahmed Bugti, who is Akbar Bugti’s cousin. He has now moved to Dera Bugti along with 1,000 people. I was explaining that those who gossip in their drawing rooms that whole of Balochistan is on fire; they should know the figures and then make observations. I want to clear certain misconceptions.

I regret to say that there is one well-known foreign magazine, leave aside its name; it is also suffering from the same misconception regarding the two tribes. The magazine took them for the whole of Balochistan. No sir this is absolutely wrong. The trouble was only in Barri-Bugti area and this very much part of the province. There is no trouble elsewhere in the province. They talk of human rights too. Many media networks, foreign media, talk of human rights violations. You talk about human rights violations when we have taken action against a man who is committing atrocities, killing his own people, torturing people of his own tribe, keeping families, children and women and make them live in poor conditions in Punjab and Sindh. Where is the human rights violations at that time, why don’t they talk about that, why don’t you go and see the 15,000 people who have come back to their own areas and now settled.

Where is the human rights violation and where is human right record? We are giving them rights, giving comforts to thousands of people, their own people, Bugti and Marri people. So, that is the human rights, which need to be seen in the correct perception.

My dear countrymen! I have gone into details. Now in conclusion, I would like to touch upon a point, which is very important. It is extremism, which has to be eliminated from our society. This is eating into our social fabric like a white ant. If we failed to curb extremism, we would not be able to sustain progress, we are making now. We have to promote tolerance in our society. We have to eschew intolerance. If you look at this issue in the international perspectives, watch world media, you will come to realize that Pakistani society is being seen as intolerant one. This is very dangerous development. I have also realized this when I go around touring foreign countries.

This is detrimental to our dignity and our honour. When we go abroad we face this problem. Millions of Pakistanis live. They also face the problem. They are looked down upon by others and dubbed as extremists. They are kept at a bay. Our economy suffers because of this image. We are trying to improve our image abroad and have achieved some success. We tell them that Pakistanis are moderate people, majority of them are moderate. Extremists are only a few. If the world comes to believe that our society is extremist, it would be tragic. What to talk of other religions,

we are not showing tolerance among ourselves. If we kill each other, if we carry out blasts, what would be the world’s reaction?

How would we be counted among the developed countries? How would we ensure our progress? I earnestly appeal to you, my brother and sisters, give up extremism and adopt the path of moderation. Islam should be a unifying force, it should not be a divisive force. We are scattering and are scattered. Our strength is turning into weakness. The real power of Islam is its unifying force. We believe in moderation.

This is the way to progress. We have to take this path. In this regard I would stress on public reforms. I would urge Prime Minister and all Provincial Chief Ministers to ensure implementation of these reforms. Police must improve their attitude. Police have to take action against car snatchings, firings, theft and decoities. These crimes are prevalent, and the police have to react, but their main focus should be on curbing extremism.

You can overcome this menace when you stop misuse of loudspeakers in the mosques. They indulge in abusive language against their adversaries. They call names. They incite people against others. Muslims are pitted against Muslims. They preach hate against the whole world. There is hate material in the shape of books, magazines and other things. Such hate material must not be circulated. I don’t think this is unachievable.

What I want is that the prime minister, and chief minister should look at the problem and take it seriously. They should bring about changes in the attitude of police. All intelligence agencies must play their role in curbing extremism. This is how we can move forcefully against extremists. My brothers and sisters! With your cooperation, we will be able to eliminate extremism from our society. Pakistan would be known as a moderate country and this is the path to progress.

In conclusion, I pray to Almighty Allah that He may enable us to take the right path. May Allah protect Pakistan and guide us so that we take Pakistan towards progress and the people of Pakistan towards prosperity.

Pakistan Paindabad!


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