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President Address at National Seerat-ul-Nabi Conference

1 April 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, it is an honour for me to be present on this occasion. I always listen to our Tilawat and its beautiful translation. But I would say that our actions are not in line with the teachings of Quran. There is a difference between the interpretation of true spirit of Islam and its practical application in our lives. Certain elements who do not have enlightened understanding of Islam have hijacked this religion creating segregation in our society. This is the root cause of all problems. We have internal problems and are even ready to fight for them. However, Islam teaches us concepts of “Ijtihad” and “Ijma” whereby a Muslim should be ready for discussions and dialogue. We see in the past how Islam progressed, importance was given to spread of knowledge and broadening of vision and understanding. Islam does not put a ban on thinking or control it. One should be open minded, incorporate new ideas and move forward. If within our country we are not united then how can 57 Muslim countries or OIC be united? We have to analyze where we are going and for that first of all we have to seek guidance from the teachings of Prophet (SWA).

The Prophet (SWA) advised to seek knowledge even if you have to go to China. In olden times, knowledge was spread through Madrassas and they were centers of excellence. Science, medicine, astronomy, mathematics all these subjects originated from madrassas.

I want the same level of knowledge to be spread through our madrassas and students should excel in these fields. Muslims were leading till 5th or 6th century [AH] and then there was downfall.

Today, the Muslim countries are lagging behind in the field of education and are dependent upon the developed countries. There is little unity amongst Muslim countries and there can’t be unity unless we get rid of poverty by helping each other till we become self-sufficient. We should have our own resources and finances for food, health, education and other developmental projects. It is easier to say than to do.

You know what is happening within the Muslim Ummah. There are examples like Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Kashmir and everywhere there is mishap. There are bomb blasts, suicidal attacks etc. Muslims are dying and there is loss of human lives and property. Now let’s see the situation in Pakistan; what is happening in the name of Islam?

Foreigners have entered illegally in our country. Foreigners are more than welcome if they visit Pakistan with an intention of contributing in a positive manner. But some of them are here distributing weapons and explosives within our country, damaging our nation and spreading terrorism in the world. What kind of a system is this? Then there are some madrassas which are involved in militancy and have weapons and explosives.

I would say wherever, whether at home or at madrassas, when they are teaching intolerance, rigidity, narrow-mindedness etc. it is wrong. Instead they should be teaching tolerance, brotherhood, character building and broad mindedness. I am not indicating anybody and I know many madrassas are doing very well. So, keep it going.

But a few madrassas are creating hurdles and you can stop them. Look at case of Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafza Madrassa. This act is against the dignity of women. They think by doing this the government would be scared. No, I only fear God. But this is not a situation of bravery or anything. There are 2,000 to 2,500 people in Lal Masjid. Now, we have to handle the situation such that there is no harm to these ladies and the mosque. Both factors have to be considered.

I therefore request you and specially my sisters to advice them because they think they can impose their thinking on others and change the whole society. This can’t happen. They would cause harm not only to themselves but to Pakistan as well. Then I would talk on Jihad. Every other person is going on Jihad. This was not the unity of Islam in the beginning.

When Islam was spread in the whole world, the authority came from the center. There was unity of command. Jihad is not just about fighting or killing.

In Islamic teachings we have “Jihad-e-Akbar” and it is very high-esteemed. But we have neglected it and think that Jihad is all about fighting. We should focus on the educational aspect of Jihad and move forward. You might have heard about the missing people on the media and that the government is kidnapping people. This is incorrect. I do not believe in these things.

I want to tell you about Mrs. Janjua who wrote a letter to me and had names of 16 missing people and her husband was one of them. Her husband’s father is from special service group. I myself am a commando and we have a closely-knitted community. I got it investigated in High Courts of all the Provinces.

The number of missing people there are 47. Out of that 33 have been found and out of which 23 have been released. 10 are also found and 3 are abroad; caught from Afghanistan. My brothers and sisters what are we doing with ourselves? In my point of view we have side-tracked from the path of Islam. We are Muslims but we do not practice the teachings of our religion.

We have neglected the true spirit of Islam. We focus more on “Haqooq-ul-Allah” than “Haqooq-ul-Abad”. It is our mistake to affiliate Islam with disputes and differences or rigid attitudes where people do not listen or accommodate others. We cannot move forward unless we return on the concepts of “Ijtihad” and “Ijma” I pray that may Allah guide us all and make Pakistan a progressive country. May Allah make this nation progressive. And guide us the true spirit of Islam and take the Ummah to similar peak times as in the past.

Thank you.


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