Posted by: Administrator | 13 March, 2005

President speech at Shandur Polo Festival 2006

17 July 2006

Governor Frontier, Corps Commander, Tourists and VIPs, I welcome you all to the Chitrali people. I am very glad to come here to see the polo match in Shandur in such a beautiful environment. I came here before, but I want to congratulate Minister Nilofer Bakhtiar, Minister for tourism, the sponsors of PSO for their contribution towards such a wonderful environment and I did not see so many tourists last time.

This is a proof of the fact that the tournament has been organized in a professional manner and we will continue to attract more tourists. I strongly support the Tourism Ministry. We will consider the helicopter proposal. I will do whatever I can for attracting the tourists here.

Our economy is strong. We are not running out of money and it will be spent on you. I promised you, when I first came here in 2002 for Lowari Tunnel, that was your demand and I am proud to perform the ground-breaking ceremony of this project. This tunnel will be for your convenience and it will be opened for all. I had also decided than, that a proper road should be built from Chitral to Gilgit and there should be a bridge at Mustooj. This has been started and I promise you that the road and the bridge will be built at Mustooj.

Shandhur area is very beautiful and there should not be any construction or else it would destroy the natural beauty of this place. A communication link will be established. There are two links; one is from Dir and the second is from Gilgit. These links will soon be opened for you and you would not be disappointed.

The Nazim of this area told me that people have couple of demands and the biggest of which is electricity. I promise you that the electricity would be produced here and it would be sufficient for this area of Chitral. The other demand was that there are poor people so their loans should be waived-off. I have fulfilled my promise and have waved-off Rs. 200 million loan of 6,000 people.

Also two Utility Stores have been established in Chitral and now they will be opened in every union. Other than this, there would be mobile utility stores. These mobile utility stores will provide products at cheap prices under control prices so that poor people will get benefit. This is my promise to you. I will also check the telecommunication system particularly the mobile phones.

We will InshAllah examine the mobile telephone system to be established at Chitral. 1 Also there is an abundance of marble. We will use latest technologies for these marble mines i.e. the cutting and the polishing. We will soon do this so that your people get jobs and happiness comes to their lives. In the end, about the tourism of this area; I have not seen similar scenic beauty anywhere in the world. We are lucky to have such a beautiful place in Pakistan. This is your area. You are peace loving people, have brotherhood amongst you and it is very good for tourism.

The Ministry of Tourism will do its best to promote tourism, but you are the actual ones who can promote tourism here. I urge you not to let terrorism and extremism affect this area. They hinder the progress and you should counter those who want to spread the menace of terrorism and extremism. You should welcome tourists, show them hospitality, warmth and do not let extremism affect the area. I also congratulate both Polo teams i.e. Chitral and Gilgit. I went to Gilgit, Hunza, Skardu and Domail last week and I have given separate packages for their own development.

We have opened a Dry Port at Gilgit. Similarly, we have opened a university at Gilgit and a Cadet College at Skardu. We also decided that we will widen the Karakorum Road and improve its standard. The Northern Areas and Gilgit provide best linkages to Central Asian republics and China.

Finally, I thank you all and specially the women who came here. I tell you that no nation can develop without the contribution of women in the society. So, I request you to bring women forward and give them education. This is the only way for improving your future generations. They can educate and take care of their children well. Take the women of this area along in socio-economic development and progress through their education and increased participation in various fields of national life and economy.

At the end, I thank all the foreign tourists who came over here. And also I thank the local visitors. We want to encourage tourism. We would like to encourage more of you coming here every year and it is you who are going to spread the beauty of this place to other people. Pakistan Zindabad.


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