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Musharraf with Anderson Cooper 360′ CNN

Watch Video (here) and read excerpts of interview given below, on 22nd October 2009.   Anderson cooper

Now at the same time, next door to Afghanistan, there is Pakistan to deal with. Last week Mr. Obama signed an aid bill that will give Pakistan more than $7 billion over five years with some strings attached. I sat down with former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf the other day to talk about all this starting with U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan.

COOPER: Do you think the U.S. should send in more troops to Afghanistan?

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF, FORMER PRESIDENT OF PAKISTAN: From a purely military point of view, I believe that the military come when you apply force to an area. It has an optimum troop to space ratio is very important.

At the moment I think purely military point of view, the U.S. forces and coalition forces are diluted in space.

COOPER: There’s not enough of them?  Anderson cooper (3)


COOPER: Considering the large amount of area they need to cover?

MUSHARRAF: Yes. So therefore I agree with General McChrystal that an increase is required, certainly.

COOPER: Let’s talk about what’s happening inside Pakistan right now. A U.S. official say the base of terror is in Pakistan; that that’s where the majority of al Qaeda is it.

MUSHARRAF: (INAUDIBLE) terrorism is Afghanistan where Mullah Omar and his Taliban who ruled Afghanistan — 90 percent of Afghanistan — for six years are there.

COOPER: As you know, U.S. officials believe and have said repeatedly they believe Mullah Omar who ruled the Taliban is in (INAUDIBLE), is in Pakistan. They say no doubt about it.

MUSHARRAF: That is a ridiculous idea. I don’t contribute at all anyone who thinks like that is absolutely and 100 percent wrong.

COOPER: I’ve had — numerous U.S. intelligence officials tell me that in Afghanistan that they have no doubt he’s in Pakistan.

MUSHARRAF: Your CIA and our ISI have been operating together in the tribe frontier, in the tribal agency (INAUDIBLE). So what are they doing? They don’t know the place? Where Mullah Omar is?

And also purely from logic point of view, eastern Afghanistan Kandahar region, the countryside is mostly under the control of the Taliban. Is that right or not?

Now if that is right, if I’m Mullah Omar, why would I go to Pakistan to get caught? Only to get killed? When I am controlling the countryside in my own area. Won’t I stay there?

COOPER: There have been allegations that much of the money that the United States has given over the years to Pakistan, to your government, was not delivered to the areas that it was supposed to be.

The U.S. now is proposing giving some $1.5 billion, $1.6 billion each year over the next five years. But they have put stipulations on where the money is to be spent; how it’s to be spent. And that has angered many in the Pakistan military who say this is insulting that you’re micro managing. In fact, you said don’t micromanage.

Doesn’t the U.S. government though have the right and the American taxpayers whose paying for this have the right to know that their money is not being spent on other things, it’s being spent on fighting terror?

MUSHARRAF: Yes, I’ll agree that you ought to be knowing where it is being spent. But as I said, there is a huge amount of money which is being spent there. The money that you give will be a small part of that kitty. Now there is no…

COOPER: It’s still a lot of money, $1.5 billion.

MUSHARRAFF: $1.5 billion Yes, $1.5 billion for Pakistan and for military, I don’t think it’s for the military. I don’t think any part of it is.

COOPER: They want it in particular for a lot of economic and social issues.

MUSHARRAF: Yes, socioeconomic. Maybe 20 times that amount is spent on the socioeconomic. We are talking of health. We are talking of education, poverty alleviation, employment generation; now why do we micro manage?

We have to put force there to fight against Taliban and al Qaeda. And that force will be used as per the dictates of the situation and environment and the threat. And the army is fully equipped to understand what the threat is. How much force is required and what equipment is required. Leave it at that.



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