Posted by: Administrator | 21 March, 2005

Musharraf with Lucman Express TV



  1. Thanks for this wonderful collection of all Musharraf interviews! You made life easy for us. Musharraf was simply great in Fareed zakaria, Lucman and Spiegel. thanks bro

  2. Musharraf Destroyed My Beautiful Country: When you judge a ruler you should look at the country before him/her and after him/her. Before Musharraf there were no Bomb blasts, Suicide attacks, killings, no civil war in Balochistan and NWFP, our own army was not killing Pakistanis; and there were no major electricity (power) problem and food shortages (flour-Aata etc.), the inflation was under control and security and safety was good. He killed Bugti which was a conspiracy to ignite civil war in Balochistan. He killed Benazir, which was conspiracy too to start a civil war in Sindh and to weaken the democracy. He strengthened killers of HAKIM SAEED (friends of India) so that they can start a civil war in Karachi to break Pakistan. He created Swat militants with intent to kill them later to make money from US. He killed thousands innocent Pakistanis in NWFP to upset “Pushtuns” so that they can start a civil war in that province. He is Ghadar (Traitor) and he was doing that for purpose, he was assigned a job to break Pakistan. Indian airplane lifted this Ghadar from Pakistan to India for lectures. The whole country is burning now. The killers of HAKIM SAEED attacked on 12th May in Karachi and Musharraf proudly supported them on media. His killers attacked in October’07 on Benazir’s arrival and 150 people were killed. How can anybody forget killings of 150 innocent children and girls in LAL MASJID? He used white phosphorus on innocent children. He sold AAFIA SIDDIQUE and 4000 Pakistanis for million dollars (that’s why he is so rich now). He should be brought to justice for all those crimes. He fired Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan twice (along with 60 judges). The CJ was humiliated and was in prison for many months with his children. Musharraf broke the constitution twice which is a very big crime. The whole Pakistan hates him. No ruler in the whole world did that many crimes, he is criminal and only criminals like criminals. Do you still like him? Pakistan is on the edge because of him.

  3. In response to Mr.everybodyhatemusharraf,

    Musharraf Developed Our Beautiful Country! Look at the country before him and after him. An economy stagnated at $75 billion and now its worth $170 billion, the per capita income of our nation going up by 100% and with the world praising Pakistan’s transformation.

    Pls check your figures related to Safety and Security. Here is a detailed report that details sectarian killings, bomb blasts and killings of 1990’s.

    Zulfikar Bhutto crushed the Baloch insurgents, in a large operation, way back in 1973 and 1974. Balochistan situation has been going on since 1973 and not since Musharraf took over.

    Power shortages? We remember how students had to give their Matric and Inter papers in blackouts during the 1990’s. The official MW Pakistan was producing 15,860 MW and by 2005 Pakistan produced 20,400 MW. Power MW produced has been increased during Musharraf.

    The flour shortage was produced by these PML-N manipulators:

    He rightly killed off Bughti, a traitor and agent of India. Grandson of Nawab Akbar Bugti, Barahamdagh Bugti, has said that he would accept any help from India, Afghanistan and Iran to defend Balochistan. and

    PPP with all its government and BB’s husband as the President of Pakistan hasn’t accused Musharraf of killing BB. Do you have evidence to support your assumed allegations?

    Lal Masjid students were not innocent as you purport. They were suicide bombers, stacking weapons in a Masjid, imprisoning female students against their will, killing innocents all over Pakistan. Maulana Aziz himself accepted his links to Baitullah Mehsud and threatened to suicide bomb the country. Phosphorus was never used anywhere in Pakistan.

    Dr Afia Siddiqui was not so innocent. Read her 1st husband’s version on how she was always had links to extremists and her 2nd marriage to Sheikh Khalid Mohammad’s nephew proves it.

    Musharraf was the President of Pakistan and had constitutional rights to hire or fire the CJP. The CJP had also earlier taken oath on LFO/PCO in 2000, justified the army takeover of 1999 as one of the signatories, hence he was not innocent. Musharraf was truly a leader and one of the best!

    Pls do not submit 15 messages everyday. I have given answer to your assumptions. Oh by the way, everybody LOVES Musharraf!

  4. everybodyhatemusharraf your are totatly misguided by some TV channels. Please review you economy stats agian. You wil certainly llaugh at your own statements.
    I would also remind you that before Musharraf no 9/11 was there. These terrorists were in Afghanistan. When NATO struck them they ran to Pakistan and all the trouble began. sadly the NWFP MMA government not only protected them but also supported them to create problems.No Pakistani was handed over to US. Only the non Pakistanis living illegally in Pakistan were handed over. Whose own governments refused to own these people. Dr. Aafia case ran on high court and there was no proof that she was handed to US. Rather go to You tube and you find actual arrest of Dr. Afia in Afghanistan video.
    Pakistan had 660 million dollars as foreign reseres and when Musharraf left it was 17 billion dollars! Pakistan growth rate once jumped to 14%. For some years during Musharraf Pakistan economy was #1 in whole Asia.

  5. Thanks Tariq M Khan for your support!

  6. I don’t know where”everybodyhatemusharraf ” types of people live. During Musharraf era the 20 Kg flour was between Rs. 250 to 280. Max upto Rs 300. Four shortage because flour in Pakistan was cheapest in the region and because of inefficiency/ corruption of MMA governments Pakistan flour smuggled out even to central Asia. Still that year Pakistan had the bumper crop and we had to export our wheat. Now wheat price is much more than the international prices. Flour is more than Rs. 600 per 20 KG. Growth rate which once even touched 13% (Average 7%) now is 2%. Our stock exchange collapsed. Bank gone. During Nawaz Sharif and Benazir our country literally went to bankruptcy. No mega project was initiate during Nawaz And Benazir. Even our power plant were sold on cheapest rates. So much so I dont know everybodyhatemusharraf are you insane or blind or living in any other world like Dr. Shahid Masood and Hamid Mir.

  7. SIR,
    Happy independce day of our PAKISATN, Sub say pehlay Pakistan, miss a lot sir,

  8. Please tell me email add of Pervez Musharraf

  9. i and my family miss u a lot on independence day, please come soon as possible to being a President of Pakistan. all people are waiting and miss u,

  10. well people like everybodyhatemusharraf are the real traitors and so called educated people like him are the ones due to which we all are suffering……i have no crib against illitrate people as they dont know what is happening to them,but these sodo intellectualls,i feel like kicking the whole thesis written by this idiot and u will know the emptiness of this man who ever he is….he is for mr bugti,that bughti who had 5000 strong army in the middle of the country,that bughti who proudly told bbc that he killed his real uncle at the age of 14,and that he dosnt know how many people he has killed in his life,that bughti who killed hundreds of armed forces men who destroyed govt installations hundreds of times…he had no love lost for baluchis at all,he remained governor and CM and yet there was no hospital in dera bughti,no school functioning,no proper road in his area,people in his area were living like animals,its rubbish to favour a terrorist and a millitant on the name of democracy please wake up before its too late.making a person like him hero???shame …he was actually fighting against his own govt and his own army,can u tolerate a war lord like him right in the middle of your country???….. now before musharraf american idiots had not come to afghanistan,and by the way US came to afghanistan with full backing of the world(UNO) and not with the permission of musharraf.when he came these incopetent nawaz and benazir could not control the religious killings,within the country.thousands of people were killed in mosques and imam barghas in nawaz and benazir era,dont we remember?musharraf uprooted them within months…now these bomb blasts and suicide killings are due to a major international game and we need to face it, united for our country only.wish this bloody media and innocent but ignorent people of pakistan were with him on this militancy as far as economy is concerned one can only be blind to miss the huge and unprecedented upsurge in pak economy in mush era…his accomplishments are so many that it would take hours to write about them and i dont have that much space avalable here.just read the international economic forums to know the real picture,they are all unbiased.plz plz plz dont go on the pak media see for urself ,the ground realities…this media is all sold people…go and ask this bastard hamid mir where he has got that much money from??ask dr shahid masood the same question,,,,this media can sell this country to find “A NEWS”plz see for urself the actual thing….no doubt musharraf has done some mistakes too but then he is a human not an angle,and i strongly beleive what ever he did was for the betterment of the country alone…he was very sincere with pakistan…and mr everybodyhatemusharraf if he wanted to create unrest and wage civil war it was enough to let the country go on the path nawaz was taking it ,we would have been declared failled state and people would have been dying of hunger in few months time bcoz of the GREAT policies of INCOPETENT NAWAZ SHARIF AND BENAZIR.

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