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President address at Pakistan Military Academy PMA

14 April 2007

Major General Nadeem Taj, Commandant Pakistan Military Academy, Members of the Faculty, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, and my dear ladies and gentlemen cadets:


I feel extremely privileged today for being with you on this very momentous occasion of your passing out parade. It marks the start of your professional career. I would like to felicitate the gentlemen and lady cadets of Long-Course, Technical Graduate Course, Graduate Course, Integrated Course and Ladies Integrated Course on the successful completion of your training at this great alma mater of Military excellence. I would also like to comment the Platoon Commanders, the Company Commanders, the Term-Commanders and the Academic Instructors who have groomed you all from being raw cadets into professional officers. On this occasion, I would also like to extend my heartiest felicitation to all the parents of the passing out cadets. You must be at this moment proud of your sons who have as I said entered their professional careers independently. I rejoice and share your happiness on this occasion.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am delighted that Pakistan Military Academy has today added a new chapter in the annuals of it’s history with a passing out of first ever batch of Lady Cadets. The women in our country should be proud of this occasion because it is their potential that they have proven now their worthiness along side man in the field of arm, which traditionally has been considered as exclusive domain of men. I honour the boldness of the lady cadets, passing out today because you are the pioneers in joining the previously hider to unexplored profession. I must make a mention that another noteworthy feature of today’s parade is the presence of 51 cadets from Sindh and 28 cadets from Balochistan among this graduating batch. Our Army now is truly a National Army. It represents all the four provinces and similar representation also exists in the men at the Center of Pakistan Army. You and whole Army represent the integrity and the solidarity of Pakistan.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Pakistan is passing through a difficult phase in its history. Externally there is an existence of regional turmoil which has very direct and indirect fall outs on Pakistan. We are also a Front Line State in Global War on Terrorism. We have been the victims of terror. Internally, we face the menace of religious extremism, fundamentalism and sectarianism. The Armed Forces of Pakistan are responsible for the internal and external security of Pakistan from all threats that may emanate against it. You are expected to fight on all fronts and succeed, failure is not an option. Therefore you must prepare fully. The Pakistan Military Academy has laid the foundations for you. In your future career now onwards, develop a very strong structure over this very strong foundation that has been laid now at this academy.

Let me tell you with full confidence and assurance that Armed Forces of Pakistan have never been as strong as they are now today whether in conventional or unconventional means. We are capable of meeting any external; we are growing stronger by every passing day. We have no offensive or aggressive designs against anybody or any country but regard our integrity, honour and dignity very jealously. Our Arms are the guarantee of peace. We believe that only the guarantee of strength is the guarantee of peace and security. We believe in getting peace and security through strength and not through weakness, because, it is strength alone that will deter aggression in the future. Therefore we have to keep our guards up always.

Ladies and Gentlemen Cadets, threat now is internal. It is not only fringe extremists but aggressive militant extremists who pose threat. Using force against these extremists, demands prudence and understanding beyond your military training. Because we will be dealing with our own brothers and sisters, who are misguided. You as officer of Pakistan Army have to guarantee the security of your Motherland and must never fail in this duty. It is your success which will allow an unhindered economic growth of Pakistan and the progress and prosperity of people of Pakistan.

Let me, on this occasion, remind you that soldiering demands very high standard of discipline, dedication, commitment and sacrifice for the honorable survival in the multidimensional challenges that we face today. Your abiding faith in your mission will function as a beacon enabling you in the accomplishment of your ultimate goals. The Pakistani nation has trusted you as a real custodian and defenders of its physical and ideological frontiers, and a great responsibility now rests on your shoulders. As the future military leaders, you must grow as embodiments of sound moral stature, courage and extra ordinary fortitude. You must set personal standards of trust, sacrifice, comradeship and professional heroism. Your pride in glorious tradition of your respective units where ever you go will be the driving force in your lives and will unite you in the hours of crisis.

Remember, setting the personal example always, whether in physical or mental spheres, will earn you the real respect, the real respect of the men that you will command. I am sure that you will prepare yourself appropriately to face all these challenges with courage and will live up to the trust that Nation has repose in you. I am sure you will uphold Military traditions, high professional standards, nobility of character and code of fair conduct throughout your career as demanded by the Army. It is only through all these attributes that you can earn the obedience and respect of your subordinates. In the end I’ll congratulate all those who have worked hard to make today’s parade as success, giving me and all of us present here an opportunity to review this smartly turned out and extremely impressive passing out parade. My heartiest congratulation to all those cadets who have won distinctions today. May Allah Almighty in His infinite mercy guides you and gives you the strength to serve Pakistan and the Pakistan Army with courage, dedication and honour. May Allah be your guide and protector. Ameen!

Pakistan Army Zindabad and Pakistan always Paindabad.


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