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President at European Centre for Nuclear Research Geneva

29 Jan 2006 – President address at the European Centre for Nuclear Research CERN – Geneva Switzerland

Dr Robert Aymar Director General of CERN, ladies and gentlemen, today is a very special day for me because I had the pleasure of visiting your flag ship project, the LHC which is the largest and the most sophisticated particle physics experiment in the world. First of all I would like to convey gratitude to the CERN community, management, staff and workers of the outside companies for collecting and donating 56,000 Swiss francs for the victims of the Pakistani earthquake, gestures like the ones made by CERN have touched the hearts of the people of Pakistan. You responded spontaneously to a natural disaster and express solidarity with your Pakistani colleques at the LHC project. I have learnt that one person donated a whole month salary to the Pakistan fund, my very special thanks to him. I would like to tell you that CERNs IT infrastructure and internet access has been supporting UNOSET, the UN initiative to provide satellite imagery and geographic information service to the humanitarian community in Pakistan involved in the earthquake. Your facilitation as immensely helped Pakistani and international community at the earthquake sites and in the surrounding areas.
Ladies and gentleman we have along association with basic sciences Professor Abul Salam the only noble  aureate from Pakistan and one of two in the entire Islamic world with his vision to influence scientific thinking.  He has left a deep imprint on the experimental work being done in CERN. His research work was of seminal character. Dr Salam encouraged Pakistani scientists participation in the work of CERN. His spirit lives on at what you are doing in CERN today.

We feel humble in the presence of so many scientists here today. We  we industrial post industrial post modern and industrial revolution to the scientific community without them the  humanity will not be there where it is today. I feel proud that Pakistan as been associated very closely with CERN for the past 11 years almost. Our scientist engineers and technicians have been contributing to the important work you are doing at LHC and particularly its two state of the art detectors the ATLAS and CMS Pakistan has limited resources but we know the importance of associating ourselves with this advance scientific endeavour in particle physics. Pakistan and CERN signed a cooperation agreement in 1994 and a protocol in 1998 in 2000 we enhance our contribution to CERN from 1 to 2.5 million Swiss France. In 2003 we enhanced our cooperation to LHC programme to $10million by signing a protocol with CERN to contribute equipment and to support software development lasers and human resources. I am glad that in the past decade our cooperation  as been growing fast in detectors Physics research mechanical engineering and computing. it is now poised to expand further. In Paki stan we are created a national centre of physics which aim to expand research capacity in Pakistan universities it also works as inter phase between CERN and Pakistani scientific institutions. We  ppreciate that over the years CERN has been providing assistance to many Pakistani scientists for research  ork in your laboratories here. In 2000 we designated science and technology telecommunications and information technology as our highest national priorities that was may be one of the first decision that I took when I came on the scene in Pakistan. We needed this commitment to stimulate social and economic development and to make  ffective interventions in health, education agriculture industry and communications. We are moving down this road with satisfactory results one of the problems we identifies early on was inadequate funding for education and application of sciences.
During the last 5 years we have increased spending on education you will be surprised by one thousand
two hundred percent and on science and technology by six thousand percent sixty
times. we are targeting one thousand five hundred PhDs annually maximum by 2010
and I hold the higher education commission responsible for that I am sure he will
meet the target to support research which have launched nation wide digital library
which uses content of 20thousand journals ands is accessible to all universities of the
country, grants are available to scientists for advance research. Those who have
recently completed PhDs degrees get assistance for post doctoral research. We are
giving financial incentives for publication of research articles in reputed international
journals. Higher education remains our top priority in the last three years the govt has
increased the budget for higher education 15 fold each coming year we will continue 2
to enhance it by 50percent that is what we have decided until we reach the goal of one
percent of GDP.A programme has been launched to establish six world class
engineering universities in the major industrial cities of Pakistan in collaboration with
Germany, France, Sweden the Netherlands Austria and South Korea. Greater
incentives have been offered for higher education teachings under this programme the
professors get four times the salary for the federal minister. Video conferencing facility
in universities is being started which would facilitate lectures MIT, Howard,
Cambridge and other prestigious universities may I say that we made this special
allowance for professors to really draw our PhDs and doctors abroad for teaching in
various universities in US and UK specially all over the world to come back home so
there is reverse a brain drain going on these days in Pakistan. I know there are about
two hundred and fifty Pakistani doctors from all over the world who have returned to
Pakistan. Of course one of the facilities that we had to give to them was to increase
pay scale otherwise they would not come back. Even then there is sacrifice that they
are giving because the pays we are offering them are lower then what they are getting
in the country there were serving. So I think the pays we have given is merely a
comfortable pay to them, it happens to be much more than the ministers sitting here.
In this effort ladies and gentlemen we are not relying on public sector initiatives alone,
under a program called science and technology for economic development, public
private partnership in being fostered to reinforce cooperation in technology based
education and production, for a developing country Pakistan has a strong industrial
base for scientific pursuits as well as for applying and using outcome of research.
The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission over the years have made
contributions in the areas of energy, health, education, agriculture, medicine, industry
and biotechnology as well as basic research and human resource development they
have even produced laser levellers which are to level agricultural ground, it saves a lot
of water otherwise these grounds with various undulations used to consume a lot of
water and the farmers used to waste a lot of water, with the laser levellers, the output
of the agriculture increases and with less consumption of water and I must say that the
production they have made of these laser levellers is One fifth I think roughly of the
cost of what it cost when we were importing these therefore we can today think of
Documents 159
sending these laser levellers all over the countries and trying to encourage the farmers
to carry out the laser levelling of their agriculture fields as it saves water and increase
production. We feel that we are ladies and gentlemen on the right track.
Our policies are sound and results are encouraging, our domestic capacity
needs to be strengthened and expanded. The government knows that interaction and
cooperation with the developed world is essential for further advancement of science
and technology. It is in this context, we shall profit immensely from our close
collaboration with CERN and I have no doubts about it and I would like to encourage
that. CERN is widely admired in Pakistan and other parts of the Muslim world, it thus
provides natural basis for cooperation, and this cooperation must not be confined to
applying or acquiring technology it should be extended to scientific development and
development. Let us use scientific cooperation to strengthen human and economic
development and to manage natural resources for the benefits of man kind. Today Mr.
Director General, Chairman PAEC will sign a statement of intent with you, this would
lay down the framework of further cooperation and fundamental science, physics and
accelerators as well as in training research and education. Our scientists stand ready to
participate in your grand experiment; next your success will celebrated by scientists all
over the world.
In keeping with the past traditions I would like to announce allocation of 5
million Swiss Francs for collaboration between CERN and Pakistan for the next three
years. These funds will be available to PAEC for coordinating the collaboration of
CERN with different scientific academic institutions of Pakistan. Mr Director General
we admire you and your premier institution, we would like to emulate you in Pakistan.
Let us hope that some time in future we would built something as astounding as
CERN in our part of the world in a country like Pakistan so we can pool the resources
of the developing countries, let us hope that our collaboration today will be seed for
further international collaboration for peace and development for harmony and
understanding. Let me say that when I came in 1999, I had a double dilemma that I
understood that we have to first of all revive the economy of Pakistan and secondly
we must go for improving the quality of education at all tiers right from improving our
literacy level, improving the quality of primary and secondary education and improving
higher education so we launched a holistic approach towards improving the education
and in higher education on the assistance and persistence of my minister of that time
Mr. Atta ur Rehman, we went for actually engineering and science and technology and
I realize the importance of this because this is the future, economic development
depends on our expertise in engineering and science and technology so there is no
doubt in my mind that we had to do this. Let us use new technologies as a tool for
betterment of man kind and science as a way of thinking. I would like to invite you sir
to Pakistan, I told you informally but your predecessor I know came twice and I had
the honour of meeting him at various forums, we would like to have you over in
Pakistan and it will be our honour receiving you there and for me to meet you there.
I thank you all ladies and gentlemen, it was indeed a honour, privilege and
indeed a pleasure to come here and to see what this wonderful world of science is and
how Pakistan and our scientists are participating in this great facility of the world.
Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen

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